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					What types of things do                                Will my Child be taught
Children do in Children’s                              English?                                                                    Indonesian
                                                       Young children learn new languages very quickly,                               Arabic
Services?                                                                                                                          Vietnamese
Children are settled into a regular routine that       so the acquisition of English happens naturally and
includes time for indoor play, outdoor play,           easily for children in Children’s Services. Even if                           Korean
meals and sleep time. Many centres’ set up,            children are choosing not to speak in English they
have a focus on learning through play activities.      are listening and learning. Many parents want
Children learn many important cognitive and            their children to only speak in English, however
physical skills including fine and gross motor         there are great benefits for children to be bi-
skills through a variety of activities such as play-   lingual, for example being able to speak to their
ing with water and sand, using play dough, read-       friends and relatives in their parents home country,
ing stories, singing songs and participating in        improving future education and work opportunities
drama and music . There is often lots of time for      and having lives enriched by knowing more than
drawing and writing activities. Some services          one language and culture .
will have a daily program and many services will       Learning other languages is extremely beneficial to
run activities based on the current interests of       all children so most Children’s Services will en-
children in their care.                                courage and nurture their home language develop-
There is often plenty of time for outside educa-       ment by creating a program that includes activities
tional play activities, and children will be dressed   so that your children can learn and practice their
appropriately, with hats, sunburn cream or warm        home language.                                                          Getting to know
clothing depending on the weather.
                                                                                                                              Children’s Services
What if my child has
special dietary needs?
                                                                             This brochure has been compiled by
                                                                             Ethnic Child Care Family and Commu-
                                                                                                                                   in NSW
Inform the service of any restricted food re-                                nity Services Co-operative Ltd as part of
quirements, either due to health reasons or                                  the South East Sydney CALD Project.
religious beliefs and they will do their best to
                                                       The CALD Project is a program of the
accommodate your child’s needs.
                                                       Ethnic Child Care, Family and
                                                       Community Services Co-operative Lim-
                                                       ited and is funded by the NSW Depart-
                                                       ment of Community Services.

                                                       Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services Co-operative
                                                       Building 3,142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204,
                                                       Ph: 02 9569-1288 Fax: 02 9564 -2772 Email:

                                                       This brochure is general in nature and provided only for information
                                                       Date of publication– April 2007
What are Children’s                                      Can parents participate in                                   Do I have to book my child in?
Services?                                                Children’s Services?                                         Many Children’s Services have long waiting lists so it
                                                         Parents are welcome at Children’s Services to view           is important to book your child into your preferred
Children’s Services have many different types of child   how their child is interacting during the day, and to par-   service well ahead of time. Some parents book their
care. These include- Long Day Care, Preschools,          ticipate by conducting activities. It is usually best to     child in as soon as the mother discovers that she is
Family Day Care, Outside School Hours Care               inform services of your intention to visit so that it does   pregnant. It is often necessary to pay a deposit. You
(including Vacation Care Services), occasional care      not disrupt the child’s routine. Many services encour-       can visit services to see which ones you think have a
centres, in-home care services, mobile child care ser-   age parents to participate with them, for example by         warm and inviting feel and environment. Some par-
vices and crèches. These services may be operated        teaching songs, reading stories, or helping with art ac-     ents book their child into more than one service to
privately, by community organisations, or Municipal      tivities, which also helps to establish a cultural connec-   ensure that they do get a place.
Councils.                                                tion. Most services also like parent involvement
                                                         through being part of the management committee, so
What is the difference between                           that they have a say in the decision-making process.

the types of Children’s Services?                        Can Grandparents participate in
Long Day Care centres generally cater for children
aged from 6 weeks to 5 years and are open between
                                                         Children’s Services?
the hours of 6am- 6pm, but this varies between cen-      Grandparents are also welcome at Children’s Services
tres; Preschools are generally for children aged 3-5     and can make a valuable contribution, for example
years old and are open between the hours of 9am-         through language activities, cooking activities, singing
3pm; Occasional Care centres are for parents who         songs and telling stories from their culture. All ser-
                                                         vices encourage children to be Bilingual and so Grand-
need child care from time to time on a temporary ba-
                                                         parents can be a great resource!
                                                                                                                      What do I do if I have concerns
sis; Family Day Care is where carers look after chil-
dren from home but is run by an outside organisation                                                                  about my child while in care?
                                                         How much are fees for                                        If you have any concerns it is always important to
such as a Municipal Council or community organisa-
tion. Carers are recruited by these organisations and    Children’s Services?                                         raise these with their teachers or carers. To do this,
receive ongoing advise, support and resources. In        This varies depending on the service so you need to          you can speak to the teacher when you drop off or
home care, or home based care is also run at carers      ask each service for this information. If your child at-     pick up your child, but it is probably best to make an
homes but they operate independently. Outside            tends an Australian Government Approved Child Care           appointment.
school hours care, (OOSH) is for primary school aged     Service then they will be entitled to a Child Care Bene-
children and operates before and after school.           fit (CCB) . The amount that you receive depends on
                                                         how much you earn. To find out more about how much
                                                         subsidy you are entitled to you need to contact your
Do you need an interpreter?                              local Centrelink Service. For more information you can
If you have difficulty in communicating with a Chil-     visit their website–
dren’s Service you can request an interpreter. The
service can contact Department of Community Ser-
vices and they may be able to obtain an interpreter
at no cost.

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