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PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating by lindayy


PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating

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									                                                                                          ISSN 0158-2577

                                                         TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT 351

                                                         January 2007

                                                         PRIMAbase™ External
                                                         Cladding Base Sheet for
                                                         Texture Coating

                   PURPOSE                                               APPLICANT

External cladding base sheet for a texture coating on    Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd, Lot 127220,
residential and commercial buildings up to two storeys   Kawasan Perusahaan Kanthan, P O Box 10, 31200
high.                                                    Chemor, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia (Manufacturer).

                                                                This Technical Assessment will be withdrawn or
         TECHNICAL OPINION                                      amended if CSIRO Appraisals considers that a change
                                                                in design or manufacturing quality renders the basis of
                                                                appraisal invalid, or if reported field experience
In the opinion of CSIRO Appraisals, the PRIMAbase™              convinces CSIRO Appraisals of unsatisfactory quality or
External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating is             performance.
suitable for residential and commercial buildings under
the following conditions:                                       Term of Validity:
                                                                This Technical Assessment will lapse on 31 December
1. They are installed in compliance with the instructions       2009. Technical Assessments may be amended during
   contained in Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd,               the term of validity. Users of this Technical Assessment
   ‘PRIMA External Cladding Technical Manual’                   should verify that it remains valid and is the current
   (HCI/EXT-TM/AU/0307_V2).                                     version by checking on the CSIRO Appraisals website:
   Note: These are available from Hume Cemboard
         Industries Sdn Bhd, No. 12, Jalan Tandang,
         46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia                RELEVANT DOCUMENTS
2. Stud or joist spacing is not greater than 600 mm.
                                                                Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd, ’PRIMA External
3. The building is up to a maximum of two storeys high.         Cladding Technical Manual’ (HCI/EXT-TM/AU/0307_V2).
4. A texture coating is applied to the entire sheet. The
   texture coating does not form part of this                   APPROVED ASSESSMENT EXTRACT
   assessment.                                                  _____________________________________________

                                                                The PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for
BUILDING CODE of AUSTRALIA                                      Texture Coating as manufactured by Hume Cemboard
____________________________________________                    Industries Sdn Bhd, Malaysia are suitable for residential
                                                                and commercial buildings when the conditions listed in
In the opinion of CSIRO Appraisals, PRIMAbase™                  CSIRO Appraisals Technical Assessment 351 are
External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating as             fulfilled.
described in this Technical Assessment and installed
under the conditions listed in this Technical Assessment
will meet the Performance Requirements of Clauses
BP1.1, BP1.2, CP4, FP1.4, (Volume One - Class 2 to
Class 9 Buildings), and P2.1, P2.2.2 and P2.3.1 (Volume                          APPRAISAL
Two - Class 1 and Class 10 Buildings, Housing
Provisions) of the Building Code of Australia 2006.

   (i) The inclusion of this clause with reference to the
       BCA is aimed at assisting those involved in the
       design, specifying and building approval/permit          The following description is based on information
       process relate the Appraisal to the relevant             supplied by the applicant.
       Performance Requirements of the BCA.
                                                                PRIMAbase™ is specifically made to comply with
   (ii) Any changes made to the BCA will be reviewed            Standards Australia, AS 2908.2 –2000 ‘Cellulose cement
        during the term of validity of this Technical           products – Flat Sheets’. PRIMAbase™ External
        Assessment and, where necessary, any                    Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating is a 7.5 mm
        amendment required will be published on the             thick cellulose fibre reinforced cement based board. It
        CSIRO       Appraisals    web    pages    on            has rebated edges on two long sides and one short edge                               for flush jointing purposes. The sheet sizes available are
                                                                as shown in Table 1.

                                                                Storage and handling:
                                                                PRIMAbase™ is to be stored neatly on a flat surface on
     RELATED INFORMATION                                        bearers at not greater than 600 mm spacing. The boards
                                                                must be protected from damage to edges and corners
                                                                and stored under cover to keep them dry prior to fixing
                                                                and jointing. Sheets are to be lifted and carried on edge
VALIDITY OF THE OPINION                                         in the vertical position. If they become wet, boards must
____________________________________________                    be allowed to dry to equilibrium moisture content before
                                                                fixing. Failure to do so may cause excessive stress on
Condition:                                                      fixings and jointings upon drying of the board.
This Technical Opinion applies only to the use of
PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture
Coating as described herein.

                 Table 1. – Sheet sizes                            BASIS OF APPRAISAL
   Width                       Length (mm)
   (mm)                                                            CSIRO Appraisals has assessed the following aspects in
                                                                   undertaking this appraisal:
                   2440            2725           3000
                                                                      (a) physical properties of the panels,
    900             ✔               ✔               ✔                 (b) compliance with Standards Australia, AS 2908.2-
                                                                          2000 ‘Cellulose cement products – Flat sheets’
   1200             ✔               ✔               ✔                 (c) quality control procedures used in manufacture,
                                                                      (d) installation and handling procedures, and
                                                                      (e) physical properties of the material.
PRIMAbase™ sheets can be fixed horizontally or                     The following documents and inspections were used in
vertically on timber or steel framing. Stud or joist spacing       carrying out the appraisal:
should be not greater than 600 mm and nogging spacing
should be not greater than 1200 mm. The framing must               Manufacturer's Information:
be in accordance with AS 1684 Parts 2, 3 and 4 - 2006
for timber and AS 3623 - 1993 for steel. The sheets can            1. Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd, ‘PRIMA
be either screwed or nailed. The edge fixings must not                External Cladding Technical Manual’ (HCI/EXT-
be closer than 12 mm from an edge and at corners need                 TM/AU/0307_V2):
to be at least 50 mm from the end of the sheet. These                 This document provides product information and
fixings are spaced at a maximum distance of 200 mm                    installation instructions for the use of the product.
                                                                   2. Hume      Cemboard    Industries     Sdn   Bhd,
Nails and screws should be as used for fibre cement
                                                                      PRIMAbaseTM brochure (HCI/Pbase/1106/V2):
sheet and comply with the relevant Australian Standard,
                                                                      This   document   provides   simplified  product
AS 3566-1988 ‘Screws - self drilling - for the building and
construction industries’ and/or Australian Standard,
AS 2334-1980 ‘Steel nails - Metric series’.
                                                                   3. Hume       Cemboard        Industries     Sdn     Bhd
                                                                      (PRIMABOARD DIVISION) Quality Assurance
DESIGN INFORMATION                                                    (a) SIRIM, ‘Quality System Registration Certificate’
____________________________________________                              Registration No AR430 based on MS ISO 9001-
                                                                          2000 for manufacture of plain and patterned fibre
General:                                                                  cement flat sheets.
PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture                       This outlines the quality control procedures which
Coating is a cement based cellulose fibre reinforced                      are in place to monitor the manufacturing of the
board and is specifically made to comply with AS 2908.2-                  PRIMAbase™.
2000. The flat sheets are either nailed or screwed to a
supporting frame.                                                  Reports:

Weight:                                                            1. Opus        International     Consultants      Central
PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture                   Laboratories, P O Box 30-845, Lower Hutt, New
Coating, at equilibrium moisture content, have a weight               Zealand. Appraisal No. 1997/13 – PRIMAbaseTM
of 10.8 kg/m2.                                                        fibre cement wallboard (March 1998):
                                                                      The appraisal stated that PRIMAbase™ complies
Durability:                                                           with AS/NZS 2908.1-1992 and is used as an external
CSIRO Appraisals has not assessed the durability of                   wall cladding substrate. It also states that
PRIMAbase™.                                                           PRIMAbase™ meets the performance requirements
                                                                      of NZBC Clause B2.3(a) for 50 years as long as the
The applicant has provided a Durability Opinion                       integrity of the coating system is maintained.
prepared by BRANZ that concludes that PRIMAbase™
fibre cement sheets exhibit a performance comparable to            2. CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and
most generic products of this nature, and therefore may               Engineering. ‘Test Report No FNE7037 (3rd March
be considered for a 50 year durability period, providing              1998):
the product is used in accordance with the                            This report is on testing of 7.5 mm sheets produced
manufacturer’s specifications and the conditions of the               to AS 2908.2-1992 (classification A). The sheets
BRANZ report.                                                         were tested to AS 1530.3-1989 ‘Simultaneous
                                                                      determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat
                                                                      release and smoke release. The results were
                                                                      satisfactory to the BCA requirements.

 3. Opus     International    Consultants      Central            6. BRANZ          Laboratories,      Moonshine      Road
    Laboratories, P O Box 30-845, Lower Hutt, New                    Judgeford, New Zealand. Report DC0297c –
    Zealand. Report 98-525453 – Hume Cemboard:                       Durability Opinion for PRIMAbase                  and
    AS 3991 Product Testing (April 1998):                            PRIMAflex™ Fibre Cement Sheets after 1 Year
    This report is on testing of PRIMAbase™ to AS                    Exposure Testing: (18 July 2001):
    3991-1992: Method of testing flat cellulose-cement               This report shows that PRIMAbase™ meet the
    sheets. The results were satisfactory to the AS                  performance criteria of the NZBC B2 for:
    2908.2-1992 requirements.                                             (i). 50 years when used as a bracing element
                                                                                and as an external cladding, and
 4. BRANZ         Laboratories,      Moonshine        Road                (ii). 15 years when used as a non-structural part
    Judgeford, New Zealand. Report ST0530/1 –                                   of the building envelope.
    Bracing Tests on Hume Cemboard, PRIMAbase
    sheets: (6 December 2002):
    This report is on the testing of the racking resistance       Inspections:
    of bracing walls clad with PRIMAbase™. The testing            Inspections of installations have been undertaken by
    used the James Cook University EBS Technical                  representatives of CSIRO Appraisals and found to be
    Record 440 “Guidelines for the Testing and                    satisfactory.
    Evaluation of Products for Cyclone Prone areas”.

 5. BRANZ       Laboratories,     Moonshine       Road
    Judgeford, New Zealand. Report ST0478/a –
    Impact Tests on Hume Cemboard and James
    Hardie fibre-cement sheets: (9th April 2001):
    This report shows that PRIMAbase™ has a similar
    impact performance to Harditex.

Simon Hanson
CSIRO Appraisals
CSIRO Appraisals is a project of CSIRO Manufacturing           new products or systems. They are objective
and Infrastructure Technology providing a range of             assessments of the product, system or material but are
assessment products including:                                 not approvals or endorsements. They may be submitted
• Technical Assessments – appraisals of innovative             to approval authorities as part of the justification process
   products, systems or materials that may or may not          required to obtain approval.
   be covered by Australian Standards or building
   regulations.                                                Each Technical Assessment has been prepared by
• Interim Reports – appraisals of products that have           CSIRO Appraisals and then reviewed by the Technical
   not yet reached the fully developed or manufacturing        Advisory Committee (TAC), detailed below. CSIRO
   phase. They aid with product development and may            makes the appraisals on a national basis by obtaining
   be used as a step towards a subsequent Technical            input from regional committees in each State and
   Assessment.                                                 Territory to take account of variations in local building
• Certification Assessments – appraisals of products,          regulations, practice and local climatic features.
   systems or materials solely against the requirements
   of the BCA and used for gaining approval from               CSIRO Appraisals bases its assessment on the product
   Federal or State authorities.                               and information it receives and cannot accept
                                                               responsibility for deviations in the manufactured quality
From 1978, under the auspices of the Australian                and performance of the material, product or system.
Building Systems Appraisal Council (ABSAC), CSIRO              However, Technical Assessments will be withdrawn
ran an appraisal service in conjunction with the               where adequate quality or performance has not been
Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, the Housing        maintained.
Industry Association, the Insurance Council of Australia
and the Master Builders Association. In 1999, CSIRO            Technical Assessments are given a term of validity of
Appraisals was formed to continue the business of              three years from the date of issue. They are reviewed at
ABSAC under the sole patronage of CSIRO. This new              the end of the term of validity which may be extended for
scheme retains the committee structure of technical and        a subsequent three-year term. Technical Assessments
interstate advisers that operated as ABSAC. All past           may be amended during the term of validity. Users of
                                                               Technical Assessments should verify that Technical
ABSAC publications and appraisals are being continued
                                                               Assessments remain valid and are the current version by
and supported by CSIRO Appraisals.
                                                               checking on the CSIRO Appraisals website:
CSIRO Appraisals is a founding member of the World
Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations.              A Technical Assessment must not be copied, in whole or
                                                               in part, without authorisation by CSIRO Appraisals.
Technical Assessments are intended to help all those           Where permission is granted, copies must be of the
concerned with the approval, specification and use of          entire document.

 G. Geary (Chairman)                     Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
 M. Fagan                                Australian Institute of Building
 R. Goodall                              Master Builders' Australia Inc.
 M Maffucci                              Standards Australia
 R. Oke                                  National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia
 C. F. Woods                             Housing Industry Association
 B. Schafer                              Industry Advisor
 A. Griffin                              C H Group
 S. Hanson (Project Leader)              Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology, CSIRO
 J. Sinclair                             Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology, CSIRO
 New South Wales          Northern Territory      South Queensland            Western Australia          South Australia
 J. Lewer                 F. Finocchiaro          S. Kajewski                 C. Anderson                M. Andruchowycz
 B. O'Mara                R. Luxton               K. J. Rauber                R. A. Wallis               N. Kirkham
                          D. Malone                                                                      A. McKeough
                          P. Nowland                                                                     H. Vormelker

 Victoria                  North Queensland         Tasmania                 ACT
 M. Hopkins                M. Collard               A. Humphreys             S. Paterson
 P. Moore                  R. Horton
 P. Phillips               G. Reardon
 G. Driscoll
1. SOURCE ORGANISATION                                                                     A. INDEXING NUMBER
                                                                                               ISSN 0158-2577
                                                                                           B. FILE NUMBER(S)
                                                                                           C. RELEASING AUTHORITY
_______________________________________________________________________                        CSIRO
2. ORGANISATIONAL UNIT                                                                     _______________________________
    Technical Secretariat                                                                  D. FOR ENQUIRIES CONTACT
_______________________________________________________________________                        CSIRO Appraisals (03) 9252 6000
3. TYPE OF DOCUMENT/SERIES     4. DOCUMENT NUMBER                                              Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn
    CSIRO Technical Assessment       351                                                       Bhd 05 210 3688

5. TITLE/SUBTITLE                                                                          E. DOCUMENT STATUS
                TM                                                                            DRAFT DOCUMENT
    PRIMAbase External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating                                INTERIM DOCUMENT
_______________________________________________________________________                       FINAL DOCUMENT
6. AUTHOR(S) (Give Affiliation of External Authors or Co-authors)                          _______________________________
                                                                                           F. DOCUMENT STATUS
   S Hanson
                                                                                              NO RESTRICTIONS
   J Sinclair
                                                                                              IN CONFIDENCE

  PUBLICATION                                                                               UNDER CONTRACT

    CSIRO/Melbourne                             -                                           CONTRACT NO.:
9. DATE OF ISSUE                    10. NO. OF PAGES     11. PRICE                          CONSULTANT'S NAME AND
(Month, Year)                           AND FORMAT                                          ADDRESS:

   January 2007                                      6/A4

12. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES                                                                     H. RELATED DOCUMENTS

_______________________________________________________________________                     _______________________________
13. KEYWORDS (Up to 15 entries, Alphabetical Order Preferred, Divide by Semicolons)         J. OTHER/OPTIONAL INFORMATION

   CSIRO Appraisals; cellulose-cement; external cladding; walls, sheets; textured

14. ABSTRACT (CSIRO Appraisals Approved Assessment Extract)

The PRIMAbase™ External Cladding Base Sheet for Texture Coating as manufactured by Hume Cemboard Industries Sdn Bhd,
Malaysia are suitable for residential and commercial buildings when the conditions listed in CSIRO Appraisals Technical Assessment
351 are fulfilled.

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