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									                                STOP THE VIOLENCE. END THE SILENCE.
                                    Our Mission: Safe Harbor saves lives by providing education, advocacy, counseling, & shelter to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Thank you Bon Secours…
On May 2, Safe Harbor hosted the second annual
Beacon of Hope Award, at the Colony Club, created
in 2007 to recognize outstanding individuals or agen-
cies who have worked to end domestic violence in
the Richmond Community.
This year’s recipient, Bon Secours Health System
served as catalyst in launching Safe Harbor in April
2000. Peggy Spicer, a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital
was distressed because there were not enough safe-
house beds for the patients victimized by domestic
violence. She began the project that is now Safe Har-
bor. She sought the assistance of the Missions De-                                                Bon Secours Richmond Health System Employees receiving their special Beacon of Hope recognition

partment at Bon Secours Richmond Health System                                            Dr. Joe Niamtu, last year’s recipient presented the award to
and involved a variety of community partners help-                                        Peter Bernard, CEO of Bon Secours Health System. Peter
ing Safe Harbor to open its doors in April 2000.                                          accepted the award on behalf of the employees of Bon Se-
Since that time, Bon Secours and its employees have                                       cours.
provided financial assistance, partnered on commu-                                        Safe Harbor also recognized the following departments
nity education initiatives and health promotion, pro-                                     within the Bon Secours system that have generously sup-
vided board leadership and vision, and supported its                                      ported Safe Harbor: Bon Secours School of Nursing, Bon
employees by referring staff to Safe Harbor. This                                         Secours Faith Community Services, St. Mary’s Security De-
support has been instrumental in our success and                                          partment, Bon Secours Family Center, Bon Secours Missions
has saved lives.                                                                          Department, St. Mary’s Employees, St. Mary’s Forensic
                                                                                          Nurses, St. Mary’s Emergency Room Nurses, St. Mary’s
                                                                                          Maintenance Department, St. Mary’s Telecommunications
                                                                                          Department, & St. Mary’s Volunteers.
                                                                                          Safe Harbor would like to thank the event co-chairs, Kacy
                                                                                          Cosentini and April Niamtu for all their assistance in plan-
                                                                                          ning this evening. We also thank the volunteers and staff who
                                                                                          were instrumental to the event’s success. More than 130 indi-
                                                                                          viduals attended and raised $40,000 for Safe Harbor through
                                                                                          a silent auction and raffle.
                                                                                          Steve Bassett and the Mystic Soul Bubbas then played into
                                                                                          the night to celebrate the outstanding commitment Bon Se-
                                                                                          cours has made to Safe Harbor since our inception.

                                                                                         Did you Know?
                                                                                         Safe Harbor provides free training to businesses,
                                                                                         church groups, school and civic organizations regarding
                                                                                         domestic violence. 1 in 4 women will experience do-
                                                                                         mestic violence in their lifetime, so education is critical
                                                                                         to prevention. Please contact Chris Cain for more in-
                                                                                         formation about this program,
             Dr. Joe Niamtu, past Beacon recipient presenting to                or 804-249-9470, ext. 15.
        Peter Bernard, CEO of Bon Secours Richmond Health System

                                                                                                                                                                                      June 2008
Page 2                                                                Stop the Violence. End The Silence.

Little Voices...
“Tara”, 3, and her mother, “Tracy”, 32, came to Safe
Harbor to escape domestic violence. With no
where to go, Tara and Tracy spent 3 days in a
24-hour grocery store. Upon their arrival to
the shelter, they were both clearly apprehen-
sive, but settled quickly. Tara was unsure of
her new surroundings, but we soon became
fast friends. Sitting on my lap and coloring,
this bubbly child, full of laughter, seemed
completely “normal.” Those first encounters
with her left me thinking that it seemed ab-
surd to imagine the trauma she had experi-
                                                                                         violence. Tara has since
During play sessions we use toys, dress up                been enrolled in daycare and has been adjusting well,
clothes and art as tools to assist children in their      learning her ABC’s and how to adapt to a new structured
process. This is important because children need an-      environment. My internship experience with Safe
other avenue to express their emotions, rather than       Harbor has shown me the incredible resilience of
just words (see pictures to the right from our coun-      children and their ability to cope. Tara’s true personality
seling room). On my first play session with Tara, I       has been able to come out with the women in the shelter,
was very excited. She was a fun girl with a big smile.    and they refer to her as the “angel” of the house. Her
We played and read books, nothing out of the ordi-        laughter and spirit has brought warmth and hope to a
nary. Tara was always trying to sit on my lap, as she     place that needs it most.
loved the individual attention. She reminded me of        -Written by Lex Richards, VCU, BSW Junior Intern
many of the kids I have worked with while babysit-
ting and in daycare. About halfway through our
time together, I saw something change in her. It
                                                         How long would you grow a beard
became very apparent that she witnessed violence in      for a good cause?
her home life. She used the toys in the room to act     The employees at the Son-
our her feeling. Tara found a fake plastic knife and    oco Keating plant in Ches-
                                                        ter decided to put that to
began to talk about cutting. She cut on her throat      the test recently with a con-
and her wrist, and asked me if she could cut my         test. The plants in Charlotte,
throat. It was distressing that this seemingly          NC and Chester, VA chal-
“normal” 3-year-old had been exposed to such            lenged each other to see
dark experiences.                                       who could collectively grow
                                                        the longest beard in 60 days,
As I continued to spend time with Tara, she became and sought pledges for their
less apprehensive. Her play became more open and charity. The Chester plant
                                                        chose Safe Harbor and
not as violent. Although my first initial experience raised more than $2,000!!!
with Tara were disturbing, it also was eye opening. This picture was taken the day before the beards were shaved, (left to
Professionally, I learned so much from the guid-        right) Bryant Montgomery, Chris Ray, Edward Broadhurst, General
ance of my field instructor, Kim, as well as all of the Proudfoot and Piotr Pietrzyk.
helpful staff at Safe Harbor. I feel very lucky to
have been a part of Tara’s healing process. I            Sonoco Keating provides flexible packaging graphics and tooling for
                                                         consumer product customers throughout North America, including
made a positive impact by being a safe adult in her
                                                         M&M Mars, Philip Morris USA and Kraft Foods in its customer port-
life.                                                    folio. Edward Broadhurst, Director of Manufacturing for Keating
Tracy, her mother, found a job and is taking steps       North America, thanks all of the participants and sponsors, especially
to ensure a positive future for her daughter. She        Mark Pincott and Kunal Rao from MARS Petcare.
also worked extensively with Kim on parenting is-        Safe Harbor gives a big thank you to Sonoco Keating for getting in-
sues specific to Tara’s experiences with domestic        volved in their community.
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Beacon of hope acknowledgements...                                                                                                          Staff
                                                                                                                                            Angela B.
                                                              Event Sponsors                                                            Business Manager

                                                                                                                                           Angela V.
                                                                                                                                        Deputy director

                                                               Champion Sponsor                                                              CHRIS
                                                                  Bon Secours                                                              Educator &
                                                                Richmond Health                                                           Coordinator
                                                                                                                                         Night Manager
                                                               Guardian Sponsor
                                                              Dr. Joe Niamtu, III,                                                         Shelter
                                                                                                       Staff member Kristina lends a      Operations
            Dr. Niamtu and wife April place their bids.
                                                                    D.M.D.                             hand with volunteer Russell.        Manager

                                                                    Advocate                                                                Hermas
                                                                  Comcast                                                                  Counselor

                                                                 Dominion                                                                   Jessica
                                                            James River Interiors                                                          Counselor

                                                            Gary & Kacy Plotycia                                                               Kim
                                                                 SunTrust                                                                   Services
                                                                  Supporter                                                                  Kristina
                                                                                                                                         Client Services
                                                            Main Street Benefits                                                           Director &
                                                          Margaret Gutierrez-Leavelle                                                      Counselor
                                                                  Wachovia                                                                  Maggie
                                                                    Patron                                                                 Assistant
                                                                                                        Gary & Kacy Plotycia
                                                           Virginia Business Bank                                                          Shannon
                                                                                                        dance into the night               Executive
           Steve Bassett and the Mystic Soul                                                                                               Director
                                                                                                                                       Shelter Advocates
                                                      Auction and Raffle Sponsors                                                            Karen

 A Sharper Palate                          Don Jose                                Kuba Kuba                                 Positive Vibe Café
   Adore Jewelry                     Dr. Baxter Perkinson                        La Bella Dona                          Precision One Salon and Spa
 Amici Ristorante                  Dr. Joe & April Niamtu                          La Grotta                                  PW Photography
     Andres’                             Eddie Swink                             Laura Conklin                                    Que Bella
 Arhaus Furniture                     Elaine Kastendieck                   Loveland Beverage Company                              Red Salon
       Atir                              Eleanor Cox                           Lucky Ginger Studio                               Rees Jewelers
     Azzurro                            Fink’s Jewelry                     Malone & Company Jewelry                      Renaissance Orlando Resort
     Bacchus                               Fleming’s                               Metro Grill                                 Richmond Ballet
Big Al's Sports Bar                   Floraculture Florist                    Moe's Southwest Grill                             Salon Del Sol
     Bloomers                        Flowers Make Scents               Mr. & Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins, Jr.                           Sensi
Bolar Run Retreat                     George Drumwright                   Mr. & Mrs. Garland Hudson                             Simply Nails
  BoSa Bag Co.                          Hayes & Fisk                                 Nesbit                               Stephen &Sue Kennedy
      Caché                               Heidi Story                      Orlando World Center Resort                        Sterling Boutique
   Carey Gwinn                         House of Carpet                               Osaka                           Strawberry Fields, Flowers & Gifts
 Chef Maura, Inc.                   Independence Golf Club                 Dr. Paul and Emily Kiritsis                        The Getty Group
    Chez Max                               Joe's Inn                                 Pegasus                            Travel Management Partners
 Delta Air Lines                  JW Marriott Orlando Grande                      Petite Pet Inn                              Tri Girl Training
    Dog Services                      Kyzer Dog Training                               Pink                                     Weinstein JCC
                                                                                                                                 Yoga Source
                                       Domestic Violence Facts...
      •1    in 4 women will be a victim in their lifetime, more than will suffer from breast cancer.

                            •Homicide          was the second leading cause of death, for women
                                                         on the job in 2003.

             •In    Henrico County, five out of 15 homicides were domestic related in CY 2005.

                                                          Contact US...

                                      P.O. Box 17996                     T: 804-249-9470
                                      Richmond, VA 23226                 F: 804-249-9472
                                                  24-Hour Hotline: 804-287-7877

                 P.O Box 17996
                 Richmond, VA 23226

                 Board of Directors

President                   Wendy Hopp
Sheryl Robins Nolt          VA Department of
Community Volunteer         Corrections
Vice President                       Gutierrez-
                            Margaret Gutierrez-Leavelle
Susan Thweatt               Westfield Insurance
Automatic Controls
                            Heather Miller
Treasurer                   Community Volunteer
Linda Borland
VA Department of            Michael Pirron
Education                   Impact Makers
Secretary                   Elsie L. Rose, CPA
Michelle M.                 Yount, Hyde & Barbour, PC
SunTrust Mortgage           Terry Sherman, CPA
                            Sherman Financial
Amanda Tornabene            Management
Hunton & Williams
                            Kimberly Skiba
Karen Buchanan              Hall & Hall
Wachovia Bank
                            Megan L. Walworth
Kacy Cosentini              Bon Secours Richmond
Community Volunteer         Health System

Cathy Gooden
Community volunteer

Deb Downing
Virginia Dept. of
Criminal Justice Services

George Drumwright
County of Henrico

Ken Dye
Comcast Cable

Jayne Flowers
Virginia Department of

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