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 Email:                                                         Phone:       8920 0000
 Website: http/                                                Fax:       8920 0011
 Principal: Paul Nyhuis
 Term 3 Week 10                  22/10//2008              Season – Dalaiwamila – pre-monsoon storm season
Good Afternoon,
We’re currently enjoying another great week at Malak
Primary School with excellent learning happening in class                              Rikquishe Wright 4/5/6W was
rooms and students adhering to our School Code of                                      presented with his Vice-Captain
Conduct.                                                                               badge at Assembly on 17th
On Monday you should have received the parent survey
information which was sent home with your oldest child.
We’ve had a great response so far and ask that all families
take a few minutes to complete the survey and return it to
school. The students are certainly very supportive given             Parent Perception Survey
that on the survey being returned they will be issued with a
raffle ticket giving them a chance to win a new bike.          On Monday 20th October the eldest child in
                                                               each family attending Malak Primary received
I received some exciting news yesterday. Malak School          a ‘Parent Perception Survey’ to take home.
Council was the runner up winner in the Australian
Women’s Weekly Parents and Citizens Award. We were             To encourage parents/carers to fill in and
however the only school in Australia to be recognised for      return the survey, Malak School is raffling a
the second year in a row. Many of you will recall that we      bike (value $250.00) and each child who
won this award in 2007. This is fantastic for our school
                                                               attends our school has the chance to win.
community and a testament to the commitment of our
parents and school staff to improve learning outcomes for
our students, and truly make Malak a great school.
Finally I wanted to communicate to you a number of
staffing changes that will take effect on Monday 27
October. Ms Trish Espinoza is taking on a 7 week contract
within the Education Department, working as an Education
officer. As a result of this and several other whole school
priorities Ms Maloney will be coming off class. Ms
Maloney will be working on a number of special projects
but will continue to support the 5/6 class and the Primary
Team.                                                          To be eligible for the raffle, the survey forms
We welcome for the remainder of the year Mr Robert             must be returned to school by Monday 27th
Joyce. Mr Joyce will be teaching the year 5/6 class            October and each child in that family will
replacing Ms Maloney. Mr Joyce is a fantastic teacher and      receive a raffle ticket.
has already established a positive relationship with           The winning ticket will be drawn at our next
students at Malak School.                                      assembly on Friday 31st October.
Thanks for continuing to support your child’s education at                DATES TO REMEMBER
Malak School.
                                                                31 Oct – Bicycle Raffle Draw
Have a great week                                               31 Oct – Assembly
                                                                11 Nov – School Council Meeting
                                                                4 Dec – Malak Presentation Evening - 6pm
                                                                        (Sanderson Middle School)
Paul Nyhuis                                                     8 Dec – Year 6 Dinner
Principal                                                       9 Dec – School Council Meeting

Malak School – ‘Learning For Life’
ASSEMBLY 17/10/2008
Mr Nyhuis addressed the assembly with the emphasis                                         “Gotcha”
for Term 4 would be ‘Attendance at Malak’ and that                                 We just caught you doing something
students need to make a special effort to attend school                                   great at Malak PS!
everyday as it was very important for their education.
Mr Nyhuis announced that Mrs Sumendra’s 3/4 class
                                                             sponsored by
was this week’s winner with 92% attendance from 8th
Oct to 15th Oct and they would receive ‘Pizza’ lunch
that day.

                                                          “Premium quality ice cream made fresh in store.
                                                                    Ice cream cakes a specialty”

Students from class 1/2 Rigby sang ‘Octopus’s Garden’     Leyton Mertin , Bee Allen, Mae Ganambarr,
surrounded by their underwater garden that they           Riley Mertin, Liam Sims and Tyrone Nona.
made in class.

2008 - The University of New South Wales                  Merit Awards were received by
Educational Assessment Australia -Awards
Some of our students have been assessed for ICAS           STUDENT                      AWARD             CLASS
(International Competitions and Assessments for            Trey Lucas                   Literacy
                                                           Aiden Carr                   Numeracy          Tr/D
Schools), and were presented with their
                                                           Felicity Samson              You can do it
Certificates by Mr Paul Quinn.                             Jamie Hudson                 Literacy
Computer Skills:                                           Emily Shackleton             Numeracy          T/1 B
                                                           Bailey Crawford              You can do it
Credit - Vyshnavi Moorthy, Andrew Wilson,
Nirupan Moorthy & Tiarnan Rooks-Berryman.                  Amber Noll                   Literacy
                                                           Michael Smith                Numeracy          1/2P
Students who also participated Sunema Villaflor,
                                                           Nathan Rose                  You can do it
Nikki Chamberlain, Alana Fleming, Jasper
                                                           Chelsea Shackleton           Literacy
Almond-Smith, Stephanie Spillett, Andrew Wilson            Teehjay Suphan               Numeracy          1 /2 R
& Emily Furniss                                            Tevin Da Cruz Soares         You can do it
Mathematics:                                               Hope Price                   Literacy
Distinction – Vyshnavi Moorthy                             Brooke McGhee                Numeracy          2/3 Ha
                                                           Dylan Anderson               You can do it
Credit - Nirupan Moorthy
Students who also participated Zak Borges-Nunes,           Liam Morris                  Literacy
Tiarnan Rooks-Berryman, Dean Edwards,                      Shian Punch                  Numeracy          2/3 Ho
Shanice Dos Santos, Emily Furniss & Zachary                Ella Fairlie                 You can do it
Kollman.                                                   Ethan Ashburton              Literacy
                                                           Angus Brown                  Numeracy          3/4S
                                                           Patrick Norman               You can do it
                                                           Latisha Watts                Literacy
                                                           Nicholas Yarran              Numeracy          4/5/6 W
                                                           Kiry McKenzie                You can do it
                                                           Bernice Rickson              Literacy
                                                           Alana Fleming                Numeracy          5/6 M
                                                           Patrick Lewis                You can do it
                                                           Shaun Young                  Literacy
                                                           Sara Maxsted                 Numeracy          5/6/V
                                                           Nielsenking Dela Cruz        You can do it
Front Row L to R: Dean Edwards, Tiarnan Rooks-
Berryman, Jasper Almond-Smith, Alana Fleming.
Back Row L to R: Andrew Wilson, Vyshnavi Moorthy, Nikki
Chamberlain, Emily Furniss and Nirupan Moorthy.

Malak School – ‘Learning For Life’
                                                        Active After-School Communities
                                                            AASC         AFL – Tuesdays

1        Prize: Jeremy Jefferies (Ticket: C 77 Black)
2nd Prize: Chloe Kollman (Ticket: C 24 Orange)
3rd Prize: Mrs Rakkas (Ticket: C 67 Blue)                                  Harrison Roberts (pictured) is
                                                            conducting the AFL with the aid of Joey Uddon
Malak School Council would like to thank all
business’s that donated prizes, and to all the
Malak school community that purchased tickets.

Money Raised from Raffle: $358.00
Special thanks to Mrs Sharon Freeman for
organising the raffle and making the ticket books.

                               We welcome
                               Miss Emily Read,
                               student teacher from
                               Florida, USA who will
                               be assisting Mrs
                               Brown with T/1B
                               class for Term 4          Active After-School Communities
                                                         A A S C Gymnastics – Thursdays

                Community Notices
    Sat 25th Oct- Come and Try Baseball-Tracy
    Village- 5pm – 7pm Tel 0417993050
    Sun 26th Oct – Girl Guides - Darwin Kid’s Expo-
    Darwin Showgrounds 10am to 4pm Tel 89813628
    Sat 8th Nove – Palmeraton Gymnastics Club Tel
    Traditional Korean Karate Academy – Leanyer &
    Nightcliff Tel 0416149066
                                                           Conducted by gym teacher is Jo Moore

Malak School – ‘Learning For Life’
 Malak After-School Care
         Director: Mrs Jane Figg

   •   Provide quality care in a safe and
       secure environment.
   •   To help children develop social
   •   Meet the needs of children from
       different cultural backgrounds.                         Crafts is exciting activity for everyone

                                                                     Hours of Operation
                                                                      Monday to Friday
                                                                      2.30pm – 5.30pm
 Matthew & Amanda Kingham, (MASC staff) distributing
                  afternoon tea.                           For enrolment enquiries please ring
                                                                     Tel: 89200026
MASC has friendly, caring staff offering a variety
of activities for your primary aged children,          Malak After School Care operates under the
including arts, crafts, sports (AASC), help with                 Malak School Council.
their homework, movies, music and cooking.
                                                       Employment Opportunities
                                                       Malak After School Care
                                                       Casual Worker
                                                       If you are interested in applying for this position
                                                       please submit a one page written expression of
                                                       interest to the Malak School Office by
                                                       Wednesday 29th October 3.30pm.
                                                       ♦ Hours of work will be from 1.45pm to
                                                           5.45pm Monday to Friday, exact days to be
            Students enjoying afternoon tea                negotiated. School terms only.
                                                       ♦ Current Police Check will be required.
                                                       ♦ Pay rates are according to current Child Care
                                                       Please contact Paul Quinn or Denise Gibb on
                                                       8920 0000 if you require further information.

                                                       Malak School Council
                                                       If you are interested in applying for this position
                                                       please submit a one page written expression of
                                                       interest plus resume to the Malak School Office
Malak School – ‘Learning For Life’                     by Wednesday 29th October 3.30pm.
                                                       ♦ Hours of work will be from 2 pm to 6 pm
                                                           Monday to Fridays including school
Malak School – ‘Learning For Life’

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