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									                         HEART MONITOR
          A quick guide to why and how I should use one.

Why should I use a heart rate monitor?

Heart rate monitors tell you just how hard you are working when
exercising. They ensure you don't push yourself too hard and that you
are getting the most from your training. Depending what heart rate
‘Zone’ you are training in, your body burns different fuel:
protein/carbohydrates /fat …Ideally you want to burn fat as this is the
most beneficial if you want to lose weight.

Ok so I have bought one, what do I do?

The first thing you need to do is work out your heart rate zones (hr).
Ideally this would be done by an exercise physiologist, but here is a
very simple way to do it yourself:

  Step 1
  Subtract your age from 220 to get your own maximum heart

  Step 2
  Simply work out your 5 zones:
  * 50%-60% of max hr (warm up/ normal walking zone)
  * 60%-70% of max hr (Fat burning zone)
  * 70%-80% of max hr (Endurance zone)
  * 80%-90% of max hr (Performance/aerobic zone)
  * 90%-100% of max hr (Pushing too hard)

Still confused, here is my own personal hr zones as an example:

  * 220-26=196
  * Zone 1 =98-117
  * zone 2=117-136
  * zone 3=136-155
  * zone 4=155-174
  * zone 5=174-196

Ok I have my zones, now what do I do?

Simple, attach the chest strap around your chest and off you go. If you
are fast walking, ensure that your heart rate is in zone 2 to burn off the
most fat if you are trying to lose weight. This may vary if you are going
up hills etc, but generally it should be in zone 2. Be careful you are not
training too hard, keep your heart rate no higher than zone 2/3 if you are
just beginning to exercise.

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