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Interested in serving on a CAAR committee? Now is the time to join one of the many
committees that contribute to the administration and activities of your association. The
committees of CAAR define and implement the programs that serve you and your needs
as a member; by participating in a committee, you are afforded the opportunity to shape
CAAR’s activities and future. Additionally, there is the added personal benefit of
volunteer work – which is always rewarding. Service to one’s community is an
important aspect of CAAR, and by serving on a committee, you personal service efforts
are, in effect, doubled!

CAAR’s active community presence is shaped by the following committees; there is a
committee to suit nearly every skill or interest.

The Membership Committee promotes membership in the Association and the benefits
of that membership. This is achieved through the recruitment and attraction of new
members, as well as the review and enforcement of membership policies for
REALTOR® members and Non-Member Salespersons as well as Affiliate members.

Volunteers serving on the Education and Risk Management Committee promote the
importance of professional education and to provide the best possible educational
opportunities for the entire Association membership. The committee chooses timely
topics and secures competent speakers for monthly membership meetings; promotes the
benefits of working toward achieving professional designations; and plans and
implements programs addressing relevant issues to the real estate industry through
seminars, road shows, etc. Risk management activities include promotion of the use of
VAR Standard Forms, assist in the development of risk management services and/or
products, and to develop and implement a Dispute Resolution System for the benefit of
the membership.

One of the most vital internal groups, the Community Relations Committee is charged
with promoting the Association as the “Voice for Real Estate” in the Charlottesville Area.
Responsible for promoting the REALTOR® both as a professional and as a giving
participant in our community, this committee educates the public regarding real estate
issues and encourages participation by members in community projects relative to the
housing industry.

Growing exponentially, the CAAR Work Force Housing Fund Committee has fast
become a cornerstone of REALTOR® community service efforts. The issue of
affordable housing is on the forefront of local concern and the WFHF is a great answer to
a growing concern. Your participation will provide the necessary energy and strength to
take the Fund to the next level of success.

The Social Committee, one of the more visible groups within the organization, is
responsible for organizing and promoting all social functions of the organization.

Activities include “CAAR After Hours” and the wonderful experience that is the Holiday
Ball every December.

Active throughout the year, the Awards Committee recognizes outstanding
accomplishments of Association members. Members organize all awards functions,
review all nominations for Association awards, and periodically review award criteria
and make recommendations regarding changes to the Board of Directors.

Especially vital this year as the Association reviews a new system, the Lockbox
Committee supervises the operation of the Lockbox System in accordance with Lockbox
Policies and those of the Association. As a part of this charge, the Committee evaluates
the effectiveness of the system and recommends changes when appropriate to the Board
of Directors. Additionally, the committee is responsible for review and factual
investigation any possible violations of policies and make recommendations for sanctions
to the Board of Directors for approval. Most importantly, the Committee is responsible
for information, education, and promotion of the Lockbox System as a meaningful
member service.

The Government Affairs Committee considers legislative issues of importance to the
Associate and the real estate industry. The GAC also reviews on an annual basis the
framework for an effective Government Relations program for the Association. This
committee also develops and implements a RPAC fundraising campaign. RPAC (the
REALTOR® Political Action Committee) also needs volunteers to help with campaigns,
fundraising, identifying local races for participation, and management of government
policy information for member attention. RPAC serves a critical function in furthering
the political goals of Association members and is gaining momentum and influence in the

Information Services Committee members evaluate current and future needs of existing
and potential Information Services users, and ensure that the Service is adequately
meeting its users’ needs. The IS Committee represents the membership in defining
services and capabilities required by members to conduct business ethically and
successfully, assessing the effectiveness of the Service in terms of user satisfaction and
compliance with NAR and relevant legislation. A key activity of the IS Committee is to
review and provide input to the CAAR Strategic Plan regarding information services to
help shape the future of CAAR.

The governance and administrative functions of CAAR are overseen and enacted by the
following committees:

Budget and Finance Committee oversees the general financial management of the
Association though the review of monthly financial statements, the development of an
annual budget which is recommended to the Board of Directors, and the management of
Association investments as directed.

  Vital to the elections process, the Nominating Committee identifies and selects the slate
  of officers and directors for election by the general membership. Additionally, this
  committee makes nominations as needed to VAR and NAR elected or appointed offices.
  Related to this group, the Leadership Development Committee identifies potential
  leaders for the Association and encourages their education and professional growth
  within the organization.

  A necessary group is the Grievance Committee, which responds to ethics complaints
  and arbitration requests received by the Association by conducting preliminary
  evaluations of the evidence to determine if a hearing is warranted. More positively, the
  Committee supports the educational efforts of the Professional Standards and Arbitration
  Committee, which monitors and promotes compliance with the Code of Ethics for the
  Association’s required ethics courses. To further this goal, the PSAC communicates
  ethics policy of the NAR to the Association membership, and provides instructors for the
  required courses.

  Chairpersons for the committees are listed below. Please contact them to indicate your
  interest in serving, or feel free to contact the Association Staff Liaison to discuss you
  opportunities for service. Volunteering, a key component of the CAAR, is essential to
  keeping the Association thriving and growing to better suit your needs as a member.

                            2006 CAAR Committee Leadership

    Committee                          Chair                               Vice Chair
                         Tara Savage                         Carol Costanzo
      Awards             RE/MAX Assured Properties-          Real Estate III – West
               , 817-0395        979-0174
                         Judy Savage                         Barbara McMurry
                         RE/MAX Assured Properties-          Montague Miller and Co.
 Budget & Finance
               , 817-0395      973-5393
                         Steven Braden                       Gracie Haines
Community Relations      Montague Miller & Co.               Real Estate III – North
                         973-5393                            817-9200
                                                             Christine Lisle
                         Robin Romer
  Education and                                              RE/MAX Assured Properties –
                         Real Estate III – West
 Risk Management                                             Hollymead
                         Jim Duncan
                                                             Linda Lloyd
Government Affairs       Century 21 Manley
                                                             Quarry Realty
                                                   , 831-1020
                                                             Steve Taylor
                         John Seidler
Information Services                                         Real Estate III – Rio Square
                         Real Estate III – West
               , 996-3268

                      Pat Jensen                          Douglas Manley
                      Real Estate III – North             Century 21 Manley Associates
            , 817-9200    , 977-7300
                      D. B. Sandridge                     Kathy Markwood
     Lockbox          Real Estate III - West              Roy Wheeler
                      979-0174                            951-5155
                      Drake Van de Castle
                                                          Lan Smith
   Membership         Assist2Sell
                                                          Keller Williams Realty
                                                , 220-2200
                      Benton Downer
    Nominating        Downer and Associates
                                                          Art Pearson
    Professional      Peter Scherman
                                                          Real Estate III
Standards/Grievance   The Glendower Company
            , 981-1238
                      Rick Dreher
                                                          Gerri Russell
      Social          Real Estate III – North
                                                          Roy Wheeler Co.
                                                , 951-5155
                      Jeff Gaffney                        Carolyn Shears
Work Force Housing    Real Estate III                     Summit Realty Company
                      981-1882                            817-4040
                      Arleen Yobs                         Matt Hodges
                      Keller Williams Realty              Compass Home Loans
            , 220-2200                    817-5120


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