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					                             Marketing Research – Secondary Sources
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Introduction - Best Places to Get Started
Secondary sources provide information that was gathered to serve a number of purposes and they can be used to
assist in formulating primary research needs.

 Reference Books
    Datapedia of the United States, 1790-2000 : America year by year. Reference, HA202 .K87
    Statistical abstract of the United States. Reference, HA202 .U5.
    Statistical abstract of Utah. Reference, HA661 .S72

 Web Sites -
    CEO Express -
    Hoover's -
    I3 Internet Intelligence Index (Fuld & Company) - Marketing Virtual Library - -

 SUU Article Databases

    Academic Universe (Lexis-Nexis)
    News, government and politics, business, law, biographies, state and country profiles, medicine and health,
    and reference information.

    Business Source Premier (EBSCO)
    Newspapers, magazines, and journals in business and related subjects.

    Wall Street Journal (ProQuest Newspapers)
    National and international finance as well as hard news.

 Selected Periodicals (First floor Serials area)
    AdNews : the journal of advertising in Utah and      Fast Company
        the Western States                               Forbes
    Advertising Age                                      Journal of Consumer Marketing
    Barrons                                              Journal of Marketing
    Business Marketing                                   Sales and marketing Management
    Dollars and Sense                                    Utah Business Magazine

Company Information
Annual reports and 10-K reveal import information on a company since public companies have to file and make
information about their company known. For private companies rely on published articles about the company.
Annual reports are sometimes put on a company's website. If you search in the US information for foreign
company reports, use 20-F instead of 10-K.

Most company websites follow this format for their URL's:
Competitive Analysis includes evaluating market share, ranking of companies within the industry, and number of
companies within the industry among other competitive criteria.

 Reference Books
   Business statistics of the United States. Reference, HF3001 .B875.
   Handbook of North American industry. Reference, HF1746 .H37.
   Hoover's handbook of American business, 2000. Reference, HF3010 .H66.
   Industry norms and key business ratios. Reference, HF 5681 .R25 I252.
   International directory of company histories. Reference, HD 2721 .I63 .
   Market share reporter : an annual compilation of reported market share data on companies, products,
    and services, 2000. Reference, HF5410 .M35
   NAICS desk reference: The North American Industry Classification System desk reference.
    Reference HF1041.5 .N35 2000.
   Sports Market Place. Reference HD9992.U5 S667.
   U.S. Market Trends & Forecasts. Reference HF5415.1.U6
   Utah Business Directory. Reference HF5065.U8 U78
   Utah Directory of Business and Industry. Reference, HD 9727 .U8 U8
   Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies. Reference, HG 4057 .A57

 Web Sites

   Annual Report Library -
   Annual reports and proxies from corporations, foundations, banks, mutual funds, and public institutions located
   around the world.

   CAROL World -
   Annual reports from European and American companies; links to shareholder and chairman information; news.

   Corporate Information -
   Research reports, news and company profiles.

   EDGAR Database -
   Search the EDGAR database for current filings as well as archived filings. Download the statements rather
   than print them as some of the 10-Ks are over 100 pages.

   Hoover's -
   Information on public and private companies and industries.

 SUU Article Databases

   Lexis-Nexis Academic
     For Annual Reports, click on Business, SEC Filings, type company name, choose report from pull-down
     For Hoover's Company Reports, choose Company Financial, type company name, choose Hoover’s
        Company Reports.
     Use Compare Companies to access Hoover Company and Industry Reports
     For SIC Directory, choose Directories, choose SIC Directory from pull-down menu
Demographics (Customer Analysis)
Customer Analysis involves analyzing the marketplace, its needs, trends, and growth to determine
a specific target market.

The periodicals American Demographics, American Demographics Marketing Power Supplement, and
American Demographics Marketing Tools Supplement are frequently used journals for demographic
characteristics. See Lexis-Nexis for accessing these periodicals.

 Reference Books
  Commercial atlas and marketing guide. Reference, Oversize HF 1023 .R18.
  Demographics USA. Reference, HF 5415.33 .U6 C5.
  Demographics of the U.S.: trends and projections. Reference, HB849.49 .R87.

 Web Sites
  U.S. Census Bureau -

 SUU Article Databases

  LEXIS-NEXIS Academic - electronic version of American Demographics
    Click Sources on top bar
    Search for American Demographics
    Click Search This Title, enter your search.

  STAT-USA (Department of Commerce)
  STAT-USA is the site for the U.S. business, economic and trade community, providing authoritative
  information from the federal government.
     Click on "GLOBUS/NTDB" for export/import statistics, market research reports, country data.
     For demographic information go to "country commercial guides."

Brands/Products, Advertising/Media
 Reference Books
  Encyclopedia of consumer brands. Reference, HF5415.3 .E527
  Encyclopedia of major marketing campaigns. Reference, HF5837 .E53 2000

 Web Sites

  Advertising Age's Data Center -
  Select link on left "Data Center" and then click on the category "Marketers" for available data reports.

  Advertising World -
  The Department of Advertising at UT Austin created this well known advertising website which supplies an
  extensive collection of advertising links on the web. Marketing Virtual Library -

  Thomas Register -
  Comprehensive online resource for finding companies and products manufactured in North America.
Surveys / Opinion Polls
 Reference Books
   Research Alert Yearbook Reference, HF5415.2 .R42

 Web Sites
   Web Sources of Social Science, Poll and Survey Findings and Data
   Wealth of social science data including regional archives and well known sources such as Roper and

 SUU Article Databases

   LEXIS-NEXIS Academic
       Access to Roper Public Opinion Location Library or Public Opinion Online
       Click Reference, then Polls & Surveys

Trade Associations
Trade associations supply industry and marketing statistics sometimes for free. Many associations have a Home
Page on the WWW and data, news, and reports can also be located from their site.

 Reference Books
   Encyclopedia of Associations Reference, HS17 .G332
   Comprehensive source for association information. Look in Keyword Index for name of industry. From the
   index, numbers refer to entry numbers not page numbers.

 Web Sites

   CEO Express: Industry Center
   Click on industry categories for a listing of trade associations and other information.

 SUU Article Databases

   Associations Unlimited
   Online version of the Encyclopedia of Associations. Search for associations and professional societies.

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