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         Valuation Services
Our Services

Machinery –
The Key to Production

Inventory –
The Vital Resource

Real Estate –
The Underlying Value

Business and Intangibles –
Enterprise and Beyond

Consulting Services –
Individual Solutions


                             Valuation Services
Vision, Focus, Value
DoveBid Valuation Services (DVS) sees more
than machines and inventory and property. We
see the value underlying your company.
Throughout the more than 70 years we have
been providing valuation and consulting services
                                                    what is it worth?
for clients in more than 80 industries worldwide,
we have consistently brought clarity to difficult
and complex situations.

We see broad industry trends. We focus on
precise details.

DVS sees the real value.

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Pace, Change, Intelligence
We’ve all seen change before, but the pace of
transformation today is unprecedented. People
change. Preferences change. Processes and
technologies change. The marketplace is now,                                          leadership
and will forever be, dynamic—a living, breathing
force in a constant state of evolution. The
companies with the best market intelligence will
have the vision needed to recognize
opportunities and overcome challenges. DVS
helps clients develop that vision, giving them
the power to thrive in the new and unknown.

DVS and DoveBid, Inc.® are global companies
offering a single point of contact for a wide
variety of asset management services,
including valuations and consulting, asset
redeployment, and asset disposition. Clients
immediately benefit from fully integrated
solutions that streamline communication and
project execution. Clients are assured accurate
evaluations and defensible conclusions through
DVS’ comprehensive industry experience and real-time access to current market information. DVS simplifies
decision making and translates decades of industry knowledge into precise answers to tough questions.

DVS’ organization and global reach guarantee the scale needed to manage multinational, regional, and local
projects with the market savvy to recognize and predict business cycles. The DVS perspective can transform
a shifting future into a clear opportunity—with distinct advantages for clients.

“Client First” Philosophy
DVS professionals dedicated to service provide sound advice, accurate evaluations, detailed reports, and rapid
turnaround. We keep clients closely informed, recognizing that effective communication is key to satisfaction.
DVS’ work consistently exceeds expectations, enhancing its position as a worldwide leader in the valuation and
consulting industry.

Quality Assurance—Our Promise
DVS continually strives to set the highest international standards for quality in all of the services the firm
provides. That’s why experienced professionals are involved in every appraisal and consulting project and each
evaluation undergoes a detailed quality assurance review by senior managers. These ongoing efforts reflect our
steadfast commitment to excellence and our pledge that clients will receive information and advice upon which
they can depend.

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Broad View
DVS has established itself as a valuation leader
in more than 80 industries. This perspective
contributes to the extensive knowledge base
DVS brings to clients in the following                              perspective

Brewing & distilling
Chemical processing
Clay, refractory & ceramic
Cold storage
Commercial transportation
Cosmetics                                  Metalworking                           Restaurant
Data processing                            Milk processing                        Retail
Die casting                                Mining                                 Road building
Disk drive & media
Dyeing & finishing                         Motion picture                         Roll forming
Earthmoving                                Musical instrument                     Rubber
Education                                  Nuclear                                Semiconductor fabrication
Electronics                                Oil & gas                              Service
Food processing & packaging                Packaging & converting                 Shipbuilding
Footwear                                   Paper                                  Sporting goods
Forging                                    Pharmaceutical                         Stamping
Foundry                                    Photographic                           Steel & metals production
Glass                                      Plastics                               Tanning
Graphic arts                               Plating                                Telecommunications
Healthcare                                 Plumbing                               Test & measurement
Heat-treating                              Post production                        Textile
High technology
Hospitality                                Printed circuit board                  Tobacco
Housewares                                 Printing & publishing                  Transportation
Lumber                                     Public utilities                       Warehouse
Machine tool                               Railroad                               Wire & cable
Marine                                     Refinery                               Wood products
Material handling                          Rendering                              Wrecking & scrap
Medical                                    Research & development

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Insight for Important Decisions
The goal of every DVS engagement is to elevate
client understanding to a vantage point where
answers to complex questions can be seen
clearly. Clients faced with making important
business decisions receive advice and support
concerning tax and business structure, access
to capital, operational efficiency, risk
management, market strategy, and legal
disputes. DVS is routinely engaged to provide
evaluations and consulting services that assist

Business & Industry
Asset impairment studies
Asset procurement & disposition
Asset tracking & tagging
Competitive analysis
ESOP structuring
Establishment of property records
Expansion & consolidation strategies
Fairness opinions
Financial planning
Financial reporting allocations
Fresh start accounting                            Legal Matters
Functionality assessment                          Bankruptcy
Industry trend analysis                           Condemnation
Inventory management                              Diminution of value
Investment recovery                               Expert testimony
Life cycle studies                                General litigation
Maintenance studies & tracking
Merger, acquisition & divestiture planning        Lending
Payback analysis
Privatizations                                    Capital, operating & synthetic leases
Profitability analysis                            Debtor-in-possession financing
Useful life analysis                              Mezzanine credit facilities
Utilization analysis                              Mortgage loans
                                                  Portfolio analysis
                                                  Residual-value studies
Consulting                                        Revolving credit facilities
Crisis management                                 Solvency opinions
Feasibility analysis                              Term loans
Market studies & analysis                         Tax Matters
Problem solving
Productivity analysis                             Allocation of purchase price
Strategic planning                                Establishment of tax strategies
                                                  Estate planning
                                                  Tax appeal
Insurance                                         Transfer pricing
Business interruption
Establishment of proper coverage
Loss adjustment
Risk management & assessment                                                              DoveBid Valuation Services   5
The Power of Information
In an age when rapid access to reliable market
information often defines a firm’s ability to make
timely, strategic decisions, DVS gives clients a
competitive advantage. The key: the
relationship between DVS and DoveBid, the
world’s leading auctioneer of capital assets.
This relationship delivers unparalleled access
to detailed information about the daily
disposition of business assets throughout the

DVS’ proprietary data management network                                                 authority
facilitates instant access to extensive
information, including market, liquidation, and
auction transactions; industry statistics; library
and online resources; and industry contacts.
These advanced tools are used daily to ensure
that value conclusions are thoroughly
researched,      comprehensively       analyzed,
accurately      estimated,     and      properly

Combined with other industry information, DVS’ extensive data resources keep clients closely attuned to the
marketplace, revealing the important subtleties that aid in recognizing strategic market opportunities. This
translates to real-world dependability by delivering answers to clients that have real-world application.

When assets must be sold, the exit strategies recommended by DVS mirror those executed by DoveBid in
everyday practice, and the cost-of-sale estimates are based on fact, not theory. The ability to draw on this
practical experience keeps clients well informed and able to assess risk with confidence.

                                                                                          DoveBid Valuation Services   6
Machinery – The Key to Production
A machine is more than a production tool—it’s
a vital link in the manufacturing process and an
essential contributor to a company’s
productivity and profitability. Clients rely on
DVS for detailed evaluations of machinery, with
the conclusions often becoming the support                                           productivity
and basis for asset-secured loans, book and tax
planning, insurance coverage, and many other
types of asset studies.

DVS has the expertise to evaluate a wide array
of machinery in more than 80 industry
segments—from metalworking to circuit board
manufacturing to paper mills to textile mills. This
comprehensive expertise guarantees clients
ultimate flexibility when scheduling complex
projects and ensures staffing by professionals
with in-depth industry experience.

On-site inspections are thorough, asset
descriptions are complete, and reporting is
solid, with every evaluation meeting or exceeding strict professional and regulatory standards. Major assets
are digitally photographed to record their condition and the characteristics of the manufacturing operation.
Certain installations are further documented while in operation to record the efficiency of the production
process. These efforts all help DVS deliver accurate conclusions and a work product that has many direct and
indirect benefits to the client.

                                                                                          DoveBid Valuation Services   7
Inventory – The Vital Resource
Inventory is the lifeblood of a company. The
effective management of this resource often
means the difference between profit and loss,
growth and survival. An important and dynamic
strength of DVS is the firm’s ability to evaluate
inventory that is part of a complex
manufacturing operation, as well as value
finished goods that are marketed through
wholesale and retail distribution. Our advice
helps clients distinguish the value of individual
product lines, enhance profitability by
increasing efficiency, and maintain appropriate
stock levels during periods of growth or
contraction. Lower-of-cost or market studies
performed by DVS contrast internal
performance with the competitive marketplace,
while build-out analyses help improve inventory
balance and the timeliness of shipments.

Recognizing that every inventory is a unique
extension of the business itself, DVS takes
great care to understand the factors that make
it distinct.

                                                                    DoveBid Valuation Services   8
Real Estate –
The Underlying Value
Real estate is the foundation asset of many
businesses, and DVS has the expertise to
evaluate a wide variety of properties. Skilled
professionals with years of experience prepare
real estate evaluations of demonstrated
accuracy. The precision of the conclusions is
driven    by    firsthand-confirmed     market
investigation and comprehensive analysis.
Every evaluation meets or exceeds industry
standards and takes into account the use that
provides the highest economic return to the

Broad-Based Experience
Agribusiness improvements                                    possibility

Aircraft hangars
Assisted-living centers
Automotive centers
Breweries & distilleries
Bulk storage facilities
Chemical plants & refineries                     Multifamily residential developments
Cinemas & theaters                               Office buildings
Cold storage facilities                          Paper mills
Convenience & grocery store chains               Parking structures
                                                 Pasture, ranch & timberland acreage
Day care facilities & nurseries                  Performing arts centers
Dye houses                                       Pharmaceutical facilities
Food processing facilities                       Restaurants
Fuel depots & service stations                   Retail & commercial buildings
General manufacturing facilities                 Schools & universities
Golf courses                                     Self- & mini-storage facilities
Health clubs                                     Shipyards
Healthcare & medical facilities                  Shopping centers & malls
                                                 Sports & entertainment complexes
Heavy industrial facilities                      Steel mills
High-tech improvements & clean rooms             Subdivision developments
Historic properties                              Textile mills
Hubs & transit facilities                        Theme parks
                                                 Truck stops & travel plazas
Institutional & governmental buildings           Warehouse & distribution facilities
Lodging & hospitality properties

                                                                                        DoveBid Valuation Services   9
Business and Intangibles –
Enterprise and Beyond
Valuing businesses requires a fully integrated
understanding of the enterprise and a true
appreciation for the company’s competitive
position in the marketplace. Sustainable
advantages, barriers to entry, superior
geography, and brand awareness are some of
the assets that create value seen and measured
by DVS. These comprehensive insights,                       advantage

combined with DoveBid’s experience in buying
and selling companies, uniquely qualify our
professionals to provide accurate evaluations
and sound advice.

With the information and conclusions
presented in DVS business valuations, clients
confidently       negotiate        sale/purchase
agreements; understand the value of operating
divisions, wholly owned subsidiaries, and
minority interests; establish the proper basis for
private and public stock offerings; and facilitate
the successful completion of many other types of business transactions.

Intangible assets, which often account for a substantial percentage of a company’s value, are accurately
evaluated by combining meticulous analysis with the right mix of business acumen and common sense. The
result—DVS makes the intangible tangible.

Examples of intangible assets valued by DVS include:
Brand names & logos                     Non-compete agreements
Computer software & copyrights          Open purchase orders
Customer contracts & relationships      Patent applications
Customer lists                          Permits & contracts
Databases                               Process patents
Distributorships & sales routes         Product lines & patents
Engineering drawings                    Proprietary processes & technology
Formulas & recipes                      Research & development
Franchise & licensing agreements        Supplier contracts
Industrial design                       Technical documentation
Institutional & professional goodwill   Trade names & trademarks
Library resources                       Trade secrets

                                                                                     DoveBid Valuation Services   10
Consulting Services –
Individual Solutions
DVS provides a broad range of consulting
services designed to meet each client’s
individual needs. Challenges faced by today’s
global companies are thoroughly examined to
identify the best solutions to complex issues           answers
like strategy, feasibility, productivity, crisis, and
insolvency. Clients count on DVS for the right
direction at the right time and for the
assistance needed to achieve identified goals.

                                                                  DoveBid Valuation Services 11
Project Management –
Advice to Execution
Clients depend on DVS for more than accurate
evaluations. They know DVS will provide
complete project management, making the
process convenient and simple. Professionals
throughout the world commit themselves to
each engagement, providing full client service at
every step. Advice, execution, and follow-up
distinguish DVS.

Asset Management –
The Complete Solution
DVS and DoveBid offer an extensive array of
turnkey asset management services. With
cutting-edge Internet technology, DoveBid
provides innovative on-site and online solutions
to clients seeking to value, acquire, redeploy,
and/or dispose of assets. Every transaction
facilitated by DoveBid is supported by services like rigging, transportation, financing, and insurance. The
complete integration of these services ensures every step of the asset management process is easy and
rewarding for clients.

                                                                                        DoveBid Valuation Services 12
Valuation Updates
Markets fluctuate and values constantly
change. That’s why DVS works diligently to
inform clients of shifts in demand that may
impact sound and timely decision-making. To
help neutralize the uncertainty of changes in the
marketplace, DVS highly recommends regular,         immediacy
cost-effective appraisal updates.

Valuations Online
Rapid and convenient access to evaluations
and other time-sensitive information essential in
a competitive business environment is another
DVS service that gives clients a competitive
advantage.     Online     valuations    present
immediate, secure access to data and
information for multiple global users. Unique
user identification ensures that confidential
documents remain confidential.

                                                       DoveBid Valuation Services 13
The Preferred Choice Worldwide
                                                                our office
With offices throughout the world, DVS is
globally positioned to provide comprehensive
appraisal and consulting services that are timely,
precise, and cost effective. Clients receive
valuable information and advice that clarify
decision-making.         Experienced         DVS
professionals place the needs of the client
first—a tradition that has established DVS as an
international standard of excellence.

The strength of market involvement is proven,
and the power of quality information is real.
Together, these forces define DVS — a market-
savvy global leader that brings clients genuine

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                      we see solutions


Valuation Services

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