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					ISSUE 4


Parent Newsletter
                                                                                                29 May 2009
                                     Principal’s News
                                     Mid Year Exams
                                     Mid Year Exams commence for Unit 1 subjects on June 2. The College
                                     expects that all Year 11 students will undertake their exams unless
                                     exceptional circumstances exist and prior permission has been
                                     granted not to do so.
Inside This Issue
1      Principal’s News              Unit 3 subject exams are conducted on June 9 and 10 in Accounting,
2      Parking and Traffic           Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Psychology.
3      Who to Contact                Exam starting times and length vary so it is critical students read the
4      Parents & Friends Forums      official VCAA examination timetables carefully. These exams cannot
       College Cafe                  be rescheduled.
5      Pathway Program
6      Student Council
                                     All students undertaking a Unit 3 or 4 (Year 12) subject must
                                     undertake the General Achievement Test (GAT) on June 11. The GAT
7      International Program
                                     is used as a moderating tool and in cases where a student is unable to
7      Exams and Revision
                                     sit their final exams. It is critical that students undertake the GAT and
8      GAT
                                     perform at their best.
9      Special Provision
10     Exam Timetables
                                     Students have been issued with exam timetables and advice about
11     Student Wellbeing             exam procedures. They have also had access to a range of support
12     Art                           both within and outside class to ensure that they perform at their
12     Pathways and Careers          best.
15     MIPS
16     Sports                        I wish students well for their exams.

Upcoming Events                      Defence Technical Scholarships
2-10/6 Year 11 Exams                 Congratulations to Aaron Marshall, Lachlan Sens and Alexander
5/6    Revision Day                  Culvenor, who have each won a valuable Defence Technical
9-10/6 VCAA June Exams               Scholarship.
11/6   GAT
                                     These scholarships, worth $2000 to Year 11 students and $3000 to
12/6   Pupil Free Day – NO classes
                                     Year 12 students, provide support to students who may wish to
15/6   Semester 2 – commences
                                     pursue a technical trade career after completing Year 12. Well done!
16/6   College Council meeting
17/6   Whole New World
                                     Education Week
19/6   Next Parent Newsletter
                                     Education Week contained a number of highlights for the College.
23/6   Parents and Friends Forum
25/6   Road Safety Day
                                     Our VCAL Staff Team won a state award and was presented with this
26/6   Term 2 – last day
                                     award by the Minister, The Honourable Bronwyn Pike, at a ceremony
13/7   Term 3 – commences            in Melbourne.
19/6   Open Day
 PAGE 2                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards Dinner was held at the Crown Palladium. BSSC was represented by
two staff teams. Our Pathways and Transitions Team was second in their section and the ICT Team won the
award for the best Education Support Team, bringing home $10,000 for the College. There are 1650 schools in the
running for 11 awards and only three finalists in each section, so for one school to be represented twice was an
outstanding effort.

Bev Miller, BSSC Assistant Principal, also received an award for 35 years of service to education. Bev has been a
long serving and highly valued member of the College community and the award was appropriate recognition of
her outstanding contribution to the students and staff of Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

H1N1 Influenza (Human Swine Flu)
There has been a good deal of recent publicity over this strain of influenza and the closure of a small number of
schools in Melbourne. The Education Department is providing regular advice to schools about this matter and we
have been instructed to adopt a highly cautionary approach to any potential risks. I encourage any parent who
has questions or concerns to contact the College.

Online Newsletter
Parents are reminded that any feedback regarding the new format of this Newsletter is welcome. Anyone still
wishing to receive a hard copy can contact the General Office on 5443 1222.

Dale Pearce, Principal

Parking and Traffic around the College
Parking and dropping off students at BSSC is not particularly easy.

Parents, guardians and students are asked not to enter Gaol Road or School Road to drop off or collect students.

Gaol Road is a NO STOPPING area, and you may be fined, even if only stopping momentarily. Cars entering these
roads make it dangerous for pedestrians in these areas.

ONLY taxis and cars displaying a disabled permit are to use the semi-circular road in font of the former goal as a
drop-off area.

Please use the drop off bays available in Park Road or Barnard St where students can be dropped off safely and
then walk to the college.

Other areas available for drop off include: QEO, Bull St, Williamson St adjacent to Rosalind Park.

Parents are not permitted to drive onto school property.

Students are not permitted to park on College Grounds.

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 3                                                                    BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Who to Contact . . .
Pathway Community 1                     Student Coordinators
                                        There are eight Pathway Communities and each community has a
                                        Student Coordinator as the key contact person.

                                        The Student Coordinator is primarily responsible for the coordination
                                        of course planning, attendance and the academic progress of
                                        students within the Pathway Communities.

Pathway Community 2                     Parents are encouraged to communicate with their Student
                                        Coordinator if there is a concern or if there is information to pass on
                                        to the college.

                                        Communication with a Student Coordinator can often resolve
                                        concerns or allow for appropriate action to be taken that will
                                        minimise any impact on your student’s progress and wellbeing at the

Pathway Community 3
                                        How to contact?
                                        Phone the General Office and ask to speak with the appropriate
                                        Student Coordinator, email or contact via post.

                                        Parents and/or students are welcome to arrange a personal interview
                                        to discuss any issues or concerns.

                                        Student Coordinators will assist you with questions about:
Pathway Community 4
                                        • Enrolment procedure
                                        • Course planning
                                        • Changes to academic programmes
                                        • Absences
                                        • Illness
                                        • Special provision
Pathway Community 5
                                        • Family holidays during term time
                                        • Problems with academic progress
                                        • Issues with a teacher
                                        • Issues with other students

Pathway Community 6                  Pathway Community 7                            Pathway Community 8

                Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                               We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 4                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Parents & Friends Forums
What all parents should know . . .
We invite all parents to attend our Parents & Friends Forums in 2009.
All forums commence at 7.30pm.

Please place these dates in your diaries.
Tuesday 23 June
Demystifying eLearning: Blogs, Wikis, Facebook, Myspace, cybersafety.              EX-STUDENT AND STAFF
How the BSSC library and website resources can assist your student’s                    ASSOCIATION
learning at school.
                                                                                      KEEPING OUR SCHOOL
Tuesday 28 July
                                                                                        MEMORIES ALIVE
Accommodation Expo.

August - date to be confirmed
The VTAC Application process.

Tuesday 1 September
Understanding the SEAS process and how to seek out scholarships.

Tuesday 13 October
How to optimise exam performance.
Tips and strategies for parents and students.
                                                                                            JOIN TODAY!

                                                                                      MEMBERSHIP DETAILS

Linda Lyons, Assistant Principal

College Cafe
BSSC is currently reviewing our range of food choices from the College Café and vending machines located on
College grounds whilst taking into consideration the Go For Your Life (GFYL) guidelines in Victorian Government
Schools. We are currently surveying students, hosting focus groups and inviting feedback from all interested

The current Café proprietor is an external contractor – Debbie’s Deli. They are contracted to provide a food
service from 8.00am till 2.30pm. They prepare food onsite daily with qualified and experienced staff, and aim to
offer a broad range of food and beverage products to the College community. The proprietors have many years
experience in the food industry and have worked with the College and the GFYL guidelines to provide a wide
range of nutritious food at an appropriate and affordable price.

Current practice includes:
• Healthier options of everyday foods such as fresh fruit, fruit salads, wraps and rolls in the largest and most
   prominent display case
• Beverage display case has water and milk drinks at eye level
• Strategies that promote healthier options include meal deals and seasonal foods
• Small range of occasional foods (red foods) offered include donuts, chocolate bars, deep fried foods, potato
   chips, and sports drinks.

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 5                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Consideration needs to be given to price point for students, size of our school and the age of our students. Our
school location and its proximity to the Bendigo CBD is a challenge, as we would prefer our students to stay on
site during school hours and yet many of them choose to purchase food outside of the college. We also
encourage our students to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing and provide an adult learning
environment to support this. The vending machines are stocked with water and low kilo joule soft drinks at a
reasonable cost.

The College Café will endeavour to provide a full range of healthy options however price point continues to
provide strong motivation around student purchases of food and the need to be competitive given the challenge
of the vendors in the CBD. If you would like to make comment email me on or
call on 0418 363 017 or write a letter and send to PO Box 545, Bendigo 3552.

Angela Walsh-Edgar, Health Promotions Officer

Pathway Program
Keeping our School Community Safe
Later in the term, students have the opportunity to attend two workshops that are specially designed for the 16-
19 year age group.

Whole New World
Wednesday 17 June : Year 12 students ONLY

Sonya Karras is the founder of this outstanding program. Sonya has worked in the hospitality
industry in night clubs and bars and saw the need to provide information to secondary school students about
keeping safe in this environment. Sonya’s very entertaining presentation provides tips on safe partying and
provides information about some of the dangers young people are experiencing in this ‘Whole New World’.

Road Safety Day
Thursday 25 June : Year 11 students ONLY
Road Safety Day is one of the most important events on our school calendar. Students will
participate in the Fit2Drive program which is run by Central Vic Road Safety Council.
Information about safe driving and responsible decision making will be provided and students
will undertake workshops requiring them to problem solve to help them as drivers and
passengers. The day involves presentations by groups such as the Road Safety Awareness Unit,
MFB and CFA. Attendance is compulsory.

Angie Pollock, Pathway Program Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 6                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Student Council
Trivia Night
Wednesday 24 June, 7.00-9.30pm, James King Hall
The Bendigo Senior Secondary College Student Council is proud to announce that due to the success of last year's
Trivia Night we will be running another Trivia Night this year. And we promise to be even bigger and better! All
questions are created by students on the Student Council, with the requirement being they must be fun!
Categories will include everything from “History and Geography” to “Name the Movie Scene”!!

We encourage you to book a table of 6-8 people, by emailing our secretary, Abe Steel
Tickets will be available at the door for only $6 per person. Bring some food and drinks to share with your table
– but no alcohol please, as it’s a school event.

All profits will go towards worthy causes in the school. Last year we raised approximately $600 for the Volleyball
Team and a Water Tank for the school. Please contact the Student Council if you have a cause you would like

We are also seeking support from any local businesses who would like to donate prizes, big or small, for the night.
Again, please contact Abe Steel if you are able to make a donation. Your business will be publicly thanked on the
night, and in the next Parent News.

We suggest you take this great opportunity to celebrate the end of term and support the school in return for a
fun night out.

Biggest Morning Tea
Thursday 28 May
On the 28 May, Student Council hosted the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’ in the library for staff and students. As well as
being an enjoyable way to spend recess, we raised $304.85 for the Cancer Council. Thank you to the students and
staff who brought a plate to share.

We are also very appreciative of the support from businesses around Bendigo who donated food for the morning
tea. These are: Donut King, Hudsons, Gillies, Banjo’s Bakery, Dragon City Lanes, Café Essence, Maggie Mae’s
Homemade Cakes, Garlands Café and Bakehouse, Bath Lane Bakery, Brown Sugar Café, Raspberries Café, The
Match, Pancake Paradise and the Tuscan Terrace.

Responses to the Social Survey
Thanks to everyone who filled out the Social Survey last month. From your responses, we’ve decided to organise
a Social, held at The Black Swan, on Wednesday 5th August. The theme will be “I secretly wish I was…”.

More information to come…!

Kathryn Hamilton
Student Council Leader

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 7                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

International Program
My Australian Experience
On August 1st 2008 I set off on a great adventure to Australia as an exchange student from Switzerland. I would be
living with a family for ten months in Heathcote. That is how I came to be a student at Bendigo Senior Secondary
College. Even though while being in Australia I have seen some amazing things and visited many great places, my
greatest experience was learning the English language.

In Switzerland I had been learning English for the last four years but I now realise it was only textbook English, we
learned mainly grammar. I always got confused, translated words, listened to songs and stories, had
presentations and wrote essays. When I arrived I thought my English was quite good, but I didn’t realise that I
would understand so little when I got here. I hadn’t taken into account how fast people speak. This became
apparent after meeting my two host sisters, as they spoke so fast. I caught some of what they said to me and I
would smile and nod but my host parents soon realised this from my facial expression of, ‘please don’t ask me a
question because I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ They realised that they all needed to slow down as
there were many words I needed explained. I asked my host family to correct my English when it was wrong so I
would learn the right words to use.

So as time went on, my English seemed to improve. I thought that this was only a little, but other people noticed I
was using the right words without having to think too much. My host mother can’t remember when it was she
stopped asking me if I understood what she had said and started talking to me as if I had always been here. My
main reason for coming to Australia was to learn how to speak English fluently and I am very proud to say I think I
have accomplished that. Even when I talk in my sleep it is now in English, not Swiss!

Soon my wonderful adventure will be over, but I won’t forget my time here. I have grown up so much and learnt
many things. Now when I go back to Switzerland I will finish the last two years of my commercial school. After
that I might do more schooling or work for a time in the tourist business and as soon as I have enough money I
will come back. Languages are very important to me and I would really like to do something with them. I have had
a great start, I’m speaking English and I’m grateful for everyone’s help.

Linda Schiesser, Year 12 student
Oberhofen, Switzerland

Examinations for Students Studying Unit 3 & 4 Subjects
June VCAA Exams – 9 and 10 June
Parents and students are reminded that June examinations will be held in the following subjects
– Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Psychology.
These exams cannot be rescheduled under any circumstances.

Approximately 500 of our Year 12 students will be sitting midyear Unit 3 VCAA exams which contribute to
students’ overall study score. The College will support these students by providing opportunities for revision,
encouraging students to attend weekend revision sessions conducted by organisations such as Access Education
and TSSM and through teachers providing one-to-one support for students as needed.

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 8                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

VCAA Exam Revision
Revision Day – 5 June
An intensive revision day will be held on Friday June 5th for students undertaking the above listed June VCAA
exams. An altered day structure will occur for Year 12 students.

The day will be divided into 3 Revision sessions to enable each subject with a Unit 3 June VCAA exam to have an
intensive 110 minute session. Students undertaking these subjects will be advised of the format of the session by
their class teacher. Year 11 students studying any of these Unit 3 subjects are to attend the revision session in the
scheduled time. If a Year 11 student has a Year 11 exam at the same time they are to reschedule the Year 11
exam and attend the Unit 3 revision session.

Year 11 Exams
Students who are completing Unit 1 subjects will have an examination period where it is expected that all
students will attend their exams and complete the assessment process. Unit 1 exams will occur between June 2
and 11. During this time an exam timetable replaces the normal class timetable and students are only required at
school when they have a scheduled exam. During this time many VCAL students are on work placement and as a
result are not expected to attend exams.

Attendance at examinations is an important component of undertaking a VCE unit. If your son or daughter is
unable to attend school to complete a scheduled exam, we ask that parents phone the absence line. An SMS
message will be sent home for unapproved absences from exams. Students will be able to reschedule exams if
required. Student’s reports will include the grade achieved for each of their unit exams.

General Achievement Test (GAT)
Thursday 11 June 2009 from 10.00am – 1.15pm
ALL STUDENTS studying a Unit 3 subject are required to sit the General Achievement Test (GAT)

What is the GAT?
The GAT or General Achievement Test is a test of a student’s general knowledge and skills in the following areas:
 • written communication
 • Mathematics, Science, and Technology
 • Humanities, The Arts and Social Sciences
These areas are very broad and represent a body of knowledge that students are likely to have built up through
their school years.

Who has to do the GAT?
•    All students enrolled in one or more VCE Unit 3 and 4 sequences must sit the GAT.
•    Students whose only enrolment at Unit 3 and 4 level is in a VET study must also sit the GAT.

Why do students have to do the GAT?
Although GAT results do not count directly towards a student’s VCE results, they play an important role in
checking that school assessments and examinations have been accurately assessed and in determining Derived
Examination Scores. It is important for all students studying a Unit 3/4 sequence this year to sit the GAT and try
their hardest.

What is the purpose of the GAT?
The GAT is used to check that school assessment is fair to everyone. A student’s score on the GAT is used as a
guide for what score they are likely to get on their SACs and Exams. This is why it is very important for students to
sit the GAT and do their best – although it doesn’t directly contribute to their score, it can affect the overall grade
if a student does not take it seriously.

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 9                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Even if a student sat the GAT last year, if they are studying a Unit 3/4 subject, they must sit it again. A student
requires an exemption from the Principal if they can’t sit the GAT for some reason.

Format of the GAT
Thursday 11 June 2009 from 10.00am – 1.15pm
 • 3 hours writing time
 • 2 writing tasks (approximately 30 minutes each)
 • Multiple choice section – 70 questions (approximately 2 hours)

Paul Seery, VCE & Special Projects Manager

Special Provision
Students who applied for Special Exam Arrangements based on medical grounds, a physical disability or a
diagnosed learning disability will be notified soon about the outcome of this application. Please note that there is
provision for Emergency Exam Arrangements for students who experience a sudden illness or accident around
the exam period. If this occurs, the relevant Student Coordinator must be contacted immediately so that an
application can be made on the student’s behalf to sit the exam with special arrangements.

If a student becomes ill or is affected by other personal circumstances during the exam period, they may be
eligible to apply for a Derived Examination Score. This must be applied for within 7 days of their last exam and
requires strong supporting medical or other professional documentation. The relevant Student Coordinator or a
Student Manager should be contacted immediately if this occurs. Further information about the various forms
of Special Provision are contained in the Navigator booklet and on the VCAA website:

It is very important to note that a UNIT 3 OR UNIT 4 EXAM CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED UNDER ANY
CIRCUMSTANCES and that it is always strongly advised to sit an exam, unless a student has written medical
advice explicitly telling them not to sit the exam.

Kylie Hand, Student Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
         PAGE 10                                                                          BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

                           Semester One – Unit 1 Examination Timetable – June 2009
Tuesday               Session 1 : 8.50am – 11.05am              Session 2 : 11.25am – 1.10pm               Session 3 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
2 June             English 1 (2 hours)                     General Maths B 1                          Year 12 VCAA Practice Exam session
                   English Second Language 1 (2 hours)     (Calculator Free) (1 hour)                 - GYM
                   English Language 1 (2 hours)            Environmental Science 1                    Biology 3, Chemistry 3, Accounting
                                                                                                      3, Psychology 3, Physics 3, Enviro
                                                                                                      Science 3
                                                                                                      – F Block classes cancelled
Wednesday              Session 4 : 8.50am – 10.35am             Session 5 : 11.05am – 12.50pm              Session 6 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
3 June             Chemistry 1                              French 1                                  Visual Communication & Design 1
                   20 Century History 1                     Indonesian 1                              Legal Studies 1
                   Economics 1                              German 1
                                                            Chinese Second Language 1
                                                            Systems Engineering 1
                                                            Food & Technology 1
Thursday               Session 7 : 8.50am – 10.35am             Session 8 : 11.05am – 12.50pm            Session 9 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
4 June             Information Technology 1                 Maths Methods CAS 1                     Accounting 1
                   (Applications,                           (Calculator Free) (1 hour)              Art 1 (Fashion , General)
                   Software Development)                    Industry and Enterprise 1               CISCO 1 (may require 2 hrs
                   English Literature 1                     Theatre Studies 1                       – see teacher prior to exam)
                                                            Agriculture and Horticulture 1          Outdoor & Environ Studies 1
Friday                Session 10 : 8.50am – 10.35am            Session 11 : 11.05am – 12.50pm           Session 12 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
5 June             Biology 1                                Design & Tech 1 (Competition            Health & Human Development 1
                   Drama 1                                  Vehicles, Metals, Fashion, Wood)        Physics 1
                   Music Styles 1                           Music Performance 1
                                                            Physical Education 1
                                                           VCAA Unit 3 Exam Revision Sessions in:
                                     Biology 3, Chemistry3, Accounting3, Psychology3, Physics3, Environmental Science3
Monday                                                           QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY
8 June
Tuesday             Session 13 : 8.50am – 10.35am          Session 14 : 11.05am – 12.50pm             Session 15 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
9 June             General Maths A 1                       Media 1                                    Business Management 1
                   General Maths B 1                       Classical Societies 1                      International Politics 1
                   (Calculator Active)                                                                Philosophy 1
Wednesday           Session 16 : 8.50am – 10.35am          Session 17 : 11.05am – 12.50pm             Session 18 : 1.50pm – 3.35pm
10 June            Psychology 1                            Maths Methods CAS 1                        Studio Arts 1 (Ceramics, Drawing,
                                                           (Calculator Active)                        Photography)

                           Semester One – Unit 3 Examination Timetable – June 2009
                        9.00am – 10.45am                     11.45am – 1.30pm                       2.45pm – 4.30pm
Unit 3 Exams
                           Biology Unit 3                      Physics Unit 3                       Accounting Unit 3
9 June
                         Psychology Unit 3                    Chemistry Unit 3                Environmental Science Unit 3
10 June
                                                10.00am – 1.15pm : GAT (General Achievement Test)
11 June
      • All Unit 1 exams include 15 minutes reading time. Writing time is 90 minutes (except where indicated above).
      • LOTE Oral - individual exams will be held on Wednesday 3/6, Thursday 4/6 or Friday 5/6
      • AUSLAN Exams - will be held on Monday 2/6, Thursday 4/6 or Friday 5/6.
      • All Students need to provide their own equipment and be prepared to enter the exam room at the times shown.
      • Students are not permitted to leave the room during the examination.

     Note: Unit 3 Exams CANNOT be rescheduled

     Linda Lyons: Assistant Principal

                               Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                              We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 11                                                                         BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

Student Wellbeing
Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg’s evidence based advice for surviving Year 12.
Tips continued from previous newsletters, further information can be found at
Tip 11 Eat good brain foods, including eggs (not fried), yoghurt, fish and blueberries.
Tip 12 Carbohydrates are good to eat the night before exams.
Tip 13 Music can reduce stress. Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major has been shown through scientific research to
          reduce stress.
Tip 14 Avoid drugs and alcohol.
Tip 15 Relationships. It is ok to have a relationship in Year 12 but make sure you keep a healthy balance in your
          life and allow time to spend on your own, with your friends, family, studying and other things.
Tip 16 Don’t cheat – you will be caught!
Tip 17 Part-time work. Students with part-time work tend to perform better in schools than students who
          don’t have a job, but students should try not to work for more than 15 hours per week.
Tip 18 Exercise at least three times per week for at least 30 minutes, this has been shown to reduce stress and
          lift mood.
Tip 19 During exams don’t read the papers and don’t get caught up in the hype.
Tip 20 Count your blessings. Stop pause and reflect on the opportunities that completing Year 12 will bring.
          Get passionate about something and go out there and make a difference.

Young Carers
Young carers are invited to a morning tea that will be held in room G15 on Tuesday 16 June, 2009. Young carers
are students who play a significant role by helping out a relative or friend who has an illness, disability, mental
illness, alcohol or drug problem, or is frail aged. Please encourage your son or daughter to attend. Support
workers from Carer Support Workers, Bendigo Health and Bendigo Community Health Services will be in
attendance to provide information about the services they offer for young carers.

Students Living Independently
A morning tea will be held for students living independently (not with their parents) in room G15 on Monday 22
June, 2009. This will be an opportunity for students to gain information about support that is available to them
within school and the community, to assist with a range of practical, health and wellbeing issues.

Using Meditation to Reduce Stress
Meditation is a useful technique for students to master, to help manage school stress and exam anxiety.
Transcendental meditation has been found to be the most effective form of meditation. It is a form of mantra
meditation and is twice as effective for anxiety as other methods. It can also ease symptoms of migraines,
depression, irritable bowel syndrome and asthma. Website for further information:

How to meditate:
1. Choose a word or phrase that is meaningful to you (eg peace).
2. Sit quietly in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
3. Relax your muscles.
4. Breathe slowly, silently repeating your mantra (word) with every exhalation.
5. If distracting thoughts disturb your focus, gently push them away.
6. Continue for 10 to 20 minutes.
7. When finished, sit quietly for a few minutes before resuming normal activity.

Renee Carter, Student Wellbeing Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 12                                                                         BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

2009 Cancer Council Arts Awards
Children's Group Art Category
BSSC has 2 entries that have been Commended in the Children's Group Art Category in the 2009 Cancer Council
Arts Awards. Children's Art judge Mitch Vane wrote: “A very impressive group of Cancer poster designs. This group
clearly has a great grasp of typography and graphics and have created some really impressive and visually
dynamic posters. Excellent work.” and “I think the thing that initially struck me about this group contribution was
how much energy and vitality was in the work. The posters were vibrant and very appealing. Overall they were
extremely clever in their use of type to express their feelings. I just wish I had been this talented and savvy at this
The entries are to be displayed in the Arts Awards Exhibition in the foyer of 120 Collins Street, from 19 July to 7
August 2009. Admission is free and open to the public Monday to Friday.

Leigh Norton           Michelle Schober
Visual Arts

Pathways and Careers
Tertiary Information Service (TIS) 2009
                           Year 12 Students attended TIS on Wednesday May 20th where they were presented with
                           information about VTAC processes, Post Year 12 course options, scholarships and
                           general information from all universities TAFEs and private providers. This was an
                           important opportunity to collect handbooks and talk to representatives. Students who
                           may have missed this session are encouraged to visit the Careers team or visit our

UMAT – closing soon
Are you interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health, Physiotherapy or Pharmacy?
Applications are online and will close on Friday 5 June 2009. Check with us in the Pathways
Office as to whether a UMAT is required for your chosen course. Click the booklet for the link
to the UMAT website. International students should note the information below regarding
the ISAT.

International Student Admissions Test (ISAT)
International Students
To study medicine or dentistry at some Australian universities including Monash and Veterinary Science at Sydney
University you will need to sit the International Student Admissions Test (ISAT).
Further Information:

Early Achievers Program – ACU
                                  The Early Achievers Program at Australian Catholic University recognises that
                                  you have more to offer than your ENTER. The Program is open to all applicants
                                  and considers the contribution you have made to your community through your
                                  school or workplace, local community organisations, culture, sport and/or
                                  religious group. Apply for this program and you could be accepted into ACU
                                  National by December. See for information and
                                  how to apply. Online applications open in July and close 9 October.

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
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Find Out about LaTrobe University
During the school holidays, you can visit and tour LaTrobe University campuses while finding
out more about courses, join in workshops, talk to university lecturers, and look at
accommodation. This is a free event and designed for students from Years 10-12 to find out
all about university life. You can even stay overnight at LaTrobe University Bundoora and
experience on campus living! Experience LaTrobe is available at Bundoora, Bendigo and
Albury Wodonga campuses.
When: Bundoora Tuesday 30 June, Bendigo Friday 3 July, Albury Wodonga Tuesday 7 July
Cost: all day programs free and include lunch. Overnight stay at Bundoora has an
accommodation cost.
Registration: (essential)

Melbourne Aquarium Events
Marine Science Careers Days
Discover how to get a job in marine science from guest experts, tour Melbourne Aquarium, and receive
information about how to achieve a Marine Science career.
When: 22 June 17 September and 30 November
Where: Melbourne Aquarium
Cost: $35
Registration: Education Liaison Officer, ph 9923 5911.

Aquarist for a Day
Experience life as one of Melbourne Aquarium’s Aquarists.
When: School holidays – to be confirmed
Where: Melbourne Aquarium
Cost: $70 per day
Registration: 9923 5911.

In celebration of World Environment Day, RMIT University invites you to explore the Sustainability Energy Park.
Meet RMIT staff and students to gain information on programs incorporating sustainable engineering in the
School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.
When: Saturday 6 June
Where: RMIT Bundoora Campus
Cost: Free
Registration: online bookings at

RMIT offers intensive folio preparation short courses in school holidays.
Courses include: fashion drawing and design, 3D Product design, visual/fine art, photography, multimedia and
much more.
Registration: Ph 9925 8111 or email
Information: visit the website

                             Have you wondered what happens after you have a blood test? Where the blood
                             goes, how it is examined and how a diagnosis is made? RMIT’s Laboratory Medicine
                             and medical diagnostic and research laboratories are giving Year 10-12 students,
                             interested in a career as a medical scientist, the chance to go behind the scenes.
                             When: Monday 6 – Friday 10 July
                             Registration: before 12 June at
                             Information: call Merilyn Lennox on Ph 9925 7075.

                     Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                    We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
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RMIT’s Experience Engineering program offers Year 11 & 12 students the chance to see how engineering is
changing the way we live. Students will explore and build their understanding of engineering through a series of
hands-on workshops, while gaining a feel for university life.

Program 1: The electrical and computer engineering program covers iRobots,
digital film high voltage and radio bugs.
When: Tuesday 30 June OR Wednesday 1 July, 9.30am-4.00pm
Where: RMIT University, City campus, Building 10, Level 7, Room 27
Cost: Free (with lunch)
Registration: before 15 June -
Information: call RMIT on 9925 2090.

Program 2: The aerospace, auto, mechanical and mechatronic engineering
program will cover aerospace, mechatronics, renewable energy and auto and
mechanical engineering.
When: Thursday 9 July, 9.30am-4.30pm
Where: RMIT Bundoora Campus
Cost: Free (with lunch)
Registration: before 15 June at
Information: call RMIT on 9925 6022

Hotel Management Residential Schools
                           Australian International Hotel School (Canberra) and Blue Mountains International
                           Hotel Management School have residential programs for Year 11 and 12 students.
                           Explore the hotel industry, courses, and meet lecturers.
                           When: July, October and November
                           Cost: $325-$425
                           Registration: or

                           The International College of Hotel Management offers career weeks during school
                           When: 6-10 July or 28 September - 2 October
                           Cost: $595

Upcoming Events
•    5 June: Registrations close for UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test) in 2009.
•    3 July: Experience La Trobe Bendigo
•    28 July: Accommodation Expo
•    29 July: UMAT testing day – must register by 5 June

BSSC Careers Website
Make a note to regularly check the BSSC Careers Website

Marla Carlier, Acting Careers and Pathways Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
 PAGE 15                                                                         BENDIGO SENIOR SECONDARY COLLEGE

How can the MIPs (Managed Individual Pathways) team assist you and your student?
                  The MIPS Team are here to assist students, parents and families who may need advice, support
                  and information regarding options available to students when making decisions about their
                  future education, career directions, pathways and also to provide a smooth transition.

                  We recommend to all students the importance of remaining at school until suitable
                  employment, training or education opportunities become available for them.

Our assistance to students is broad and includes:
• talking about their motivation for study and exams – or the subjects they are undertaking.
• difficulties or issues that a student may be having that affects them at home, school or socially.
• assistance in discovering what a student is good at, and how they can develop their skills and abilities to
   manage their career pathways
• options that are available in areas of alternative education, studies or training for students who want to
   leave school
• assistance with looking for a job either full or part time, resumes, applications, school based apprenticeships,
   apprenticeships, pre-apprenticeships, traineeships and Centrelink information.

In the Pathways Office we have Visiting Services who come in every Thursday to talk to students or parents
about job opportunities, resumes, school based apprenticeships, apprenticeships, traineeships. Please make an
appointment to speak with these consultants. There are Job and Apprenticeship Vacancy and Information
Boards for students to check daily for suitable opportunities.

Our MIPs Team is located in G Block (G17) - you will see our signage outside our office.
We warmly welcome all students and parents.

What The Students Have To Say…..
 ‘..MIPS has helped me a lot with my transition back into school. The ladies in the MIPS office are always
supportive and willing to help no matter what the issue. They have made it easier for my time at school this year..’
Chris (Year 12)

 ‘..The MIPS department is the best place ever to get help and information about looking for a job, whether it be
part-time, full-time or casual. The help we get from Helen and Lorelle is excellent and wonderful. They are so
cooperative and helpful in every single way. Without them students like me wouldn't be able to have such extreme
outcomes...’ Kimberley (Year 11)

 ‘..MIPS is really supportive and always seems to be there when I need some guidance. They are always helpful and
if they can’t help me find what I need then they always face me in the right direction! It has helped me with
getting work and sorting everything out for it..’ Laura (Year 11)

 ‘..MIPS is a strength of BSSC as the quality service provided by them is of the highest of standards. They can help
with anything whether it be finding a job, creating or editing resumes, how to present yourself at an interview, if
you want to get your foot in the door with businesses in Bendigo and the surrounding areas. They are the people
to see! I have used the service personally many times before..always fantastic too!’ Jack (Year 12)

Lorelle Pearse, MIPS Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment
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This month includes the biggest sporting program for the calendar with many Football commitments, Cross
Country and the Northern Zone Winter Sports Day. BSSC will field teams in both boys and girls for Football,
Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash for the Northern Zone Finals. Results and highlights will be
in the next parent newsletter.

BSSC Baseball is Back!
After 3 years of being defeated by Mildura SC (who in the last two years have been State Champions) at Northern
Zone we made it to the state finals after an exciting victory last month and again at the VSSSA State Finals.

In the first round robin match against Lyndale SC Brad Muns opened the pitching and BSSC were able to take a 2-
0 lead. The opposition were last year’s Runners Up and were able to edge ahead after 2 runs came from a
misfield. Nick Whatley restricted the opposition’s runs when he came to pitch. With loaded bases the team had a
chance to draw but some good pitching by the opposition gave them victory by one run. In the next pool match
Mitch Evans opened the pitching with Brad Muns as catcher. The new boys to competition baseball Aaron
Tieman, Jordan Knight, Dale Ashby and Will Hill were able to field exceptionally well and BSSC won by one run 4-
3. BSSC’s pool was very even with each team on even points until the last match where BSSC needed to beat
undefeated Wodonga SC by 12 runs. BSSC were finding hits from the outset of the match with 7 runs in first
innings, 9 in the next and 7 in the final third innings and we were in the Champions Final after winning by 20 runs!
Great performances came from Seb Costello in the field and Sam Moon with the bat. The BSSC boys were up
against Camberwell SC next who had a phenomenal pitcher who was clocked at 90 miles per hour. Unfortunately
we conceded 5 runs in the first innings but when their number one and two pitchers meet the pitch count - 120 -
they did not have the depth that we did and then Sam Moon came to the mound for the first time that day. BSSC
were able to keep them scoreless and peg back their lead to eventually be tied and with bases loaded we had a
chance to win. At full time we were tied but with an extra innings the team was able to outscore Camberwell SC
and were declared CHAMPIONS winning 5 runs to 4. Courtney Foura did a super job as base coach and guided
many runners to safety and HOME! and Sandy Shaw for coaching direction and her superb support of the boys.

Volleyball Girls
The girls’ volleyball team made the finals of the State Victorian Secondary School competition. The team
consisted of Olivia Gedye, Laura Hamilton, Laura Kirby, Erin Molenear, Sheridan Olsen, Nicole Smith, Hilary
Thompson and Kate Walklate. They had wins over Seymour 20-17, 20-13 and Westall 20-13, 21-19. Although they
lost to Maribyrnong 19-21, 12-20 they still came second in their pool and made finals. After a long delay the girls
played Monbulk but unfortunately lost 6 -20, 23-21 and finished fourth overall. The team played consistently and
supported each other. Best servers on the day were Nicole Smith and Hilary Thompson with Sheridan Olsen and
the others attacking brilliantly. This was assisted by great digging from Kate Walklate and high sets from Olivia
Gedye. The girls will now prepare for the Volleyball Schools Cup which is held in August this year to decide what
division they will play at The National Schools Cup in December.

Coming Up
Keep an eye on Student News
Wednesday 17 June: Herald Shield Football – last round BSSC versus St Pats at Eaglehawk
Tuesday 23 June: Calder Cup Boys Netball and Girls Footy at Castlemaine
Thursday 7 August: Basketball selections will start for Northern Zone finals team to compete at Echuca

Vicki Poyser, Sport Coordinator

                      Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership.
                                     We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment

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