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                                                                        December 18, 2007
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         Softline All Kit turns to transparent Luran plastic for       Mail:
          its designer chair

The Italian company Softline® All Kit is using Luran® 368 R, a BASF
styrene-acrylonitrile-copolymer (SAN), to produce the seat shell of
SLIM, its new designer chair. SLIM is the first chair to be made of
Luran by Softline All Kit. The thermoplastic stands out for its high
transparency and brilliance, making it the material of choice for
designers aiming to create eye-catching items.

When it comes to the manufacture of transparent furniture, Luran’s
high stiffness, low density and ease of processing allow this plastic
to replace other transparent materials such as PMMA (polymethyl
methacrylate) or PC (polycarbonate). Luran is more resistant to
scratches and stress cracking than PC. “This material is not only
easy to process, it is also highly resistant to chemicals,” explains
Manuela Marzona, working at Softline All Kit. “This makes the chair
sturdy, esthetically appealing and comfortable at the same time.”
The SLIM chair was showcased at the plastics trade fair in
Düsseldorf and can be purchased from Softline. Softline All Kit is an
Italian manufacturer of furniture and accessories headquartered near
Pavia di Udine.
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Information about Luran can be found at:

Technical questions can be addressed to
or by calling phone no.: [+49] (0) 621 60 41446.

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