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					               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre

Centre Telephone Number:                   (03) 5996 1889
Centre Fax Number:                         (03) 5996 8099
Email Address:                   
Web Page:                        

Hours of Operation:                        6.00am – 6.00pm
                                           Monday to Friday
                                           Only closed on Public Holidays

                                     Daily Requirements

Children under two years of age:

       •   Bottles of milk for the day (previously prepared and named)
       •   Three (3) sets of spare change of clothes in case of mishap
       •   Sunhat (named)
       •   Colder days a warm coat and hat (named)

Children over two years of age:

       •   Trainer pants/pull ups if required
       •   A full change of clothes (named)
       •   Sunhat (named)
       •   Colder days a warm coat and hat (named)

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook           2                                  7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre
 Please note that due to limited vacancies, bookings cannot be confirmed with
              your center director until payment has been made.
1.    FEES: Fees are payable weekly, fortnightly or monthly in advance by cash,
direct debit, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. Fees must be kept paid 1 week in
advance at all times. (Casual bookings must be paid for on the day of attendance).
2.    PARENT POCKETS: Please ensure to collect receipts and statements out of
your pockets weekly. Account statements will be given every Monday morning,
receipt will be printed on the same day the payment is given.
3.    HOLIDAYS: A fee of 50% of normal fees will apply for a child who is going to
be absent for a period of up to 4 weeks per year. Two weeks notice must be given
and each period of absence must be for a minimum of 5 consecutive days.
4.     PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: Public holidays will incur full fees. Child Care Benefit will
apply to all public holidays.
5.    ABSENCE DUE TO ILLNESS: Fees are charged as per booking. Child Care
Benefit will apply to the first 30 days absences per year. Please advise our centre of
absenteeism the day before, or if not possible by 9.00 am on the day.
6.    TERMINATION: Two weeks notice is required for termination of your place.
For reinstatement of booking, waiting list priority applies.
7.    LATE FEES: By regulation, two staff members are required to be in
attendance at all times while a child remains in the centre. Therefore, an overtime
wage will need to be covered by you if your child is not collected by closing time. You
must ring the centre if you are going to be late, if it is possible. A late fee of $1.00
for every 1-minute or part thereof will be levied to the staff.
8.    OVERDUE FEES: Management reserves the right to forfeit your place at the
centre should fees become overdue. Overdue accounts will be referred to our Credit
Manager. An additional charge of $10.00 will be incurred each time the Credit
Manager is required to contact a customer to recover fees. All costs incurred in
recouping money via a Debt Collector will be liable by the customer.
9.    CENTRE POLICIES: These can be found on display in detail in the entrance
hallway and in our Centre Policies & Procedures folder, which is located in the
reception area.
   10. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Happy Little Learners Child Care Centre is licensed by Department of Education,
Employment and Workplace Relations – the statutory body responsible for child care
regulations. For the telephone number of your closest DEEWR office please see our
centre director.
Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook         3                                   7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre
The Centre consists of a team of people with varying degrees of experience and
qualifications, which include: -
Director: - Associate Diploma in Social Science - Child Studies.

Qualified Carers – Advance Diploma, Diploma in Children Services and Associate
Diploma in Social Science - Child Studies.

Childcare Assistants : - Certificate III in Childcare from a TAFE college.
 For part time and relief staff experience in Child Care and or recognised
qualification is the minimum requirement.

The Centre value and appreciate its responsibility in training, qualifying new
entrance to the profession, therefore the Centre has been an active participant of
the Govt. traineeship program since May 2009.

We value your involvement and contribution to the Centre therefore please feel
free to talk to any of the senior staff regarding your child.
You are welcome to visit the Centre at any time during the day and we look forward
to your participation in any of the Centre's functions that will be held throughout
the year.

                            ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE
The child MUST be brought into and taken out of the Centre by a parent or
guardian and signed in and out in the attendance book provided.
At no time should a child be picked up or dropped off by anyone other than
specified on the enrolment form, unless the Centre has been previously notified,
this notification must be entered into staff / parent communication book.
In case of custody arrangement, a copy of the court order of family arrangement
must be left with the Centre; otherwise if either parent has a proof of identity,
they have every right to take the child legally.

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook       4                                   7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre
                             YOUR CHILD’S FIRST DAY

The first day at anything can be quite frightening even for the best of us. To
assist your child to settle more easily please allow 10-15 minutes with your child
engaging in an activity and getting to know the staff. We do offer orientation prior
to starting booked care. A free 2 hour visit is arranged upon enrolment.
When it comes to saying goodbye your child may become upset. Please say goodbye,
and say where you going and that you will be back for them later and leave quickly.
You may like to give them some form of comforter, e.g. a teddy.

Whilst your child may become upset they will quickly become involved in one of the
many activities provided as well as meeting new friends.
Please note that dragging out your departure only leads to the child's confusion
who will inevitably become more distressed. Please feel free to ring anytime
throughout the day to find out how your child is settling in.

The Centre cannot provide care for a child suffering from a contagious illness or
high temperature (that is above 38.5 degrees). If your child does contract
contagious illnesses please advice the staff so that parents of the children in
contact with your child can be notified.
If you are contacted by the staff concerning your unwell child, you or an
authorised adult must collect the child immediately.

                      Your child MUST be kept home if they have
                    Mumps                   Glandular Fever
                   Measles                  Diphtheria
                   German Measles           Rubella
                   Conjunctivitis           Hand, foot and mouth
                   Chicken Pox              Whooping Cough
                   Impetigo                 Diarrhoea
                   Ring Worm                Scabies

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook       5                                  7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre

Parent / guardians must have a written clearance from a doctor before they can
return to our Centre. Any vomiting, diarrhoea or high temperature must be cleared
for at least 24 hours to prevent passing of infection to the other children and
It is our Centre’s policy, as well as a DEEWR regulation that once a child
becomes sick at our Centre, a parent/guardian must come to collect the child
The child will not be allowed back to our Centre without a Doctor’s clearance
1. The Doctor’s certificate must be signed clearly by a medical practitioner.
2. The certificate must specify the type of illness (sickness) and that the
child is well and fit to attend the Centre, and does not represent any risk to
the rest of the children.
3. The Centre reserves the right to reject a doubtful medical certificate,
especially if it does not comply with the Centres requirement.
Please read the Centre’s Manual regarding Sickness and Exclusions.
 It is a regulation of the Centre, and the Commonwealth Department of Human
Services, that fees are payable even if the child is absent from the Centre due to
illness, or parents choice.

Please note our staff will not administer any type of medication to children at the
Centre without written permission.
All medication required for children must be entered into the medication book each
day, and authorised by Parent/guardians.

In such case the medicine must be provided by the parent (including Panadol),
the dose must be entered and signed by the parent in the medication book.
Medication is only administered by a senior staff member and witnessed by
another carer.
In case of an emergency, the Centre will contact parents and or authorised
person to collect the Child immediately. If no one collected the child within
the hour the Centre will inform DOCS and requests an ambulance at parents’

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook       6                                 7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre

So your child can feel free to join in all activities, especially messy ones, please
dress him / her in suitable (old) clothes. An additional set of clothes should be kept
in the child's bag at all times.
We provide nappies for all sizes. If your child is toilet training allow for accidents
by providing 3-4 changes of clothes, otherwise one change of clothes is appropriate
for other children enrolled at the Centre. Label all clothing to prevent them from
becoming lost.

The staff would appreciate that children only bring one soft toy to the Centre for
rest time if necessary. Toys from home encourage conflict between peers and
children become upset if their toys are lost or broken. We take no responsibility
for damaged or lost toys and toys brought to the Centre will be confiscated. Toys
must also be labelled with the child’s name to prevent them from becoming lost.

A nutritional hot meal will be provided each day plus morning and afternoon tea. It
is not necessary to provide any food or drinks for your child. Please ensure that
one of the senior staff is notified about any allergies and special diets and must be
noted in writing on enrolment form. Usually the Centre can meet some special diet
requirements otherwise parent should provide the child food. See our Nutrition and
Food Policy.
Children under two: - Once they are on solid food a blend of vegetables is provided.
Only cow’s milk is available at the Centre. If child is on a formula, it is provided by
parents, made up with names clearly labelled onto each bottle.

                                   BED LINEN
Each child will be provided with suitable bedding and a mattress/cot; children are
not expected to sleep but are encouraged to rest.
A comforter or one soft toy may be sent with the child for rest time.

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook         7                                   7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre

Sunscreen is provided for the children by the Centre. Parents may supply their own
sunscreen if preferred. According to the recommendation of the Centre’s Sun
Protection Policy sunscreen is applied to the exposed skin of children over 12
months before going out into the sun. Babies under twelve months are not exposed
to the sun.
A request not to apply sunscreen must be accompanied by a signed letter releasing
Centre staff and the Management of responsibility for any ill-effects of exposure
to the sun.
When playing outdoors the children will also be required to wear sunhats. Babies
will need to provide their own sun hats. These should have a brim which allows them
to shade the neck and ears. For further information on sun protection please refer
to the Policy Handbook or speak to staff.


To assist children to develop in all aspects of life it is important to give children
the opportunity to experience the wider community and the environment beyond
the Centre.
Centre Policy states that there is to be a minimum of two staff when children go
for local walks and child: staff ratios must be adhered to.
Parents are informed of external excursions two weeks prior to the event where
possible and permission forms must be completed and returned to staff. The child:
staff ratios required by the licensing conditions are always adhered to. Parents are
welcome to join the children on excursions. Enquiries can be directed to the staff
organising the excursion.
Travel is by bus only and where possible buses will be fitted with seat belts.

                                  Mutual Obligation
Happy Little Learners Child Care Centre follows the Commonwealth Child Care
Priority of access regulation in accepting children.

Please take care while filling out the enrolment form
      At enrolment, Families must provide the Centre with
          o 1) Family Customer Reference number
          o 2) a Child Reference number

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook        8                                  7/10/2009
               Happy Little Learners
                 Child Care Centre
           o 3) Date of birth of parent the child is linked. Parent only can obtain
             this information from FAO.
           o Parents / guardians are obliged to submit prove of immunisation
             certificates upon enrolment. If no immunisation certificate is
             provided, the child must be collected immediately if an outbreak of an
             infectious disease occurs. It is your obligation to inform FAO
             regarding your child’s immunisation.

Our centre has been designed to deliver best practice design and accessibility
requirements, ensuring that we accommodate all children with special needs. We
strive to ensure our service is available to all children, regardless of their abilities.
Happy Little Learners Child Care Centre is registered for Accreditation with the
National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). Centres registered and
accredited through the NCAC are eligible to receive Child Care Benefit (CCB).
CCB is a subsidy provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved long day
care child care centres. This subsidy is provided to support families to meet the
costs of child care and can be made available to families through reduced fees in a
Parents may apply for Child Care Benefits through their local Family Assistance
Office on 136150.

Version 1 HLLCCC – Parent Handbook          9                                    7/10/2009

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