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broadband distribution


									                    Broadband Distribution Specialist
                      Certification Program Rules
1. Program Administration
    1.1. The Certification Subcommittee administers the Society’s certification programs.
         Service on the Certification Subcommittee is voluntary and consists of a
         minimum of five members. The Training Committee selects the members of the
         Certification Subcommittee. Experience and stability are paramount to
         subcommittee membership, so turnover should be minimized.
    1.2. The Certification Subcommittee will establish procedures and set standards of
         qualifications for certification. The subcommittee may establish working groups
         to perform specific functions as needed. These working groups will report
         findings and recommendations to the Certification Subcommittee, and their
         actions are subject to approval by the Certification Subcommittee.
    1.3. The Certification Subcommittee will oversee development of specific content to
         be covered within each certification program. The Certification Subcommittee
         may establish working groups to develop and review the content of each of the
         certification programs. Any changes to the topics covered by each certification
         program made by the Certification Subcommittee will be subject to prior
         approval of the Training Committee. Specific questions covering material
         adopted for inclusion within the exam need not be approved beyond the
         Certification Subcommittee.

2. Code of Ethics
    2.1. To uphold and advance the honor and dignity of the profession, and in keeping
         with high standards of ethical conduct, I acknowledge that:
        2.1.1. I will be honest and impartial and will serve with devotion and integrity
               my employer, my clients and the public.
        2.1.2. I will strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession.
        2.1.3. I will endeavor to aid the professional development of those in my employ
               or under my supervision.
        2.1.4. I will be dignified and honest when presenting my work and will take care
               to credit others for their work.
        2.1.5. I will act as a faithful agent for my employer or client and will disclose
               affiliations that influence my judgment.
        2.1.6. I will earnestly endeavor to aid the work of the Society.
        2.1.7. I will uphold and abide by the rules of the certification program as set
               forth in this document.

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3. Procedures
    3.1. Candidates for certification must enroll in the certification program using the
         Program Enrollment form available from SCTE headquarters.
    3.2. The Certification Subcommittee for falsification of credentials, unethical
         behavior and/or failure to meet the “maintenance of certification” requirements
         can withdraw formal recognition and current status of certification. Withdrawal
         of certification for an “ethics” violation also requires due process by the SCTE
         Board of Directors or its designee. A copy of the Code of Ethics appears in the
         previous section. An individual’s signature on the certification Program
         Enrollment includes a pledge to uphold this code.
    3.3. As defined by the Society, specialty certification is “the formal recognition by a
         cognizant peer group of the demonstrated accomplishment of proficiency with
         and the comprehension of the uniquely defined body of knowledge at a point in
         time.” It is not a measure of competence.
    3.4. SCTE, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to review, investigate, inquire
         and/or analyze prospectively or retrospectively any test setting and/or results.
         SCTE may invalidate any and all test results that it determines, in its sole
         discretion, appears suspicious, inaccurate, invalid or inappropriate. In such a
         situation, the candidate(s) will be asked to retest at no charge to the candidate..

4. Exams
    4.1. Content – Examination consist of multiple-choice questions that are carefully
         designed and analyzed to properly determine the degree of comprehension of the
         prescribed curriculum for the respective field. Criteria for passing exams are
         established by the Certification Subcommittee and require a minimum score of
         75% correct.
    4.2. Results – All exams are graded pass/fail. Answers to particular questions will not
         be reported; however, actual scores on failed exams may be reported to the
         candidate. Candidates will receive notification of the results at the conclusion of
         examination. If an exam is failed, specific areas of the program outline will be
         indicated for the candidate to review before retaking the exam. Results of
         specific exams taken will only be released to the individual candidate, unless
         he/she gives specific written permission for a wider distribution. Results may be
         distributed to others as may be necessary to support an investigation of suspected
         fraud or irregularity without the candidate’s knowledge or authorization. This
         does not preclude the release of general information regarding overall results of
         an individual exam session or group of exam sessions administered to more than
         one candidate for the purpose of statistical analysis.
    4.3. Fees – Fees to cover costs of administrating the certification program will be
         established by the Training Committee.
    4.4. Delivery – Exams are delivered and administered electronically via the Internet.

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5. Scope
    5.1. The Broadband Distribution Specialist performs network operation support on
         the distribution network, resolves customer trouble calls, customer serviceability
         surveys, and locates.
    5.2. The Broadband Distribution Specialist also performs outage repair, on-call duty,
         shift work, track/repair CLI, power supply maintenance, and construction
    5.3. In addition, the Broadband Distribution Specialist demonstrates a high degree of
         professionalism and the effective use of customer relations skills during the
         course of everyday business.

6. Exam Curriculum
    6.1. System Architectures – Design principles and HFC architectures;
    6.2. Distribution Components – Actives, passives and coaxial cable;
    6.3. Signal Types – Analog, modulation schemes, frequency spectrum and
    6.4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting – Sweeping, FCC Rules, return path, test
         equipment, status monitoring and troubleshooting techniques;
    6.5.   Safety and Construction – Personal protective equipment (PPE), ladders, pole
           climbing, equipment and vehicle operation.

7. Maintenance of Certification
    7.1. Technological change is a continual occurrence that erodes the value of
         professional certification unless that certification is periodically updated.
         Therefore, certification is valid for a period of three years and must be renewed.
         Certified Broadband Distribution Specialists who wish to retain certified status
         must participate in the “Maintenance of Certification” program.
    7.2. Failure to be recertified within twelve (12) months after the expiration date
         printed on the certificate will result in the loss of current status and will require
         complete repetition of the certification process.
    7.3. It is the responsibility of the individual to document recertification units using
         the appropriate form and to submit it to SCTE headquarters at the appropriate
         time. Application for recertification will only be accepted within six (6) months
         prior to or twelve (12) months following the current expiration date. The
         appropriate fee must accompany application for recertification.
    7.4. Recertification may be obtained by either of the following means:
           7.4.1. Repeat of the certification process.
           7.4.2. Accumulation of recertification units.
    7.5. Recertification Units

Broadband Distribution Specialist           Page 3 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
        7.5.1. Recertification Units (RUs) are required to maintain certification. RUs
               earned may be applied to multiple programs if more than one certification
               has been earned. A total of 12 RUs within a three year period are required
               for Broadband Distribution Specialist recertification. RUs may be earned
               through any of the following means.
                 SCTE active membership – 1 RU/year.
                 Attendance at full day (six instructional hours) of technical
                            training – 1 RU/day.
                 Industry-related technical course – 1 RU/ credit hour or
                 Speaking or presenting a technical paper at a national or
                            regional conference–4 RUs/paper.
                 Speaking or presenting a technical paper at a chapter or
                            local conference–2 RUs/paper.
                 Technical article published in industry publication–4
                 SCTE or local chapter board membership–1 RU/year.
                 Active participation in any technically oriented standing
                            committee of the Society or one of their subcommittees –1
                 Submission of potential exam questions–1 RU per 10
                            accepted questions (limit 1 RU per year).
                 Successful completion of the 12 lessons associated with
                          Pangrac and Associate’s Tech Trainer – 2 RUs/per course.
                 Successful completion of a Jones/ NCTI course – RUs
                            defined per Appendix 1
                 Participation as a contestant in the National Cable games
                          – 1 RU
                 Attendance at local Chapter meeting – 1 RU
                 Attendance at local Chapter Vendor Day plus technical
                          workshop* – 1 RU
                 Attendance at local Chapter Vendor Day without technical
                          workshop* - 0.5 RU
                 Attendance at Cable-Tec Expo with floor pass, excluding
                          Technical Workshops - 0.5 RU per day
                 Attendance at Cable-Tec Expo with full registration,
                          including Technical Workshops - 1 RU per day
                 Successful completion of SCTE certification exam or
                          endorsement exam - 1 RU per exam

Broadband Distribution Specialist           Page 4 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
                 Attendance at 6 SCTE Live Learning presentations - 1 RU
                          per 6 presentations
                 Additional course RUs to be determined by the SCTE
                            Director of Certification Programs under the direction of the
                            Certification Subcommittee.

        * Excludes vendor sales staff hosting table top display

7.6 Waiver of Recertification Requirement
    7.6.1 The Recertification requirement may be temporarily waived by the Certification
          Subcommittee under either of the following circumstances:
      The individual has experienced catastrophic health or medical
                       problems or
      the individual has been called to active military duty.
    7.6.2 The Certification Subcommittee will review all requests to waive the
          recertification requirements meeting the criteria above, but all requests must be
          in writing.
    7.6.3 If Certification Subcommittee approves the Recertification Waiver request, the
          individual must meet requirements for recertification when either of the
          following occurs:
 When the catastrophic health or medical issue has been resolved;
 the individual has been discharged from active military duty
    7.6.4 Once the conditions upon which the recertification waiver was approved no
          longer exist, the individual must complete the recertification process in the time
          that recertification was required prior to the request for waiver.
          7.64.1 As an example, if an individual’s recertification is due within six months
                 and the individual’s request for a recertification waiver is approved, the
                 requirement to recertify is temporarily suspended. When the relevant
                 conditions no longer exist, the individual must notify SCTE and the
                 individual will have twelve months to complete the recertification

8. Exam Procedures
    8.1. Prior to beginning the exam, candidates are required to complete the online
         registration and login.

Broadband Distribution Specialist          Page 5 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
    8.2. All examinations are “open book.” Candidates are responsible for providing their
         own calculator and scratch paper. Any reference materials may be used,
         including texts, tables, papers and calculators. All “scratch paper” will be
         collected at the end of the exam. Candidates will not be allowed to retain notes or
         information concerning examinations.
    8.3. Any calculator may be used provided that it does not cause a distraction to other
         examinees or require special facilities or physical arrangement of the
         examination site (i.e., external power). All tapes must be surrendered upon
         completion of the exam. All memories must be cleared at the beginning and end
         of each examination session. Calculators may not be shared.
        8.3.1. The proctor will ensure that the computer used for taking exams meets the
               minimum hardware requirements, is connected to the examination website
               and performs as expected throughout the examination period. In addition,
               candidate access to any device or mechanism that may provide the
               candidate with an unfair advantage in answering examination questions is
               not allowed.
        8.3.2. The proctor will ensure that only the prescribed application required for
               completion of the exam is used throughout the entire duration of the exam.
               No additional software, programs or other applications are allowed to be
               active during the exam.
    8.4. Direct sharing of materials between candidates is prohibited.
    8.5. Sample examinations from any source, including “prep” courses, are not allowed
         as notes during the testing session.
    8.6. To aid those candidates who do not own the appropriate reference materials, the
         proctor may set up a reference table in the examination area. Only one person at
         a time is permitted at the reference table.
    8.7. Candidates must show a company- or government-issued photo ID prior to
         beginning the exam process.
    8.8. Candidates may request reasonable accommodation when writing the exam if the
         applicant meets the criteria as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act
         (ADA). A request for accommodation must be submitted in writing and must
         include a request for a specific kind of accommodation at least two (2) weeks
         prior to testing. In addition, some form of medical documentation (i.e., doctor’s
         letter, health official’s record, etc.) must accompany the request. The certification
         program’s administrator, or designated representative, will determine if the
         disability is covered under the ADA and if the requested accommodation is
         reasonable. Finally, medical documentation associated with a request for
         accommodation will be verified. All requests for accommodation will be
         considered on a case-by-case basis.
    8.9. The proctor must log in to the exam website using their proctor account
         information prior to the start of the examination.

Broadband Distribution Specialist         Page 6 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
        8.9.1. The proctor login and account information must not be divulged to any
               other person by any means.
    8.10. The proctor will actively observe the candidate throughout the entire
          examination period.
    8.11. Candidates may not leave the testing room without exiting the testing program.
          Candidates who leave the testing room will not be allowed to continue any
          incomplete exam.
    8.12. The writing of any individual exam shall be limited to a two (2) hour sitting. If
          the exam has not been completed within this allotted time, the exam process
          will be terminated and graded as a completed exam.
    8.13. Once exam materials have been presented to a certification candidate, the
          appropriate exam fees will be retained and the exam will be graded and
          processed as a complete exam regardless of how much of the exam the
          candidate completes.
    8.14. Exam questions, answers or other exam related information must not be
          duplicated by any means including, but not limited to, email, screen capture or
          mechanical duplication.
    8.15. Employing the use of a translator during SCTE certification exam testing may
          have some unintentional consequences. For instance, while translating a
          question, the translator may choose a word, phrase or term that does not
          accurately reflect the intent of the question. It may also be possible for a
          translator to unintentionally misdirect a certification candidate simply by
          changing tone of voice. In this case, the certification candidate may interpret a
          wrong answer as correct and vice versa. As such, use of a translator during an
          SCTE Certification exam is prohibited. An exception may be permissible if a
          candidate meets the criteria as described under the Americans with Disability
          Act (ADA). In this situation, a candidate must follow the steps outlined in 8.8
          of the certification program rules prior to taking an exam.

9. Proctoring Exams
    9.1. Individuals wishing to proctor exams must meet the following requirements.
        9.1.1. Be a current dues-paying member of SCTE or a member of SCTE
             headquarters staff.
        9.1.2. Complete and submit the appropriate Proctor Application form to become
               an official proctor for SCTE.
        9.1.3. Be approved by SCTE headquarters staff.
    9.2. Those eligible to proctor exams are:
        9.2.1. Current members of the SCTE Board of Directors.
        9.2.2. Any member of SCTE headquarters staff.
        9.2.3. Current and Immediate Past Presidents of local chapters.

Broadband Distribution Specialist        Page 7 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
        9.2.4. Those who have successfully completed BCT or BCE certification.
        9.2.5. Managers, Supervisors, Trainers or other employees who have an
               employment status above or removed from the candidate testing.
    9.3. Proctors shall be responsible for carrying out and enforcing all rules covering the
         exam procedures. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by SCTE
         headquarters under guidelines established by the Certification Subcommittee.
    9.4. Any proctor that is found in violation of these rules will be subject to disciplinary
         action. SCTE headquarters in conjunction with the Certification Subcommittee
         will determine such action.

    10.1. Candidates passing their examination will receive a certificate stating that they
          have successfully completed certification.
    10.2. Other materials denoting achievements in the certification program may be
          made available, from time to time, by the Society. SCTE headquarters staff will
          limit purchases of such materials to those having certification status consistent
          with the materials sought and to those purchasing materials for the use of named
          individuals having certification status consistent with the material purchased.
        10.2.1. The representation or the wearing or displaying of emblems, certificates or
                similar materials in such a manner as to imply certification status in excess
                of that which is then-current for any member is a violation of Society rules
                and is subject to disciplinary action as determined by the SCTE Training
                Committee and ratified by the Board of Directors.
    10.3. Upon completion of certification, a letter of recognition will be sent to the
          candidate’s supervisor(s), if desired by the candidate.

Broadband Distribution Specialist         Page 8 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006
Appendix 1: RUs Awarded for Completion of Jones/NCTI Courses

                             Suggested   College        Number
                             Number of   Credited       of Credit
Course                       RUs         Y/N            hours     Number of lessons
Advanced Technician          4           Y              4         17
Broadband Digital
Installer                3               Y              3        14
Broadband HFC
Network Testing and
Measurements             3               N              NA       22
Business Law & the
Legal Environment        3               Y              3        35
Effective Supervision    3               Y              3        16
Fiber Installation and
Activation               2               Y              2        10
Fiber Testing and
Maintenance              2               Y              2        9
Field Safety             2               N              NA       13
Installer                3               Y              3        20
Installer Technician     4               Y              3        24
Introduction to Business 3               Y              3        15
Introduction to TC/IP    1               N              NA       7
Principles of
Management               3               Y              3        15
Return Path Operations 1                 N              NA       6
System Technician        4               Y              4        20
Advanced Services        3               Y              3        10
Understanding Voice and
Data Networks            3               Y              3        12
VoIP Installation and
Repair                   2               N              NA       8

Broadband Distribution Specialist         Page 9 of 9                           rev. 10/23/2006

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