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                                               Chicago…Don’t Miss It!

          Chicago Favorites and More
          April 6-11, 2002 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
   Dear AANS Members and Guests,
   It is a pleasure to welcome all of you to our hometown. We look forward to greeting
   old friends and meeting new ones at the AANS 70th Annual Meeting in Chicago.
   Combining sophisticated urban attractions and midwestern friendliness, it’s a great
   place to come for professional or business pursuits. Bring your family and allow your-
   selves to enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.
   Chicago is a city that is rich in history. According to explorers’ accounts from the
   1600s, the Illinois Indians were the first people to claim a land they named
   “Chicaugou.” It meant powerful or strong and was used by many tribal chiefs to signi-
   fy that they were “great” chiefs. The first explorers to set foot on the site destined to
   become Chicago were Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette. The latter established
   an Indian mission here in 1674. Chicago’s first settler, Jean Baptiste Point DuSable,
   came to the area around 1780 to trade furs with the local Indians. With the develop-
   ment of the railroad and the Illinois/Michigan Canal, Chicago advanced as the leader
   in the cattle, lumber, and wheat industries. It became known as the city of opportunity
   and by the mid-1850s as many as 100,000 immigrants per year were flocking to the
   city seeking land and jobs. In 1860, Chicago hosted the Republican National
   Convention, which nominated Illinois’ own Abraham Lincoln as the presidential can-
   didate. On October 8, 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed most of the central part
   of the city. The now-famous story of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocking over a kerosene
   lamp and starting this great fire, has inspired artists for over a century. This devastating
   fire burned for 3 days, in the process destroying more than 17,000 buildings, claiming
   250 lives and leaving 100,000 residents homeless. At the time, property damages were
   estimated at $200 million dollars, nevertheless, the “city of big shoulders” persevered
   and a greater Chicago emerged. Internationally-acclaimed architects flocked to the city
   for its reconstruction. By 1893, Chicago hosted 27.5 million visitors at the World
   Columbia Exposition. Vestiges of all this history remain today. Chicago is a culturally
   diverse city, home to world-class museums, restaurants, shopping and attractions of all
   kinds. Those who attend the AANS meeting, will find that there are not enough hours
   in the day to explore the city.
   Of all Chicago’s attractions, we are most proud of its world-renowned collection of
   museums. You will not want to miss the Museum Campus. This is a scenic park on the
   lakefront, which joins the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, the Shedd
   Aquarium/Oceanarium and the Field Museum of Natural History. At the Field
   Museum, you will be greeted by “Sue,” the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus
   Rex skeleton in the world. The collection also includes mummies, Egyptian tombs,
   North American artifacts and meteors. Across the park, you can star gaze at the Adler
   Planetarium or direct your own space ship in the Sky Theatre. When you return to
   earth, walk across the park to the Shedd Aquarium and take in the dolphin show or
   enjoy the antics of the Beluga whales.
   On Michigan Avenue, the Art Institute of Chicago is widely considered to be one of
   the world’s leading art museums, and is especially well-known for its collection of
   French Impressionist and American art. Children will enjoy the Thorne miniature
   rooms, the Chagall stained glass windows and the medieval armor collection.
                                                 The Museum of Science and Industry,
                                                 the Chicago Historical Society, the
                                                 DuSable Museum of African American
                                                 History, the Terra Museum of American
                                                 Art and the Museum of Contemporary
                                                 Art, contain diverse collections.
                                                  The city itself is a museum of modern
                                                  architecture and is considered the
                                                  birthplace of the skyscraper. Visitors
                                                  come from around the world to admire
                                                  Chicago’s architectural marvels, includ-
                                                  ing the work of such greats as Daniel
Burnham, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Helmut
Jahn and hundreds of others. Walking in the city streets or viewing buildings from the
numerous river and lakefront cruise boats, provides an unusually rich experience. In
addition to fabulous museums, Chicago is home to a variety of other great attractions
including Navy Pier, which is the city’s lakefront playground. Navy Pier offers visitors a
unique blend of family-oriented attractions, from the quiet setting of the Crystal
Gardens, to the beauty of the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows. The land-
mark of Navy Pier is the 150-foot-high Ferris wheel, which offers breath-taking views
of the city’s gorgeous skyline. The Navy Pier complex also includes the Chicago
Children’s Museum, a musical carousel, an IMAX theater and the Chicago Shakespeare
Theatre. Other attractions to enjoy include the Buckingham Fountain at Grant Park,
and the observation decks of the Sears Tower or John Hancock Building.
The city is also a gourmet’s delight and has restaurants to please every taste and budget,
whether you are looking for fine dining or a classic Chicago style hot dog or pizza.
Many people come here simply to shop! The classic shopping areas include State Street,
“That Great Street,” where the original Marshall Field’s department store opened in
1852, or Carson Pirie Scott, where customers are drawn into the entrance by the
ornate ironwork designed by Louis Sullivan in 1899. The “Magnificent Mile” is
Chicago’s largest shopping area, running from Oak Street to the Chicago River. Amidst
department store giants such as Marshall Field’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Saks
Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom are literally hundreds of specialty shops
and boutiques. Oak Street in particular is known for its “haute couture” fashions
featuring such stores as Ultimo, Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani.
Come visit Chicago! It is truly a great American city — from stunning architecture
and world famous museums, to lakefront parks, running trails and vibrant ethnic
neighborhoods. We think you will find that our kind of town is your kind of town.
Gail L. Rosseau, MD
Local Host Committee Chair
     VISITOR FACTS AND GENERAL INFORMATION                                                 1
        Climate / Chicago’s Famous Buildings / General Meeting Information

     THINGS TO DO, PLACES TO GO                                                            3
        Attractions / Carriages / Cinema / Dance / Libraries / Museums / Music /
        Sports and Recreation / Theaters

     ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN                                                               7

     DINING                                                                                9
        American / Cajun / Chinese / Continental / Eclectic / French /German /
        Greek / Indian / Irish / Italian / Japanese / Latin / Mediterranean / Mexican /
        Pizza / Russian / Seafood / Spanish / Steak and Beef / Thai / Vietnamese

     ENTERTAINMENT AND NIGHTLIFE                                                          19
        Comedy Clubs and Revues / Dinner Playhouses / Games / Nightclubs and Bars

     SHOPPING                                                                             21
        Antiques / Art Galleries-American Crafts / Candy-Nuts-Popcorn /
        Consignment / Department Stores / Gifts-Souvenirs / Jewelers /
        Shopping Malls / Specialty Stores / Wearing Apparel

     SPAS AND MORE                                                                        25
        Spas / Cosmetics and Skin Care / Facial and Body Treatments

     GUEST PROGRAM                                                                        26

     OPTIONAL EVENING EVENTS FOR ALL                                                      30

     HOUSING                                                                              32

     TRANSPORTATION                                                                       34

CLIMATE                                 The Wrigley Building’s landmark
Chicago is located along the south-     clock tower is patterned after the
west shore of Lake Michigan and         Giralda Tower in Spain. Under
occupies a plain, which for the         instructions from William Wrigley,
most part is only some tens of feet     architects designed the Wrigley
above the lake. Lake Michigan aver-     Building to look like a “luscious
ages 579 feet above sea level, and      birthday cake.” In 1946, the
the city is in a region of frequently   Wrigley Building was also the first
changeable weather. The climate is      air-conditioned office building.
predominantly continental, ranging      The Sears Tower is one of the
from relatively warm in the sum-        world’s tallest buildings with 110
mer to relatively cold in the winter.   floors. The Merchandise Mart is
Average high temperature in April       the world’s largest commercial
is 59 degrees Fahrenheit; average       building with 4.2 million square
low is 39 degrees.                      feet.
                                        Chicago’s McCormick Place offers
TIME ZONE                               the largest amount of exhibition
Central Time                            space in North America with 2.2
                                        million square feet.
BUILDINGS                               ACCESSIBILITY
The first of Marshall Field’s           McCormick Place is in compli-          Sears Tower
clocks was installed at the corner      ance with the Americans with
of Washington and State Street          Disabilities Act, and continues to
                                                                               or services identified in the
on November 26, 1897. The cast          look for ways to accommodate all
                                                                               Americans with Disabilities Act in
bronze clock rests some 17.5 feet       visitors. Wheelchairs, information
                                                                               order to attend any AANS pro-
above the sidewalk and weighs a         booths, designated parking, TDD
                                                                               gram, please contact the AANS
hefty 7.75 tons.                        telephones and other services are
                                                                               Meeting Services Department at
                                        available. Wheelchairs and scoot-
                                                                     , or call 888-566-
                                        ers are available at a fee and must
                                                                               2267, x529.
                                        be reserved prior to your arrival by
                                        calling 312-791-7252. If you are
                                        using a standard wheelchair and        CHILD CARE SERVICES
                                        need assistance, please call           The following agency is licensed,
                                        McCormick Security in advance          insured and bonded. Their staff
                                        of your arrival at 312-791-6060.       will care for your child in your
Tribune Tower, home of the                                                     hotel room. The AANS is not
Chicago Tribune newspaper, has          AMERICANS WITH                         affiliated with and is not endors-
                                                                               ing the services of this company.
exterior walls that are embedded        DISABILITIES ACT
with pieces of famous buildings                                                This company is, however, recom-
                                        AANS wishes to take those steps        mended by several of the official
more than a “stone’s throw away”        to ensure that no individual with a
from Chicago, including authentic                                              AANS hotels.
                                        disability is excluded, denied serv-
stones from Westminster Abbey,          ices, segregated or otherwise treat-   American Child
the Alamo, Hamlet’s castle, the         ed differently than other individu-    Care Services, Inc.
Great Pyramid, the Taj Mahal, Fort      als because of the absence of          312-644-7300
Sumter and the Arc de Triomphe.         auxiliary aids and services. If you    Children under the age of 18 are
                                        require any of the auxiliary aids      not permitted in the Exhibit Hall.

                                                               Visitor Facts and General Information                1
                                               April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
                                       Wednesday, April 10                     Hospitality Suite. Admittance to
                                       7:30 am – 5:00 pm                       the Guest Hospitality Suite is by
                                                                               Guest or Spouse/Nurse badge
                                       Thursday, April 11
                                                                               only. Spouse/Nurse attendees may
                                       7:30 am – 10:00 am
                                                                               pre-register for Optional Scientific
                                       Please note that in the Guest           Program offerings, as well as
                                       Hospitality Suite, a registered guest   Guest tours.
                                       with an AANS name badge must
                                                                               A child 18 and over may register
                                       accompany children.
                                                                               as a guest at the Guest registration
                                                                               fee. This will allow full participa-
                                       HOSTELS                                 tion in the Guest Program activi-
     For information on the            Hosteling International                 ties. A child under 18 years of age
      city of Chicago, visit           24 East Congress Parkway                should register as a child.             Chicago, IL 60605                       Individual tickets for children
                                       312-360-0300                            under 18 years of age will be avail-
                                                    able for purchase at the Tour
FRANCE CONSULATE                       No official agreements have been        Ticket Desk located on the Lobby
GENERAL                                made between Hosteling                  Level of the Sheraton Chicago
France Consulate General               International and AANS.                 Hotel & Towers. Children under
737 N. Michigan Avenue                                                         the age of 18 are not permitted
Suite 2020                                                                     in the Exhibit Hall.
                                       MESSAGE CENTER
Chicago, IL 60611                      AANS will provide a Message
312-787-5359                           Center in the Registration Area on
                                                                               REGISTRATION HOURS
Hours: M-F 9:00 am-12:30 pm            Level Three of McCormick Place          Saturday, April 6
                                       – Lakeside Center. Messages can         7:00 am – 5:30 pm
GUEST HOSPITALITY SUITE                be left for meeting participants by     Sunday, April 7
Registered guests are invited to       calling 312-949-3200.                   7:00 am – 5:30 pm
relax, visit with friends, enjoy
                                                                               Monday, April 8
refreshments, and wait for tour        NO SMOKING POLICY                       6:45 am – 4:00 pm
departures in the AANS Guest           Smoking is not permitted at any
Hospitality Suite. Meet new            official AANS event.                    Tuesday, April 9
friends and greet longtime                                                     6:45 am – 4:00 pm
acquaintances.                                                                 Wednesday, April 10
The Guest Hospitality Suite will       All meeting registrants will receive    6:45 am – 3:30 pm
be located in Suite 929 on the         one complimentary ticket to the         Thursday, April 11
ninth floor of the Sheraton            Opening Reception on Sunday. It         6:45 am – 10:00 am
Chicago Hotel & Towers.                will be held at the Field Museum
Complimentary continental break-       from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.
fast will be served each morning       Transportation will be provided
from 7:30 am – 10:00 am.               from all AANS official hotels.          FUTURE AANS MEETINGS
Beverages will be available through-
out the day. The suite will be open    Registered Spouse/Nurse attendees
                                       and Guest attendees will receive a               April 26 – May 1, 2003
during the following hours:
                                       complimentary ticket to the                     San Diego, CA
Sunday, April 7                        Opening Reception, as well as                 May 1 – 6, 2004
7:30 am – 5:00 pm                      complimentary use of the Guest                Orlando, FL
Monday, April 8                        Hospitality Suite at the Sheraton
                                                                                    April 16 – 21, 2005
7:30 am – 5:00 pm                      Chicago Hotel & Towers.
                                                                                    New Orleans, LA
                                       Continental breakfasts and bever-
Tuesday, April 9
                                       ages will be available daily Sunday        April 22 – 27, 2006
7:30 am – 5:00 pm
                                       through Wednesday and Thursday           San Francisco, CA
                                       until 10:00 am in the Guest

2       Visitor Facts and General Information
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
ATTRACTIONS                             evening rates available. Carriages         Joffrey Ballet of Chicago
Chicago Board Options                   depart from 820 N. Michigan                Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress
Exchange                                Avenue at the historic Old Water           Pkwy., 312-902-1500
400 S. LaSalle St., 312-786-5600        Tower Square.                              The world-renowned ballet com-
                                                                                   pany dedicated to the vision of
Chicago Stock Exchange                                                             American dance. Founded in
440 S. LaSalle St., 312-663-2980                                                   1956, this cutting-edge company
                                        The Gene Siskel Film Center
                                                                                   presents innovative, accessible
                                        164 N. State, 312-846-2800
                                                                                   works to audiences worldwide.
                                        The Film Center selects and pres-
                                        ents significant world cinema that
                                        sets aesthetic, critical and enter-        LIBRARIES
                                        tainment standards. To this end,           Chicago Public Library/Harold
                                        The Film Center exhibits a range           Washington Library Center
                                        of carefully curated film art in           400 S. State St., 312-747-4300
Daley Civic Center                      technically excellent facilities, and      From the spectacular Winter
Washington & Dearborn Sts.              educates the audience, setting film        Garden and the state-of-the-art
Picasso sculpture, Under the            in an historical and cultural con-         auditorium to the charming
Picasso.                                text through courses, lectures,            Beyond Words Cafe, this architec-
                                        panel discussions and publica-             tural gem offers visitors a memo-
Downtown Tonight
                                        tions, and through research and            rable experience. Visit
20 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 106,
                                        collections. Call for a schedule., for
                                                                                   specific program information.
You are invited to discover the
nostalgic heart of Chicago every        DANCE                                      The Newberry Library
Thursday night. The Loop comes          For a complete schedule of all             60 W. Walton St., 312-255-3700
alive after 5 pm with entertain-        dance performances in the
ment, dining, shopping, architec-       Chicagoland area, call the Chicago         MUSEUMS
ture and much more. Hop aboard          Dance Coalition at 312-419-8383.
                                                                                   CityPass - Chicago
a free trolley from 5pm-8pm.            Ballet Chicago                             Purchase in advance at
James R. Thompson Center                Vittum Theatre, 1012 N. Noble,    or at museums
100 W. Randolph St.,                    312-251-8838                               and attractions listed below. Six
312-814-6660                                                                       famous attractions, one low price,
                                        Dance Center Columbia College
This is a multipurpose govern-                                                     no ticket lines! It’s a great way to
                                        1306 S. Michigan Ave,
ment building that combines state                                                  visit Chicago. Adult: $30.50; sen-
agencies and offices with a com-                                                   ior (65+) $25.00; youth (3-11)
mercial area of shops and restau-       Dance Chicago ’02                          $22.75. Includes tickets to The
rants. This unique building also        Atheneaum Theatre, 2936 N.                 Art Institute of Chicago, The
features a State of Illinois Gallery,   Southport, 773-935-6860                    Field Museum, The Museum of
Illinois Artisans Shop, and one of      Hubbard Street Dance Chicago               Science and Industry, The Shedd
the largest collections of contem-      1147 W. Jackson Blvd.,                     Aquarium, The Adler Planetarium
porary Illinois artworks                312-977-1700                               and the Sears Tower Skydeck.       The city’s cultural ambassador to          A. Phillip Randolph Pullman
                                        the country and the world.                 Porter Museum Gallery
CARRIAGES - HORSE DRAWN                 Performances take place at various         10406 S. Maryland Ave.,
The Noble Horse                         locations throughout Chicagoland.          773-928-3935
Old Water Tower Square,                 Call for a schedule.                       Located in Chicago’s Pullman
312-266-7878                                                                       Historic District, the Gallery was
Horse-drawn carriages for hire                                                     founded in 1995 by Lyn Hughes,
seven days a week, year-round.                                                     as the first African American
Group tours and transport, scenic                                                  Labor History Museum in
rides and sightseeing. Day and
                                                                                Things to Do, Places to Go           3
                                               April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
                                        admission. Weekly updated event       DuSable Museum
                                        listings: 312-FINE-ART (312-          740 E. 56th Pl., 773-947-0600
                                        346-3278), TTY: 312-744-2947,         Dedicated to the collection, preser-
                                         vation, study and dissemination of
                                        culturalcenter/visitorinformation-    the history and culture of Africans
                                        center. Guided architectural tours    and Americans of African descent.
                                        of the landmark Chicago Cultural      Gallery 37 Center of the Arts
                                        Center are presented every            66 E. Randolph St.,
                                        Tuesday-Saturday beginning at         312-742-TIXS (8497)
                                        1:15 pm. Meet in the Randolph         Ongoing exhibits of artwork by
                                        Street lobby. The building remains    Chicago youth. 5th Floor
                                        open until 9 pm for those interest-   Galleries are free. The Gallery 37
                                        ed in exploring its galleries and     Store sells original artwork by
                                        architectural treasures as part of    Chicago youth.
                                        Downtown Thursday Night, an
                                        initiative involving hundreds of      Glessner House Museum
                                        cultural institutions to promote      1800 S. Prairie Ave.,
                                        Chicago’s lively downtown after       312-326-1480
The Art Institute of Chicago            work hours.                           Explore Chicago’s diverse history
                                                                              and architecture, from untamed
                                        Chicago Historical Society
Chicago. The museum is a tribute                                              prairie origins to the height of
                                        Clark St. at North Ave.,
to A. Phillip Randolph, the                                                   Victorian splendor, by touring the
Brotherhood of the Sleeping Car                                               Greek Revival Clarke House (1836)
                                        The city’s oldest cultural institu-
Porters and the African American                                              and H.H. Richardson’s Glessner
                                        tion and keeper of its memories.
Railroad Attendants. The exhibit                                              House (1887) located in the
                                        Visit the museum to trace
features a collection of vintage his-                                         historic Prairie Avenue District.
                                        Chicago’s growth from wilderness
torical photos preserving and pre-                                            Illinois Art Gallery
                                        outpost to the architectural, cul-
senting moments in time, and a                                                Illinois State Museum, James R.
                                        tural and social mecca of our
model train exhibit.                                                          Thompson Center, 100 W.
                                        times. Free admission Mondays.
The Art Institute of Chicago                                                  Randolph, Suite 2-100,
111 S. Michigan Ave.,                                                         312-814-5322
                                                                              The James R. Thompson Center
One of the world’s finest art
                                                                              has the largest single collection of
collections dating from 3000 B.C.
                                                                              contemporary Illinois art, with
through the 1990s. Famous
                                                                              more than 150 displayed works,
French Impressionist paintings and
                                                                              which exhibit the exceptional tal-
drawings, plus fine and decorative
                                                                              ents of the state's artists and
arts from America, Europe, Africa,
                                                                              restake Chicago’s claim as the cul-
Asia and Latin America; photogra-
                                                                              tural hub of the Midwest.
phy, textiles and architectural
works. Dine in the Art Institute’s                                            International Museum
elegant Restaurant on the Park,                                               of Surgical Science
or in the Court Cafeteria. Free                                               1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.,
admission Tuesdays.                                                           312-642-6502
                                        City Gallery at the                   The collection is housed in a
Chicago Cultural Center
                                        Historic Water Tower                  historic landmark mansion and
78 E. Washington St.,
                                        806 N. Michigan Ave.,                 includes more than 10,000 objects
                                        312-744-2400                          related to the history of surgery.
Chicago’s architectural showplace
                                        Located in one of Chicago’s most      Turn of the Century Apothecary is
for the lively and visual arts. Daily
                                        popular landmarks, the new City       just one of the many unique
programs and exhibits covering a
                                        Gallery features photographs of       exhibits on display. The museum
wide range of the performing,
                                        Chicago by Chicago                    is located six blocks north of
visual and literary arts. Free
                                        photographers.                        Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent

4        Things to Do, Places to Go
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
Jane Addams Hull-House                                                           Sculpture Chicago
800 S. Halsted St., 312-413-5353                                                 Pritzker Park, State St. and Van
On the University of Illinois at                                                 Buren St., 312-759-1690
Chicago campus, this museum                                                      A block-long park in the Loop,
commemorates the work of social                                                  created by artist Ronald Jones in
welfare pioneer and peace advo-                                                  cooperation with the City of
cate Jane Addams. Housed in two                                                  Chicago featuring a grove of trees
original Hull-House buildings, the                                               and a granite wall modeled after
museum is an internationally rec-      Museum of Contemporary Art                Rene Magritte’s The Banquet.
ognized symbol of multicultural        220 E. Chicago Ave.,                      Spertus Museum
understanding, educational inno-       312-280-2660                              At the Spertus Institute of Jewish
vation and social service. Original    One of the nation’s largest facili-       Studies, 618 S. Michigan Ave.,
furnishings, paintings, photo-         ties devoted to the art of our time.      312-322-1747
graphs and rotating exhibits re-       Located just off Michigan Avenue          Midwest’s most comprehensive
create the history of the settlement   and the historic Water Tower, the         collection of Judaic art, artifacts
and the work of its residents.         MCA offers thought-provoking              and exhibits with more than
Admission free.                        exhibitions by today’s most               10,000 works spanning 5,000
                                       innovative artists. The collection
Mexican Fine Arts                                                                years of Jewish history and cul-
                                       includes works by Alexander
Center Museum                                                                    ture. Permanent exhibits include
                                       Calder, Chuck Close, Jasper
1852 W. 19th St., 312-738-1503                                                   the redesigned Zell Holocaust
                                       Johns, Donald Judd, Jeff Koons,
Drawing from centuries of art and                                                Memorial. Free admission Fridays.
                                       Sol LeWitt, Burce Nauman, Rene
culture, the MFACM showcases the
                                       Magritte, Ed Pascke, Richard              Terra Museum of American Art
finest of Mexico, from both sides of
                                       Serra, Cindy Sherman and Andy             664 N. Michigan Ave.,
the border. More than 1,000
                                       Warhol. Free admission Tuesdays.          312-664-3939
objects in the permanent collection                                              Collections highlight 19th- and
boast original works from Mexican      Museum of Contemporary                    early 20th-century American art.
masters such as Rivera, Orozco,        Photography                               Selections from the collections
Siqueiros, folk art by the Linares     600 S. Michigan Ave.,                     and special exhibitions are on view
family and contemporary work by        312-663-5554                              throughout the year. Free admis-
artists such as Carmen Lomas
                                       Museum of Holography                      sion Tuesdays and first Sunday of
Garza. Interactive educational
                                       1134 W. Washington Blvd.,                 the month and at all times to
workshops bring discovery and
                                       312-226-1007                              teachers, students, veterans and
understanding for the youngest of
                                       Symbols of Light Patterns.                children under 14.
visitors. Mexican craftsmanship and
award-winning literature available     National Vietnam Veterans
in Tienda Tzintzuntzan, the muse-      Art Museum                                MUSIC
um gift shop. Admission free for       1801 S. Indiana Ave.,                     Chicago Symphony Orchestra
exhibits; festivals are ticketed.      312-326-0270                              Symphony Center, 220 S. Michigan
Donations accepted.                    Home to more than 700 works of            Ave., phone charge 312-294-3000
                                       fine art. Only museum of its kind         Performs more than 100 concerts
Museum of Broadcast
                                       in the world, focusing on war             each year Sept.-June at Symphony
                                       from the soldiers’ perspective.           Center, the musical heart of
Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan
                                       Special exhibits and programs             Chicago. Upcoming guest artists
Ave. at Washington St.,
                                       year-round.                               include such world-renowned tal-
                                                                                 ent at Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman,
Anchor your own TV news show,          The Oriental Institute Museum
                                                                                 Wynton Marsalis, Pinchas
tune in to broadcast history in our    University of Chicago, 1155 E.
                                                                                 Zuckerman and many others. Call
archive’s 85,000 hours of radio        58th St., 773-702-9514
                                                                                 for complete information on all of
and television. Say hello to           The Joseph & Mary Grimshaw
                                                                                 our exciting musical series includ-
Charlie McCarthy, buy a Bozo           Egyptian Gallery and Persian
                                                                                 ing Pop, Piano, Great Performers,
nose or Seinfeld shirt—all in a        Gallery.
                                                                                 International Orchestras, Great
gorgeous downtown landmark
                                                                                 Recitals and Ameritech Jazz at
building, the Chicago Cultural
                                                                                 Symphony Center.
Center. Admission free.

                                                                              Things to Do, Places to Go          5
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
                                      GOLF                                     Apollo Theater
                                      Chicago Park District                    2540 N. Lincoln Ave.,
                                      Golf Courses                             773-935-6100
                                      425 E. McFetridge Dr.,                   Athenaeum Theatre
                                      312-245-0909                             2936 N. Southport Ave.,
                                      Imagine golfing on the shores of         312-902-1500
                                      beautiful Lake Michigan with the
                                      spectacular Chicago skyline as a         Auditorium Theatre
                                      backdrop. Two of the Chicago Park        50 E. Congress Pkwy.,
                                      District’s nine-hole golf courses are    312-922-2110
                                      situated on the lakefront, while an      312-902-1500 for tickets
                                      18-hole course and two driving
                                                                               Briar Street Theatre
                                      ranges are conveniently located just
                                                                               3133 N. Halsted St.,
                                      minutes from downtown Chicago.
                                      Under the direction of Kemper            773-348-4000
                                      Golf Management, numerous                Cadillac Palace Theater
                                      major improvements recently have         151 W. Randolph St,
Chicago Theatre                       been completed at each of these          312-977-1700
                                      facilities, making golf a truly enjoy-
                                      able experience.                         Chicago Center for the
                                                                               Performing Arts
CHICAGO SPORTS TEAMS                  Family Golf Center                       777 N. Green St., 312-327-2000
                                      221 N. Columbus Dr.,
Chicago Blackhawks Hockey                                                      Chicago Shakespeare Theater
680 N. Lake Shore Dr., Suite 1900,                                             Navy Pier, 800 E. Grand Ave.,
                                      Year-round golf and special event
312-475-6357                                                                   312-595-5600
                                      facility. Nine-hole executive golf
Regular season: October–April.        course, driving range, PGA               Chicago Theatre
Chicago Bulls Basketball              instruction, pro shop, rental clubs
                                                                               175 N. State St., 312-902-1500
United Center, 312-559-1212,          and divots. Restaurant and bar all
                                      conveniently located in the heart        DePaul’s Merle Reskin Theatre
United Center TicketMaster
                                      of downtown.                             60 E. Balbo Dr., 312-922-1999
Home games: 4/5 Toronto, 4/8                                                   Famous Door Theatre
Boston, 4/13 Detroit. See the         HEALTH CARE/FITNESS                      Theatre Building, 1225 W. Belmont,
famous statue of Michael Jordan.      Global Yoga and Wellness Center          773-327-5252
                                      1823 W. North Ave.,
Chicago Cubs Baseball                                                          Ford Center for the Performing
Wrigley Field, 1060 W. Addison St.,   All levels and styles of yoga            Arts (formerly Oriental Theater)
800-THE-CUBS                          including Hatha Yoga, Prenatal,          24 W. Randolph St., 312-977-1700
Wrigley Field,            Postpartum, Bikram, Ashtanga,            Goodman Theatre
Season runs from April–Sept.          Kripalu, White Lotus Flow,               170 N. Dearborn, information and
Chicago White Sox Baseball            Anusara, Kid’s Yoga, meditation,         tickets, 312-443-3800
Comiskey Park, 333 W. 35th St.,       massage, private lessons and gift
                                      certificates.                            Improv Olympic
312-831-1SOX                                                                   3541 N. Clark St., 773-880-0199
Season runs from April–Sept.
                                      THEATERS                                 Royal George Theatre Center
                                      Call specific theaters to find out       1641 N. Halsted St.,
                                      what will be playing during the          312-988-9000
Chicago Hash House Harriers
                                      Annual Meeting. You can order            The Shubert Theatre
Chicagoland, 312-409-2337
                                      tickets through Ticketmaster at          22 W. Monroe St., 312-902-1400
Social and running club open to       312-559-1212. You can get half-
visitors. Call for weekly schedule.   price day-of-performance tickets         Steppenwolf Theatre Company
                                      at Hot Tix booths located at 78          1650 N. Halsted St.,
BIKING                                W. Randolph and 163 E. Pearson.          312-335-1650
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation        On Friday, you can also get half-
417 S. Dearborn St., Suite 100,       price tickets for some weekend
312-427-3325                          performances.

6       Things to Do, Places to Go
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
Adler Planetarium &
Astronomy Museum
1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.,
TDD/TTY: 312-322-0995
Opened in 1930 as the first plane-
tarium in the Western hemi-
sphere, the Adler fuels the imagi-
nation of its visitors with all new
exhibits, state-of-the-art computer
technology in the world’s first
StarRider Theater, while showcas-
ing a renowned collection of his-
torical astronomy artifacts. On        Lincoln Park Zoo
Lake Shore Drive on Chicago’s
Museum Campus. Free museum             Brookfield Zoo is located at First     features an animated clocktower, a
admission Tuesdays.                    Ave. and 31st St. in Brookfield,       giant piano bridge and a three-
American Girl Place                    just 14 miles west of downtown         dimensional animated wall.
111 E. Chicago Ave.,                   Chicago. The zoo is accessible via     The Field Museum
877-AG-PLACE                           the Burlington Northern com-           1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.,
A lovely cafe for lunch, tea or din-   muter line and PACE bus service.       312-922-9410
ner where girls and their guests       Chicago Children’s                     Discover Sue, the largest and most
can dine. Enjoy a musical in the       Museum at Navy Pier                    complete T. Rex ever found! At the
theater and visit the shops featur-    700 E. Grand Ave.,                     Field Museum, you can get a bug’s-
ing the American Girl’s collection     312-527-1000                           eye view in Underground
of books, dolls and other delights.    With 14 hands-on, interactive          Adventure, descend into an
Open seven days. Theatre number        exhibits, a special place of educa-    Egyptian Tomb, watch a glowing
is 312-943-9400.                       tion, exploration, stimulation and     lava flow, be dazzled by sparkling
Artifact Center at Spertus             delight for children and adults.       gems, come nose-to-nose with the
Museum                                 Free admission Thursdays 5-8 pm.       man-eating lions of Tsavo and learn
618 S. Michigan Ave.,                                                         about the world’s cultures and envi-
                                       Chicago Cultural Center
312-322-1754                                                                  ronments. Free admission
                                       78 E. Washington St.,
This hands-on, archaeological                                                 Wednesdays.
experience lets child and adult        Special performances and other         The Hancock Observatory
“junior archaeologists” explore the    activities designed to introduce       875 N. Michigan Ave.,
mysteries of the ancient Middle        and involve children in art, music,    888-875-VIEW
East without leaving Chicago.          dance, storytelling and theater are    The 94th-floor observatory, more
Explore a 32-foot-long hill called     frequently scheduled. See addition-    than 1,000 feet above Chicago at
a “tel” and work on any of 12 dig      al information in listing under        the John Hancock Center, features
sites with authentic tools to dis-     “Museums” in the “Things To Do,        an open-air Skywalk, the Midwest’s
cover pottery and other replicas of    Places To Go” section (page 4).        highest open-air experience; Sky
real artifacts under the sand. Call                                           Tours, which takes you on a per-
for hours and admission.               FAO Schwarz
                                                                              sonal audio tour of Chicago’s
                                       840 N. Michigan Ave.,
Brookfield Zoo                                                                incredible sights and remarkable
8400 W. 31st St., Brookfield,                                                 history; Soundscope 3-D “talking”
                                       Chicago’s premier toy store, with
708-485-2200                                                                  telescopes that speak in four lan-
                                       hundreds of unique toys from
Visitors can tour the zoo via                                                 guages and create startling real
                                       around the world. Displays encour-
motorized safari rides from late                                              sound effects; a Chicago history
                                       age children and adults to touch,
spring through early fall.             feel and play while they shop. Store

                                                                              Especially for Children           7
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
wall; and a theme park-style tick-     McDonald’s-The Future                  world. Free admission Tuesdays.
eting area that re-creates the con-    at Navy Pier                           Rainforest Cafe
struction of the John Hancock          600 E. Grand Ave., 312-832-1640        605 N. Clark St., 312-787-1501
Center.                                Features laser light shows, videos     A dynamic restaurant and retail
                                       and gadgets to fascinate children of
Hard Rock Cafe                                                                environment which re-creates a
                                       all ages.
63 W. Ontario St., 312-943-2252                                               tropical rainforest and features
Upon entering the Hard Rock            Museum of Science and Industry         rolling thunder and saltwater fish
Cafe Chicago, you will immedi-         57th St. at Lake Shore Dr.,            as well as animated wildlife!
ately be struck by the views of the    773-684-1414, outside of Chicago       Sears Tower Skydeck
entire space which includes a          800-GOTOMSI (468-6674)                 233 S. Wacker Dr., 312-875-9696
glowing guitar chandelier and the      The Museum of Science and              One of the world’s tallest buildings.
“Tower of Power”—a thrilling mix       Industry is one of the country’s       Open daily 9:00 am – 11:00 pm.
of steel, glass and 64 video moni-     pre-eminent centers for informal
tors rising 17 feet high. Check out    science and technology education.
the redesign of the renowned           Free admission Thursdays.
music memorabilia collection,          The Original Rock ‘n’ Roll
new merchandise, great food and        McDonald’s
unparalleled service.                  600 N. Clark St., 312-664-7940
IMAX Theatre at Navy Pier              The Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s
700 E. Grand Ave., 312-595-0090        was the busiest McDonald’s loca-
Presenting IMAX films in 3-D           tion in the world until one
and PSE digital sound, located in      opened in Moscow. It maintains         Shedd Aquarium
the family pavilion at Navy Pier.      its status as the busiest one in the   1200 S. Lake Shore Dr.,
Advance tickets available by           48 contiguous United States. The       312-939-2438
phone, call 312-444-FILM (#621         main draw, besides the central         The world’s largest indoor aquari-
when asked for the theatre code).      location, is the collection of mem-    um offers more than 6,000 aquatic
                                       orabilia from the 1950s and ’60s,      animals, representing more than
The Lego Store
                                       including Elvis Presley on the         700 species from all parts of the
520 N. Michigan Ave., 3rd Fl.,
                                       cover of Time magazine, a plaster      world. The Caribbean Reef, teem-
                                       cast of the Beatles and an authen-     ing with bright, colorful corals and
A fabulous store for kids of all
                                       tic 1958 Corvette in the seating       more than 60 species of animal
ages. Located on the third floor of
                                       area. Hours: 24 hours seven days a     including bonnet-head sharks,
the Shops at Northbridge, The
                                       week; drive-through open 24            southern stingrays, angelfish
Lego Store stocks the largest selec-
                                       hours.                                 and a hawksbill sea turtle. Divers
tion of Lego toys and lifestyle
products in Chicago.                   Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum          hand-feed sharks, sea turtles and
                                       – Chicago Academy of Sciences          eels daily.
Lincoln Park Zoo
                                       2430 N. Cannon Dr. at Fullerton        TimeEscape at Navy Pier
Cannon Dr. at Fullerton Pkwy.,
                                       Pkwy., 773-755-5100                    700 E. Grand Ave., South Arcade,
                                       The state-of-the-art, environmen-      312-755-9600
One of the last free zoos in the
                                       tal museum is located on the           Navy Pier’s most exciting new
country. Visit the newly renovated
                                       banks of North Pond in Lincoln         attraction. Experience
Kovler Sea Lion Pool, a traditional
                                       Park. The Museum explores the          TimeEscape—a time-travel,
meeting place for generations of
                                       biodiversity of the Midwest            3-D thrill ride which brings you
zoo visitors and home to harbor
                                       through six permanent, interactive     through Chicago’s past, present
and grey seals and California sea
                                       exhibitions including Butterfly        and future.
lions. Minutes from downtown at
                                       Haven, City Science, Wilderness
Lake Shore Drive and Fullerton
                                       Walk and special traveling exhibi-
Pkwy. Paid parking available on
                                       tions. The museum’s exhibits, pro-
Cannon Drive. The zoo is directly
                                       grams and activities encourage vis-
accessible via the 151 CTA
                                       itors to take a closer look at their
bus line.
                                       environment and help them con-
                                       nect with science and the natural

8       Especially for Children
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
DINING                                            Make your reservations early, don’t wait until you arrive in Chicago!

160 Blue
1400 W. Randolph St. at Ogden
Ave., 312-850-0303
160 Blue serves contemporary
American cuisine created by
Executive Chef Martial Noguier.
Named best new restaurant by
Bon Appetit, Esquire and Travel
and Leisure. $$$.
351 Hubbard Street Grill
351 W. Hubbard St.,
 312-222-0770                         Four Seasons by Marc Chagall at First National Plaza
Sophisticated River North neigh-
borhood favorite. Beautifully con-
verted loft space offers a casual,    Bin 36                                        The Chicago Firehouse
relaxed evening of dining pleasure.   339 N. Dearborn St.,                          Restaurant
Big bar, great food. Best Steak in    312-755-9463                                  1401 S. Michigan Ave.,
Chicago, Chicago magazine             Visit Bin 36, Chicago’s newest                312-786-1401
August 1999. Seafood! $$.             restaurant, wine bar and market.              The newly restored 1905 firehouse
                                      Enjoy a wide selection of wines by            is built on the Chicago traditions
Atwood Cafe                           the glass in the casual environment           of a welcoming atmosphere.
1 W. Washington St., 312-368-1900     of our full-service restaurant. $$$.          Comforting food enjoyed by fami-
Features a seasonal menu consist-                                                   ly and friends. Classic American
ing of creative interpretations of    Blackbird Restaurant
                                                                                    fare is featured in two dining
contemporary American cafe fare,      619 W. Randolph St.,
                                                                                    rooms. $$$.
for any time of day—breakfast,        312-715-0708
lunch and dinner. $$.                 Voted one of Chicago’s Top 5                  Crofton on Wells
                                      Restaurants by Gourmet maga-                  535 N. Wells St., 312-755-1790
Bandera                               zine, Blackbird is home to Chef               Seasonal American cuisine in a
535 N. Michigan Ave.,                 Kahan, winner of Food & Wine                  serene, urban setting perfect for
312-644-3524                          magazine’s Best New Chef award                lunch or dinner. Intimate private
Sophisticated, casual, high-energy    in 1999. $$$.                                 dining room available that can
dining overlooking Michigan Ave.                                                    accommodate 40 guests. Named
Straight-forward American cook-       Blackhawk Lodge
                                      41 E. Superior St., 312-280-4080              one of the best new restaurants of
ing includes hardwood-roasted leg                                                   1998 by Esquire. $$$.
of lamb and chicken, barbeque         The simple American cuisine
salmon and award-winning black        showcases a wide range of farm-               Dick’s Last Resort
bean chili. $$.                       fresh ingredients celebrating the             435 E. Illinois St., 312-836-7870
                                      flavors of America’s heritage                 This is the joint your mama
Biggs Restaurant                      throughout the seasons. Favorites             warned you about. Dick’s serves
1150 N. Dearborn St.,                 include mustard-crusted rainbow               up buckets of barbeque beef and
312-787-0900                          trout, Jack Daniel’s smoked beef              pork ribs, chicken, catfish as well
The 124-year-old mansion reflects     tenderloin and homemade banana                as shrimp, crab legs, steak and
the graceful elegance of a 1930s      cream pie. $$.                                salads. There are also 74 kinds of
supper club. The legendary Gold                                                     beer. On Sunday, Dick’s has live
Coast restaurant pays homage to                                                     gospel music for brunch from
high style and classic American                                                     10 am-3 pm. Live music nightly
fare. $$$.                                                                          —no cover, no dress code and
                                                                                    definitely no class. Billed as
                                                                                    “the Shame of Chicago.” $$.

                                                                                                       Dining         9
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
The Fireplace Inn                     Lou Mitchell’s                          P.J. Clarke’s
1448 N. Wells St., 312-664-5264       565 W. Jackson Blvd.,                   1204 N. State Pkwy.,
Known throughout Chicagoland          312-939-3111                            312-664-1650
for more than 31 years for tender     A Chicago tradition for 78 years.       Busy, turn-of-the-century bar fea-
barbecue baby back ribs, steaks,      Breakfast all day. Voted Number 1.      tures a restaurant serving classic
seafood, chicken, chops and sand-     Homemade pastries, bread, famous        American cuisine for both lunch
wiches. Ski-lodge atmosphere with     omelettes. Outstanding daily fresh      and dinner, Sunday brunch and
large fireplace. $$.                  lunch specials. Lunch fun spot!         late-night dining in the bar. $$.
                                      Milk Duds for the ladies! One
Goose Island Brewing Co.                                                      Park Avenue Cafe
                                      block west of Union Station. $.
1800 N. Clybourn Ave.,                                                        199 E. Walton Pl., 312-944-4414
312-915-0071                          mk                                      Sister to New York City’s famed
“The best beer in Chicago” and        868 N. Franklin Ave.,                   restaurant has a cozy decor high-
“great ambiance” describe this        312-482-9179                            lighted by American folk art.
warm and personable “Cheers-          This restaurant presents an original    Executive Chef Jason Handelman
like” brewpub in Lincoln Park.        direction in contemporary               heads the kitchen. $$$.
Try the famous Goose Island pub       American dining with an emphasis        Petterino’s
chips—a perfect complement to         on seasonal ingredients and classic     150 N. Dearborn St.,
the classic favorite and seasonal     cooking techniques. It was recog-       312-422-0150
beers brewed on premises daily. $.    nized by the Chicago Tribune and        A throwback to the Golden Age of
                                      Sun-Times with Three Stars. $$$.
Grace Restaurant                                                              glamour, class and impeccable
623 W. Randolph St.,                  Mike Ditka’s Restaurant                 American dining. Chef Mark
312-928-9200                          100 E. Chestnut St., 312-587-8989       Dorian has created a full range of
A heavenly experience awaits din-     Ditka fans love the food and inte-      irresistable dishes made with sim-
ers at one of Chicago’s best new      rior of this club-like homage to Da     ple, classic ingredients including
restaurants, awarded Three Stars      Coach’s four-decade football            select prime steaks, fresh seafood
by the Chicago Tribune. Savory,       career. Pork chops star with over       and classic specialties. $$.
robust, innovative American cui-      20 other main-course pastas,            Prairie
sine. Extensive wine list. $$.        steaks, chops and fish. $$.             500 S. Dearborn St.,
The Grill on the Alley                Miller’s Pub                            312-663-1143
909 N. Michigan Ave.,                 134 S. Wabash Ave. at Adams St.,        Cuisine rooted in the history of
312-255-9009                          312-263-4990                            the Midwest. Menu includes buf-
Classic American grill favorites      Internationally famous ribs.            falo steak, rack of lamb and coho
include prime steaks, filet mignon,   Favorite meeting and eating place       salmon. $$$.
New York strip and prime rib.         of sports and theater goers.            Printer’s Row
Seafood: pan-fried whitefish,         Celebrity sightings are frequent. $$.   550 S. Dearborn, 312-461-0780
Dover sole. Cobb salad, chicken       Nine                                    Michael Foley’s “civilized” South-
pot pie. Real comfort food. Close     440 W. Randolph St.,                    of-Loop “fixture of high quality”
to shops and cinemas. $$$.            312-575-9900                            providing an “artful”, “sophisticat-
Harvest on Huron                      Spectacular ambiance; vaulted sil-      ed” New American menu (notable
217 W. Huron St., 312-587-9600        verleaf ceiling over an elegant         for its “great venison” and other
Named Best New Restaurant for         champagne and caviar bar. Serving       game). $$$.
1997! by the Chicago Tribune. $$.     prime-aged steaks, live lobster and     Seasons Restaurant
                                      premium seafood. Great lounge
Houston’s Restaurant                                                          120 E. Delaware Pl.,
                                      offers creative cocktails and
612 N. Rush St., 312-649-1121                                                 312-280-8800
                                      Chicago’s most fashionable scene.
Fresh fish filleted in house daily,                                           Recipient of the Five Diamond
“knife and fork” barbecued baby       $$$.                                    Award and Chicago magazine’s Four
back ribs, signature soups, salads                                            Star Award, Seasons Dining Room
and hickory grilled steaks. $.                                                offers a selection of innovative
                                                                              American cuisine. Experience the
                                                                              Grand Tasting menu, masterfully
                                                                              paired with an exciting selection of
                                                                              wines. $$$.

10      Dining
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
The Signature Room at the 95th        Wishbone Restaurant                     CHINESE
875 N. Michigan Ave.,                 1001 W. Washington Blvd.,               Ben Pao
312-787-9596                          312-850-2663                            52 W. Illinois St., 312-222-1888
Enjoy Chicago’s skyline while din-    Southern cooking with a healthy         Offering a light, healthful menu
ing atop the John Hancock Center!     flair. From biscuits and gravy to       with intensely flavorful ingredients
Acclaimed contemporary American       salmon papillot. We attract a           to celebrate the vast Chinese cui-
cuisine, exquisite atmosphere and     broad urban clientele with popular      sine and culture. $$.
superb service. Live jazz weekly at   prices, fresh vegetables, homemade
the 95th! $$$.                        desserts and daily specials bar. $.     King Wah Restaurant
                                                                              2225 S. Wentworth Ave.,
Spago Restaurant                      Zealous                                 312-842-1404
520 N. Dearborn Pkwy.,                419 W. Superior St., 312-475-9112       Five minutes from McCormick
312-527-3700                          Discover a serene culinary oasis        Place in Chinatown. Almost 100
Spago serves Wolfgang Puck’s          showcasing the everchanging con-        entree selections, pleasant sur-
signature cuisine as well as local    temporary American cuisine of           roundings and superb service. $.
favorites! $$$.                       Chef Michael Taus and more than
                                      600 selection, international wine       Mandar Inn Restaurant
Tavern on Rush                                                                2249 S. Wentworth Ave.,
                                      list. $$$.
1031 N. Rush St., 312-664-9600                                                312-842-8828
The menu of Tavern on Rush is         Zinfandel                               In the heart of Chinatown on
classic American and offers prime-                                            Wentworth Avenue. Features
                                      59 W. Grand Ave., 312-527-1818
aged steaks and fresh seafood                                                 seafood, Mandarin, Cantonese
                                      Zinfandel is known for its rotating
items. $$.                                                                    cuisine. Contemporary decor.
                                      special regional menus. While
Tru                                   Cajun-Creole inspired food may be       Famous Peking duck, lobster,
676 N. St. Clair St., 312-202-0001    the highlighted choice one month,       steamed pike, soft-shell crab,
A lavish white dining room sits in    popular American dishes such as         orange beef, moo shus. $.
contrast to the flashy food and       the barbeque rib sampler will           Red Light
playful décor that is the epitome     always be a mainstay. Meals begin       820 W. Randolph St.,
of Tru. The haute cuisine is often    with a complimentary serving of         312-733-8880
times complemented by delight-        skillet corn bread, an excellent com-   The combination of Jerry Kleiner’s
fully unexpected objects, such as     plement to most any entrée. $$          off-kilter designs and Paul
caviars on a glass staircase, or                                              Wildermuths’ sensuous Pan Asian
soups served in cappuccino china      CAJUN                                   cuisine, makes Red Light a treat.
cups. $$$                             Club Creole                             $$$.
The Walnut Room                       226 W. Kinzie St., 312-222-0300         Szechwan Restaurant
111 N. State St., 7th Fl.,            With a warm and lively atmosphere       625 N. Michigan Ave.,
312-781-4191                          and good, old-fashioned Cajun           312-642-3900
Since 1907, a Chicago landmark.       cooking, Club Creole re-creates         Szechwan is the best Chinese
Restored to its original beauty.      New Orleans in the middle of the        restaurant in Chicago. It features
Home of Chicago’s premier             River North area in Chicago. $$.        fine gourmet dining, special ban-
Christmas attraction, The Great                                               quets and all-day dining daily
Tree. Traditional Midwestern                                                  11:30 am-10 pm. $$.
                                      400 N. State St., 312-467-1600
favorites, homemade desserts. $.      A real Southern touch to all daily      Three Happiness Restaurant
Wildfire                              features. Menu consists of fresh        (The Original)
159 W. Erie St., 312-787-9000         fish, Cajun and Creole dishes as        209 W. Cermak Rd.,
A steak and chop house with the       well as spicy and non-spicy dishes.     312-842-1964
aura of a 1940s dinner club. An       The Voodoo Lounge features live         Famous for its seafood and dim
inviting and romantic bar. $$.        music. $$.                              sum, specializing in
                                                                              Cantonese/Szechwan cuisine.
                                                                              Recommended by Channel 7 food
                                                                              critic and CLTV News Good
                                                                              Eating Program. $.

                                                                                                 Dining        11
                                             April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
CONTINENTAL                            Rhapsody                              Brasserie Jo
Phil Stefani’s at 437 Rush             65 E. Adams St., 312-786-9911         59 W. Hubbard St., 312-595-0800
437 N. Rush St., 312-222-0101          Recently awarded Three Stars by       Chicago’s first authentic French
A Phil Stefani restaurant. The         Chicago magazine, and featuring       brasserie. Drawing on Chef Jean
upstairs features a casual menu        contemporary American cuisine         Joho’s Alsatian roots, Brasserie Jo
with salads, deli sandwiches and       with European and Asian influ-        offers the same style, environment
daily specials. The elegant dining     ences, under the direction of         and classic cuisine traditionally
room features steaks, pasta and        Roland Liccioni as Executive Chef     found throughout France. $$.
fresh seafood. $$.                     and Culinary Director. $$$.
                                                                             Cafe Bernard
Whiskey Bar & Grill                                                          2100 N. Halsted St.,
                                       FRENCH                                773-871-2100
1015 N. Rush St., 312-475-0300
The menu reflects a fresh and sim-     Ambria Restaurant                     Located in the heart of Lincoln
ple approach to seasonal selections    2300 N. Lincoln Park West,            Park close to theaters. Minutes
and is diverse enough to please a      773-472-5959                          from the Loop. A winner of many
variety of appetites. From sand-       Consistently rated Chicago’s top      culinary awards for more than 29
wiches and salads at lunch to fresh    restaurant. Serving Chef Gabino       years. Bouillabaisse, steak au
seafood, pastas and prime cuts for     Sotelino’s cuisine Le’Gere, using     poivre, salmon cabernet. $$.
dinner. $$.                            only the freshest and best ingredi-
                                                                             Charlie Trotter’s
                                       ents available. Extensive wine
                                                                             816 W. Armitage Ave.,
                                       list. $$.
ECLECTIC                                                                     773-248-6228
Cafe Absinthe                          Aubriot                               Trotter’s award-winning restaurant
1954 W. North Ave.,                    1962 N. Halsted St.,                  has an international reputation for
773-278-4488                           773-281-4211                          contemporary multicultural cui-
With daily menu changes Cafe           An Esquire magazine Best New          sine. Because of the worldwide
Absinthe, set in the atmosphere of     Restaurant in America (1998),         influences present in his style,
an Old World Absinthe House,           this restaurant brings contempo-      some restaurant critics call it
serves creative, bistro-style cook-    rary French cuisine to Lincoln        “Trotter Cuisine.” $$$.
ing. Along with an extensive wine      Park, one of Chicago’s most
                                                                             Chez Joel
and spirit list, Cafe Absinthe is an   popular neighborhoods. $$$.
                                                                             1119 W. Taylor St., 312-226-6479
integral part of innovative dining     Bistro 110 Restaurant                 Three Star authentic French bistro,
in Chicago. $$.                        110 E. Pearson St., 312-266-3110      serving a classic menu in a sunny
Dozo Sushi & Lobster                   Chicago’s original and most popu-     dining room or secluded garden.
100 E. Walton St., 312-274-1000        lar bistro, known for its warm,       Rated in Top Ten by The Chicago
Chef Jimmy Ma, famous for the          oven-roasted garlic served with       Tribune and Sun-Times, included
finest Asian cuisine, specializes in   crunchy French baguettes.             in Best Steak Houses by Chicago
fresh, live lobster and sushi.         Specializing in hearty, wood-burn-    magazine. A “don’t miss” by
Extensive seafood menu plus            ing, oven-roasted traditional         Zagats. $$$.
steaks, chops and chicken. $$.         French bistro cuisine. $$.
                                                                             Cité Elegant Dining
NoMI                                   Bistrot Margot                        505 N. Lake Shore Dr., 70th Fl.,
800 N. Michigan Ave., 7th Fl.,         1437-39 N. Wells St.,                 312-644-4050
312-239-4030                           312-587-3660                          Prestigious dining above all
Recently named One of the Best         Step out of time and into this        Chicago on the 70th floor of Lake
New Restaurants of the Year by         authentic French bistrot in the       Point Tower. Exquisite French cui-
Esquire magazine, NoMI features        heart of Chicago’s Old Town.          sine and unparalled views of the
an eclectic menu including sushi,      Come in and enjoy the exception-      Chicago skyline. $$$.
pastry and main show kitchens.         al food, inviting staff and elegant
$$$.                                   decor. $$$.
                                                                             3335 N. Halsted St.,
                                                                             A cozy restaurant. The menu
                                                                             features contemporary American
                                                                             creations and focuses on utilizing
                                                                             gourmet ingredients. $$.

12      Dining
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
Everest                                   Pump Room                                The Parthenon Restaurant
440 S. LaSalle St., 40th Fl.,             1301 N. State Pkwy.,                     314 S. Halsted St., 312-726-2407
(Chicago Stock Exchange),                 312-266-0360                             Everybody’s favorite Greektown
312-663-8920                              A true Chicago landmark. The             restaurant. Any lamb dish is a
Elegant and extraordinary food,           world-famous restaurant features         winner, particularly those roasted
service with a spectacular view.          innovative French-inspired cuisine       until the meat is stew tender.
World-renowned chef/owner Jean            with an incomparable wine list.          Other Greek dishes include
Joho’s food is creative and artful.       $$$                                      saganaki, suckling pig, greek
$$$.                                      Thyme
                                                                                   sausage and codfish. $.
Kiki’s Bistro                             464 N. Halsted St., 312-226-4300         Pegasus Restaurant and Taverna
900 N. Franklin St.,                      Spit-roasted meats, great fish,          130 S. Halsted St., 312-226-3377
312-335-5454                              abundant seasonal vegetables, all        Chicago’s best contemporary
Cozy bistro has French country            executed with a light-handed             Greek restaurant serves fresh fish,
inn charm. Featuring breast of            French and Italian touch. Rich in        chops, steaks and pastas. Located
duck, steak pommes frites and             architectural details, Thyme bursts      just five minutes from the Loop in
fresh fish daily. $$.                     with a flavor all its own. $$$.          the heart of Greektown. $$.
Les Nomades                                                                        Roditys Restaurant
222 E. Ontario St., 312-649-9010          GERMAN                                   222 S. Halsted St., 312-454-0800
A former private dining club, Les         The Berghoff Restaurant                  Truly authentic Greek food
Nomades is the most Parisian              17 W. Adams St., 312-427-3170            expertly prepared and served.
restaurant in Chicago. Known to           Beautiful, turn-of-the-century           Specialties include chicken, pasta,
locals as an urban oasis for civi-        ambiance since 1898. The menu is         seafood, gyros and endless choices
lized dining. $$$.                        vast; with fresh fish, seafood, steaks   of lamb “the meat the Greeks gave
                                          and a variety of contemporary            soul to.” $.
                                          American dishes in addition to tra-
833 W. Randolph St.,                                                               Santorini Restaurant
                                          ditional German fare. $.
312-226-8399                                                                       800 W. Adams St., 312-829-8820
Enjoy wonderful French fare               Chicago Brauhaus                         Santorini, named after the Aegean
amidst whimsical designs and a            4732 N. Lincoln Ave.,                    Island, not only serves some of the
circus-like atmosphere at this west       773-784-4444                             freshest seafood in the Midwest,
Randolph St. hot spot. Classics           Lively dining spot located in            but also offers a quaint, romantic
include steak frites and cider-           Lincoln Square, Chicago’s                atmosphere. $$.
braised rabbit. $$$.                      Germantown. German and
                                          American fare including sauerbra-        INDIAN
Mon Ami Gabi
                                          ten, roast goose, veal shank,
2300 N. Lincoln Park West,                                                         Gaylord India
                                          pheasant, brats and more. $$.
773-348-8886                                                                       678 N. Clark St., 312-664-1700
Authentic French steak house with                                                  Fragrant spices from the four cor-
specialties in steak frites, fresh fish   GREEK                                    ners of India are blended to create
selections, shellfish and other classic   Athena                                   subtle tastes and exotic flavors.
French dishes. $$$.                       212 S. Halsted St., 312-655-0000         Traditional Tandoori specialties,
                                          A fresh, new, Greek bistro offering      chicken or seafood curries. Tender
Mossant Bistro
                                          traditional favorites plus new           lamb dishes and vegetarian
225 N. Wabash Ave.,
                                          regional dishes homecooked to per-       entrees. $.
                                          fection daily. $$.
Tipping its hat to Chicago,                                                        The Indian Garden Restaurant
Mossant is a dazzling French              Costa’s Greek Dining                     247 E. Ontario St., 312-280-4910
bistro in the Loop area. The              340 S. Halsted St., 312-263-9700         The Indian Garden Restaurant is a
entrance is a dramatic red facadé,        Featuring fresh fish, chops, kabobs      fine dining restaurant. Dress casual.
leaded glass and French-style             and Greek specialties.                   Awarded the Zagat Survey Award
graphics transforming a former            Mediterranean setting. Piano             in 1998, 1999 and 2000. $$.
hat factory. $$$.                         music five days a week. $$.

                                                                                                      Dining        13
                                                 April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
Jaipur Palace                           Carmine’s                               Maggiano’s Little Italy
22 E. Hubbard St., 312-595-0911         1043 N. Rush St., 312-988-7676          516 N. Clark St., 312-644-7700
Feast on the royal cuisine of India.    This Italian seafood and pasta          A classic re-creation of a New
Subtle use of spices. Fresh lamb,       restaurant features huge portions,      York city pre-war “Little Italy”
fish, chicken and vegetable dishes      great value and late-night dining. A    dinner house. Grand platters of
featured. Tandori oven. $$.             member of Alex Dana’s famed             pasta, chicken, veal, prime steaks
                                        Rosebud Restaurant. $$.                 and fresh fish, with family-style
IRISH                                   Centro                                  dining available. $$.
Fado Irish Pub                          710 N. Wells St., 312-988-7775          Mario’s Gold Coast Ristorante
100 W. Grand Ave., 312-836-0066         Located in Chicago’s River North        21 W. Goethe St., Suite 1A,
Come experience the different           area, Centro offers a comfortable       312-944-0199
ambiances of an authentic Irish         dining experience. Featuring tradi-     Great martinis and a friendly wel-
pub that was structurally crafted in    tional Italian cuisine in the           come highlight this upscale neigh-
Ireland. From the “new wave” or         Rosebud tradition. A great place        borhood hangout. Fine wines and
traditional menus to the “sacred”       for pasta, prime steaks, chops and      authentic Italian specialties await
drafted Guinness, come enjoy this       broiled seafood. $$.                    you one block north of the Rush
new generation of Irish pub. $.                                                 Street area. $$.
                                        Coco Pazzo
                                        300 W. Hubbard St.,                     Nick & Tony’s
ITALIAN                                 312-836-0900                            1 E. Wacker Dr., 312-467-9449
Becco D’oro                             Serving authentic regional Italian      Oversized portions of homestyle
160 E. Huron St., 312-787-1300          cuisine and acknowledged as one         Italian classics including steaks
At Becco D’oro, Graziano Ferrari        of the world-class restaurants in       and chops, are served family style
and Chef Gaetano DiBenedetto            Chicago. Chef Tony Priolo pre-          in a grand, multi-level dining
present the finest in Italian cuisine   pares pasta, meat and fish specials.    room. $$.
in a beautiful setting. $$.             $$$.                                    Palaggi’s
Bice Ristorante                         Italian Village Restaurants             36 W. Hubbard St., 312-527-1010
158 E. Ontario St, 312-664-1474         71 W. Monroe St., 312-332-7005          Italian-American cuisine at its
From Milan, a bastion of                Three exciting restaurants in one       best, like a visit to an Italian-
Northern Italian cuisine in a           convenient location. Vivere, The        American home. Live musical
dramatic deco setting. Signature        Village and La Cantina offers           entertainment and limited menu
carpaccio, risottos, mussels and        fresh seafood, American and             late night. $$.
veal Milanese-style appear daily.       Italian specialties. $$.                Pane Caldo
Tiramisu the way it should be!          La Strada Ristorante                    72 E. Walton St., 312-649-0055
$$$.                                    155 N. Michigan Ave.,                   If you want a small, intimate place
Buca di Beppo                           312-565-2200                            with exceptional Italian food. It’s
2941 N. Clark St., 773-348-7673         Chicago’s premier Italian dining        fresh, creative, intense, Italian cui-
We offer huge family-style por-         establishment serving exquisitely       sine. $$$.
tions of immigrant Southern             prepared regional Italian delicacies.   Rosebud on Rush
Italian cuisine in an entertaining      Stylish decor and world-class           720 N. Rush St., 312-266-6444
and energetic atmosphere that par-      ambiance. $$$.                          Featuring the finest chops, steaks
odies traditional Italian/American      Lino’s Restaurant                       and the best pasta in the city. Live
restaurants. $$.                        222 W. Ontario St., 312-266-0616        entertainment Wednesday -
Cantare                                 Casual but elegant dining featuring     Saturday until 2 am. Piano bar is
200 E. Chestnut St., 312-266-4500       Northern Italian cuisine, fresh         a sure crowd pleaser. $$.
Authentic regional Italian cuisine      homemade pasta, prime veal, aged        The Rosebud
capturing the freshest of vegeta-       steaks, chops and fresh seafood. $$.    1500 W. Taylor St., 312-942-1117
bles, herbs and seasonings from                                                 Quaint Italian restaurant with
the different regions of Italy.                                                 local flavor. Three and a half star
“Cantare,” meaning “to sing” in                                                 rating by the Chicago Sun-Times
Italian, represents how the food                                                and Tribune. The Rosebud Cafe
sings freshness, simplicity, ele-                                               was singled out as one of 15 best
gance and class to patrons. $$$.                                                pasta restaurants in America. $$.

14      Dining
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
Scoozi                                  Vinci                                    Ron of Japan
410 W. Huron St., 312-943-5900          1732 N. Halsted St.,                     230 E. Ontario St., 312-644-6500
In the heart of Chicago’s River         312-266-1199                             Meals are prepared at the table in
North gallery district, neoclassic      Rustic regional Italian cuisine          the Teppan-Yaki style with group
atmosphere re-creates a 15th-cen-       from all 20 regions of Italy. Enjoy      seating. Dinner specialties include
tury artist’s studio. Lovers of great   our antipasti, hearty pastas, flavor-    steak, lobster tail, shrimp, scallops
dining savor the restaurant’s cuisine   ful main courses in a relaxed            and prime rib—served on a samu-
from the Italian countryside. $$.       Italian country house setting. $$.       rai sword. $$$.
Spiaggia/Cafe Spiaggia                  Vivo                                     Sushi Doraku
980 N. Michigan Ave., Third Fl.,        838 W. Randolph St.,                     1139 N. State St., 312-867-7772
312-280-2750                            312-733-3379                             Enjoy the great taste of sushi a
Spiaggia celebrates Chef Tony           Authentic Italian menu features          whole new way. Select your favorite
Mantuano’s four-star Italian cui-       wood-grilled fish and Tuscan             dishes passing by on the revolving
sine in a dramatic setting featuring    steak. Chef Vincent Duran sug-           Kaiten sushi bar and create your
a spectacular view of Lake              gests trying the wonderful daily         own combination. It’s fresh, fast-
Michigan. Elegantly casual, Cafe        risotto, sauteed veal medallions         paced, exciting and fun. $.
Spiaggia is located adjacent to         with wild mushrooms or roasted           Tsunami
Spiaggia. $$$.                          lamb chops with red grape and            1160 N. Dearborn Pkwy.,
                                        mint reduction. $$$.
Stefani’s                                                                        312-642-9911
1418 W. Fullerton Ave.,                 Volare                                   Outstanding sushi and innovative
773-348-0111                            201 E. Grand Ave., 312-410-9900          Japanese cuisine are the specialties
Serving northern Italian cuisine        We provide upscale dining for            of this Gold Coast’s Japanese din-
with an upbeat Trattoria setting,       mid-range prices. Our cuisine is a       ing hot spot. Not to be missed is
featuring fresh seafood, Provigna       mixture of both northern and             the upstairs “Sake Lounge” where
veal, fresh homemade pastas,            southern styles. The restaurant is       the full menu is served. $$.
steaks and chicken. $$$.                intimate and warm. Their goal
                                        is to bring a piece of Italy to          LATIN
Topo Gigio
                                        downtown Chicago. $$.
1516 N. Wells St., 312-266-9355                                                  Mambo Grill
A favorite among locals, visitors                                                412 N. Clark St., 312-467-9797
and celebrities and classed among       JAPANESE                                 Mambo Grill features exciting
the top five Italian restaurants in     Benihana Japanese Steakhouse             Latin fare, offering diners a taste
Chicago. Recipient 10 years run-        166 E. Superior St.,                     of the delicious flavors of South
ning of the Golden Plate IFMA           312-664-9643                             and Central America and the
Culinary Excellence Award. $$.          Hibachi-style cooking and                Caribbean Islands. $$.
Trattoria No. 10                        Japanese-style surroundings where        Nacional 27
10 N. Dearborn St., 312-984-1718        chefs prepare dinner at your table       325 W. Huron St., 312-664-2727
Italian cuisine with contemporary       with considerable showmanship.           Nacional 27 represents the
flair; homemade ravioli, veal           Entrees include steak, chicken, scal-    cuisines of 27 Latin nations that
medallions with wild mushrooms          lops, lobster tail and shrimp. $$.       encompass Central and South
and lemon sage butter and               Itto Sushi                               America. Indigenous ingredients
seafood specialties. $$.                2616 N. Halsted St.,                     from these countries are reinter-
                                        773-871-4886                             preted with a lighter yet more
Tuscany on Clark
                                        In the heart of Lincoln Park, visit      sophisticated twist. $$$.
3700 N. Clark St., 773-404-7700
                                        our fine sushi/sashimi bar and
It reminds you of a typical Tuscan                                               Watusi Restaurant/Ultra-Lounge
                                        restaurant. Many non-fish appetiz-
eatery with open kitchen, wood-                                                  1540 W. North Ave.,
                                        ers and entrees. A la carte or special
burning oven and grill. Fresh                                                    773-862-1540
                                        combination dinners. The only
pasta made daily complements the                                                 Contemporary dining experience
                                        sushi/sports bar in Chicago. $$.
assortment of fresh fish, steak and                                              with a Caribbean flair. Latin-
chops. $$.                                                                       inspired menu. $$$.

                                                                                                     Dining       15
                                               April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
MEDITERRANEAN                         Salpicon                              Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Pazzo’s Mediterranean Grill           1252 N. Wells St., 312-988-7811       439 N. Wells St., 312-828-9800
311 S. Wacker Dr., 312-913-1600       Chef Priscila Satkoff offers          The oldest family name in deep-
The latest addition to the Pazzo’s    authentic and contemporary            dish pizza. Other favorites are sal-
family. The menu of delicate, yet     Mexican cuisine: flavorful salsas,    ads, sandwiches and pasta. Voted
bold Mediterranean flavors will       rich moles and homemade tortillas.    No. 1 Pizza by Chicago magazine
awaken your palate. $$.               Named One of the Ten Best New         and North Shore magazine. $.
                                      Restaurants by Chicago magazine.      Pizzeria Uno
Souk                                  $$$.
1552 N. Milwaukee Ave.,                                                     29 E. Ohio St., 312-321-1000
773-227-1818                          Salvador’s Barro Mexican Cuisine      Pizzeria Due
Contemporary Middle Eastern,          73 E. Lake St., 312-346-8457          619 N. Wabash Ave.,
North African and Mediterranean       Freshly prepared food, varieties of   312-943-2400
cuisine. Exotic and sophisticated,    regional and upscale Mexican cui-     The birthplace of Chicago deep-
yet unpretentious. $$$.               sine. Featured specials include       dish pizza, est. in 1943. Pizzas are
                                      chiles rellenos and homemade          filled with the finest meats,
Tizi Melloul                          tamales. $$.                          cheeses and vegetables. Experience
531 N. Wells St., 312-670-4338                                              the most celebrated pizza in the
Named after a mountain in             Topolobambo
                                                                            world for yourself. $.
Morocco, this Mediterranean           445 N. Clark, 312-661-1434
restaurant serves exotic cuisine      Topolobambo is truly a delightful
                                      Mexican dining experience.            RUSSIAN
from Spain to the Middle East. $$.
                                      Guests nosh on a dish of gua-         Russian Tea Time
                                      camole, with pieces of jicama,        77 E. Adams St., 312-360-0000
                                      cucumber and radish for dipping.      Elegant ambiance, cordial hospi-
Adobo Grill                           Seared achiote-marinated striped      tality and very extensive menu fea-
1610 N. Wells St., 312-266-7999       bass braised with roasted tomatoes    turing vegetarian, wild game and
Featuring Mexican regional cuisine    and green chilies is an exciting      comfort Russian foods make this
located in the heart of Old Town.     entrée selection. $$$                 Chicago landmark a prime desti-
Welcomes guests with a festive yet                                          nation for locals and tourists alike.
inviting and comfortable atmos-       Uncle Julio’s Hacienda
                                                                            Full afternoon tea service! $$$.
phere. $$.                            855 W. North Ave., 312-266-4222
                                      Famous for fajitas, ribs, daily
Don Juan on Halsted                   seafood specialties and traditional   SEAFOOD
1729 N. Halsted St.,                  Mexican dishes. $.                    Bluepoint Oyster Bar
312-981-4000                                                                741 W. Randolph St.,
Upscale modern Mexican fare in                                              312-207-1222
the heart of the Halsted theater                                            Chicago’s best seafood! This beau-
district. Chef Patrick Concannon’s    Bacino’s on Wacker
                                      75 E. Wacker Dr., 312-263-0070        tiful Art Deco fish house and raw
second outlet for creative specials                                         bar offers oysters, prime seafood
and fresh seafood. $$.                This casual location offers stuffed
                                      and thin pizzas, salads, sandwiches   flown in daily and incredible
Frontera Grill                        and appetizers. Live jazz Monday      house specialties. $$$.
455 N. Clark St., 312-661-1434        6 pm-9 pm featuring the Famous        Bob Chinn's Chicago
The delicious variety of regional     Pizza Gig Quartet. $.                 Crabhouse
Mexican cuisine is brought to life.                                         315 N. LaSalle St., 312-822-0100
Featuring tacos al carbon, classic    The Original Gino’s East
                                                                            This neoclassic, downtown
mole with turkey and fresh fish       633 N. Wells St., 312-943-1124
                                                                            seafooder has superbly perfected
service on changing menu. $.          Think deep. Think Gino’s East.
                                                                            casual sophistication with fresh fin
                                      Gino’s East serves legendary, deep-
                                                                            fare, prime-aged meats and signa-
                                      dish pizza made with chunky
                                                                            ture cuisine-bending crab special-
                                      tomato sauce and a famous golden
                                                                            ties. $$$.
                                      crust. Gino’s East was voted No. 1
                                      by Bon Appetit magazine. $.

16      Dining
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
Bubba Gump Shrimp Company              Riva                                   Chicago Chop House
700 E. Grand Ave., (Navy Pier)         700 E. Grand Ave., (Navy Pier)         60 W. Ontario St., 312-787-7100
312-252-GUMP                           312-644-7482                           Voted No. 1 Independent
Enjoy BBQ ribs, fish and chips         Navy Pier’s premiere restaurant.       Steakhouse in the Nation. The
and, of course, lots of shrimp. It’s   The menu features fresh seafood,       menu features huge, prime-aged
casual, it’s fun and it’s down-home    prime-aged beef and homemade           steaks, prime rib, lamb, pork
cooking. $$.                           pasta specialties. $$.                 chops, chicken and seafood. Piano
Cape Cod Room                          Shaw’s Crab House                      bar nightly. $$.
140 E. Walton Pl., 312-787-2200        21 E. Hubbard St., 312-527-2722        Eli’s The Place For Steak
A Chicago classic. Extensive           Two restaurants in one: Blue Crab      215 E. Chicago Ave.,
seafood menu with nautical decor.      Lounge, a raw oyster bar featuring     312-642-1393
Opened 1933—it’s a must for            clams, lobster and crab dishes and     Specialties include steaks, prime
visitors. $$$.                         the spacious main dining room          ribs of beef, fish, calf ’s liver from
                                       reminiscent of an old New              Eli’s own renowned unique recipe.
Catch 35
                                       England seafood house. $$.             For dessert, the famous Eli’s
35 W. Wacker Dr., 312-346-3500
                                                                              Cheesecake. $$.
Daily menu of more than 30 fresh       Shucker’s Restaurant
seafood specialties from the oceans    150 E. Ontario St., 312-266-6057       Erie Cafe
of planet earth. Live entertainment    New England-style seafood restau-      536 W. Erie St., 312-266-2300
in the grand piano lounge. $$.         rant. Jumbo shrimp, hearty clam        Erie Cafe received Zagat Survey
                                       chowder, fresh and saltwater fish.     Award of Distinction for 2001. $$.
Hugo’s Frog Bar
                                       Prime ribs and steaks. Piano and
1024 N. Rush St., 312-640-0999                                                Gene & Georgetti
                                       oyster bar. $$.
Fresh seafood daily, prime steaks                                             500 N. Franklin St.,
and a variety of other frog and                                               312-527-3718
fowl highlight the menu. Live jazz     SPANISH                                Chicagoland’s oldest and finest
and blues piano nightly starting at    Cafe Ba Ba Reeba                       steak house. Featuring prime-aged
5 pm. $$.                              2024 N. Halsted St.,                   steaks, chops, chicken vesuvio,
                                       773-935-5000                           Italian specialties and fresh
Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak
                                       Spanish Tapas-style located in         seafood. $$$.
and Stone Crab
                                       the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln
60 E. Grand Ave., 312-379-5637                                                Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse
                                       Park features a spectacular menu
This Chicago outpost of Miami’s                                               1028 N. Rush St., 312-266-8999
                                       and wine selection in a casual
legendary Joe’s Stone Crab offers                                             A hometown favorite featuring
                                       atmosphere. $$.
Chicago a taste of its world-                                                 Flintstone-sized hunks of meat
renowned stone crab claws, signa-                                             delivered by a highly professional
ture side dishes and key lime pie.     STEAK AND BEEF                         staff. It’s bedlam, but the best steaks
Named Best New Restaurant by           The Capital Grille                     are worth the chaos. $$.
Chicago magazine and the Chicago       633 N. St.Clair St., 312-337-9400      Harry Caray’s Restaurant
Sun-Times, Joe’s also features a       A sophisticated New York-style         33 W. Kinzie St., 312-828-0966
variety of fresh seafood and prime     steak house specializing in dry-       Award-winning Italian steak house.
steaks. $$$.                           aged steaks, veal, lamb chops, fresh   Voted Best Steakhouse by the
                                       swordfish and salmon. $$$.
McCormick and Schmick’s                                                       Chicago Tribune dining poll.
Seafood Restaurant                     Carmichael’s Chicago                   Everything’s a hit at Harry’s: from
41 E. Chestnut St. at Rush St.,        Steak House                            the prime, juicy steaks to the chick-
312-397-9500                           1052 W. Monroe St.,                    en vesuvio to the award-winning
Elegantly casual, featuring a          312-433-0025                           wine list. $$$.
seafood-oriented menu that             This steak house features Chicago-     Lawry’s the Prime Rib
changes daily. $$.                     sized Black Angus steaks, planked      100 E. Ontario St., 312-787-5000
                                       Atlantic salmon, veal and pork
Nick’s Fishmarket                                                             Roast prime rib carved tableside
                                       chops. $$.
One Bank One Plaza,                                                           from a silver cart with Yorkshire
312-621-0200                                                                  pudding, mashed potatoes and
Sophisticated atmosphere, and                                                 salad. Fresh fish nightly. Lunch
delicious seafood and steaks. $$$.                                            time sandwich bar. $$$.

                                                                                                   Dining        17
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
                                                                             Smith & Wollensky
                                                                             318 N. State St., 312-670-9900
                                                                             The quintessential steak house,
                                                                             overlooking the Chicago River.
                                                                             Featuring USDA prime, dry-aged
                                                                             steaks and seafood. “The steak-
                                                                             house that ends all arguments.”

                                                                             DAO Thai Restaurant &
                                                                             Noodle Palace
                                                                             230 E. Ohio St., 312-337-0000
Chicago River                                                                Dao serves the finest Thai food
                                                                             with the highest quality ingredi-
Magnum’s Prime Steakhouse              Rosebud Steakhouse                    ents at incredibly low prices. Every
225 W. Ontario St., 312-337-8080       192 E. Walton Pl., 312-397-1000       selection is cooked to your taste
Chicago’s largest and finest steak     Located just east of Michigan         from mild to Thai spicy and we
and lobster house featuring prime-     Ave. on Walton St., Rosebud           always use only the freshest vegeta-
aged steaks and chops and live         Steakhouse offers customers an        bles, meats and fish available. $$.
Maine lobster. “Life After Dinner”     intimate and unforgettable fine
                                                                             Singha Thai
in either the piano bar (nightly) or   dining experience. Specialties
                                                                             340 N. Clark St., 312-467-0300
dancing in the lounge. $$.             include fresh steaks, chops, neigh-
                                                                             At Singha, great care is taken in
                                       borhood favorites and a la carte
Morton’s of Chicago, The                                                     preparing cuisine from recipes
                                       items such as jalapeno hash browns
Steakhouse                                                                   handed down for centuries, adjust-
                                       and Chinese green beans. $$$.
1050 N. State St., 312-266-4820                                              ed to today’s tastes and served in
Voted by Chicagoans as their           Ruth’s Chris Steak House              an authentic manner. $$.
favorite spot for steak, Morton’s is   431 N. Dearborn Pkwy.,
                                                                             Star of Siam
the place for USDA prime- aged         312-321-2725
                                                                             11 E. Illinois St., 312-670-0100
steaks, whole Maine lobsters and       The home of serious steaks has
                                                                             The critics agree: “The most fash-
fresh fish. $$$.                       come to Chicago. Featuring huge
                                                                             ionable place in town to dine on
                                       U.S. prime steaks, lamb, veal and
O’Brien’s Restaurant & Bar                                                   Thai food”—Chicago magazine.
                                       pork chops or select a lobster from
1528 N. Wells St., 312-787-3131                                              No. 1 Favorite Thai Restaurant
                                       our tank. Fresh fish and select
Casual, elegant dining in the heart                                          Six Years in a Row—Food
                                       Creole specialties available. $$$.
of Old Town. House specialties                                               Industry News. “Prices are right,
include Chicago’s finest prime         The Saloon Steakhouse                 everything at Star of Siam seems
steaks, fresh seafood and chicken.     200 E. Chestnut St., 312-280-5454     right.” – Chicago Tribune. $$.
Piano bar. $$$.                        Chicago’s best steak house! Enjoy
                                       award-winning prime steaks,
The Palm                                                                     6 W. Hubbard St., 312-644-8664
                                       chops and seafood in this elegant
323 E. Wacker Dr., 312-616-1000                                              Thai-inspired French food that pays
                                       yet casual neighborhood steak
America’s classic steak house.                                               homage to Thailand while embrac-
                                       house. $$$.
Since 1980, The Palm has been                                                ing fine French textures. $$$.
serving prime steaks and lobsters.     Shula’s Steak House
Enjoy views of Lake Michigan and       301 E. North Water St.,               VIETNAMESE
Navy Pier. $$.                         312-670-0788
                                                                             Le Colonial Restaurant
                                       Named after former Miami
                                                                             937 N. Rush St., 312-255-0088
                                       Dolphins Coach Don Shula, this
                                                                             Premier fine dining, French-
                                       steak house features the “biggest
                                                                             Vietnamese restaurant. Exquisite
                                       and best” certified Angus beef,
                                                                             dishes combine Asian flavors and
                                       fresh seafood, lamb and chicken.
                                                                             fresh ingredients to tantalize the
                                       Relaxed yet distinguished atmos-
                                                                             palate. Critics rave “Le Colonial is
                                       phere, great for conversation. $$$.
                                                                             at the top of its class.” $$.

18       Dining
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
COMEDY CLUBS AND REVUES                 Tommy Gun’s Garage                        North Beach Chicago
ComedySportz of Chicago, Inc.           1239 S. State St., 800-461-0178           1551 N. Sheffield Ave.,
2851 N. Halsted St.,                    Enter through the back door               312-266-7842
773-549-8080                            under the El tracks, give the pass-       350 tons of sand covering three
Now in its fifteenth smash season!      word and experience the roaring           indoor, sand volleyball courts,
Two teams of comedians compete          ‘20s. Enjoy dinner and a roaring          bowling lanes, full basketball facili-
in improvisational sketches based       ‘20s interactive musical comedy           ties, two big-screen TVs, great food
on audience suggestions. The            revue complete with ‘da Gangsters         and a lively bar.
Chicago Tribune calls it “a big hit     and ‘da Flappers.
with spectators.”                       Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding                    NIGHTCLUBS AND BARS
The Second City                         230 W. North Ave., 312-664-8844           Andy’s Jazz Club
1616 N. Wells St., 312-337-3992         Get invited to Chicago’s favorite         11 E. Hubbard St., 312-642-6805
Since 1959, The Second City has         comedy, now in its sixth smash            A spacious, sophisticated saloon
been entertaining audiences with        year. You’ll see Tony and Tina get        atmosphere, a deliciously varied
its signature brand of sociopoliti-     married, go to the reception,             menu and Chicago’s finest live
cal satire. The starting point for      dance to the live band and enjoy          jazz! Dining is delightfully casual.
many famous actors, directors and       the all-you-can-eat Italian buffet!       B.L.U.E.S.
writers.                                                                          2519 N. Halsted St.,
                                        GAMES                                     773-528-1012
Zanies Comedy Club
1548 N. Wells St., 312-337-4027         Dave and Buster’s                         Since 1979, veterans of the city’s
The Chicago Tribune calls Zanies        1030 N. Clark St., 312-943-5151           blues circuit have performed seven
“the No. 1 comedy club in the           50,000 square feet of great food,         nights a week in this small, well-lit
city.” Since 1978, this Chicago         great fun and the best of times.          club with the friendly ambiance of
treasure has featured every major       Enjoy mouthwatering delights,             a neighborhood corner bar. It’s a
comedy star including Jay Leno,         world-class billiards, shuffleboard       great place to experience the blues
Tim Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and           and our famous Million Dollar             as they should be heard: up close,
many more.                              Midway!                                   with a lively crowd.
                                        ESPN Zone                                 Back Room
DINNER PLAYHOUSES                       43 E. Ohio St., 312-644-3776              1007 N. Rush St., 312-751-2434
Mystique                                A 35,000-square-foot, sports-             In the heart of the Gold Coast,
157 W. Ontario St.,                     themed, dining and entertainment          the Back Room is one of the old-
312-642-CLUB                            complex offering great American           est and most recognized night
Chicago’s unique dinner theater         grill food, the ultimate sports view-     spots for live entertainment.
highlighting magicians and illusion-    ing environment and interactive
ists from all over the world. Dinner    games and attractions.
and late-night cocktail performanc-
es every Thursday-Saturday and a
special Saturday children’s show and
Sunday brunch.
Tales of King Arthur at
Noble Horse
1410 N. Orleans St.,
Tales of King Arthur, presented by
Noble Horse of Chicago, opened                         FERRIS WHEEL
Fall 2001. Suspense, action,
romance-stories of olde—por-                           The first Ferris Wheel made its debut in Chicago
trayed with elegant, classical horse-                  in 1893 at the World’s Columbian Exposition.
manship. Enjoy arena-side dining.

                                                                              Entertainment and Nightlife           19
                                               April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
Blue Chicago
736 N. Clark St., 312-642-6261
536 N. Clark St., 312-661-0100
Chicago’s best blues artists star in
this friendly club. One low music
charge good for admission to both
Blue Chicago locations. Popular
with blues fans the world over.
Buddy Guy’s Legends
754 S. Wabash Ave., 312-427-0333
Chicago’s premier blues club,
owned by the legend himself,
Buddy Guy. The best local and
                                       Getting around Chicago on the CTA subway and “L” trains.
national blues bands Chicago has
to offer. Amazing collection of rare
Blues memorabilia. Great Cajun         Green Dolphin Street                         Joe’s Sports Bar
menu and pool tables.                  2200 N. Ashland Ave.,                        940 W. Weed St., 312-337-3486
                                       773-395-0066                                 Joe’s, formerly Banana Joe’s, is
Circus Nightclub
                                       Innovative and contemporary are              Chicago’s largest sports bar with
901 W. Weed St., 312-751-0322
                                       the key words to Green Dolphin’s             more than 100 TVs, 12 big
This Chicago nightclub is one of
                                       cuisine. In combination with                 screens and 14 satellites. Joe’s
the most stylish around. Whimsical
                                       some of the area’s finest jazz, it is a      features live music nightly from
decor, playful dimensions and
                                       mecca for creative entertaining.             across the country.
magical lighting make for an
intensely visual environment.          House of Blues                               Kingston Mines Chicago
                                       329 N. Dearborn St.,                         Blues Center
Cotton Club
                                       312-923-2000                                 2548 N. Halsted St.,
1710 S. Michigan Ave.,
                                       In Marina City. Juke joint restau-           773-477-4646
                                       rant featuring a delicious menu              Chicago blues center. Two bands
A jazz club which is committed to
                                       of Delta-inspired food with an               on two stages provide continuous
a tradition of sophistication, ele-
                                       international beat! Famous                   music seven nights a week at this
gance and nostalgia. Strong
                                       Sunday gospel brunch. Music                  renowned blues mecca. Kingston
emphasis on live jazz and blues
                                       nightly. Concert information                 Mines—where legends are made.
and the Grey room disco.
                                                                                    Pops for Champagne
Excalibur Entertainment
                                       Isaac Hayes Music Food Passion               2934 N. Sheffield Ave.,
                                       739 N. Clark St., 312-266-2400               773-472-1000
632 N. Dearborn Pkwy.,
                                       Chicago’s new hot spot for live              Nation’s most acclaimed cham-
                                       entertainment and award-winning              pagne bar offers great live jazz
Voted Best Nightclub by the
                                       barbecue. Lunch/dinner and                   every night. 140 champagnes, full
Chicago Tribune. Excalibur is
                                       Sunday jazz brunch. R&B, jazz,               bar service, appetizers and
Chicago’s largest and most popu-
                                       soul, blues, reggae, rock n’ roll            desserts.
lar club. They offer a giant top 40
dance club, “comedy you can                                                         The Redhead Piano Bar
dance to,” alternative rock in the     Joe’s Be Bop Cafe                            16 W. Ontario St., 312-640-1000
Dome Room, billiard rooms,             & Jazz Emporium                              Enjoy Chicago’s top entertainers
game emporium, restaurant.             600 E. Grand Ave., (Navy Pier)               playing classic standards, rock and
                                       312-595-5299                                 pop hits. Lively conversation in an
                                       Food and live jazz share equal               intimate atmosphere, great clien-
                                       billing here. Jazz-oriented sounds           tele and your favorite requests—
                                       range from Western swing to                  what more do you need? Proper
                                       down-home blues, Latin jazz to               attire required (business casual).
                                       ragtime and straight-ahead swing to
                                       boogie-woogie, nightly beginning
                                       at 7 pm. No cover, no minimum.

20      Entertainment and Nightlife
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
ANTIQUES                               Australian Exhibition Center            Poster Plus
Broadway Antique Market                114 W. Kinzie St., 2nd Fl.,             200 S. Michigan Ave.,
6130 N. Broadway St.,                  312-645-1948                            312-461-9277
773-743-5444                           Visit North America’s foremost col-     Across from the Art Institute, a
Chicago’s best selection of            lection of museum quality and col-      wide variety of fine art, contem-
Victorian, Mission, Art Deco and       lectable Australian Aboriginal art.     porary, vintage and Chicago
‘50s furniture and unique acces-       Major artists and areas represented.    posters. One of Chicago’s largest
sories. Art glass, pottery, American                                           gatherings of vintage collectible
                                       Bella Vista Fine Art Gallery
dinnerware, cocktail shakers, smok-                                            posters including British rail,
                                       746 N. LaSalle St., 312-274-1490
erama, watches, Bakelite, jewelry,                                             travel and World War posters.
                                       One of Chicago’s unique showcases
textiles, postcards and ephemera.      for Contemporary, Realism and
More than 50 quality dealers!          Impressionism. The gallery features     CANDY-NUTS-POPCORN
Lincoln Antique Mall                   original paintings and reproduc-        Garrett Popcorn Shops
3141 N. Lincoln Ave.,                  tions exclusively by nationally rec-    670 N. Michigan Ave.,
773-244-1440                           ognized artist John Carroll Doyle.      312-944-2630
11,000 square feet of Victorian,                                               A Chicago favorite since 1949.
                                       Bronzeville’s 1st Bed &
French, Art Deco, ’50s designer                                                Come to any of our five shops and
furniture and accessories. Fine                                                enjoy our Downtown Mix, an
                                       3911 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.,
estate jewelry, pottery, art glass,                                            “addictive” mix of Caramel Crisp
lighting, cocktail items, paintings,                                           and Cheese Corn. Rated The Best
                                       Original abstract paintings, ethnic
silver, crystal. 60 dealers.                                                   in the World by food critic
                                       sculptures, rare photography of
                                                                               Michael Stern.
                                       famous notables exemplifying
ART GALLERIES-                         Harlem, NY and the great migra-         Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.
AMERICAN CRAFTS                        tion to Bronzeville during the          Water Tower Place, 312-280-1133
Arts & Artisans, Ltd.                  post-Civil War period and               Experience our Belgian heritage.
108 S. Michigan Ave.,                  Bronzeville’s current revitalization.   Elegantly sculpured and exquisite-
312-641-0088                                                                   ly filled confections are perfect for
                                       Judy A. Saslow Gallery
Featuring contemporary American                                                gift giving or a superbly sweet
                                       300 W. Superior St., 312-943-0530
fine craft works: handmade jewel-                                              indulgence.
                                       Master outsider, self-taught and
ry, blown-glass vases, perfumes,       contemporary art from around the
kaleidoscopes, turned/carved           world. Ethnographic and primi-          CONSIGNMENT
wood boxes, frames and clocks,         tive objects. Artists include Lee       Designer Resale of Chicago
stained glass lamps and other          Godie, Albert Louden, Michel            658 N. Dearborn St.,
handcrafted gifts.                     Nedjar, Bill Traylor, Carlo             312-587-3312
Atlas Galleries, Inc.                  Zinnelli, Clyde Angel.                  Four blocks west of the
535 N. Michigan Ave.,                                                          Magnificent Mile is Chicago’s
                                       Kenyon Oppenheimer, Inc.
312-329-9330                                                                   best-kept secret specializing in new
                                       410 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1,
900 N. Michigan Ave.,                                                          and consignment clothing and
312-649-0999                                                                   accessories from Chanel, Armani,
                                       Specializing in the finest original
Featuring a variety of work rang-                                              Escada, and all the best at a fraction
                                       natural history art from the 17th
ing from quality prints by masters                                             of the trunk show prices.
                                       to 19th centuries. Featuring works
such as Rembrandt, Renoir and          by Audubon, Gould, Besler and
Whistler to original paintings,        many others.
prints and sculpture by contempo-
rary artists such as Alvar,
Boulanger, Gaugy, McKnight,
Phillips and others.

                                                                                                Shopping         21
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
DEPARTMENT STORES                    Nordstrom Michigan Avenue              The NBC Tower Gift Store
Bloomingdale’s                       55 E. Grand Ave., 312-464-1515         454 N. Columbus Dr. (lobby),
900 N. Michigan Ave.,                Nordstrom, one of the nation’s         312-832-0484
312-440-4460                         leading fashion specialty retailers.   “Hey, where did you get your…”
The Midwest flagship store has all   Visit four levels of contemporary      That’s what people will want to
the fascination of the legendary     and classic shoes, clothing, and       know when they see you wearing
New York retailer with an exciting   accessories for the entire family.     your West Wing T-shirt or your
array of fashions, home furnish-     Enjoy a wide range of special          NBC sports baseball cap. Great
ings and cosmetics, plus two spas    services and amenities including       selections of merchandise.
and the Cozy B Cafe restaurant.      personal shoppers, concierge, Cafe
                                     Nordstrom, gift cards and in-store     JEWELERS
                                                                            Jeweler’s Center at the
                                     Saks Fifth Avenue                      Mallers Building
                                     700 N. Michigan Ave.,                  5 S. Wabash Ave., Suite 1616
                                     312-944-6500                           312-853-2057
                                     Known for its service—featuring        Since 1912, they have been home
                                     the best the fashion world has to      to the Midwest’s largest concentra-
                                     offer in women’s, men’s and chil-      tion of wholesale/retail jewelers,
                                     dren’s apparel, plus accessories.      featuring 165 jewelers on 13
                                     Beauty salon services available as     floors. Featuring the largest array
Carson Pirie Scott & Company         well as personal shopping service.     of fine jewelry in Chicago.
One S. State St., 312-641-7000
The Carson Pirie Scott store, con-                                          Lester Lampert, Inc.
                                     GIFTS-SOUVENIRS                        57 E. Oak St., 312-944-6888
sidered Louis Sullivan’s greatest
masterpiece, remains one of          Accent Chicago                         Chicago’s most original jewelry
Chicago’s premier tourist destina-   875 N. Michigan Ave.,                  store. Four generations specializ-
tions for exceptional shopping in    312-654-8125                           ing in custom design and one-of-a
the heart of Chicago’s Loop.         Take a bit of Chicago home! Visit      kind creations. Full-service shop
                                     the city’s most exciting Chicago-      handles anywhere from minor
                                     themed gift stores. Explore our        repairs and restorations to master-
                                     huge selection of distinctive sou-     piece creations.
                                     venirs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, toys,   Tiffany & Co.
                                     photographs, mugs, sports team         730 N. Michigan Ave.,
                                     memorabilia and more!                  312-944-7500
                                     Bob Horsch Gallery, Ltd.               Quality, craftsmanship and excep-
                                     30 S. Michigan Ave.,                   tional design for more than 150
                                     312-553-1101                           years. We have one of the largest
                                     See Chicago here! Featuring more       collections of jewelry, scarves,
                                     than 3,000 color photos of             leather, Tiffany perfume, silver,
                                     Chicago, collectable photos of the     china, crystal and timepieces.
Marshall Field’s                     Bulls, Hawks, Cubs, Bears and          Ultra Diamonds
111 N. State St., 312-781-TOUR       Sox in action. Also vintage black-     101 S. State St., 312-641-1109
Our flagship store. Enjoy the        and-white photos, posters, T-shirts    Chicago’s largest selection of fine
Tiffany dome, landmark great         and great Chicago souvenirs.           jewelry: diamonds, gold, gem-
clock, atrium fountain and
                                     Chicago Tribune Gift Store             stones, platinum and name-brand
Marshall Field’s archive.
                                     435 N. Michigan Ave.,                  watches all at the lowest prices
Merchandise for all, Frango
                                     312-222-3080                           guaranteed. Jewelry and watch
chocolates, personal shopping,
                                     Unique gifts, Chicago Tribune          repairs.
beauty salon. Three full-service
                                     souvenirs and apparel. Greeting
restaurants and gourmet food
                                     cards, postcards and sundries
courts. Chicago’s preeminent
retailer since 1852. 835 N.
Michigan Ave., 312-335-7700 is
their Magnificent Mile location.

22     Shopping
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
The Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue

                                          Chicago Place                         Water Tower Place
SHOPPING MALLS                            700 N. Michigan Ave.,                 835 N. Michigan Ave.,
900 North Michigan Shops                  312-266-7710                          312-440-3584
900 N. Michigan Ave.,                     North Michigan Avenue’s most          Chicago’s premier shopping desti-
312-915-3900                              unique shopping experience! More      nation features Marshall Field’s,
The Avenue’s most fashionable             than 50 shops and restaurants         Lord & Taylor and more than 100
address features Bloomingdale’s           featuring Saks Fifth Avenue,          popular stores and restaurants. For
and 70 unique shops and restau-           William-Sonoma, Chiaroscuro,          special package information and
rants. For special package infor-         Design Toscano, Talbots, Joy of       Ultimate Shopping card, visit
mation and Ultimate Shopping              Ireland and much more!                shopwater, or call
Card, call 312-915-3922.                                                        312-915-3922.
                                          The Shops at North Bridge
The Atrium Mall                           520 N. Michigan Ave.,
100 W. Randolph St.,                      312-327-2300                          SPECIALTY STORES
312-346-0777                              This elegant European arcade-style    The Art Institute of Chicago’s
The Atrium Mall, James R.                 specialty center anchored by the      Museum Shop
Thompson Center, features retail          Midwest flagship Nordstrom            111 S. Michigan Ave.,
stores, services and restaurants in a     boasts 35 of today’s most popular     312-443-3600
setting of steel, glass, marble and       retail shops including Hugo Boss,     The Museum Shop offers a wide
waterfalls. The sun-lit atrium is         Tommy Bahama, A/X Armani              selection of high-quality gift
one of the largest enclosed spaces        Exchange, Lego and Sephora. A         items, many adapted from the
in the world.                             dramatic, four-level concourse        world’s most treasured works of
The Chicago Music Mart at                 includes two floors dedicated to a    art in the museum’s collections.
DePaul Center                             dynamic mix of children’s retailers   The Disney Store, Inc.
333 S. State St., 312-362-6700            and eight innovative Chicago          717 N. Michigan Ave.,
A one-stop shopping center for            restaurants.                          312-654-9208
musicians, home to a variety of           Shops at the Mart                     Featuring city-specific merchan-
music retailers offering an assort-       222 Merchandise Mart Plaza,           dise, gallery, gifts, toys and men’s,
ment of instruments and acces-            312-527-6013                          women’s and children’s apparel.
sories. A showcase for a wide vari-       Located on the first two floors of
ety of music, offering daily per-         the historic Merchandise Mart in
formances.                                splendid Art Deco detailing, the
                                          center is comprised of 50 shops
                                          and restaurants.

                                                                                                 Shopping         23
                                                 April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
Gap, Inc.                               proportioned to fit a tall, long-     fabrics. Collection includes three
679 N. Michigan Ave.,                   legged or long-waisted figure.        lines: sartorial, soft and sports-
312-494-8580                                                                  wear. Zegna also offers made to
Come experience the largest Gap         WEARING APPAREL                       measure clothing, on-site tailoring
flagship store in the Midwest,                                                and delivery.
                                        Alfred Dunhill Limited
where you can find Gap, Gap
                                        835 N. Michigan Ave.,                 Mark Shale
Kids, Baby Gap and Gap Body all
                                        312-467-4455                          900 N. Michigan Ave., Levels 3
under one roof.
                                        International retailer of luxury      and 4, 312-440-0720
Hermes                                  menswear, smoker’s products,          Located on Chicago’s Magnificent
110 E. Oak St., 312-787-8175            fine leather goods, jewelry and       Mile, Mark Shale is the premier
Exclusive scarves, ties, clothing,      accessories. Located in Water         clothier for both men and women.
saddles, riding accessories, leather    Tower Place.                          Our reputation is built on a
goods and fragrance.                                                          continuous reinterpretation of
Louis Vuitton                                                                 classic styling, but always with a
                                        633 N. Michigan Ave.,
835 N. Michigan Ave.,                                                         forward look.
312-944-2010                            Internationally renowned for its      Mary Walter, Inc.
The Louis Vuitton shop in Water         timeless quality and elegance.        650 N. Dearborn St.,
Tower Place offers a complete           Burberry’s offers an extensive        312-266-1094
product line of luggage, handbags       selection of outerwear (including     The River North location at the
and accessories. Everything from        the famous trenchcoat), clothing,     corner of Dearborn and Erie is a
classic Monogram to vibrant Epi         sportswear and gifts for men and      haven for the successful woman’s
leathers to masculine Taiga.            women.                                wardrobe needs.
Niketown Chicago                        Chanel Boutique                       MaxMara
669 N. Michigan Ave.,                   935 N. Michigan Ave.,                 900 N. Michigan Ave.,
312-642-6363                            312-787-5500                          312-475-9500
The most extensive assortment of        See yourself in world-acclaimed,      MaxMara is synonymous with
Nike shoes anywhere. From Aqua          ready-to-wear and accessories.        designer fashion, impeccable tai-
Socks to Shox, from Air Max to          Surround yourself with the aura of    loring, exclusive fabrics and mod-
limited edition Air Jordans, from       legendary Chanel fragrances.          ern yet classic design.
Prestos to Kukinis… for men,            Discover Chanel skin care and         REALTA Chicago
women and children, Niketown            cosmetics in couture colours direct   One E. Delaware Pl.,
Chicago has it all.                     from the runways of Europe.           312-664-8902
The Orvis Company                       Ermenegildo Zegna                     Located two blocks west of
142 E. Ontario St., 312-440-0662        645 N. Michigan Ave.,                 Michigan Ave., REALTA features
Orvis has something for everyone!       312-587-9660                          Italian collections such as Brioni
New England outfitters classic          The shop offers men’s clothing        Sport, Gianfranco Ferre, Mabro
clothing and gifts for men and          made from Ermenegildo Zegna’s         hand-tailored suits and a variety of
women.                                                                        sportswear collections.
700 N. Michigan Ave.,
Offering women’s classic apparel,
shoes and accessories in misses sizes

4 to 20 and petite sizes 2 to 14.
Tall Girl
700 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 416,
Specializes in fashion for the taller                  FIRE-PROOF
woman in sizes 6 to 22. You’ll find                    Chicago is home to the first totally fire-proof
a wide assortment of both junior
                                                       hotel, the Palmer House Hilton at State and
and contemporary styles, all
                                                       Monroe Streets.

24      Shopping
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois

SPAS                                  Michael Anthony Aveda                   Sasabee
Mario Tricoci                         Salon and Spa                           1849 W. North Ave., Suite C101,
900 N. Michigan Ave.,                 1001 W. North Ave.,                     773-862-7740
312-915-0960                          312-649-0707                            Beauty boutique offering high-end
In the market for a Pumpkin Peel      Recognized as a “lifestyle spa and      skin, hair, body, bath and cosmet-
Wrap or Rejuvenating Body             salon” – the highest level of Aveda     ic products for women, men, chil-
Polish? Mario Tracoci Salon, locat-   concept salons - Michael Anthony        dren and pets. Pamper your body,
ed in the heart of the Magnificent    Aveda Salon and Spa is sure to          inspire your spirit or revitalize
Mile, offers everything from a        impress! Choose from a myriad of        your senses at Sasabee.
basic cut and color to full-day spa   fine services, from expertly done
experiences for both men and          manicures and pedicures to sooth-       FACIAL AND BODY
women. No matter which service        ing massages and facials. The Near      TREATMENTS
you choose, prepare to be pam-        North salon specializes in services
                                                                              Georgette Klinger, Inc.
pered at this world-class salon!      for mature skin, and serves men
                                                                              835 N. Michigan Ave.,
                                      and teens as well as women.
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon                                                312-787-4300
and Spa                               Tiffani Kim Institute                   Full-service skin care salon provid-
919 N. Michigan Ave., 4th floor,      310 W. Superior St.,                    ing spa day packages for men and
312-988-9191                          312-943-8777                            women. Offering the finest in
Specializing in women’s skin care     It’s not hard to self-indulge at the    facials, massages, hair and scalp
and treatments, this welcoming        revitalizing Tiffani Kim Institute!     treatments, manicures, pedicures,
salon also offers hair cutting and    Take the Swedish massage for            makeup and waxing.
styling, nail care, makeup artistry   example, a relaxing experience
                                                                              Rodica European Skin &
and an array of spa services. Tap     designed to relieve tension by com-
                                                                              Body Care Center
your feet to upbeat tunes as pro-     bining long gliding strokes with
                                                                              845 N. Michigan Ave., Prof. Suite
fessionals trim and twirl your hair   muscle kneading. Or the aroma
                                                                              944E, 312-527-1459
to perfection, or for a more serene   manicure, a skin rejuvenating treat-
                                                                              For more than 27 years, men and
experience, enjoy a massage or        ment that blends essential oils with
                                                                              women have come to us to relax
aromatherapy session in the relax-    a refreshing and nourishing mask.
                                                                              in luxury and enjoy exquisite
ing spa area. Before you hit the      Your body will thank you for this
                                                                              facials, massages, seaweed treat-
shops on Michigan Avenue, be          day of exquisite relaxation!
                                                                              ments, L.A. body wrap using
sure to browse through the salon’s                                            products from Europe. Manicures,
own line of hair and skin prod-       COSMETICS AND SKIN CARE                 pedicures and makeup.
ucts, including soaps, perfumes       Marilyn Miglin Institute
and an assortment of gift items!      112 E. Oak St., 312-943-1120
                                      Experience Marilyn Miglin’s exclu-
                                      sive beauty products: fragrance,
                                      skin care, cosmetics. Spend two
                                      hours learning techniques for prop-
                                      er skin care and makeup applica-
                                      tion. Visit the institute and receive
                                      a gift of Pheromone perfume.

    Note: It is recommended that you make your appointments early, prior to your arrival to Chicago

                                                                                        Spas and More          25
                                             April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
The Guest registration fee includes      All tours will depart from the          You may also mail your registration
a ticket to the Opening Reception        Convention Entrance of the              form with payment to:
on Sunday evening, as well as            Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers,
                                                                                   In The Loop-Chicago, Inc.
access to the Exhibit Hall. Daily        which is located at 301 East North
                                                                                   213 West Institute Place
continental breakfasts and admit-        Water Street. Tour participants stay-
                                                                                   Suite 409
tance to the Guest Hospitality           ing at other hotels can either walk
                                                                                   Chicago, IL 60610
Suite are also included in the           to the Sheraton, or take the shuttle
Guest registration fee. (Admittance      to McCormick Place and transfer         If you have any questions regarding
to the Guest Hospitality Suite is by     to a shuttle servicing the Sheraton.    the tours and optional evening
Guest or Spouse/Nurse badge only.)       Please allow adequate time to get to    events, please contact the In The
                                         the Sheraton Chicago Hotel &            Loop-Chicago, Inc. tour registrar
All tours and activities are available
                                         Towers if you are staying at another    by phone toll-free at 866-618-8676
only to registered attendees.
                                         hotel. It is recommended that you       or by e-mail at AANStours@
Individual tickets can be ordered
                                         arrive 15 minutes prior to the
on the enclosed registration form,
                                         scheduled tour departure time.          Tour and optional evening event
or on site at the Tour Ticket Desk
                                         All tours and events will operate       information and a tour registra-
on the Lobby Level of the Sheraton
                                         regardless of weather.                  tion form may also be obtained
Chicago Hotel & Towers during
official registration hours. Please      Tour tickets ordered in advance         online at
note that on-site registration will      will be distributed at the AANS         All reservations, along with full
be limited and accommodated              Tour Ticket Desk, located on the        payment, must be received by
on a space-available basis only.         Lobby Level of the Sheraton             Friday, March 8, 2002, to guar-
(In accordance with a policy estab-      Chicago Hotel & Towers. Tour            antee participation (unless tour
lished by the AANS Board of              tickets will be sold only at the        has already sold out). After that
Directors, medical registrants may       Sheraton Chicago Hotel &                date, we will continue to accept
not register for tours and activities    Towers, and no tour informa-            tour reservations based on avail-
scheduled in conflict with the           tion will be available in the           ability. Forms will not be accepted
Scientific Program Monday                AANS registration area at               or processed without full and cor-
through Thursday.)                       McCormick Place. All delegates          rect payment. You will receive
                                         must have their tour tickets for        confirmation of your participation
Children under 18 years of age
                                         participation and must provide          within five (5) days from the date
should register for the Annual
                                         proof of registration with proper       of processing your registration.
Meeting, even though there is no
                                         identification (driver’s license or
registration fee, so they will receive
                                         state ID). If the Tour Ticket Desk
a badge. This badge will allow full                                              TOUR CANCELLATIONS
                                         is closed and/or
participation in the Guest Program                                               Cancellation for any tour must be
                                         tickets purchased in advance have
activities, excluding access to the                                              submitted in writing to In The
                                         not been picked up, the tickets
Exhibit Hall. Children under 18                                                  Loop-Chicago, Inc. (contact infor-
                                         will be taken to the departure
years of age cannot be admitted                                                  mation below) no later than
                                         point and offered for sale ten
to the Exhibit Hall. For Guest                                                   Friday, March 22, 2002.
                                         minutes prior to departure time.
Program activities, children under
the age of 18 must be accompa-                                                   In The Loop-Chicago, Inc.
nied by an adult.                        TOUR RESERVATIONS                       213 West Institute Place
                                         To register for any of the Guest        Suite 409
Any special needs requests must                                                  Chicago IL 60610
be made at least 30 days prior to        Program tours or optional evening
                                         events, please complete the             Fax: 312-751-8762
the selected tour or event option                                                e-mail: AANStours@
to guarantee accommodation. If a         enclosed Tour Registration Form
                                         and return it via fax to 312-751-
request is received within 30 days,
we will make every effort to             8762, along with credit card pay-       Attendee cancellation requests
accommodate it.                          ment information (MasterCard,           received in writing on or before
                                         Visa, or American Express).             Friday, March 22, 2002, will
                                                                                 receive a full refund minus a $10

26      Guest Program
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
processing fee. No requests for         creatures outside the entrance are      started and marvel at the wealth of
refunds will be accepted after          probably the most well-known and        public art ranging from Picasso to
Friday, March 22, 2002.                 photographed lions in the world!        Chagall. Head south to the
In The Loop-Chicago, Inc. (the          Once inside, a myriad of treasures      University of Chicago Campus and
tour company) reserves the right        await you. A professional Art           drive through this historical area to
to cancel any tour that does not        Historian Tour Guide will provide       view Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie
reach the minimum passenger             an overview of the Art Institute of     House. Along the way you’ll see
count. The tour company also            Chicago as well as an in-depth          some of the ethnic enclaves that
reserves the right to substitute        explanation of specific works.          make Chicago a “city of neighbor-
appropriate sites if necessary. In                                              hoods” as well as the financial
                                        Your tour combines three of the
the event a tour is cancelled, In                                               canyon of La Salle Street, the
                                        most wonderful experiences to be
The Loop-Chicago, Inc. will noti-                                               economic engine of the Midwest!
                                        had at the Art Institute of
fy all delegates as soon as possible    Chicago during your visit. First, a     q   Length of tour varies depending
and will offer another tour option      tour of highlights of the museum’s          on traffic conditions.
or issue a refund. Refunds for can-     permanent collection focuses on
                                                                                q   Photo stops will be made so that
celled tours will be credited within    Impressionist and Post-
                                                                                    individuals can take photos.
4 - 6 weeks following the meeting.      Impressionist paintings.
It is expressly agreed that AANS        Second, the tour moves to a study       SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2002
and ITLC shall not be liable for        of paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe,
any damage caused or incurred in                                                Welcome to Chicago
                                        one of the most original artists of
connection with these optional                                                  8:30 am - 9:15 am /
                                        the early 20th century. O’Keeffe, a
activities. Attendees agree to                                                  Complimentary
                                        pioneer of American Modernism,
indemnify AANS and ITLC                 emphasized the essential beauty of      A repeat of Saturday, April 6th
against liabilities arising from, or    all of her subjects by magnifying       program. See description for details.
in connection with, the AANS            shapes and simplifying details.         Architectural Walking Tour
Annual Meeting.
                                        Finally, a tour of the special exhi-    City Trails and Tales
                                        bition “Ansel Adams at 100.” The        9:30 am - 11:30 am / $18
SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2002                 exhibition celebrates an aesthetic      Are you tired of seeing Chicago
Welcome to Chicago                      reappraisal of Ansel Adams as an        through the windows of buses,
12:30 pm - 1:15 pm /                    artist and working photographer         trains and boats? Then it’s time to
Complimentary                           by bringing together 114 of             stretch your legs, grab a camera,
In The Loop-Chicago, Inc. will          Adam’s finest photographs, repre-       and set off by foot to experience
host a complimentary presenta-          sented by exemplary prints drawn        Chicago’s greatest landmarks! Cut
tion giving attendees an overview       from important public and private       this magnificent city down to size
of Chicago. A seasoned                  collections of the artist’s work.       by choosing one or both walking
Ambassador of the Windy City            q   Guests should wear comfortable      tours offered during your confer-
will share insights about Chicago           walking shoes.                      ence stay! Each tour will take you
and highlights not to be missed.                                                in a different direction around
                                        Che-Ca-Gou (Chicago) City
The presentation will include a                                                 the city.
                                        Tour (via Motorcoach)
video presentation and hand-out
                                        2:00 pm - 5:00 pm / $28 Adult /         During each two-hour guided
materials such as WHERE
                                        $23 Child (3-11)                        walk, you will learn fascinating
Magazine, brochures, etc.                                                       tidbits about the showcased art,
                                        Discover the origin of the city’s
The Art Institute of Chicago                                                    from its history to its funding. You
                                        name and many exciting facts
Images and Impressionism                                                        will quickly discover that Chicago’s
                                        about Chicago on this panoramic
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm / $45                                                         Loop is truly a feast for the eyes!
                                        tour. Chicago is a city of surprises,
With a visit to one of the finest art   from the glimmering lakefront to        q   Guests should wear comfortable
galleries in the country, The           its outdoor museum of architec-             walking shoes.
Chicago Art Institute, you will         ture. An expert guide will point        q   Tour will begin and end at the
encounter impressive collections of     out the towering buildings of               Sheraton and incorporate the
paintings, sculptures, prints, pho-     downtown and the upscale resi-              sites in the vicinity for the desig-
tography and textiles by artists from   dences of the Gold Coast. See the           nated amount of time.
around the world. Those imposing        site where the Great Chicago Fire

                                                                                            Guest Program            27
                                                April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
Che-Ca-Gou (Chicago) City               An Afternoon with...Alvin Ailey        Feel free to use the gym’s locker
Tour (via Double Decker Bus)            2:30 pm - 5:30 pm / $55                room, where you will have full
9:30 am - 12:30 pm / $28 Adult /                                               access to all of the amenities
                                        During a matinee performance,
$23 Child (3-11)                                                               provided to members.
                                        you will experience the passion
A repeat of Saturday, April 6th         and power of the Alvin Ailey           • Guests should wear appropriate
tour. See description for details.      American Dance Theater. Teeming        exercise attire.
                                        with dizzying precision and finely
A Walk on the Wild Side...                                                     Frank Lloyd Wright
                                        honed muscular beauty, the
The Brookfield Zoo!                                                            Home & Studio:
                                        dancers draw the frenzied audience
(includes lunch)                                                               An Architectural Journey
                                        to its feet every time! The dynamic
10:00 am - 4:00 pm / $60 adult/                                                8:30 am - 12:00 noon / $45
                                        performance is held at Chicago’s
$50 child (3-11) or senior (65+) /
                                        Auditorium Theater, a national         Imagine yourself exploring rooms
$0 child (2 and under)
                                        historic landmark that is the          designed by one of America’s most
From Koalas and southern hairy-         crowning achievement of famed          influential architects. Imagine
nosed wombats of Australia, to the      architects Louis Sullivan and          admiring the unique geometric
African elephant and South              Dankmar Adler. Built in 1889, the      shapes and dynamic lighting of a
American tapirs, you will see it all    theater was immediately acclaimed      famous home… experiencing the
at the Brookfield Zoo! Begin the        as one of the most beautiful and       world-renowned interior design
day with a narrated two-hour tram       functional theatres in the world.      and organic architecture. Imagine
ride around the zoo, an informative     You are sure to be impressed by        witnessing the genius of Frank
journey that will take you past the     both the historic theatre itself and   Lloyd Wright. Embark on a tour of
bear grotto, tropic world, reptile      the spectacular display of dancing     Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and
house, and a variety of other excit-    on stage.                              Studio and experience the reality.
ing animal exhibits. Included in the
                                                                               You will journey to the nearby
day is a stop at the Seven Seas,
                                        MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2002                  suburban neighborhood of Oak
where you will witness a fascinating
                                        It’s Time to Monkey Around!            Park, where Wright’s legend
dolphin show presentation. Watch
                                        Power Yoga Class at                    began. You will have the chance to
as these marvelous creatures leap,
                                        Gorilla Sports                         learn more about Wright’s famous
flop and spin their way across the
                                        8:00 am - 10:00 am / $32               “Prairie style” architecture and the
pool, giving you an exciting close-
                                                                               meaning behind it.
up view of their tricks. You will       Jump, kick, stretch and spin your
have a chance to rest your feet and     way to better health with a one-       After leaving the artist’s home and
enjoy a delicious box luncheon in       hour fitness session at a cutting-     studio, your docent will take you
the zoo’s tented Oak Grove picnic       edge workout facility! Whether         on a relaxing stroll through the
area before heading back to the city.   you choose to pump it up with a        neighborhood’s Historic District.
                                        Weight Training class, or learn the    The district boasts 25 other
House of Blues Gospel Brunch
                                        intricate movements of martial         Wright buildings - the world’s
Praise the Lord and Pass
                                        arts, you’re in for an energizing      largest concentration of Wright-
the Biscuits
                                        hour at one of the nation’s top-       designed structures!
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm / $60 adult/
$40 child (6-12)/$0 child (0-5)         notch gyms!                            q   Guests should wear comfortable
                                        In the mood for some Iyengar?              walking shoes.
Praise the Lord and pass the bis-
cuits! Head over to the House of        Yoga that is! Pick from one of four    q   Length of activity varies
Blues and experience their popular      forms of this ancient art, and             depending on traffic conditions.
Sunday Gospel Brunch. Located           discover how to increase your flexi-
                                        bility, stamina and balance. Test      Marshall Field’s
on the river and in the unmistak-
                                        out your strength at Body Sculpt,      Historic Tour and Lunch
able Marina City Complex. Touted
                                        where you will use barbells, hand      12:30 pm - 5:00 pm / $65
as one of the most exciting brunch-
es in Chicago, the Gospel Brunch        weights, tubing and the STEP plat-     Spanning an entire block and ris-
features a delicious southern-          form to tone up every major mus-       ing up nine levels, the historic
inspired feast coupled with the best    cle group. Or, merge muscle with       State Street Marshall Field’s is a
gospel choirs this side of Heaven.      music in a session that will add a     shopping lovers’ paradise!
Replenish on Sunday at the House        whole new spin to weight training!     Participants will appreciate the
of Blues Gospel Brunch!                                                        architectural wonders and histori-
                                                                               cal highlights of a building that

28      Guest Program
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
has been a Chicago landmark            Asian influences! Spago Chicago        WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2002
since 1852. Spend an activity-         is headed up by partner/Chef           It’s Time to Monkey Around!
filled afternoon discovering the       Francois Kwaku-Dongo.                  Spinning Class at Gorilla Sports
unique features of a store that is                                            8:00 am - 10:00 am / $32
                                       Learn classic cooking techniques
recognized worldwide!
                                       with the restaurant’s culinary         Repeat of Monday, April 8th
You will begin your tour by            experts and receive a “behind the      program. See description for details.
indulging in an elegant three-         scenes” tour of Spago’s private
course lunch at the famous Walnut      kitchen, which includes their own      Frank Lloyd Wright
Room Restaurant. But before you        butcher shop and in house smok-        Home & Studio:
set off to shop ‘til you drop, armed   er. Hands on experience at their       An Architectural Journey
with a special discount shopping       wood burning pizza oven and pas-       (includes lunch)
card, store map and listing of daily   try kitchen will prepare you to be     9:00 am - 2:00 pm / $75
in-store promotions, your group        a culinary genius in your own          Repeat of Monday, April 8th tour,
will stop at the Archival exhibit,     home. Receive signed copies of         with the addition of lunch. See
where you will have a chance to        recipe cards from some of the          description for details.
peruse the fascinating collection of   recipes created.
                                                                              Before heading back to the hustle
documents that chronicle the
                                       Shedd Aquarium…                        and bustle of the city, enjoy lunch
store’s past. Do not forget to visit
                                       Chicago’s “Ocean” by the Lake          at a quaint Oak Park restaurant, La
the Great Clock at the corner of
                                       2:00 pm - 5:30 pm / $42 Adult /        Bella Pasteria. This family-run café
State & Washington Streets.
                                       $36 Child (3-11)                       serves delectable Italian specialties!
Applauded by artist Norman
Rockwell, the magnificent four-        Have you ever encountered a            Museum of Science and Industry
faced clock is a well-known            weedy seadragon? How about a           A World of Discovery
symbol in the city and has been        speckled seahorse, or a sea cucum-     (includes Omnimax show)
keeping time for over a century!       ber? With a trip to the Shedd          1:30 pm - 5:30 pm / $40 adult/
                                       Aquarium & Oceanarium, one of          $30 child (3-11)
q   Tour duration will be adjusted
                                       Chicago’s most popular destina-
    for guests who do not wish                                                Come visit a museum where any-
                                       tions, you can observe these
    to shop.                                                                  thing is possible! Have you ever
                                       unique creatures for yourself,
                                                                              wanted to explore the inside of a
The Art Institute of Chicago           along with over 8,000 other fasci-
                                                                              wartime submarine? Walk through
Images and Impressionism               nating aquatic dwellers! From the
                                                                              the interior of a human heart?
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm / $45                sea otters of coastal Alaska to the
                                                                              What about discovering the fasci-
                                       penguins of South America, the
Repeat of Saturday, April 6th tour.                                           nating history and evolution of
                                       magic of the underwater world
See description for details.                                                  the automobile? At the Museum
                                       awaits you.
                                                                              of Science and Industry, satisfy
TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2002                 Watch as divers plunge into the        your curiosity and learn about
                                       90,000-gallon tank to hand-feed        some of the world’s most intrigu-
Architectural Walking Tour
                                       exotic fish. Or, peer through spe-     ing phenomenon!
City Trails and Tales
                                       cial underwater cameras for a close-
8:00 am - 10:00 am / $18                                                      With over 800 exhibits and 2,000
                                       up look at your favorite finned
                                                                              interactive units a day, the
Repeat of the Sunday, April 7th        creature! Eavesdrop on some dol-
                                                                              Museum of Science and Industry
tour. See description for details.     phin “talk”-these chatty mammals
                                                                              is truly an experience for both
Chicago Spago!                         frequently whistle and click their
                                                                              mind and body!
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm / $75                greetings to one another!
                                                                              A trip to the Museum of Science
Wolfgang Puck and Barbara              You will have the chance to attend
                                                                              & Industry is never complete
Lazaroff opened the original           several of the special programs that
                                                                              without taking in a show at the
Spago in 1982 in Hollywood,            Shedd offers on a daily basis.
                                                                              state-of-the-art Omnimax Theater.
California. The restaurant set the     Check out “Beluga Habitat Chat”,
                                                                              On your way out, commemorate
standard for American Cuisine          or the “Marine Mammal
                                                                              your day at the museum with a
utilizing classic cooking tech-        Presentations” for an inside look at
                                                                              book, video or a unique gadget
niques that combine the freshest       the trainers’ expert interactions
                                                                              from the gift shop.
ingredients with European and          with these remarkable species!

                                                                                        Guest Program           29
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting

The Field Museum

All daytime and evening events and      For the Saturday evening perform-     SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2002
tours are being arranged by In The      ance, Conductor Zubin Mehta           Opening Reception
Loop-Chicago, Inc. If you wish to       guides the orchestra through a        The Field Museum
participate, please complete the Tour   captivating selection of music--      6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Registration Form and send it to In     including Bartok’s Suite from The
The Loop-Chicago, Inc.                  Miraculous Mandarin, Prokofiev’s      This year’s Opening Reception
                                        Violin Concerto No. 2, and            promises to be spectacular. With
                                        Beethoven’s famous Symphony           the use of a striking color palette,
                                        No. 7.                                sweeping fabric structures, and fan-
A Night at the Chicago                                                        tasy-sized floral arrangements,
Symphony!                               Long Days Journey Into Night:         Stanley Field Hall of the Field
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm / $100               Goodman Theatre                       Museum will be transformed into
                                        7:30 pm - 11:30 pm / $90              an animated and energetic “World
A musical force in Chicago and
around the world, the Chicago           It’s an evening of musical and the-   Market.” The five elements that
Symphony Orchestra is an                atrical entertainment at The          maintain natural order (fire, water,
enchanting evening of musical           Goodman Theatre, Chicago’s old-       earth, air, and spirit) will come
delights. With a talented group of      est and largest resident theater!     together to create a contemporary
110 musicians, you will discover        You will enjoy the evening per-       collage of the original and the
for yourself the spellbinding magic     formance of “Long Days Journey        eclectic. Enjoy a spectacular selec-
that is created, as the sounds of       Into Night”, a musical produced       tion of hors d’oeuvres and spirited
strings, brass, woodwinds and per-      by the Tony Award-winning team        conversation with your colleagues
cussion blend together in an out-       that brought “Death of a              in the shadow of Sue, the largest
standing musical presentation!          Salesman” into the spotlight. This    tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.
                                        production stars well-known actor     Besides the 67-million-year-old
                                        Brian Dennehy.

30      Optional Evening Events for All
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
most complete T-Rex skeleton, you
will find 23 Egyptian mummies,
the man-eating Lions of Tsavo, and
Underground Adventure (a subter-
ranean world where everything is
100 times larger than life) among
the exhibits at the Field Museum.
Each registrant will receive one
complimentary ticket to the
Opening Reception. Shuttle trans-
portation will be provided from
all AANS hotels beginning at
6:00 pm. Be sure to join us for a
memorable evening of wonderful
food, friends and entertainment.

                                     Chicago’s Lakefront
NREF Ray Charles Concert
Arie Crown Theatre -
McCormick Place
8:30 pm                              TUESDAY, APRIL 9, 2002                  WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2002
                 Each $100           Dinner and Second City                  Blues by Night: Isaac Hayes
                 donation to the     Comedy Performance                      Dinner and Music
                 Neurosurgery        6:00 pm - 10:30 pm / $65                7:00 pm - 11:30 pm / $75
                 Research and        A fun and relaxing evening begins       It’s a night of blues as we head to
                 Education           with dinner at Marcello’s, a Father     two great clubs in Chicago!
                 Foundation pro-     and Son Restaurant, which has           Arrive at Isaac Hayes Restaurant
                 vides you with      been a Chicago tradition since          for a buffet style dinner. Enjoy the
                 one ticket to see   1947, and was recently voted one        night as you dine and take in the
Ray Charles and His Orchestra.       of the top three pizzas in the          live music,* for which Isaac Hayes
This marks NREF’s inaugural          Windy City.                             and his club are known to deliver!
concert fundraiser, with the best
                                     Following the dinner, you will
seats in the house going to Annual                                           After dinner you are free to stay
                                     experience an ultimate comedy
Meeting attendees. Be on hand at                                             and listen to the live entertain-
                                     performance at The Second City!
the Arie Crown Theater of                                                    ment at Isaac Hayes Restaurant,
                                     This comedy club is an infamous
McCormick Place for an electrify-                                            or venture across the street to Blue
                                     North American institution for
ing show with Ray and his 17 tal-                                            Chicago! The golden age of
                                     stand-up comedy. Famous leg-
ented musicians and five sensa-                                              Chicago blues occurred when
                                     endary alumni who began their
tional female singers.                                                       hallowed giants forged an entirely
                                     careers in Chicago at The Second        new brand of tough urban blues,
Donations and ticket reservations    City include Dan Aykroyd, John          with an exciting jolt of amplifica-
can be made using the NREF           Belushi, and Gilda Radner.              tion that changed the sound of
concert registration form included
                                     (Alcoholic beverages available at       blues forever!
in this preliminary program pack-
                                     participant’s expense.)
et, or online at                                                * Please note: live music at Isaac
(select the annual meeting icon,                                             Hayes starts at 8:00 pm on week-
then registration forms). The                                                nights and 8:30 pm on weekends.
concert is open to the public,                                               (Alcoholic beverages available at
so be sure to register early for                                             participant’s expense.)
premier attendee seats.

                                                                     Optional Evening Events for All             31
                                             April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
The Sheraton Chicago Hotel &             receipt of your registration. Be sure   lobby. Waves, the lobby bar, and
Towers has been designated as the        you receive one confirmation for        Spectators sports bar overlook the
Headquarters Hotel for the 2002          housing and a separate confirma-        Chicago River. Shula’s Steak
Annual Meeting. Additional hous-         tion for meeting registration. A        House, the hotel’s fine-dining
ing is available at the hotels listed    portion of your room rate will be       restaurant, is open for dinner. The
in the Hotel Information Grid;           used to defray the cost of housing      Riverside Café serves breakfast,
all are official hotels of the 2002      and registration services.              lunch, and dinner. All guest
AANS Annual Meeting.                                                             rooms have spectacular views
                                         NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE
The AANS Housing Bureau will             ACCEPTED BY TELEPHONE.                  of the Chicago River, Lake
process hotel reservations based                                                 Michigan, or the city skyline.
                                         Do not send your Housing                Both standard and Towers accom-
on choice and availability. All          Reservation Form to the AANS            modations are available. The
reservation requests must be made        Housing Bureau via Federal              Sheraton Chicago Hotel &
through the AANS Housing                 Express, UPS or Airborne. The           Towers has been designated as
Bureau. Rooms will be assigned           only overnight service that will        the Headquarters Hotel.
on a first-come, first-served,           deliver to a P.O. Box address is the
space-available basis.                                                           Best Western Inn of Chicago
                                         U.S. Postal Service.
Ways to make your reservation                                                    162 East Ohio Street
(please select only one):                                                        Chicago, IL 60611
                                         CUT-OFF DATE                            312-787-3100
1. Visit and                The cut-off date for receipt of
   complete an online Housing            your Housing Reservation Form           The Best Western Inn of Chicago
   Reservation Form using a credit       is Friday, March 8, 2002. After         is a full-service hotel located just
   card for payment. The AANS            this date, rooms will be assigned       one-half block east of North
   online Housing Reservation            on a space-available basis at the       Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s
   Form is the most immediate            group rate.                             “Magnificent Mile,” and is con-
   and secure method for mak-                                                    venient to business and financial
   ing your hotel reservation.           CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS                   centers, nightlife, art museums
2. Fax a completed Housing               To cancel or make changes to            and galleries, and fine shopping.
   Reservation Form with credit          reservations, you may contact the       The hotel features Newsmakers
   card information to 800-682-          AANS Housing Bureau until               restaurant, Allstars sports bar, a
   9984 (U.S.) or 847-698-9245           Friday, March 8, by fax at              fitness center, and gift shop.
   (International).                      800-682-9984 (U.S.) or 847-698-         Embassy Suites Chicago
                                         9245 (International). Refer to the      Downtown - Lakefront
3. Mail a completed Housing
                                         Hotel Information Grid for the          511 North Columbus Drive
   Reservation Form with credit
                                         cancellation policy at each hotel.      Chicago, IL 60611
   card information to:
                                         Sheraton Chicago                        312-836-5900
AANS Registration Department             Hotel & Towers                
c/o Conference Management                301 East North Water Street             This Embassy Suites property
Systems                                  Chicago, IL 60611                       opened in September 2001. Every
P.O. Box 998                             312-464-1000                            guest room is a two-room suite
Park Ridge, IL 60068                            with breathtaking views of the city
You may guarantee your reservation       The Sheraton Chicago Hotel &            and Lake Michigan. Every guest is
with VISA, MasterCard, or                Towers has been called “the finest      entitled to a complimentary
American Express.                        business/convention hotel in            cooked-to-order breakfast and is
                                         Chicago.” The Riverwalk and             invited to an evening manager’s
A separate housing confirmation                                                  reception. Their restaurant is called
                                         Centennial Fountain enhance its
will be sent to you via e-mail, or fax                                           511 North. The hotel is part of an
                                         location on the north side of the
(if no e-mail address is supplied), or                                           entertainment complex that will
                                         Chicago River. Imported marble
via mail (if no e-mail or fax number                                             include restaurants, shops, a
                                         and rich inlaid woods accent the
is supplied) within 48 hours of

32      Housing
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
European health spa, and a 21-          Hotel Inter-Continental Chicago      The Palmer House Hilton
screen movie theater. Guests can        505 North Michigan Avenue            17 East Monroe Street
earn HHonors points and miles.          Chicago, IL 60611                    Chicago, IL 60603
                                        312-944-4100                         312-726-7500
The Fairmont Chicago
200 North Columbus Drive
                                        Hotel Inter-Continental is located   One of Chicago’s landmark hotels,
Chicago, IL 60601
                                        just north of the Chicago River at   the four-diamond, three-star
                                        the beginning of the “Magnificent    Palmer House Hilton has been\chicago
                                        Mile.” It combines historic charm    serving Chicago visitors for 130
The 45-story Fairmont Chicago
                                        with contemporary elegance. The      years. The impressive Beaux Arts
overlooks Lake Michigan, Grant
                                        hotel’s historic south tower was     ceiling greets guests as they enter
Park, and Monroe Harbor. The
                                        originally built in 1929 as the      the second floor lobby. From
bay windows in the guest rooms
                                        Medinah Athletic Club. The con-      there the staircase goes up to the
and suites provide spectacular lake
                                        temporary North Tower was added      legendary Empire Room. Both
and city views. Gleaming chande-
                                        later. Today the hotel’s blend of    standard and Towers accommoda-
liers, marble bathrooms, and a
                                        architecture and art from around     tions are available. Some standard
world-class art collection make it
                                        the world creates a truly unique     rooms have two bathrooms.
one of the most beautiful and lux-
                                        hotel environment. The hotel has     Restaurants include Trader Vic’s,
uriously appointed hotels ever
                                        just completed a multi-million       The Big Downtown, and The
built in the country. Its facilities,
                                        dollar renovation, which included    French Quarter. Jacque’s Coffee
amenities and services are
                                        refurbishment of all the guest       Shop and the Windsor Lobby Bar
designed with Five-Star standards
                                        rooms, a new expanded four-story     complete the list of food/drink
in mind and equal those found in
                                        atrium lobby, and a new eclectic     outlets. Guests can earn HHonors
the grandest hotels anywhere.
                                        restaurant—Zest--specializing in     points and miles. The hotel is
Their top-rated fine dining restau-
                                        Mediterranean cuisine.               located in the Loop and offers
rant is Entre Nous. Also on the
                                                                             complimentary daily shuttle service
street level is Metropol, which fea-    Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
                                                                             to North Michigan Avenue.
tures live entertainment, and the       2233 S. Martin Luther King Dr.
Lobby Bar. At Primavera, the            Chicago, IL 60616                    The Ritz-Carlton Chicago
singers will delight you with their     312-567-1234                         160 East Pearson Street
arias and operettas as they serve         Chicago, IL 60611
your meal. The hotel is adjacent        Connected to McCormick Place         312-266-1000
to the Lakeshore Athletic Club,         via the spectacular Grand  
which features a six-story climbing     Concourse pedestrian walkway,        Located on the Magnificent Mile
wall and the New Heights Spa.           the Hyatt Regency McCormick          atop Water Tower Place, the elegant
                                        Place opened in June 1998. Guest     Ritz-Carlton Chicago commands
Holiday Inn Chicago City Centre
                                        rooms have spectacular views of      sweeping views of the city and Lake
300 East Ohio Street
                                        Lake Michigan, lakefront parks,      Michigan. The hotel, which is actu-
Chicago, IL 60611
                                        and the city skyline. Enjoy the      ally a Four Seasons hotel, provides
                                        relaxed atmosphere of NetWorks       indoor access for shopping at Water
                                        restaurant, offering classic         Tower Place and is within walking
This Holiday Inn has just complet-
                                        Chicago-style cuisine for break-     distance of Michigan Avenue shop-
ed a total renovation. Each guest
                                        fast, lunch and dinner. Hyatt        ping, upscale dining establishments,
room features a desktop dataport
                                        Business Plan accommodations are     and entertainment attractions.
and “smart desk” workstation.
                                        available for an additional fee.     Lavish decor, exquisite furnishings
Guests enjoy complimentary access
                                                                             and one of Chicago’s finest contem-
to the McClurg Court Sports
                                                                             porary French restaurants, The
Center. The hotel is adjacent to
                                                                             Dining Room, give the Ritz its
three first-run movie theaters.
                                                                             essence of timeless luxury and
Restaurants include the Centre
                                                                             attentive service. Other restaurants
Café, Winners Lounge, and the
                                                                             include The Café and The
Corner-Copia Bakery & Café.
                                                                             Greenhouse. Afternoon tea is served
                                                                             Monday through Saturday between
                                                                             3 - 5 pm in The Lounge.

                                                                                              Housing        33
                                              April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting
                                                                   Addl Person Fee

                                                  Double Room
                                   Single Room



                                                                                                       & Lounges
                                                                                                                     Pool                      Fitness Center or Health Club
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
Headquarters Hotel

      Standard                    $209           $224             $20                72 hours            4           indoor, comp use           health club $8 per day, $15 per stay

      Towers                      $269           $284             $20

      Illinois Suite              $559           $559

      Ogden Suite                 $609           $609

Best Western Inn of Chicago       $136           $146             $10                72 hours            1           no                         fitness room

Embassy Suites Chicago            $174           $194             $20                72 hours            1           indoor, comp use           fitness center, comp
Downtown Lakefront

The Fairmont Hotel                $214           $234             $35                72 hours            4           not open in April          Lakeshore Athletic Club
                                                                                                                                                $20 per visit

Holiday Inn Chicago City Centre   $169           $179             $10                4:00 pm             2           indoor and outdoor         McClurg Ct. Sports Center, comp
                                                                                     day of arrival

Hotel Inter-Continental           $194           $204             $10                72 hours            3           indoor, comp use           health club $13 per day, $15 per stay

      Deluxe                      $224           $234             $10

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place     $221           $246             $25                7 days out          2           indoor                     health club

The Palmer House Hilton           $204           $219             $25                7 days out          3           indoor                     health club

      Towers                      $234           $249             $25

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago          $229           $229             n/a                6:00 pm             3           indoor, included with      health club $10.25 per day
                                                                                     day of arrival                  health club fee

• All of the listed hotels have Gift Shops, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Valet Parking, Accessible Rooms and Non-Smoking Rooms.
Most have 24-hour Room Service.

If you will be driving to Chicago, contact your hotel directly to obtain current parking rates for guests.

AIRLINES                                                        are met. A 10% discount may                                              For Reservations Call:
AANS is pleased to announce that                                apply to reservations made more
United Airlines has been designat-                              than 60 days in advance.
ed as the Official Airlines of the                              To make your reservation, call the
70th Annual Meeting, to                                         toll-free number listed at right. A
be held in Chicago, Illinois, from                              trained meeting specialist will be
April 6-11, 2002.                                               happy to assist you or your travel                                       United Airlines
United is pleased to offer a 5%                                 agent in confirming reservations                                         800-521-4041
discount, providing all rules and                               to the AANS Annual Meeting.                                              7:00 am–10:00 pm (EST)
conditions of the airline are met.                              Don’t forget to identify yourself                                        7 days a week
A 10% discount will be available                                as an AANS participant and to                                            Meeting File Number: 556FV
in certain classes, providing all                               provide the special meeting file
rules and conditions of the airline                             number indicated at right.

34         Transportation
2002 Annual Meeting / April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois
AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION                  For Reservations Call:                 Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Airport Express (www.airportex-                                                Customer Service: 888/YOUR-
                                                                               CTA, Weekdays 7:00 am - 8:00 pm provides regularly sched-
                                                                               The CTA offers you fast, direct
uled service departing every few
                                                                               train service from both airports to
minutes from O’Hare and Midway                                                 downtown, convenient bus and
Airports and stopping at all AANS                                              train lines to major attractions, sim-
official hotels. No reservation is      Alamo Rent-a-Car                       ple fare cards that can be used by
necessary. At O’Hare, Airport                                                  several people at once, 1, 2, 3, and
Express ticket counters are located                                            5-day Visitor Passes, easy-to-use
                                        I.D. Number: 634183
across from the baggage claim areas                                            maps and brochures, and custom
                                        Rate Code: BY                          trip planning for groups. The CTA
at Terminals 1, 2, and 3. There is
an outside kiosk at International                                              system map and Downtown
Terminal 5. At Midway, the Airport      AANS SHUTTLE SERVICE                   Sightseeing Guide are available at
Express ticket counter is by Door       The AANS will provide shuttle          all train stations, both airports, visi-
LL3 in the baggage claim area.          service at regular intervals between   tor information centers, and hotels.
                                                                               The cash fare is $1.50 for ages 12
                                        McCormick Place – Lakeside
At time of printing, one-way fare                                              and up. When you pay your fare,
                                        Center and all official AANS
from O’Hare was $20; round trip                                                you can get a transfer card for 30
                                        hotels, with the exception of the      cents that lets you make two more
- $36. One-way fare from Midway
                                        Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.         rides in two hours. You can pur-
was $15; round trip - $27. Be sure
                                        The shuttle schedule will be post-     chase CTA Transit Cards from
to use the enclosed coupon for a
                                        ed in the lobby of each hotel and      vending machines at any CTA train
$2.00 discount!
                                        at McCormick Place – Lakeside          station; they can be used on trains
Taxi Service                            Center.                                and buses, allowing you to purchase
Taxis are readily available at                                                 travel in values ranging from $1.50
                                        Shuttles will run every 15 minutes
O’Hare and Midway Airports.                                                    to $91. Recharge your card when-
                                        during peak hours and every 20         ever you need more value. CTA
Fares vary based on traffic and
                                        minutes during non-peak hours.         Visitor Passes are your best transit
road conditions. One-way fare
from O’Hare is $35 and up; from         Saturday, April 6:                     value. Also purchase passes at air-
Midway - $25 and up. “El” trains        6:30 am – 6:00 pm                      ports, visitor information centers,
also run between the airports and                                              Union Station, and major Chicago
                                        Sunday, April 7:                       attractions. Cards and passes can be
downtown—the Blue Line from             6:30 am – 6:00 pm                      purchased in advance via the inter-
O’Hare and the Orange Line from         Opening Reception:                     net at or
Midway. One-way fare is $1.50.          6:00 pm – 9:00 pm                      by calling 888/YOUR-CTA.
Car Rental                              Monday, April 8:                       Metra (
Save on car rentals through Alamo       6:00 am – 6:15 pm                      METRA runs commuter trains
Rent-a-Car in conjunction with                                                 from downtown terminals (below
the AANS Annual Meeting.                Tuesday, April 9:                      ground) at the corners of
                                        6:00 am – 6:30 pm                      Michigan Avenue and Randolph,
Alamo provides AANS members
                                        Wednesday, April 10:                   Van Buren, and Roosevelt to
year-round discounts off car rentals                                           McCormick Place and back.
at 138 locations in North America       6:00 am – 6:30 pm
                                                                               Trains run every hour and depart
and 275 overseas locations. In          Thursday, April 11:                    Randolph Street 20 minutes after
addition, members are given the         6:00 am – 1:00 pm                      the hour. The fare is $1.75, and
opportunity to earn valuable miles,                                            the ride takes seven minutes.
credits, or points with airlines and    PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION                  Pace (
hotels through Alamo’s partnership                                             Pace operates buses throughout
                                        Route, schedule, and fare informa-
with most major airlines and                                                   Chicago and the suburbs with
                                        tion on the CTA, Metra, or Pace
hotels. To request your year-round                                             more than 230 bus routes. Pace
                                        bus/train service is available by
discount, call Alamo toll-free at the                                          buses serve major business areas,
                                        calling RTA Travel Information
number listed below or visit their                                             medical centers, shopping centers
                                        at 312/836-7000, any day from
online service, QuickRent® at                                                  and residential areas and also offer
                                        5:00 am to 1:00 am, or visit           convenient connections to CTA At the time of
                                                  buses, rapid transit lines, and
reservation, don’t forget to identify
yourself as an AANS member and                                                 Metra commuter trains.
provide the identification informa-
tion which follows.
                                                                                          Transportation           35
                                               April 6–11, 2002 / Chicago, Illinois / 2002 Annual Meeting

5550 Meadowbrook Drive
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
phone: 847.378.0500
fax: 847.378.0600
web site:

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