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									                                            PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                               LP. 46
                                                                                     PLANNING POLICY

                              – RECREATION TRAILS

                 Minute Page                 05/3403

                 Date                        5/12/05

                 Public Notice               17/12/05



      This policy is a document that supports the planning scheme for the Shire and has been made
      by Council using the process prescribed in Chapter 2, Part 1, Division 5 of the Integrated
      Planning Act 1997.


      This Policy is intended to require contributions and set the contribution rates for recreation trails
      within the Shire with a view to:

              a) implementing the provision throughout the Council’s local government area of a
                 system of corridors, routes and pathways for non-motorised recreational pursuits
                 such as walking, cycling and horse riding that pass through or connect natural
                 environments and/or human communities; and

              b) ensuring a reasonable and equitable distribution of the costs of trunk infrastructure
                 works among developers of land in Council’s local government area.


      This policy applies to all development applications for either a “material change of use” (impact
      assessable) or “reconfiguring a lot” made or determined from the date of adoption by Council
      resolution of this policy.

      Payment of the monetary contribution will in no way relieve the Applicant from undertaking the
      provision of recreation trails within or associated with a development deemed by Council as
      required as part of the proposed development.

      Nothing contained in this policy shall preclude Council and the Applicant from entering into an
      agreement in regard to the matters dealt with by this policy.


      It is Council’s policy to require a monetary contribution, in respect of the provision of a network
      of recreation trails, when issuing a development permit for a “material change of use” (impact
      assessable), or “reconfiguring a lot in accordance with the method specified in this policy.

                                                1                          DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                            PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                              LP. 46
                                                                                    PLANNING POLICY

4.1   Times for Payments

      The time for payment of contributions shall be in accordance with Table 1 (unless an
      agreement has been entered into to carry out works in lieu or to provide land in lieu):

                   TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT                                TIME FOR PAYMENT
            Application for a material change of use        When required by Council, prior to
            (impact assessable) where a subsequent          commencement of the use or prior to the
            application for reconfiguration of a lot is     Council making the consequential
            not proposed                                    amendments to its Planning Scheme,
                                                            whichever is the earlier.
            Application for a material change of use        Prior to Council sealing the plans of
            (impact assessable) where a subsequent          survey associated with the latter
            application for the reconfiguration a lot is    application
            also proposed
                                                     Prior to Council sealing the plans of
            Applications for the reconfiguration of a lot
                                                     survey associated with that approval
                          Table 1 – Time For Payment Of Contributions

      Nothing herein shall prevent the Council agreeing (at its absolute discretion) to accept a
      security to secure payment of the relevant contribution, in lieu of payment at the time specified.

4.2   Monetary Contributions

      Monetary contributions shall be payable as set out in Schedule ‘A’ (the relevant Schedule).
      Payment shall be made at the applicable rate or rates shown therein for the number of
      Equivalent Tenements (ET’s) for each land use proposed for the land subject of the application.

      Where an applicant is able to provide documented evidence that a previous payment has been
      made for the provision of recreation trails in accordance with this policy, or under a preceding
      Policy of Council, allowance shall be made for that payment in calculating any payment due
      under this policy. Such allowance shall be nett with no allowance made for interest earned,
      escalation or the like.

4.3   Escalation of Contributions

      The contribution rate shall be adjusted annually or more regularly as determined by Council.
      Escalation of the infrastructure component of the charge shall be in accordance with the “All
      Groups Index Numbers for Brisbane” as determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

      The contribution rates shown in Schedule A are those applying at the base date of 30 June,
      2003 when the applicable “All Groups Index Number for Brisbane” was 141.8.

      The amount of any contribution shall be at the rate applicable, pursuant to this policy, at the
      date that payment is made. For purposes of convenience, Council will endeavour to include the
      contribution rate applicable for the April/June quarter of the previous financial year in its Budget
      Statement for each subsequent financial year.

                                                2                         DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                           PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                            LP. 46
                                                                                  PLANNING POLICY

4.4   Applicable Service Catchment

      The service catchment applicable to recreation trails is the whole Shire. The contribution rates
      have been based on the provision of recreation trails infrastructure to deliver a standard of
      service applicable to the three classes of trail detailed in the Recreation Trails Master Plan.

4.5   Methodology

      The methodology, which has been used in preparing the Recreation Trails Master Plan and to
      assess contributions, has been generally as follows:

              Assessment of community needs and desires for recreation trails;
              The need for integration with regional initiatives for recreation trails;
              Evaluation and prioritisation of trails;
              Assessment of implementation strategies;
              Determination of the capital costs of the infrastructure needed to provide the recreation
              trails including consideration of associated land acquisition, where applicable;
              Determination of a program of expenditure related to population growth;
              Apportionment of costs between existing and future residents based on the extent of
              existing development and recreation trails network and that attributable to future
              anticipated development;
              Calculation of developer contributions for future assessable development based upon
              the increase in population, expressed in terms of Equivalent Tenements (ET’s).

4.6   Determination of Developer Contribution Rates for various Land-Uses

      The developer contribution rate expressed as a charge per ET as at 30 June, 2003 is detailed
      in Schedule ‘A’.

      For the purpose of this policy the occupancy rate has been assumed to be 3.0 Equivalent
      Persons (EP’s) per ET. Payment shall be made at the applicable rate per ET for each land use
      proposed for the land subject of the application. Where area based calculations are nominated,
      the area of development subject to the contribution will be the total developable area including
      roads but excluding land below the limiting inundation line. The limiting inundation line shall be
      the inundation line for Q50 (ult) for creeks and watercourses and Q100 (ult) for rivers.

      Schedule ‘B’ details the equivalent tenement conversion factors applicable to a range of land
      uses under this policy. When determining the Infrastructure Charge to be applied to a Material
      Change of Use for land uses not specifically covered in Schedule ‘B’, the Infrastructure
      Charges Rate to be applied shall be as determined by Council.

      Table 2 below provides examples of the basis for determining Infrastructure Charges Rate
      applicable to a proposed Material Change for some special uses. The list is not intended to be
      exhaustive and other land-uses upon which the infrastructure charges rates are to be
      calculated may be applicable in some cases, at the discretion of Council.

                                               3                         DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                           PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                            LP. 46
                                                                                  PLANNING POLICY

                  PROPOSED MATERIAL                           DEVELOPER CONTRIBUTION
                    CHANGE OF USE                             RATES TO BE BASED UPON
        Golf Course, Sports Field                     Sport & Recreation
        Nursing Home, Retirement Village              Special Facilities
        Private School                                Special Facilities
        Sports Complex Building.                      Commercial
        Service Station                               General Industry
        Medical Centre,                               Special Facilities
        Church                                        Special Facilities
        Youth Camp                                    Special Facilities
                                                        To be determined by Council having regard to
        For a use or mix of uses other than those
                                                      the nature and relative proportions of the uses
        listed in Schedule B or listed above
                                                      and the contribution rates set in this policy.
                                               Table 2
      Basis for determining Developer Contribution Rates applicable to special Land-uses.

       Note: The contribution rate applicable to Parks & Open Space is nil.

4.7    Reference Documents

       The following documents are deemed to be supporting documents to this policy:

               Recreation Trails Master Plan, EPM Consulting and Rob Friend and Associates,
               November, 2004;

               Policy No. WS PK.25 – Recreational Trails Development and Maintenance, August,


       This policy is reviewed internally for applicability, continuing effect and consistency with
       planning scheme and other legislative provisions when any of the following occurs:-

           (1) the planning scheme is amended;
           (2) the planning scheme is replaced by a new planning scheme;
           (3) amendments which affect the allowable scope and effect of a planning scheme policy
               are made to the Integrated Planning Act 1997; and
           (4) other circumstances as determined from time to time by a resolution of Council.


       It is the responsibility of Council officers and Council to apply this policy to relevant
       development applications.

                                               4                           DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                      PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                LP. 46
                                                                      PLANNING POLICY


      DATE OF ISSUE: 17th December, 2005
      Minute Page: 05/3403
      Date: 5th December, 2005
      Public Notice: 17th December

                                  DOCUMENT HISTORY & STATUS
                                                Approved for Issue
      Revision   Author          Reviewer
                                                Name          Signature    Date
      Draft      Neville Jones   Lindsay McLeod                            30 Nov., 2004

                                           5                  DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                           PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                                          LP. 46
                                                                                PLANNING POLICY

Schedule A – Contribution Rate for Recreation Trails

        Contribution Rate ($ per ET)               $232.23

For purposes of adjustment of charges Council will use the “All Groups Index Numbers for Brisbane” as
determined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The contribution rates shown in Schedule A are
those applying at the base date of 30 June, 2003 when the applicable All Groups Index Number for
Brisbane was 141.8.

                                              6                        DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05
                                         PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL
                                                                          LP. 46
                                                                PLANNING POLICY

Schedule B – Equivalent Tenement Conversion Factors

   Purpose                                                   Conversion Factor
   Residential Uses:
   Detached house                                            1 ET/ lot
   Townhouses, attached housing & apartments (Units):
   - One bedroom                                             0.6 ET/ Unit
   - Two bedroom                                             0.8 ET/ Unit
   - Three bedroom & above                                   1 ET/ Unit
   Park Residential                                          1 ET/ lot
   Rural Residential                                         1.5 ET/ lot
   Special Residential                                       1 ET/ lot

   Non Residential Uses:                                     ET/ ha
   Central Business                                          10
   Commercial                                                10
   General Industry & Service Industry                       5
   Local Business                                            10
   Neighbourhood Facilities                                  10
   Special Facilities                                        5
   Special Purposes                                          5
   Sports and Recreation                                     5

                                           7            DATE OF ISSUE: 05.12.05

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