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                                   PRIVATE SPEECH
                                       GENERAL INFORMATION
As an extension of the Private Music/Performing Arts program, Speech lessons are available to all students
from Years 7 to 12 in 2010.

Through a program of speech training a student will develop confidence and the ability to communicate,
utilising both verbal and non-verbal skills. Although a speech training program, drama is used as a tool to
improve speech skills and to create an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Aims of Speech Training:

       Speech Facility: to encourage awareness of the importance of clear speech, the organs of speech,
        speech sounds, technique of voice production, vocal variation and development of effective speech
       Practical Speech: to teach the importance of critical listening, to stimulate discussion, to develop
        confidence or impromptu talks and everyday speech situations
       Speech for Pleasure: to develop effective and fluent reading and memorisation of passages from
        prose, poetry and drama.
       Movement and Mime: to develop imagination, use of gesture, poise, relaxation, facial expression and

Term Fees for 2010 are as follows:

                30 Minute Individual Lessons $278.00 (Minimum of 8 Lessons)

Private Speech fees will be billed separately to annual school fees and are calculated per term. Students
will be committed to a term of a minimum of 8 lessons.

Each term will consist of a minimum of 8 lessons. Private Speech teachers will organise lesson times with
students. These times may be during class time and the student will be withdrawn from class to attend the
lessons. Rotating timetables prevent the same lesson being missed and helps minimise disruption. Students
may also elect to attend lessons before/or after school, depending on teacher availability. VCE students have
priority in this arrangement. When a student misses a lesson due to staff absence or to school-based activity,
(e.g. camp, excursion, school assembly, retreat) the private speech teacher is required to “make-up” the lesson

     Parents must notify the Private Speech Teacher directly and to also contact the Music Office
       when cancelling a lesson. 24 hours notice is required when cancelling lessons
     A lesson missed, without prior notification, due to the student’s absence does not qualify for a
       “make up” lesson.
     All students enrolled in Private Speech are committed to a full term of a minimum of 8 lessons.
       Any student wishing to cease speech tuition must give a terms notice in writing. If less than a
       terms notice a refund is not available since provision will have been made for lessons and the fees
       will have to be paid to the teachers who have been employed to take the lessons.
     Private Speech is considered to be an extra curricular activity and to participate each term,
       school fees must be up to date.
     Private Speech tuition fees are due and payable within 14 days once a tax invoice is issued.
       (Failure to pay within the College payment terms may lead to the student being withdrawn from
                  Private Speech is administered and organised through the St Columba’s Music Office.
           For more information regarding Private Speech lessons please contact the Music Office on 9331 9120.
                           PRIVATE SPEECH 2010
                                       Enrolment Form
             Please return this form to the Music /Performing Arts Office

     Student Name: _____________________________________ House Group: _________
The above named student wishes to participate in the 30 minute individual Private Speech Lessons at a cost of
$278 per term.

Previous experience/level with speech/drama (if any)

I have read the Music Department’s requirements regarding private speech lessons and agree to abide by

   Each private speech student is committed to a term of private speech lessons. (minimum of 8 lessons)
   To withdraw from lessons, a term’s notice in writing must be given to the Music Office
   When cancelling lessons due to illness, excursion or any other reason, 24 hours notice is required to obtain
    a make up lesson. The Private speech teacher is to be contacted directly when cancelling a lesson. Late
    notification or unexcused absence will result in a forfeited lesson, and will not be made up.
   Students are to obtain all class teacher signatures to allow them to attend their Private lessons.
   Home practice is part of school homework and should be completed every day.
   Private Speech is considered to be an extra curricular activity, to participate each term all school fees must
    be up to date.
   Private speech tuition fees are due and payable within 14 days once a tax invoice is issued. (Failure to pay
    within the College payment terms may lead to the student being withdrawn from classes.)

PARENT SIGNATURE                                                                   DATE:

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RETURN TO: Mr Darren Emerson, Director of Music - MUSIC OFFICE - 9331 9120

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