; Parent & Student Information Booklet 2009
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Parent & Student Information Booklet 2009


Parent & Student Information Booklet 2009

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									          Coolah Central School
                       Parent & Student
                     Information Booklet
                                 Phone:          02 6377 1101
                                 Fax:            02 6377 1004
                                 Email:          coolah-c.school@det.nsw.edu.au
                                 School No.      1621

                                          Principal:    Mr Chris Dungate

Last updated May 07
RefParent & Student Handbook 09(Staff/SASS/Booklets)
                 Coolah Central School,
           in partnership with the community,
                promotes excellence by
         challenging and supporting individuals
                  to create their future,
          in a secure and caring environment

                VISION STATEMENT
At Coolah Central School we work together as a community to create
opportunities for rural students K - 12.
◊ set realistic and challenging goals to achieve success

◊ provide dynamic, learning programs which support self-motivation, are

  fun and relevant to future global trends
◊ integrate technology to develop skills and manage information

◊ share in providing a safe, friendly, supportive learning environment

◊ work in partnership so that students reach their individual potential

◊ nurture attitudes of respect, responsibility and commitment

◊ build self-esteem to foster confidence and competence

◊ develop skills in leadership and initiative

◊ develop responsible citizens who contribute positively to the community


                  Staff List            4                  School Canteen               14
       School Creed, Song & Motto       5                School Contributions           14
                 School Map             6                 School Counsellor             15
            P. & C. Association         7                   School Gates                15
             Saleyard Canteen           7                   School Sport                15
         Invitation to visit School     8                  Sporting Houses              15
      How can parents be involved?      8                  School Uniform               15
         Country Areas Program          8            Student Assistance Program         16
                 Bell Times             9        Student Representative Council (SRC)   16
           General Information          10                    Textbooks                 16
           Aboriginal Education         10                  Uniform Shop                16
     Accident and Illnesses at School   10                Uniform Price List            17
                 Addresses              10                   Uniform List               18
                   Asthma               10
                   Allergies            10
           Attendance/Roll Call         10
                   Awards               11
                    Bikes               11
                    Buses               11
                     Cars               11
              Communication             11
        Computer and Internet Use       12
               Dental/Medical           12
                  Enrolment             12
        Excursions/Sporting Visits      12
                     Hats               12
                 Homework               13
               Late to School           13
              Learning Centre           13
            Learning Difficulties       13
     Leaving School Through the day     13
                Lost property           13
               Lunch Passes             13
                 Medication             14
                   Mobiles              14
     Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings    14
               Mobile Phones            14
                  Reporting             14

                                            STAFF LIST
Principal                         Chris Dungate
Deputy Principal                  Grahame Steigler-Peters
Head Teachers Secondary           Kyel Easey                    Tim Lloyd
Assistant Principals (K-6)        Shelley Brooks                Megan Wesley

K-6 Teachers
 Kate Simmons                     Kindergarten
 Carlie Ferguson                  Year 1/2
 Merrianne Morrison               Year 2/3
 Megan Wesley                     Year 4/5
 Nicole Blake                     Year 5/6
 Cheryl Rawlinson                 Relief Teacher
 Felicity McMaster                Relief Teacher
 Joy Menzies                      Support Teacher Learning, Reading Recovery

7-12 Teachers
                                  Industrial Arts, Design & Technology, Science, Agriculture, Primary
  Bruce Cook                      Industries, School to Work
  Melissa Richard                 History, English, PDHPE, Geography, Drama
  Kyle Easey
  Rachael Hogden
  Linda Jones                   English, History
  Tim Lloyd                     Computers, Geography, Jnr. Design & Technology, Distance Education
  Shannon Bush                  Food Technology, Textiles, Hospitality, LOTE, Jnr. Design & Technology
  Cheryl Rawlinson              Librarian
  Mick McLeod                   Maths, Geography, PASS, Mind Matters
  Sue McGoldrick                Science, Agriculture
  Sally Staniforth              Biology, PD/H/PE, Science
  Grahame Steigler-Peters       Visual Arts
  Kate Thompson                 Science
  Jarrod Winter                 Ancient History, History, English
  David Bush                    Art, History
School Administrative Officers
  Maree Sheridan        School Admin Manager          Kathy Rindfleish          Teachers Aide (Special)
  Heather Spence        School Admin Officer          Melinda Lloyd             Teachers Aide (Special)
  Lenore Curtis         School Admin Officer          Toni Thompson             School Admin Officer
  Wendy Dungate         School Admin Officer          Kerri McMaster            School Admin Officer
  Jodie Schaeche        School Admin Officer
  Jim Golden            Ag/Gen Assistant

            School Creed
            This is our school
          Let peace dwell here
  Let the rooms be full of contentment
           Let love abide here
           Love of one another
            Love of mankind
            Love of life itself
             and love of God
            Let us remember
   That as many hands build a house,
    So many hearts make a school.

            School Song
     Come boys and girls of Coolah
          Now let us all agree,
   To sing the praise of Coolah School
          Wherever we may be
‘Tis here we learn through work and play
       The truth we need to know
  To guide us through the coming year
        As on through life we go

 And down the years we hear with pride
     That fame her name has won
  Our tasks to keep the standards high
       And pass the message on
  That those who follow us may learn
        To keep the golden rule
   Then let us gladly shout “Hurrah
     We love the Coolah School”.

           School Motto
      The virtue is in the struggle,
              not the prize

When parents, students, teachers and the community work together, students are more
effectively supported and are more likely to achieve better results.

Following are some of the ways in which parents can actively support our school.

The P & C is a group of volunteers from the parent body who work together to support school
programs. Their support includes active involvement in and around the school, fundraising for
school events and programs and supporting in whatever way they are able.

Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 4.30pm. Venues and times are advertised in the
school newsletter and the Coolah Diary.

The school operates the Canteen at the local saleyard when the fortnightly sheep and cattle sales
or special sales are held - usually on a Wednesday. Profit from this canteen is used solely to
subsidise school excursions - a very important but expensive part of the school curriculum when
living in Coolah.

At least two people are required for each sale. Should you not be able to assist in this way, you
may be able to provide items such as cakes, slices, scones, pikelets for resale. These items can be
left at the school office any day.

Parents and community are always welcome at our school. Please feel free to join us on all of
our special occasions as well as throughout the year. If you wish to see someone in particular, it
is wise to ring beforehand to make an appointment.

When interest is shown in a student’s school and activities, their attitude is also one of interest.
So, regardless of what teenagers say about parents visiting, please come along.

Parents are invited to become involved in many school activities. Some that may be of interest
◊ attending parent/student/teacher interviews;
◊ assisting in classrooms with activities such as reading, maths, creative arts or story writing;
◊ helping supervise on excursions;
◊ transporting children to and from school activities;
◊ assisting with covering of books;
◊ being an invited guest for special lessons;
◊ participating in curriculum and evaluation committees;
◊ attending School Development Days.

Parents will get a great deal out of working for our school and their efforts are always

Due to our relative geographic isolation, at Coolah Central School we receive additional funding
each year to support students. The funds assist us to work for equity of access to educational
programs and outcomes for all our students K-12. The funding enables our students to
participate in many experiences that otherwise might not be available. These could include
cultural experiences, educational excursions, visiting performers, camps etc.

                               Bell Times
            K-6                 Monday - Friday
                     9:00 – 9:50am
        Session 1                                            1hr 45 minutes
                     9:50 – 10:45am
          Recess     10:45 – 11:05am                           20 minutes
                     11:05 – 11:55am
        Session 2                                           1 hr 45 minutes
                     11:55 – 12:50pm
         Lunch 1     12:50 – 1:10pm
                                                               40 minutes
         Lunch 2     1:10 – 1:30pm
        Session 3    1:30 – 2:50pm                           1hr 20 minutes
         Assembly    2:50 – 3:00pm
       Bus Supervision 3:00 – 3:15pm
           7 – 12               Monday - Friday
         Assembly    8:55 – 9.00am                             5 minutes
             1       9:00 – 9:50am                             50 minutes
             2       9:50 – 10:45am                            55 minutes
          Recess     10:45 – 11:05am                           20 minutes
             3       11:05 – 11:55am                           50 minutes
             4       11:55 – 12:50pm                           55 minutes

         Lunch 1     12:5 – 1:10pm
                                                               40 minutes
         Lunch 2     1:10 – 1:30pm
             5       1:30 – 2:25pm                             55 minutes
             6       2:25 – 3:15pm                             55 minutes
                   Sport for 3 - 6 is held after lunch every Friday.
           Sport for Years 7 - 12 is from 1:30 – 3:15pm every Wednesday.

Students’ work is organised into a two week timetable with six periods/
day. The weeks are designated as Week 1 & Week 2 and we cycle around those
throughout the year. Each term begins with a Week 1 timetable.

                  GENERAL INFORMATION
                             THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Aboriginal Education
is an integral to the curriculum at Coolah Central School K-12. The school organises activities for
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to increase understanding and to develop an attitude of
tolerance of all, regardless of individual differences.

Students of Aboriginal decent should identify themselves on their enrolment forms. This entitles
them to support if required in some circumstances.

Accident and Illnesses at School
If a student has an accident or becomes ill at school, parents will be contacted ASAP. Should the
school be unable to contact parents/guardians and if medical assistance is required urgently, the
school will take emergency action as necessary to support the student. The school is covered for
free ambulance cover for all of its students.

If your child has a medical condition or disability we should know about it. Please advise us, e.g.
allergy and/or reaction to stings, hearing or visual difficulty.

Please advise us if you change your address or phone number so our records are kept up-to-date,
in case we have to contact you in an emergency.

If a student suffers from Asthma, it is the responsibility of the family to inform the school of their
Asthma plan. The school can then assist students appropriately in the event of an attack. Please
complete an Asthma plan at the front office.

It is vital that the school has the most current information on students. Addresses, phone numbers
and emergency contact numbers are vital for the school to know.

If student information changes, please advise the school ASAP.

Attendance/Roll Call
Coolah Central School prides itself in attendance figures above the state average. It is a legal
requirement that all students attend school until the age of 15.

At CCS roles are marked each day: in class for K-6, on assembly before school, and for each
subject/lesson for 7-12.

All absences must be explained in writing to the class teacher (K-6) or the Roll Call Teacher (7-12)
on the day a student returns to school. Failure to explain an absence could result in the
Department of Community Services and/or the Home School Liaison Officer being advised, who
will follow-up with parent/guardians.

Students at Coolah Central School are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities
across the school community including academic, sport, leadership, representation, community
service etc.

Students are recognised for their work through a series of awards that are presented at Whole
School (K-12) assemblies.

Students who ride bikes to school do so at their own risk. They must park them in the bike racks
provided. The school accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of bikes. They must not be
ridden in the playground. Students must wear an approved helmet and the school will not take
responsibility for students’ helmets.

Buses (School Student Transport Scheme)
School Charter Buses are authorised and monitored by the Department of Transport, 203
Northumberland Street, Liverpool, 2170, Phone: 008 049 971.

Children who live more than 1.6 km (most direct route) from the school or a bus pick-up point are
eligible for a private car subsidy. Forms are available in this pack or from the school.

All children are expected to behave in a safe, quiet and orderly manner on the bus. Safety is
everyone’s responsibility.

Buses depart the school by approximately 3.35pm. Children are supervised between 3.15 and bus
pick-up time.

Students who are legally qualified and licensed to drive motor vehicles may drive to school.

No student driver may transport other students or drive the vehicle to attend school activities
without the permission of all parties concerned - the driver’s parents, passengers’ parents and the

Parking of motor vehicles on school grounds is not permitted and the school accepts no
responsibility for damage to motor vehicles. Parking is illegal in bus pick-up zones and visitors are
asked to consider others when parking near the school.

Communication with home is achieved through a variety of channels including:
1. The weekly school newsletter which is distributed to the youngest child in the family on the first
   day of each week.
2. There is a school section each fortnight in the Coolah Diary.
3. Student reports are prepared each semester.
4. Parent/Student/Teacher interviews are conducted in early Term 3.
5. Information re: sport events/excursions/class activities outside of school is written individually
   to inform parents by teachers across the school who co-ordinate the activity.
6. Letters informing of lack of progress may be sent home to parents. They usually seek support
   in overcoming any issues of concern.
    Phone calls to home may be made in some circumstances
Computer and Internet Use
Coolah Central has two fully equipped computer labs and a learning centre in the Library, all with
Internet access. Students are required to sign a Code of Behaviour Agreement in relation to
Internet usage. Misuse of Internet and computer resources may result in loss of computer access.

Dental/Medical Care
School medical and dental officers visit us periodically. We seek your full co-operation when they

The Health Department Community Nurse conducts health screenings each year, e.g. eyesight,
hearing, posture, rubella.

Children who turn five years before 1st August in that year may be enrolled at the beginning of the
school year. Parents may enrol eligible children up to the end of term 2, however we encourage
beginning of year enrolments.

Proof of age (e.g. birth certificate) is required and parents are asked to complete an enrolment
form. The information is most helpful to the school in helping the child. All school records are now

Should any of the information provided on the enrolment form change (e.g. address, phone
number) please notify the school ASAP.

Excursions/Sporting Visits
The school runs a comprehensive excursion and sporting visit program. Some excursions are
integral to the nature of many subjects e.g. field studies in Geography or additional, worthwhile
educational experiences for students e.g. visiting NSW Central Schools Band performance.

The school attempts to keep the price of each activity to a minimum to enable all students to
participate. If there are circumstances relating to finances, that don’t enable a student to
participate in an activity, the family should make contact with the school. The school can
arrange/negotiate ways of payment.

Sporting excursions take the form of local and interschool carnivals/games. Students are expected
to participate in school sport, school carnivals and special sporting events. Students have the
opportunity to advance through zone, regional, NSW and Australian levels across a range of

Many parents provide transport to sporting visits. There is an expectation that students make a
monetary contribution to the parents towards the cost of petrol. It is suggested that for a short trip
$5 is appropriate while $10 is more appropriate on longer trips.

The school has a policy of “no hat, no play “. This is enforced in terms 1 and 4. Should students not
have a hat, they must remain in a shaded area when outside.

Homework/Homework Centre
Homework is designed to support and reinforce learning. It varies in nature across KLA’s and can
be written, oral, visual, on computer etc. It can promote practice, consolidation and revision,
investigating and discovery, creativity and thinking.

Homework is best done at a regular time in a quiet place. Parents can help by being:
Interested, a good listener, encouraging effort and by keeping in contact with teachers.

If a student says “but I don’t have any homework” there are many things they can do i.e. read their
class novel, go over work covered at school that day, discuss it with you and summarise it ready
for exam revision, complete diagrams, complete any incomplete work.

HOMEWORK CENTRE is open every Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30pm in the library with a Primary &
Secondary teacher in attendance.

Late to School
Students are expected to arrive at school sometime after 8:30 am but before 9:00 am. If for some
reason a student is late to school a note of explanation is required. Students are to present the
note to their class teacher (K-6) or the front office and receive a late note before proceeding to
class (7-12).

Learning Centre
This is located in the library and is an alternative learning environment. It provides a space for all
learners (autonomous, gifted and talented etc) where they have the opportunity to practise learning
how to learn for themselves. This helps them to become independent learners.

Learning Difficulties
All students learn at different rates. Some students however experience real difficulties with their
learning. If a student has a learning disability, it is vital that the school be informed, in order that
their individual needs are met. Our support teacher Joy Menzies is able to design special
programs for students with identified learning needs.

Leaving School During the Day
If for some reason, a student needs to leave the school grounds during the school day e.g. for a
Doctor’s appointment, a note requesting permission to do so should be handed to the class teacher
(K-6) or a Head Teacher (7-12) before school on that day. A special leave pass will be prepared for
the student to carry. This is particularly important if the appointment is outside of Coolah, as Police
and Home Liaison Officers patrol some areas and can question why a student is out of school.

Lost Property
The school recommends that equipment and uniforms be labelled clearly with the student’s name.
If items are lost, enquiries can be made at the school’s front office. Items without names will held
for a short period and then passed on to local charity shops.

Lunch Passes
At present the school does not issue passes for students to go home for lunch.

If a student requires medication at school, it should be handed to the front office staff to record and
students report to them to take it.
Please note: Panadol is medication students often request if they have a headache. The school
cannot administer it without parental permission. Please complete the permission note included in
this pack.

Mobile Phones
The school has a policy relating to the use of mobile phones by students. It is recommended that
students do not bring mobile phones to school unless they need to contact parents outside school
hours. If students must bring their phone to school, both parents and students are required to sign
an agreement. Students must comply with the following rules:
   • Phones are the responsibility of the student and the school will not be held accountable for
      lost or theft.
   • All mobiles are to be switched off and kept in student bags where they are not seen or heard
   • If a mobile is seen or heard it will be confiscated by a teacher and kept at the front office
   • If the student refuses to hand over a mobile, they will be placed on a yellow monitoring card
      for refusing to follow instructions
   • The first time that a mobile is confiscated, it will be recorded on a register at the front office
      and will be available for pick up after the bell at the end of the day.
   • Any time a phone is confiscated after this, parents will be required to sign for and pick up the
      phone from the front office.

Parent/Student/Teacher Meetings
are held for students K-12 each year, usually in Term 3. These are advertised in advance.
Secondary students receive a booking sheet which they are expected to take to each of their
teachers to make an appointment. We encourage all students to attend meetings with parents.

Reports on student progress are prepared and sent home at the end of each semester. They:
1. Outline student progress in terms of the outcomes for the course;
2. Detail areas of strength, weakness and areas for improvement; and
3. Report on a student’s application to work.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school/individual teachers to discuss any aspect of a
student’s report.

School Canteen
The school operates a canteen each day. It is run by Jenny Auld. Students are able to order their
lunch before school and at recess. Regular updates and price lists are sent home with the
newsletter. A sample is included in this pack.

School Contributions
At CCS we currently do not have school fees, but some subjects incur costs to cover incidentals
and materials required for construction. These are advertised at the beginning of each school
year. Parents may wish to pay them in full or elect to pay them by instalment over the year.

School Counsellor
Our school counsellor visits regularly. Appointments can be at the office. The counsellor assists
children with learning and behaviour difficulties and provides advice to students, teachers and
parents. There are a number of other support agencies we can access for specific needs as well.

Counselling is available to any students who require it. Students can self refer by making an
appointment at the front office. The counsellor is also available to assist parents and can be called
upon to work with students who find difficulty in managing their behaviour.

School Gates
The gates on Binnia Street with the brick pillars are for the entrance and exit of walkers and bike
riders. The gate near the Industrial Arts room (near tennis courts) is for entrance and exit of bus
students only. These are the only two gates for the use of pupils.

School Sport
Sports is conducted for all students Years 7 - 12 on Wednesday afternoons. Sport is a compulsory
part of the curriculum at CCS. Students choose sports each term. Mrs. Staniforth coordinates sport
for Years 7-12.

Sport for 3-6 takes place on Friday afternoons and students are expected to wear their sports
uniform. Miss Blake coordinates sport for Primary.

K-2 participate in Gym Fun on Tuesday afternoons. All Primary & Infants students join in a light
fitness program every morning between 9 and 9.15 am.

Sporting Houses
When students enrol at CCS they are allocated to one of the sporting houses below by Mrs.
                  Cunningham                        green
                  Liverpool                         blue
                  Warung                            red

School Uniform
It is expected that all students at CCS wear the school uniform each day. Sports uniform can be
worn on Wednesdays (7-12) or Fridays (K-6). If for some reason, a student cannot wear the
uniform on a particular day, a note of explanation on that day is requested. If, for some reason, a
family is experiencing difficulty in trying to purchase a uniform, please let the Principal know so that
appropriate arrangements can be made.

At Coolah Central School students are encouraged to wear full uniform at all times. Uniform lists
are located on page 17. All items can be purchased at the uniform shop located in the Canteen.

Please note: When students represent Coolah Central School they are expected to wear school
uniform. If representation is for sport, sports uniform is required. If it is for other reasons, full
school uniform is required. School uniform is also required for formal occasions such as formal
assemblies, presentation night etc.

Student Assistance Program
When families find themselves in exceptional circumstances, where students are unable to afford
to participate or purchase materials essential to learning, the school has a small fund put aside to

Applications for assistance must be made in writing to the Principal. We cannot always guarantee
assistance, but will try as best we can.

Student Representative Council (SRC)
Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school and to express ideas about how
to make the school the best place it can be.

CCS has a SRC with two representatives elected from each year group Years 3 to 12. The two
school captains are also SRC members. They meet regularly, communicate with fellow students at
year meetings, coordinate and conduct assemblies, conduct fundraising activities and contribute to
policy and planning through the School Council.

At CCS we do not issue textbooks across all subjects for all years, but textbooks are required to
support teaching and learning in some courses. If textbooks are required, the school lends them to
students through the Library borrowing system. Students return them to the school when they are
no longer required for the course. From 2006 a voluntary textbook contribution will be introduced
to alleviate the costs of replacing textbooks damaged or not returned.

Uniform Shop
The P. & C. has many items of school uniform available for sale. A Uniform Shop is run from the
back of the Canteen (please check open times). Orders can be placed at the canteen with a 10%
deposit on each item or purchased on the day.

A list is attached of all items available through the P. & C. shop.

                   Coolah Central School Uniform
               Boys                 Infants / Primary             Girls

              Summer                                                   Summer
            Gold Polo Shirt                                           Check Dress
             Grey Shorts                                              Check Shorts
      Black Shoes/ Black Joggers                                      White Socks
              Grey Socks                                             Gold Polo Shirts
      Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                               Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper
               Winter                                                     Winter
Gold Polo Shirt – Long or Short Sleeved                               Check Pinafore
            Grey Trousers                                 Gold Polo Shirt – Short or Long Sleeved
Black Shoes / Black Joggers/Grey Socks                                 Black Pants
     Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                     Black Shoes/Black Joggers/Black Tights/White Socks
         Black School Jacket                                   Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper
                                                                   Black School Jacket
                Sport (Friday)                                            Sport (Friday)
            Gold Polo Shirt                               Black Skirt or Shorts and/or Trackpants
  Black Shorts and/or Black Trackpants                                Gold Polo Shirt
          Joggers/White Socks                                     Joggers/White Socks
      Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                              Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper

                  Boys                     Secondary              Girls
              Summer                                                 Summer
         White/Black Polo Shirt                                  White/Black Polo Shirt
              Black Shorts                                              Black Shirt
Blacks Shoes / Black Joggers/White Socks                 Black Shoes / Black Joggers/ White Socks
      Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                                  Black Fleecy Jumper
               Winter                                                     Winter
         White/Black Polo Shirt                                   White/Black Polo Shirt
            Black Trousers                                       Black Tailored Trousers
      Black Shoes / Black Joggers                              Black Shoes / Black Joggers
      Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                               Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper
          Black School Jacket                                      Black School Jacket
                Sport      (Wednesday)                                    Sport      (Wednesday)
            Gold Polo Shirts                                         Gold Polo Shirt
     Black Shorts and/or Trackpants                           Black Shorts and /or Trackpants
          Joggers/White Socks                                      Joggers/White Socks
      Black & Gold Fleecy Jumper                                Black Gold Fleecy Jumper
              Seniors    (Year 11 & 12 Only)                           Seniors    (Year 11 & 12Only)
               (Summer)                                                 (Summer)
   White Short Sleeved Collared Shirt                   White Collared Short Sleeved Blouse & Tie
             Black Shorts                                              Check Skirt
       Black Shoes/White Socks                           Black Shoes/White Socks / Black Tights

               (Winter)                                                 (Winter)
White Long Sleeved Collared Shirt & Tie                 White Collared Long Sleeved Blouse & Tie
             Black Pants                                        Check Skirt/Black Pants
       Black Shoes/White Socks                                 Black Shoes/Black Tights
        Black Woollen Jumper                                     Black Woollen Jumper
          Black Hat/Cap to be worn all year round K-12

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