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					                       PARENT INFORMATION


14 MURDOCHS LINKING ROAD                            Telephone:   (07) 4130 6111
MOORE PARK QLD 4670                                 Fax:         (07) 4130 6100
                      WELCOME FROM THE PRINCIPAL
Thank you for taking the time to read this Parent Information Booklet.

On behalf of our staff and students, I welcome your child and your family to Moore Park State
School and I look forward to your interest, co-operation and support.

There is a great deal of school pride in our school at Moore Park and so therefore, we
encourage all children to take pride not only in themselves, but also in their school. Moore
Park State School is a caring school, with high expectations in behaviour, dress and academic

It is crucial for parents to be aware of our school aims, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations
and so this is why such a booklet is presented to parents.

Parents should be aware that teachers work hard to help guide the students under their care.
They are, however, like you, only human and though they are most conscientious and
sincere, they can make unintentional mistakes. It is just for this reason that the development
of an atmosphere of co-operation and understanding between home and school is our
positive goal, and the recognition by all, that school and home achieve successful learning
outcomes for children when we do seek this goal.

Please, if you have a concern, come and see your child’s teacher!

                              ABOUT MOORE PARK
The Moore Park community consists of some farming families from the Welcome Creek area
and residential families in Moore Park, which is a rapidly growing seaside community. The
community is of a generally stable population but there are some transient families seeking
work in the district.
                            SCHOOL UNIFORM INFORMATION

All students should wear the proper school uniform. Shoes and socks should be worn at all
times. In the warmer weather sandals (not thongs) are acceptable. A black broad brimmed
hat or bucket hat (6cm brim) or legionnaire’s hat should be worn.

Children should not wear excessive jewellery, rubber wrist bands, anklets etc. Children will be
asked to remove these items if excessive.

The school shirt is jade green with a yellow strip across the shoulders. Black shorts, skirt or
skorts are worn. The girls also have a jade green checked dress as an alternate uniform
choice. The year seven children also have a special shirt with an additional vertical yellow
                             PURCHASE OF UNIFORMS

Uniforms can be purchased at:-

Bundaberg Clothing Factory
88 George Street
Phone: 4153 1505
                             STAFF LIST
Principal:                    Mr Jeff Irwin

Head of Curriculum:           Mr Steve Wood

Administrative Officer:       Mrs Donna Boon

             Upper School     Mr Dean Morcom
                              Mrs Deborah Coates
                              Mrs Cheryl Hazelwood/Mrs Michelle Lester
             Middle School    Mrs Leanne Brosnan
                              Mrs Sarah Duff
                              Mrs Larissa Frohloff (leave)
             Lower School     Mrs Katrina Mylrea
                              Mrs Catherine Clancy/Mrs Karen Crook
             Prep             Mrs Mary-Lou Barone

Teacher Aides:                Mrs Pat Anastasi
                              Ms Cheryl Duke
                              Mrs Deborah Grams
                              Mrs Juanita Nisbet
                              Mr Craig Marsh

LOTE (Japanese):              Mrs Natalie Appleby

Librarian:                    Mr Kevin Steinberger

Music:                        Mrs Jill Baxter

Instrumental Music:           Ms Lisa Palmer

Physical Education:           Mr Wayne Garland

Learning Support:             TBA

Guidance Officer:             Mr Alan Bowmaker

Advisory Visiting Teacher:    TBA

Cleaners:                     Ms Chris Eldridge
                              Mrs Jeanie Glover

Janitor/Groundsman:           Mr Grant Luke
A committee consisting of parents, teachers & other non-teaching staff that oversees the
School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program (SWPBS) and other safety issues related to
the school. This committee meets monthly and reviews the development of SWPBS within our
school. For more information see the coloured flyer on SWPBS.

                          PARENTS AND CITIZENS

The Parents and Citizens committee meets at the school on the fourth Tuesday of each
month at 7:30pm. The Annual General Meeting is held in February each year. The new
Executive Committee will be advertised in the earliest newsletter following the AGM.


            President:                      Mrs Scott Patterson
            Vice President:                 Mrs Simone Steiger
            Correspondence Secretary:       Mrs Jacki Stenhouse
            Minute Secretary:               Mrs Maryann Borg
            Treasurer:                      Mr Richard Crook
            Tuckshop Treasurer:             Mrs Fern Albery
            Tuckshop Convenor:              Mrs Gail McGarry

Parents are encouraged to contact members of the Management Committee, school staff or
Parents & Citizens Executive if further information is required regarding any aspect of school
                                    THE SCHOOL DAY

Morning Session:       9:00am to 10:45am
Mid Session:           11:15am to 12:45pm
Afternoon Session:     1:30pm to 3:00pm


First Term:            Wednesday, January 27 to Thursday, April 1
Second Term:           Tuesday, April 13 to Friday, June 25
Third Term:            Tuesday, July 13 to Friday, September 17
Fourth Term:           Tuesday, October 5 to Friday, December 10


As the school tracks all student absences, parents/guardians need to inform the school of
reasons for absence. All pupils must bring notes to their teachers explaining absences on
their return to school or a phone call to the office can be made. Absences need to be
explained or the school will contact parents.


Regular attendance is necessary if pupils are to gain the greatest possible benefit from their
school experiences. Frequent absences have a definite effect on results.


Occasionally, it will be necessary for children to bring money for purposes other than
tuckshop. All money should be sent to the office in an envelope with the child’s name, date
and the purpose of the money clearly shown. Second hand envelopes are quite satisfactory.


School banking is conducted by staff at Moore Park State School each Wednesday. New
accounts can be opened and deposits made. All enquiries should be directed to the school on
4130 6111. The school receives a commission for conducting children’s banking at school.

Class teachers normally set a small amount of work for children to do at home. This helps
maintain the continuity of learning and also gives parents an idea of the work the children are
doing. It will vary from class to class:
    • Years 1 – 3 up to 15 minutes per night
    • Years 4 – 5 up to 30 minutes per night
    • Years 6 – 7 up to 45 minutes per night


Tuckshop is held every Thursday and Friday. Orders must be in by 9:00am for both morning
tea and lunch each respective day. Extra morning tea is available over the counter.
Volunteer tuckshop helpers are always appreciated and will be given free lunch and drinks.

Price lists will be sent home early in the school year and any necessary price changes will be
publicised through school newsletters.


Weekly newsletters are printed every Wednesday for every family and will be sent home with
the oldest family member attending the school (unless other arrangements are made). These
newsletters contain information relating to school happenings and community events and are
essential reading.

The school newsletter is available each week via our school website
( These are usually uploaded by 3.00pm each Wednesday.
Parents are able to subscribe and receive an e-newsletter rather than receiving a paper


Three school buses operate free transport to the school. One bus run services families from
Sylvan Sands, Kingston Park, Booyan Road and Baillies Road. The second bus run services
families on Eardleys Road, Pashleys Road, Zahns Road, Gooburrum Road, Hills Road and
Fairydale Road. The third bus run services families on Sylvan Drive, Moore Park Road,
Vecellios Road and Bonel Road. These services are paid for by the Department of Transport.
Primary students living more than 3.2 kilometres from Moore Park State School are eligible for
free bus travel.


The school levy for 2010 will be $30 per family for the whole year. This will cover such things
as: some funding of learning programs, grounds works around the school and general
running costs of the P & C. Your support with this small monetary assistance will be accepted

As mobile phones are not required at school, children are not allowed to bring them. If you
need to get a message to a child we will pass this on. Children who have legitimate reasons
to ring parents will be allowed to do so from the office phones.


All children attend Religious Instruction within their class. Religious Education is conducted
as an interdenominational program so all children are in their class groups. A donation of $5
per student is requested to cover the cost of books. If parents do not wish children to attend
Religious Education then written advice must be provided to the office or teacher.


All children have ready access to the school library. Library day can vary, so check with your
class. Children are strongly encouraged to borrow books. It is essential that great care be
taken of books borrowed. To achieve this, each child should have a library bag.


Teachers are encouraged to hold a parent night early in the year where parents can be
informed of curriculum, homework, class routines, parent classroom helpers and general
behaviour expectations. Reports are sent home at the end of each semester. The school has
mid-year parent interviews.


From time to time classes organise excursions linked to their class unit of work. Separate
permission notes, which will also include associated costs, will be sent home.

Years 5-7 go on a P & C approved camping program every year. Currently Year 5 are away
for one night to the Sunshine Coast, Year 6 for two nights at Riverside Retreat and Year 7 for
three nights to Brisbane. Costs will be outlined near the start of the year and payment
expected a fortnight before camp (terms 3 & 4).


From time to time parents/guardians are concerned about a school related issue. When this
occurs please, particularly if it is a classroom issue, discuss the issue with your classroom
teacher firstly. Issues can also be taken up with the Principal. Please phone for an

We do appreciate being informed about significant events in your child’s life (eg. Death in the
family, family break up, etc.). These events can influence children’s behaviour, so informing
us does help us support the child.

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