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whirlpool corporate headquarters

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									 Whirlpool Corporation

      2000 North M-63, MD-2002                                            Diversity Leadership
      Benton Harbor, MI 49022                                             Mark Q. McLane
      Phone: (269) 923-3335                                               Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion
      E-mail:                                            Employment Contact
                                                                          Jeff Beavers
      Locations                                                           Director, Global University Relations
      Benton Harbor, MI (Global HQ)
      Comerio, Italy • New Delhi • São Paulo •                            Experienced Hire Contact
      Shanghai                                                            Kristen Weirick
                                                                          Director, Recruiting & Employment
      The Stats
       Global:                                         73,682
       Global:                                         73,416

       Global:                                  $19.4 billion
       Global:                                  $18.1 billion

Recruiting                                                                Do you have any special outreach efforts directed to
                                                                          encourage minority students and graduates to consider
                                                                          your firm?
Please list the schools/types of schools at which you                     • Hold a reception for minority students
recruit.                                                                  • Conferences: SWE, NSBE, NSHMBA, NBMBA (national and
• Ivy League schools: Harvard                                               regional conferences)
• Other private schools: Duke University, Northwestern University,        • Advertise in minority student association publication(s) or other
  University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame                           minority-focused publications
• Public state schools: Arizona State University, Georgia Institute of    • Participate in/host minority student job fair(s) or other minority-
  Technology, Indiana University, Miami University–Ohio, Michigan           focused job events
  State University, Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University,     • Sponsor minority student association events
  Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, Texas A&M             • Firm’s employees participate on career panels at school
  University, University of Colorado, University of Florida, University   • Outreach to leadership of minority student organizations
  of Georgia, University of Illinois, University of Iowa, University of   • Scholarships or intern/fellowships for minority students
  Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota,
  University of North Carolina, University of Tennessee, University of    What activities does the firm undertake to attract
  Wisconsin, Western Michigan University                                  minority and women employees?
• Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs): Clark Atlanta     • Partner programs with women and minority associations
  University, Florida A&M University, North Carolina State University     • Participate at minority job fairs
                                                                          • Seek referrals from other employees

                                                   Vault/INROADS Guide to Corporate Diversity Programs • 2009 Edition

                                                                                                                 Whirlpool Corporation

• Utilize online job services                                           • Develop our members professionally and personally
                                                                        • Celebrate and embrace Hispanic and Latin American Cultures
Do you use executive recruiting/search firms to
seek to identify new diversity hires?                                   Activities:
Yes.                                                                    • Business

                                                                                   • Drive results to the Bottom line.
Internships and Co-ops                                                             • Translations (Spanish—Portuguese)
                                                                                   • Recruiting Activities/Professional Development

Length of Internship Program: Nine to 12 weeks                          • Community
Length of Co-op Assignment: 12 to 16 weeks
                                                                                   • Latin Festival/Migrant Project
Percentage of interns/co-ops who receive offers for full-time
                                                                                   • Hispanic College Day/School Mentoring program
employment: 75 percent
Web site for internship and co-op information:                          • Education
Application Deadlines: January 15th to March 15th                                  • Spanish—Portuguese Classes /Hispanic Heritage
Available Opportunities:                                                           • Internal education about our culture
• Communications internship (bachelor’s)                                • Social
• Consumer and appliance care internship (bachelor’s)
• Engineering internship/co-op (bachelor’s, master’s)                              • Bingo de Mayo/Summer Picnic/Ice skating/Happy
• Finance internship (bachelor’s, MBA)                                               hours
• Human resources internship (bachelor’s, master’s, MBA)                           • Volleyball and Soccer tournaments
• Information systems internship (bachelor’s)
                                                                        PRIDE Network
• Logistics internship (bachelor’s)
• Manufacturing internship (bachelor’s)                                 The Whirlpool Pride Network provides professional and social
• Marketing internship (MBA)                                            support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight
• Procurement internship (bachelor’s)                                   ally employees of Whirlpool Corporation. The network creates
• Sales internship (bachelor’s)                                         and fosters a work environment that is both inclusive and
                                                                        accepting, and where GLBT employees are treated with
Exciting internships are throughout Whirlpool Corporation, with         equality and dignity. Our primary objective is to become the
many opportunities available at Whirlpool’s global headquarters         employer of choice for GLBT and affirming employees.
located in SW Michigan. Whirlpool’s global headquarters are
located just 90 minutes from the Chicago Loop on Lake Michigan,         Activities:
in one of the nation’s top-10 beach communities.                        • Sponsor of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates and Lambda Legal
Interns gain practical experience within key job functions and have     • Sponsor and community partner with local Out & Affirmation
first-hand access to senior leaders and managers throughout the           Center
company. Through a summer seminar series, manufacturing tours,          • Annual training and development/speaker workshops
sports leagues, networking events, bus trips, and community             • Ongoing partnership with human resources for new hire
volunteer projects, Whirlpool interns also get firsthand insight into     orientation
the World of Whirlpool and what makes the company the No. 1             • Internal web site for social and organizational resources and, news
global appliance manufacturing company.                                 • Partnership with CARES, local community AIDS/HIV
                                                                        • Ongoing GLBT advertising through the KitchenAid brand
Affinity Groups
                                                                        Young Professionals Network (YP!)
                                                                        A network of more than 600 young professionals (ages 20 to
Whirlpool Hispanic Network                                              35), which provides weekly opportunities for professional
Vision—Drive, Develop & Celebrate!                                      growth and development, community involvement, volunteer
                                                                        activities, mentoring, social events, networking, sports
• Drive Whirlpool Corporation’s successful implementation of
  our enterprise leadership agenda

Vault/INROADS Guide to Corporate Diversity Programs • 2009 Edition

Whirlpool Corporation

recreation, entertainment, recruiting and outreach, and career      Whirlpool African American Network
advancement.                                                        Objectives:

Whirlpool Asian Community                                           • Aid in the attraction and retention of diverse talent to ensure
Mission: Promote Asian culture and heritage, provide professional     that we have a company that is positioned to create loyal
development opportunities for WAC members, assist in recruiting       customers for life in all of our markets
talent, and support Whirlpool Corporation’s success and             • Mentor young people within our local communities to
profitability in the global market. U.S. membership is 300+.          increase the number of children graduating high school and
                                                                      attending college
Activities:                                                         • Provide a social outlet and support for each other
• Professional development seminars and workshops                   Activities:
• Business and innovation training and development
• Community and social events                                       • Professional Development
• Network projects                                                  • Innovation sessions
                                                                    • Efficacies for people of color
The Women’s Network                                                 • Project focus for junior high and high school students
Mission: Empower and enrich members’ lives by becoming              • Robot building competition
more engaged within Whirlpool Corporation and the                   • College preparation workshops for youth
surrounding community.                                              • Summer cookout
                                                                    • Jazz Night
Areas of Impact:

• Business alignment—Engage employees in Whirlpool’s
  strategic goals and objectives by providing professional and
                                                                    Entry-Level Programs/Full-
  personal learning opportunities.                                  Time Opportunities/Training
• Communications—Increase awareness of TWN through                  Programs
  communications. Develop a TWN “brand.”
• Community partnership—Develop a community outreach
                                                                    Length of Programs: Three to five years (flexible with
  program. Align TWN with relevant external organizations to
                                                                    minimum of three rotations)
  facilitate networking and learning opportunities.
                                                                    Application Deadlines: November 15th
• Employee engagement—Schedule and facilitate meaningful
                                                                    Web site:
  events to improve employee satisfaction an increase membership.
                                                                    Available Opportunities:
Native American Network                                             • Brand portfolio leadership development program (MBA)
Vision: To celebrate and educate Whirlpool on Native                • Consumer and appliance care leadership development program
American cultures, contributions and barriers.                        (bachelor’s)—Includes fully-paid MBA degree at Michigan State
                                                                    • Finance leadership development program (bachelor’s, MBA)—
• Host a Harvest Celebration in honor of Native American              Global assignments and rotations available
  Indians                                                           • Global information systems leadership development program
• Become a resource for Whirlpool to identify business/vendor         (bachelor’s)
  opportunities with Native American businesses                     • Global supply chain leadership development program
• Partner with the Red Feather Organization to help provide           (bachelor’s)—Global assignments available
  housing to Native American reservations                           • Human resources leadership development program (bachelor’s,
• Champion Native American colleges and individuals for               master’s, MBA)—Global assignments and rotations available
  Whirlpool’s talent pool system                                    • Manufacturing leadership development program (bachelor’s)—
• Partner with HR to mentor each member within the network            Opportunities available throughout the U.S.
  and identify opportunities for growth and development             • “Real Whirled” sales development program (bachelor’s)—Eight-
                                                                      week training program for field sales and key account managers;
                                                                      Opportunities available throughout the U.S.
                                                                    • Whirlpool engineering rotational leadership development
                                                                      program (bachelor’s, master’s)—Global assignments and

                                                Vault/INROADS Guide to Corporate Diversity Programs • 2009 Edition

                                                                                                              Whirlpool Corporation

 rotations available; Fully paid technical graduate engineering      Does the committee and/or diversity leader
 degree for top performers                                           establish and set goals or objectives consistent
                                                                     with management’s priorities?
Strategic Plan and Diversity
Leadership                                                           Has the firm undertaken a formal or informal
                                                                     diversity program or set of initiatives aimed at
                                                                     increasing the diversity of the firm?
How does the firm’s leadership communicate the                       Yes, formal. The office of diversity and the diversity networks
importance of diversity to everyone at the firm?                     partner with Whirlpool Corporation’s talent acquisition group to
Whirlpool Corporation employs all communications vehicles            provide guidance in the development and deployment of our
available to continue to communicate our commitment to diversity,    diversity recruiting strategy on an annual basis. Talent acquisition
inclusion and employee engagement, ranging from the employee         also relies on the resources of the diversity networks to actively
intranet, diversity network newsletters, senior leader lead          participate in university recruiting activities.
mentoring meeting groups, town hall meetings, business reviews,
etc.                                                                 How often does the firm’s management review
                                                                     the firm’s diversity progress/results?
Who has primary responsibility for leading                           Monthly.
diversity initiatives at your firm?
Mark Q. McLane, director global diversity and inclusion.             How is the firm’s diversity committee and/or firm
                                                                     management held accountable for achieving
Does your firm currently have a diversity                            results?
committee?                                                           Senior leadership compensation is tied directly to the
Yes.                                                                 achievement of annual diversity, inclusion and engagement
If yes, please describe how the committee is
structured, how often it meets, etc.
Whirlpool corporation’s diversity council is comprised of the        Retention & Professional
diversity network executive sponsors, who are also members of        Development
the top-100 global leaders at Whirlpool, and each of the diversity
network leads. The council meets on a quarterly basis, and the
leadership of the diversity networks meet on a monthly basis.        How do 2007 minority and female attrition rates
These monthly operations meetings provides an opportunity for        generally compare to those experienced in the
best practice sharing across networks and provides the diversity     prior year period?
council with up-to-date information on the new initiatives related   Lower than in prior years.
to Whirlpool’s diversity and inclusion strategy.
                                                                     Please identify the specific steps you are taking to
If yes, does the committee’s representation include one              reduce the attrition rate of minority and women
or more members of the firm’s management/executive                   employees.
committee (or the equivalent)?                                       • Develop and/or support internal employee affinity groups
Yes.                                                                   (e.g., minority or women networks within the firm)
                                                                     • Increase/review compensation relative to competition
If yes, how many executives are on the                               • Increase/improve current work/life programs
committee, and in 2007, what was the total                           • Work with minority and women employees to develop career
number of hours collectively spent by the                              advancement plans
committee in furtherance of the firm’s diversity                     • Strengthen mentoring program for all employees, including
initiatives? How many employees are on the                             minorities and women
committee, and how often does the committee                          • Professional skills development program, including minority
convene in furtherance of the firm’s diversity                         and women employees
Total Executives on Committee: Eight along with seven
employees who represent each of the seven diversity networks.

Vault/INROADS Guide to Corporate Diversity Programs • 2009 Edition

Whirlpool Corporation

Diversity Mission Statement

Diversity and Inclusion is the bridge to every home …

“At Whirlpool, we best serve the unique needs or our
customers through diverse, inclusive and engaged employees
who truly reflect our global customer base.”—Jeff Fettig,
Chairman and CEO Whirlpool Corporation


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