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appraisal institute of canada


									• Linkage To Leaders Of The Valuation Profession • Trusted Values •

                  The Appraisal Institute of Canada
                  Leading the Canadian Real Estate Valuation Profession
                  Associate Membership with the AIC
                  The Appraisal Institute of Canada           Recognized as the leading Canadian
                  (AIC), founded in 1938, is the national     professional organization in the field
                  association that represents over 4,600      of real property valuation, the Institute
                  real property valuation professionals.      has established strategic alliances with
                  As a self-regulating body, the Institute    related and like-minded professional
                  sets the standards of professional          bodies worldwide.
                  practice and awards the Accredited          The Mission of the Appraisal Institute
                  Appraiser, Canadian Institute (AACI,        of Canada is to protect the public
                  P.App) and Canadian Residential             interest and support its members by
                  Appraiser (CRA) designations to those       ensuring high standards of professional
                  members that fulfil its educational and      real property valuation and advisory
                  professional experience requirements.       services.

                  Associate Membership
                  Associate membership in AIC is
                  now offered to individuals whose
                  professional interests are served by
                  access to information concerning
                  real property valuation and who are
                  not eligible for other active or retired
                  membership       categories. Typically,
                  Associate Members are engaged in
                  activities related to the valuation
                  profession as employees of lending
                  institutions, lawyers, insurers, real
                  estate brokers or agents, accountants,      memberships are personal, and cannot
                  individuals employed as faculty in post-    be transferred or applied to business
                  secondary academic programs directly        organizations. Associate members are
                  related to appraisal education, and         not required to participate in the AIC
                  others whose work interrelates with the     Mandatory Continuing Professional
                  appraisal profession.                       Development Program.
                  Associate Members are not committed         Associate members are not eligible
                  to seeking professional designation, and    for the errors and omissions liability
                  they do not perform any real property       insurance program and cannot hold
                  valuation or related work including         themselves out as designated valuation
                  consulting or advisory services based       professionals. If they are former AIC
                  on valuation principles for a fee, salary   designated members, they may not
                  or other remuneration in Canada.            use their designation in any way, or
                  Former AIC members in good standing         hold themselves out as AACIs or CRAs.
                  who are no longer practicing valuation      They can identify themselves only as
                  may join as Associates. Associate           Associates of the Institute.
• U p d ates O n Indus tr y Tren ds • P rofe ssi on a l Exc e l le n c e A m o n g M e m

 About the AIC
 In addition to representing its members   The Institute’s commitment to protect
 and providing quality assurance           the public interest is delivered through
 through its professional standards, and   a regulatory model that encourages
 designations, the Institute is actively   professional      excellence      among
 involved in the development and           members. The Institute maintains a
 delivery of programs for the benefit of    mandatory Continuing Professional
 its members and the public.               Development         requirement        for
 AIC’s services to members encompass       designated and candidate members
 a rigorous Program of Professional        that promotes continuous learning
 Studies leading to designation,           over the course of their careers. A
 developed in collaboration with           Counsellor of Professional Practice is on
 education partner the University          staff to advise members on adherence
 of British Columbia; Continuing           to standards of practice, and to assist
 Professional Development programs         the public with inquiries related to
 in distance and classroom formats         the professional practice of members,
 that support the learning objectives      providing      appropriate      solutions
 of designated members, and a well         and referring serious matters to the
 established Professional Liability        Institute’s disciplinary committees.
 Insurance Program. The Institute          The Institute also provides valuable
 promotes the professional services        information services to the public,
 of its members through its “Find          including FAQs on appraisal services
 an Appraiser” website and annual          and terminology, and RENOVA, an
 publication of a Designated Members       interactive web-based guide to the
 Source Guide in print and CD-ROM          value of home improvements.

 The Benefits Of Associate Membership Include:
    • Opportunities for networking and dialogue with
      Canada’s leading valuation professionals                                      Note:

    • Subscription to the Canadian Appraiser Magazine                               The Institute bylaws establish the
                                                                                    Associate Membership category as:
    • Copy of AIC Designated Member Source Guide of Members                         “A person enrolled on the register
      in print and CD version                                                       of the Institute as an Associate, and
                                                                                    who is not eligible for any other
    • Members’ registration privileges at AIC conferences,                          membership category in the Institute”
      and continuing education programs                                             (AIC BYLAW VII 3d)

    • Eligibility to participate in AIC affinity programs                            Associate Members do not have voting
                                                                                    privileges or the right to hold office in
    • Receipt of Communiqués, AIC’s regular e-briefings                              the Appraisal Institute of Canada.
      on Institute initiatives and events
                                                                                    Other benefits and services may be
    • Updates on industry trends, partnership initiatives                           introduced from time to time, as
      and conference schedules                                                      deemed appropriate by the Board of
    • Inclusion in a listing showcasing Associate Members
      on the Industry Links page of the AIC Website.
m b e rs • Strategic Par tners hips • P rote c t ion of t h e Pu bl ic I n te re s t •
      Application                                 Category
                                                  I am applying for admission as an Associate Member of the Appraisal
      Associate members are individuals
      who are interested in the Appraisal         Institute of Canada. My field of practice is:
      Institute of Canada and the valuation
      profession, but who are not performing      |         Banking                       |          Law
      any real property valuation or related
      work including consulting or advisory
                                                  |         Public Servant                |          Vendor
      services based on valuation principles      |         Real Estate Broker            |          Real Estate Sales
      for a fee, salary or other remuneration     |         Educator                      |          Other (please specify):
      in Canada.                                                                                     ____________________
      Associate Membership Dues are
      $150.00 (CDN) billed annually for           Identification
      the membership year commencing
      October 1 and ending September 30.          |         Mr.       |         Ms.       |          Mrs.      |         Miss

      Mail completed application to:              Last Name _______________________________________
      Appraisal Institute of Canada               First Name __________________________ Initial ________
      Attn: Member Services Co-Ordinator,
      203-150Catherine Street,
      403-200 Isabella Street,
      Ottawa, Ontario
                                                  Preferred Mailing Address               |          Home      |         Business
      K2P 2K9
      K1S 1V7                                     Year of Birth (optional): ______________________________
                                                  This information, if you choose to provide it, will be used only with respect to statistical
      or Fax to (613) 234-7197                    analysis of the AIC membership and will be protected under the AIC Privacy policy.

      Phone: 613-234-6533                         Business Address
      E-mail:                    Business Name ____________________________________
      Website:                    Title __________________________________________
                                                  Business Address __________________________________
      An invoice for Associate member
      dues in the amount of $150.00 will          City __________________________ Province /State ______
      be forwarded, due on receipt, upon
      acceptance of your application for          Postal/Zip Code__________________
                                                  Phone [ ____ ] ____________                        Fax [ ____ ] ____________
      Thank you for joining AIC!                  email __________________________________________
      The strength of the Institute lies in its
      body of members and we are pleased
                                                  Home Address
      to have you.                                Address ________________________________________
      I hereby acknowledge that I have read
      and agree to uphold the terms of the        City __________________________ Province /State ______
      attached applicant agreement during
                                                  Postal/Zip Code__________________
      the period of my Associate Membership
      in the Appraisal Institute of Canada.       Phone [ ____ ] ____________                        Fax [ ____ ] ____________

      Signature __________________________________________________ Date _________________
Ethics Declaration
All Members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada are         I irrevocably waive any claim or cause of action at law
expected to respect and demonstrate ethical behaviour,       or equity that I might have at any time against the
typified by honesty, truthfulness, and respect for the law.   Appraisal Institute of Canada, its board of directors,
The Institute reserves the right to deny admission as an     officers, committee members, employees, members or
Associate Member to any applicant deemed not to meet         other persons cooperating with the Appraisal Institute
these ethical standards.                                     of Canada, either as a group or as individuals, for any act
                                                             or failure to act in connection with the business of the
Agreements of the Applicant                                  Appraisal Institute of Canada and particularly as to acts in
I hereby apply for admission to Associate Membership in      connection with: (1) denying this application for associate
the Appraisal Institute of Canada.                           membership; and (2) conducting professional practice
                                                             proceedings, including but not limited to the taking of
In making this application and in consideration of review
                                                             disciplinary action against me.
of my application:
   • I agree to abide by the Institute’s Bylaws and
     Regulations now and as they may be amended              I represent that I am not performing any work identified
     in the future, as well as such policies and             by the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional
     procedures as the Appraisal Institute of Canada         Appraisal Practice. If I do perform work identified by
     may promulgate from time to time.                       CUSPAP, I will promptly notify the Appraisal Institute of
                                                             Canada in writing.
   • I agree to immediately disclose to the Institute any    I represent and certify that, to the best of my knowledge
     circumstances and events occurring after the date       and belief, all the information contained on this application
     of submission of this application that may have a       is true and accurate. I understand and agree that if I have
     bearing on my status as an Associate member.            made any false statements, submitted false information
                                                             or failed to fully disclose information requested in this
   • I understand that if I was subject to any pending       application , the Board of Directors may terminate my
     professional practice proceedings as a previous         Associate Membership.
     member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, these
     proceedings may be reopened if I am readmitted          I will respect the AIC Privacy Policy as detailed
     or admitted to Associate Membership.                    on the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s website
   • I understand and agree that if my application           I understand and agree that a condition of membership
     for admission to Associate Membership in the            is payment of dues and any other fees which may be set
     Appraisal Institute of Canada is approved:              from time to time by the Board of Directors. Failure to pay
                                                             such dues or fees by the Due Date will result in automatic
   • I will become an Associate Member of the                termination of my membership, following which I would
     Appraisal Institute of Canada.                          be required to reapply as a new member if I wish to
   • I will only refer to myself, both orally and in
     writing, as an “Associate Member” of the                I agree that if at any time I no longer qualify for
     Appraisal Institute of Canada, which term is            membership, I will immediately inform the Board of
     not a professional designation and may not be           Directors and submit my resignation from the Institute.
     abbreviated.                                            I understand and agree that if I fail to resign under such
                                                             circumstances, the Institute may, at its sole discretion
   • I will use the title “Associate Member” only in         terminate my membership.
     conjunction with my name and not in connection
     with the name, logo, or signature or any firm,
     partnership, or corporation.

   • If I refer improperly to my membership,
     the membership will be terminated.                                     203-150 Isabella Street
                                                                            Ottawa, ON K1S 1V7
                                                                            Phone: (613) 234-6533
                                                                            Fax: (613) 234-7197

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