channeltivity by jondavis


									                                        W I T H C HANNEL ED I T O R B RIAN S HERMAN

  Connecting To Your Business Partners Just Got Easier
  (New York) — Do you have difficulty staying con-            for large consumers, Channeltivity’s modular structure
nected with your clients and suppliers while focusing         lends itself to small to medium business needs.”
on all the needs of your business? Analog Method, a             If you wonder which of your customers are actively
Web development company, has introduced                       selling your products, and which are not, activity
Channeltivity, an extranet solu-                                                       reports from the program will
tion targeted at small to medi-                                                        provide the answers you need.
um businesses (SMBs) that are                                                          Real-time tracking and report -
managing customer programs.                                                            ing of information (such as
This product allows customers,                                                         orders and shipments) provides
distributors, and partners to share information through       the details on what resellers and distributors con-
a Web interface, document library, and reporting sys-         tribute. This allows you to quantify increases or
tem. VARs can use it to provide Web access to infor-          decreases in your partner business and monitor devel-
mation needed by their clients to make the correct            oping trends. By assessing the contributions of
solution decisions.                                           resellers, distributors, and vendors, you can provide
  Custom extranets are used by many large companies           incentives for those that perform to increase your
to provide information access to their partners, but are      channel sales.
too expensive for most SMBs to implement and main-              Channeltivity’s Web interface includes a secure port
tain. Channeltivity provides an opportunity for new           accessible only by approved partners. The document
and smaller businesses to implement a cost-effective          library allows secure access to updated information,
extranet system to securely share documents and infor-        pricing, marketing materials, and presentations.
mation, such as customer service requests and product         Channeltivity employs simple controls for document
catalogs. “This program allows a company to distribute        sharing and user management, allowing implementa-
and track files and information with partner organiza -       tion without an IT department. Available as a hosted or
tions without the cost of complete customized sys-            installed software solution, the modular architecture of
tems,” says Zach Smith, cofounder of Analog Method.           the program means it can be customized or expanded
“While most existing extranet programs are designed           as needed.                                            J

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