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					                       News from John Hart - Volume 12, Number 2

Pivot                       Mill                        Turn            Hob   Drill

        Mazak multi-tasking is        In this issue of HartBeat we
        changing production techn-    look at the latest technologies
        iques throughout the world.   that have been released, we
        Combining flexible milling    examine the benefits of multi-
        and turning operations in a   tasking and provide real life
        single multi-tasking mach-    examples of companies who
        ine has revolutionised the    have changed not only their
        way modern factories now      individual production process-
        process raw material into     es but also the way they run
        finished parts.               their entire businesses.

    >> From the Managing Director’s desk
                                      In the past 12 months         • had Mazak engineers visit Australia for hands on training
                                      we have been extremely        • acquired additional service & testing equipment so our
                                      busy with our involvement       engineers can be on site for the shortest time possible
                                      in many exciting new          • been upgrading our SRF and ERF facilities to offer both a
                                      machine tool, robotics          new capability and a quicker response
                                      and turn key projects         • scheduled additional Service Engineers for training in the
                                      across the country. We          US, Japan
                                      have drawn on our almost      • further Hexagon training at DEA
                                      60 years of experience        All new machine tools and robots are imported with the CE
                                      and knowledge to provide      mark to fully comply with the Australian Standard AS4024.1
                                      the best technology           with respect to safety and Australian Communications
                                      solutions to enable           Authority radio communication (EMC) compatibility
                                      our customers to be           requirements, applicable since January 2004. It is worth
                                      successful.                   noting that the whole area of OH&S has taken on a new
    For this trust and support, we wish to convey our sincere       dimension with wide implications for our industry.
    thanks to our many long term loyal customers as well to the     At John Hart we have had to constantly reinvent ourselves
    many new customers who have recently joined the John            to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry. We
    Hart family.                                                    continue to strive to improve in everything we undertake and
    In addition to our more traditional machine tools, the          again this year we are embarking on many new projects.
    area of high technology solutions is continuing to grow in      Our program in the coming 12 months involves:
    importance for our customers as they must now compete on
    the world stage.                                                • the completion of our new robot demonstration and
                                                                      training centre
    This entails a commitment to not only supplying the latest      • giving more focus to our accessory business
    technologies from our world leading Principals, but also        • following through on our internal training programs to
    providing the support necessary to keep them operating at         build on our skills base
    their peak efficiency.                                          • releasing many new innovative multi-tasking machines
    We have a large and well organised Service team with              from Mazak
    offices throughout Australia staffed by professional service    • introducing the new Mazak Hyper Gear laser machine
    engineers plus a full time on site resident Mazak engineer,     • releasing Fanuc’s new 3D vision system and heavy
    supported by our Electronic and Spindle Repair Facilities and     payload robots
    a large on site Spare Parts Department.                         • introducing new Hexagon Metrology products
    We were particularly delighted that Mike O’Connor returned      • upgrading our web site to make it more dynamic and user
    to the fold as our National Service Manager earlier this          friendly
    year. Mike has worked outside the industry for the past 5       John Hart is vitally involved in the process of technology
    years and has been able to bring back with him different but    transfer and we are totally dedicated to working with our
    related experiences, fresh ideas and a maturity to build on     customers, using our experience and the right technology to
    his vast knowledge of the industry.                             bring about their long term success.
    In addition we have:                                            We wish to again thank you for your continued support and
    • employed additional staff in Qld, SA and NSW                  we look forward to working with you in the year ahead.
    • sent all our service engineers to Mazak for training and

    >> Mazak number 1 in the world
    Yamazaki Mazak was recently ranked number 1 in the world           Yamazaki Mazak               US$1,152 million
    for “pure” machine tool manufacturers by the Metal Working         Gildemeister DMG             US$1,106 million
    Insiders report on machine tool manufacturers for 2003. The
    ranking was based on the worldwide sales of machine tools          Mori Seiki                   US$776.9 million
    and closely related equipment.                                     Okuma                        US$770.3 million
    Yamazaki Mazak has become the world leader in machine              Makino                       US$550.3 million
    tools manufacturing due to their long term commitment
    to research and development, the quality and productivity
                                                                       Daewoo                       US$311.6 million
    of their products as well as the excellent service support         Haas                         US$260.2 million
    structures offered throughout the world.                           Hyundai                      US$188.9 million

1 : Reduced Part Cost
“Done in one” reduces overall part cost with fewer machines,
 operators and fixturing.

2 : Increased Throughput
Fewer part setups reduces material movements, improves material
flow and production effiiciency.

3 : Even Work and Cash Flow
Entire batches can be completed continuously, reducing work in
progress and keeping invoicing consistent.

4 : Increased Part Accuracy
“Done in one” reduces compound errors and increases part accuracy.

5 : Fixturing and Tooling
“Done in one” eliminates expensive fixturing.

6 : Unattended Operation
Multiple processes in one setup allows unattended operation.

7 : Reduced Set-Ups
Reduced set ups by combining multiple processes.

8 : Reduced Non Value - Added Time
Reduced non value-added time by eliminating product queues
between machines.

9 : Reduced Lead Times
Reduced lead times by increasing flexibility to produce both small
and large complete batch runs.

10 : Increased Profitability
Reduced fixturing, improved efficiency and product quality increases


    >> Traxon smart machining system
    World leaders in oil                                                  Integrated into the system, the Integrex 100 is a multi-
    level control systems in                                              tasking lathe that performs “done in one” machining of
    industrial compressor                                                 components. The result is a system which automatically
    units are Traxon                                                      produces regulator casings to exacting quality and
    Industries in Bunbury                                                 environmental standards.
    WA. In compressor                                                     Traxon exports over 80% of its product overseas and CEO,
    units used primarily in                                               Wayne Cattach and machinist Brad Eacott worked closely
    refrigeration systems                                                 with John Hart engineers to ensure the system meets their
    in supermarkets,                                                      requirements for flexibility and accuracy to match market
    refrigerant oils can be    Hamish Todd (JH), Wayne Cattach (CEO)      demand for their product.
    transient around the                  and Brad Eacott
    piping system for long
    distances. Maintaining consistent oil levels is vital to the
    performance and operation of the compressors.
    To ensure the system is maintained properly at the specified
    levels, Traxon developed and patented a floatation device.
    The revolutionary regulator is able to monitor oil levels in the
    individual compressors and maintain correct volumes of oils
    at all times and through a wide variety of system conditions.
    Traxon’s regulator is contained in an aluminium casing
                                                                                         Sections of the
    which is machined on a Mazak Integrex 100 with GL 100                              production system
    robot together with a John Hart designed and built work
    conveyor, washer and drying system. The whole system is
    controlled by a PLC.

    >> Oilpath achieves high flexibility
    Oilpath Pty Ltd which is situated in Adelaide, is the only            reduce the stock build up, which was becoming a problem
    designer and manufacturer of hydraulic control valves                 due to minimum batch sizes required in the current process.
    in Australia. Oilpath’s strength is their ability to provide          To achieve these goals, Oilpath needed the latest and
    standard valves with a wide range of standard and                     most flexible technology available. They needed a system
    specialised options, fitted both                                                              which could recognise any of the
    in the factory and in the field                                                               company’s 13 valve castings and
    by their network of distributors.                                                             produce any of the 347 possible part
    Oilpath now exports between 15%                                                               numbers automatically, including
    and 25% of their production into                                                              specials, from a master machining
    a variety of industries including                                                             schedule.
    transportation, construction,
    agricultural and industrial                                                                        Having looked at the options, the
    equipment.                                                                                         solution was found in the Mazak
                                                                                                       Variaxis 630 with a 12 pallet
    Originally Oilpath sat down with                                                                   Palletech system. The Variaxis 630
    the engineers from John Hart to                                                                    has five simultaneous axis capability,
    look at a project to machine valve                                                                 120 tools, 22kW main spindle,
    bodies on one machine.                     Dave Lucas (JH), Matin Baker (Managing Director) and    variable pressure through spindle
    During the discussions, Oilpath                      Ron Agnew (Factory Manager).                  coolant, a part recognition system, a
    looked at the difficulties they faced in the market and where            Palletech smart scheduling system and in process gauging.
    they needed to improve to stay ahead of the competition.                 The system is extremely flexible and now produces the
    Overseas competitors were a major issue, because through                 required range of completed parts quickly, accurately and
    economies of scale they were able to import large batches                efficiently. The system is fully automatic and can select
    of cheaper products into Australia. This enabled them to sell            appropriate programs from the scheduler and machine
    from stock almost immediately, which was significantly faster complete parts in a single setup. Batch sizes range from
    than Oilpath.                                                            a single part to large quantities and supply now matches
    From this they realised that a whole new approach was                 customer demand.
    needed in their production process. They needed to be able            This combination of John Hart production experience and
    to reduce their standard deliveries from four days down to            Mazak technology in partnership with Oilpath has resulted in
    a more competitive one day. They also knew they had to                a world class production system.

>> UN series – machining centres for mass production.
Unique, Ultra Narrow machines for mass production
applications, the UN Series horizontal and vertical models
have created an enormous impact since their recent
release. Unlike competitors’ narrow machines which have
very small work envelopes, the Mazak UN machines have
work capacities similar to conventional 400mm square
pallet machines – all in a width of 695mm for the UNV and
990mm for the UNH machines.
The UN Series machines are not only compact with
a small imprint, but they readily lend themselves to
unmanned operation with easy adaptation to accept work
holding systems and robots and offer very convenient
maintenance access.
The new range has been a great hit with the automotive
industry sub contractors where quality, accuracy, price and
floor space demands are critical.

                                                                                   UN-600H                     UN-600V
                                                   Table size                               400mm x 400mm
                                                   Travel X/Y/Z               510/400/380mm                 600/360/400mm
                                                   Rapid traverse rate     120000/60000mm/min                60000mm/min
                                                   Spindle                               20000rpm, 7.5/5.5 kW
                                                   Tool shank type                             MAS BT-30
                                                   Tool storage capacity                         20 tools
                                                   Machine size             990 x 3200 x 2470mm        695 x 3200 x 2690mm

>> Aero Spec utilises technology for success
Aero Spec Engineering Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and          The VCN510C also features the world famous Mazak
family run business established in Melbourne in 1973. The         Fusion 640 CNC which is the only true fully conversational
company is still run by brothers Nick and Mark Linke who          controller available. The machine was fully networked with
are both hands on Directors. Aero Spec Engineering are            the company’s intranet system, allowing instant downloading
precision engineers and toolmakers                                                        of complex CAD generated programs
supplying components and special                                                          to the controller from their office
purpose jigs, fixtures and machinery                                                      computer. In addition, the Fusion 640
for the automotive, mining, medical,                                                      has a 2Gb hard drive which itself is
food, defense, transport and                                                              able to store hundreds of standard
aviation industries.                                                                      programs at the machine.
With over three decades of                                                              Speaking with Mark and Nick Linke,
experience in the industry, they are                                                    they noted the reasons they chose
committed to producing the highest                                                      their latest Mazak were the quality
quality of workmanship for their                                                        and leading edge technology of the
customers.                                                                              Mazak, the speed and ease of job set-
With recent company growth, Aero                                                        ups and the back up from the John
Spec Engineering sat down with                                                          Hart service team.
                                           Nick and Mark Linke with their Mazak VCN510C
the engineers at John Hart and                                                           In addition to their VCN510C, Aero
discussed the best available solution to meet their increased        Spec Engineering also have a Mazak Quick Turn Nexus
production needs.                                                    250M lathe which features milling on the turret.
As a result they chose the Mazak Vertical Centre Nexus            Aero Spec Engineering is a great example of a company that
510C with a fourth axis and OneSpace Designer modelling           sat down with the experienced engineers at John Hart and
and Hypermill CAM software. The VCN510C features a                worked out the best solution to meet their needs. They invested
18.5kW 12,000rpm mill spindle, 36m/min rapid traverse             in world leading Mazak technology, which is fully support by
and a 1300mm x 550mm table.                                       John Hart and they have taken their business to the next level.


    >> OH&S compliance – new machines
    For some time it has been the responsibility of end users of         John Hart imports all machines and robots with CE marking
    all machinery, including machine tools to ensure that their          to satisfy all Australian safety and EMC standards.
    equipment satisfies and complies with the various Australian         Customers should ensure that when they are considering
    Standards and State Regulations and Acts. Over the last              offers for new equipment that all suppliers are offering
    2 to 3 years the state work safety authorities have been             equipment that:
    more stringent and vigilant in their enforcing of the various
    regulations. John Hart has always tried to ensure that the           • Complies with all Australian Standards and Regulations,
    machines that we sell are of the highest safety standards              preferably by being CE marked to comply with the
    required at the time.                                                  following EC directives as applicable:
    However, many end users of machinery will not be aware of                 Safety of Machinery – ISO 12100, ISO 14120,
    their new obligations to comply with the Radiocommunications              IEC 60204-1, EN 12415/12417/12478,
    (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Standard 2001 issued by the               EN 292-1/292-2/418/775
    Australian Communications Authority. This standard relates                Electromagnetic Compatibility – IEC 61000-6-2/
    to the Radiocommunications Act of 1992 and is a part of a                 61000-6-4, CISPR 11/EN 55011
    long standing international effort to reduce electromagnetic              Low Voltage Equipment – IEC 60204-1/60034/60947
    radiation emissions from all sources.                                     (Be sure that the "CE mark" does not only refer to
    What does this mean to a           John Hart imports all                  something obscure like the colour of the paint!)
    user of industrial equipment                                         • Is supplied with a signed manufacturer’s "Declaration of
    such as machine tools?
                                     machines and robots
                                                                           Conformity" stating the various standards and directives
    It means that any machine
                                     with CE marking                       that the machine is built to, the machine build date,
    imported into Australia from January 2004 (there was a 2               serial number and technical file number.
    year amnesty) must comply with this standard. It is the legal        • Is supplied with a signed Hazard Identification, Risk
    responsibility of the end user to ensure that equipment                Assessment and Control Evaluation document from the
    installed into their premises from this year fully complies. If it     machine supplier or manufacturer.
    does not comply it is the end user’s responsibility to modify
                                                                         Only then can you rest assured that you have met your legal
    the equipment to comply – which would be very expensive to
                                                                         obligations and your machine is safe to install and operate
    achieve on an existing non compliant machine.
                                                                         and when an inspector knocks on your door you have the
    John Hart customers can be assured that all new equipment            documented evidence to prove compliance.
    imported from January 2004 complies with this standard.

    >> Renard Tooling achieves “done in one”
    Renard Tooling Technics has                                                                           users, Renard gained
    been one of Ballarat’s best                                                                           greater confidence in their
    known toolmakers for over                                                                             final machine selection.
    twenty years, establishing itself                                                                     They chose the Mazak
    as a specialist to the automotive,                                                                    Integrex 200-MkIII
    FMCG, steel, advanced rubber                                                                          because of its advanced
    and plastic moulding industries                                                                       features, proven track
    since 1982.                                                                                           record, high quality
    With a solid reputation for quality,                                                                  manufacture, and user
    Renard wanted to stay focused                                                                         friendly software which
    on remaining ahead of the                                                                             combined to allow them to
    market by identifying advanced                                                                        hit the ground running. All
    technologies they could utilise to                                                                    this was backed by skilled
    drive new business opportunities.                                                                     engineers from the John
    Renard visited Mazak’s                                                                                Hart Service Team.
    headquarters and central                                                                                The result since
                                          Scott Pfeiffer and Wayne Howden (machine operator) with the IG200
    manufacturing facility in Nagoya,                                                                       installation has been
    Japan and it was here they were able to see first hand the          faster turnaround on jobs due to “done in one” processing,
    most advanced machine tools. Spending time with the                 reduced part set-up and programming times. They have also
    Mazak engineers and discussing their specific requirements          reduced the complexity, historically associated with existing
    enabled them to find the best multitasking solution.                machining techniques, allowing Renard to seek out more
    In seeing how the Mazak machines were designed and built,           challenging and rewarding projects.
    coupled with feedback from other local Mazak machine

>> JIMTOF - Japan International Machine Tool Fair 2004
The Japanese machine tool show JIMTOF 2004, was again
held in Tokyo during November of this year. Visitors came from
around the world to see the latest machine tool technology
being shown by the largest machine tool manufacturers.
The resurgent Japanese economy ensured a high level of local
interest which was in sharp contrast to shows of recent years.
This was reflected not only in the number of attendees but also
in the quality of the stands and the numbers of new products.
Mazak was again the standout stand
featuring a truly impressive line up of the
latest and most advanced multi-tasking
Other notable exhibitors were Fanuc Robotics,
SMW Autoblok, Renishaw, Losma and                                                         Highlights from the 26 machines
Hexagon Metrology.                                                                        on the Mazak stand included:
                                                                                          • Angulax 900
                                                                                          • Cybertech Turn 450MT
                                                                                          • HCN 5000 and 6000
                                                                                          • Integrex E-1550V/10
                                                                                          • Multiplex triple 8200Y
                                                                                          • Nexus QTN 100MS
                                                                                          • Nexus QTN 200MY
                                                                                          • UN600V & H
                                                                                          • Variaxis 730 - 5 Axis

>> Nordon chooses a multi-tasking solution for success
Nordon Hydraulics was founded by Norm Johnson in October,          Recently with business expanding, Nordon looked to their
1972 in Brisbane, Queensland. Guided by a passion to               long term partners, John Hart to come up with the best
provide quality, service and satisfaction                                          solution to meet their production needs.
to their customers, the business first                                               After discussions about the process and
started out servicing hydraulic cylinder                                             careful consideration of the technology
equipment. They worked on everything                                                 available, the new Mazak Quick Turn Nexus
from a barber’s chair to excavator                                                   200MS with a second spindle, milling on
cylinders all the way through to mass                                                the turret, parts catcher and bar feeder was
produced cylinders for agriculture.                                                  chosen.
Through this exposure to so many                                                     The Mazak has a 200mm chuck, a 26kW
different designs of infield hydraulic                                               5,000rpm spindle, a 4,500rpm rotary
cylinders, the company moved to develop       Mark Geltch (Production Manager) and
                                                    Norm Johnson (Director).         tool spindle and a maximum machining
their own range of hydraulic cylinders.                                              diameter of 380mm.
After years of design and testing they
were able to release the “Standard                                                   The Mazak system is a highly efficient, fully
Range” of hydraulic cylinders.                                                       automated multi-tasking solution which
                                                                                     allows unmanned operation and complete
This change in direction was a significant                                           part processing in a “done in one” set up.
event in the history of the company as it                                            The result has been a 30% increase in
set the foundation for their expansion into                                          productivity over previous methods.
manufacturing their own products.
                                                                                      Commenting on their third Mazak machine
Today Nordon Hydraulics manufactures                   Parts made on the Mazak
                                                                                      solution, Norm identified the need to
hydraulic cylinders for a wide variety of                             increase production, technology offered by Mazak and the
industries including the agricultural, earthmoving, transport         experience and support offered from John Hart as the main
and machinery industries.                                             reasons for going with the John Hart / Mazak solution.


     releases new
                                                                    Multiplex 3/triple 8200Y
                                                                    Chuck size            200mm
                                                                    Travel (X/Y/Z)        250/100/615
                                                                    Turning Spindle       5000rpm/22kW
                                                                    Rotary tool Spindle   4500rpm/55kW

                                                                   >> Now with optional lower
                                                                   turret and increased speed

    Cybertech Turn 450MT                   >> Versatile large capacity lathe
    Chuck size            305mm - 610mm    with optional lower turret
    Max swing             860mm
    Turning Spindle       2400rpm/37kW
    Rotary Tool spindle   10,000rpm/37kW

                         QTN200MY        QTN250MY
Chuck size                200mm            250mm
Bar capacity               65mm              77mm
Stroke X/Y/Z                    230/100/575
Turning spindle        5000rpm/26kW     4000rpm/26kW
Rotary tool spindle              4500/55kW

>> Now with optional ‘Y’ axis

                                                         HCN 5000
                                                         Pallet size      500mm x 500mm
                                                         Travel (X/Y/Z)   730/730/740
                                                         Rapid Traverse   60m/min
                                                         Spindle          18,000rpm
                                                         Tool Shank       BT40

                                                         >> 40 taper horizontal Nexus

                                Integrex                                         new!
Integrex e 1550V/10
Pallet size           1000mm x 1000mm
Travel (X/Y/Z)        1875/1550/1345
Rapid Traverse        40m/min
Milling Spindle       10,000rpm/37kW
Turning Spindle       300rpm/37kW

>> Intermediate sized
Integrex e - V series machines


 >> Introducing the HyperGear 510
 The recent unveiling of Mazak’s latest 2D laser processing           With many customers throughout Australia having difficulty
 machine, the HyperGear 510 has caused quite a stir with              finding skilled operators, the HyperGear 510 now allows one
 metal fabricators throughout the world. The new HyperGear            operator with a lower level of training to be able to operate
 510 uses custom linear motors to deliver rapid traverse rates        several machines simultaneously.
 of 120m/min at a staggering 3g acceleration on all axes.             The new HyperGear 510 incorporates many "world firsts",
 The increased use of sensors, refined programming, read-             including:
 ahead controls, flying optics design and new algorithms              • The first automatic torch changer and nozzle changer
 make the HyperGear up to 20-30% more productive than                     systems
 other machines on the market.                                        • The new PREview 640 CNC control
 The HyperGear 510 flying optics design maintains a fixed             • The first hyperlinear drive design
 beam length utilising a specially designed U-axis. This              • The first laser to diagnose and repair cutting-related
 increases cutting accuracy by maintaining uniform laser                  problems in process
 power across the full table range.                                   • The first laser to automatically notify operators in
                                                                          advance of required maintenance
 Machine software automatically calculates the laser's
 optimum cutting speed and acceleration for each contour
 of a component. The nanosecond PREview 640 CNC control
 automatically determines the best method of piercing the
 entire sheet so that no area on the sheet becomes too hot,
 preserving cut quality.
 To ensure maximum productivity during work-piece
 processing, sensors detect when any of four automatically
 interchangeable torches require changing or may need a
 new nozzle, then the machine replaces the torch and/or
 nozzle without operator intervention.

 >> Technology brings success for Sharp Tooling
 About two years ago Sharp Tooling, a general engineering             occasionally one offs which explodes the myth that large
 and special cutting tool manufacturer in Sydney sat down             production runs are required for multi-tasking machines.
 with the engineers at John Hart                                                              The combining of turning and milling
 to look at ways of increasing their                                                          in the Integrex has reduced compound
 production capability. The result was                                                        errors inherent in multiple set-ups,
 the addition of a Mazak Integrex                                                             which has increased part quality. The
 200Y multi-tasking machine to their                                                          user-friendly Mazatrol Fusion 640MT
 factory. Managing Director Albert                                                            CNC conversational controller is easy
 Carrion made the choice because                                                              to program, even by inexperienced
 he was confident that the new multi-                                                         operators. Stock in process has been
 tasking technology would take his                                                            reduced, overall machine programming
 company into the future.                                                                     time has been reduced, machine
 Looking back Albert can now see the                                                          setups have been reduced, delivery
 fruits of his foresight. His production                                                      times have been improved and their
 process has been revolutionised                                                              customers could not be happier.
 in the way work moves through the          Ariel Felicano (Operator) and Gary Finch (Foreman).  Building on the great results brought
 factory. Historically, jobs would sit                                                           by his first multi-tasking machine,
 on the floor between different machines, waiting to be set               Albert recently looked to the market and decided to
 up for a process. As a result, multiple set-ups were required            purchase his latest Mazak, an Integrex 200SY. He chose
 on machines with different controllers and often difficult               this Integrex model because he considered it to be
 programming systems, stock was tied up in process and                    technologically superior to all other machines available.
 tooling and fixtures costs were higher.
                                                                          The Integrex 200SY has all the benefits of the multi-tasking
 With the introduction of the Mazak Integrex 200Y multi-                  series but with the addition of an optional second spindle.
 tasking machine, Sharp Tooling is now able to quickly and                The second spindle provides even greater flexibility with
 easily set up jobs for “done in one” production.                         in machine part transfer allowing second processes to be
 The majority of jobs on the new machine are short runs and               performed automatically. The result is even fewer part set-ups.

>> Hexagon visit
In early October 2004, Mr Giulio Bollito
General Manager, Commercial Operations
and Tan Boon Sun Sales Director, Hexagon
Metrology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd visited John
Hart to provide an update on the recent
series of takeovers by Hexagon Metrology in the
CMM world.
Hexagon Metrology now own Brown & Sharpe, DEA,
Leitz, Sheffield, Wilcox & Assoc, Tesa, CE Johansson,
Romer, MIRAI, Cimcore and several other well
known companies in the field.
Under the new arrangements, John Hart continues
offer and support Brown & Sharpe, DEA and
Leitz plus a new product range called Cimcore
PCDMIS which is a portable arm CMM.
Mr Bollito briefed staff on the new Hexagon
regional facilities in Singapore which feature
new offices, showrooms, training facilities and
spare parts centre. The meeting served also to
strengthen the links between the two companies
who enjoy a long and close relationship.
Mr Bollito was also able to visit several customers
to round off a very brief but fruitful visit.

>> Christchurch Engine Centre has the capacity
When they needed to measure a                                                                   Centre’s temperature controlled
fan blade set with a diameter in                                                                metrology room. As they already
excess of 1.7m for the new IAE                                                                  had PCDMIS software on their
V2500 jet engine, the engineers                                                                 recently upgraded B&S Xcel
at the Air New Zealand and Pratt                                                                CMM, they were up and running
& Whitney Christchurch Engine                                                                   on the new machine straight
Centre thought they had met                                                                     away.
their match. However with help                                                                  The new Global CMM allows
from the experienced engineers                                                                  measurement of large plasma
at John Hart they were able to                                                                  coated rotor path liners and
meet the challenge.                                                                             stator vane tips, blade tip
The best machine for the                                                                        diameters, snap and interface
application was the Global                                                                      dimensions of their aircraft
20.33.15 fitted with the PCDMIS                                                                 engines.
CAD++ software. The Global                                                                        Talking with the process
series is a range of extremely                                                                    engineers at the Christchurch
fast, high accuracy CMMs                                                                          Engine Centre, they noted the
which have been recognised                                                                        machines large capacity, the
throughout the world as the                                                                       PCDMIS software, the track
industry standard.                                         V2500 jet engine                        record of Brown & Sharpe
The Global CMM was the right choice because of its                   CMMs and the level of support provided by John Hart as
advanced design, market leading software, large capacity             factors in choosing the Brown & Sharpe.
and excellent after sales support. The machine was also              The installation of the Global 20.33.15 into the Christchurch
chosen for it’s long term versatility, being capable of using        Engine Centre was the result of John Hart working with them
laser and contact scanning applications without requiring a          to implement the latest technology, to increase the centre’s
controller or software upgrade.                                      overhaul capabilities.
The Global CMM was installed and calibrated by John Hart
and Hexagon CMM engineers into the Christchurch Engine


 >> John Hart Support – the buck stops with us!

            CMM calibration                           Electronic Repair Facility                         Spindle Repair Facility

 At John Hart we regard service as our long term commitment          Our philosophy is to provide support in 5 main areas.
 to support customers to the highest possible standards. We          These are:
 have been in the field consistently supporting customers for        1 : Experienced service staff
 over 40 years now and we continue to work very hard to not
 only be the best in the industry but to deliver on what we          John Hart Service has a large team of engineers who
 promise!                                                            are situated throughout Australia, they are well trained,
                                                                     experienced and qualified. They are passionate about their
 When the chips are down and you need fast reliable                  work and are focussed on keeping your machine up and
 skilled service, we understand the importance of a timely           running.
 response. John Hart has a history of following through and
 we never walk away from any issue, no matter how hard the           2 : Factory support and market commitment
 problem may be. With John Hart service you have support             John Hart Service has a resident Mazak engineer, a direct
 you can rely upon.                                                  electronic link to Mazak Japan, all original machine detail
 John Hart has a large and well supported service network            specifications and a long history of close co-operation with
 situated throughout Australia. We have also developed               our overseas principals.
 an additional level of support services with our national           3 : Spare parts
 Spindle and Electronic Repair Facilities, and a large in house      Spare Part Department maintains an extensive stock of in
 Spare Parts department. This two level approach has been            house spare parts. Our experienced Spare Parts team is
 developed over many years, enabling us to provide the best          trained to provide fast and accurate customer support. If not
 overall support of any machine tool company in the country.         available locally, parts can be shipped in from around the
                                                                     world at short notice.
                                                                     4: Electronic Repair Facility
                                                                     The Electronic Repair Facility is a factory backed facility
                                                                     which is able to quickly repair circuit boards, axis servo units,
                                                                     power supplies, spindle controllers, monitors and associated
                                                                     equipment for Mazak users throughout the country. The
                                                                     facility has factory trained engineers who use special
                                                                     electronic repair and testing equipment, have access to
                                                                     original drawings and use only genuine parts.
                                                                     5 : Spindle Repair Facility
                                                                     The Spindle Repair Facility is a factory backed facility which is
                                                                     able to quickly repair spindles and milling holders. The facility
                                                                     has factory trained engineers who have access to original
                                                                     design drawings, special assembly and test equipment as
                                                                     well as using only genuine parts. All spindles are provided
                                                                     with a 12 month warranty when fitted by John Hart.

                                                                     John Hart’s service network is vast and provides a capability
                                                                     which is unparalleled. Our commitment is to continue
                                                                     striving for improvement and our reward will be more
                                                                     satisfied customers.

>> The Fanuc ‘Intelligent Robot’ - a vision for the future
At the recent Automate 2004 show held at the Melbourne       The result is an automated system which is extremely flexible
Exhibition Centre, John Hart Automation & Robotics (JHA&R)   in the way parts can now be presented to the robot and
displayed a 200Kg payload robot mounted on an 8m gantry,     loaded into the machine.
a smaller LR Mate robot demonstrating flexibility through    To be able to see this world leading fully integrated 3D vision
using tool changers and a R2000i robot using the new Fanuc   technology, JHA&R would welcome the opportunity to run a
2D and 3D vision systems.                                    trial for you at our facility in Melbourne.
The world leading robot manufacturer Fanuc offers a full
range of vision systems designed specifically to be
used with Fanuc ‘Intelligent Robots’.
This means the hardware and software of the vision
system are designed to interface easily with the robot
("plug and play") making setup extremely simple.
Vision systems have over the past few years, like
robots, witnessed a vast increase in capability,
user friendliness and robustness coupled with a
reduction in up front and ongoing costs.
Traditionally robots have required parts to be
accurately (and often expensively) positioned in order
for them to be located. Now, with the new Fanuc
vision system, a robot can locate a randomly placed
part’s position and angular orientation automatically.
One major application for this technology is in
machine loading, where suitable parts, castings
or forgings arrive from the supplier in a stillage.
The vision equipment is able to view the stillage
contents and determine the position and orientation
of the easiest parts to pick up. The robot will then
automatically adjust its gripper approach angle and
pick up the part on the correct plane.

 Automate 2004

 >> Getting it right first time, every time!
 John Hart Automation and Robotics (JHA&R) has for the last       Once the cell was designed, features within One Space
 six years utilised the state of the art Co-Create One Space      Designer checked for and eliminated any potential clashes
 Designer 3D solid modelling package for their project designs.   between the gripper and other equipment in the cell. At the
 Our designers are able to model machines, robot grippers,        same time One Space solid designer was able to calculate
 safety cells and even whole factories in three dimensions        the mass of the gripper simply by specifying the material
 prior to manufacture. The result is reduced project design       being used for the individual components. This insured the
 time, increased design accuracy, pre project viewing of the      robot had the lifting capacity for the application.
 project concept and automatically generated part lists and       Once the design was finished, One Space Designer
 component specifications.                                        automatically generated detailed part drawings ready for
 A good example is the                                            manufacture.
 recent design of a robot                                         The result was a fully automated robot cell with a complex
 end-of-arm-tooling                                                robot gripper, which had been completely designed and
 (EOAT) system for a                                                 tested in the 3D prior to manufacture. The parts were
 palletising application                                               then assembled quickly and without incident on time
 in Melbourne. The                                                      and on budget.
 customer’s brief
 specified that a robot
 was to handle a range
 of five cartons, each of
                                             from design
 different shapes and sizes
 with two different pallet sizes and one slip
 sheet. To complicate things further, the cartons had to be
 handled mechanically from beneath using tynes (not from
 above with vacuum cups) all within the robot’s capacity.
 Starting by solid modelling the robot, cartons, grippers and
 surrounding equipment (like conveyors) the designer was
 able to create a complete virtual robot cell.
                                                                                               to finished product

 >> Albins Off Road gears up
 Albins Off Road Gear was established in 1979 by Ivan             Looking to the future, Albins recently invested in a new
 and Kerry Albins. Originally starting out as general and         Klingelnberg C28P CNC controlled Palloid Spiral Bevel Gear
 mechanical engineers the company grew consistently when          Hobbing machine. The C28P is the only machine of its type
 in 1988 they were able                                                                           in the southern hemisphere
 to invest in their first CNC                                                                     and represents the absolute
 machine tool.                                                                                    best in gear cutting
 Having competed in off                                                                           technology.
 road racing for many years,                                                                     Talking with Ivan about the
 including the National                                                                          new machine he noted “after
 Championships, Ivan soon                                                                        much research we purchased
 started to design and                                                                           the C28P because of its
 manufacture his own range                                                                       superior strength over other
 of high performance parts for                                                                   types of spiral bevels and
 off road vehicles. From this                                                                    it’s quick setup time, even
 Albins started to specialise in                                                                 for one offs including hypoid
 the design and manufacture                                                                      applications. We also had no
 of gears and transmissions                                                                      hesitation in ordering through
 for many vehicle types.                                                                         John Hart, having already
 Soon after they invested                                                                        experienced their excellent
 in their first gear cutting                                                                     service for our Mazak Variaxis
                                              Ivan Albins, Todd Ulin and Steve Nicholson         machine”.
 machine and have since
 grown to 15 CNC machines and 27 staff. The ownership                  The partnership between John Hart and Albins Off Road
 of the business has also grown with long term employee                brings together experience and the best technology to
 Steven Nicholson becoming a partner in the business.                  achieve long term success.

>> Mazak electronic Spindle and Servo repairs
Don’t get caught being talked into using non genuine               By using John Hart to service any Mazak breakdown
Mitsubishi units in your Mazak CNC machine!                        resulting from a defective Mitsubishi servo or spindle unit,
John Hart is the only authorised Mitsubishi repairer in            you get a guarantee of factory quality with a warranty that we
Australia following Mitsubishi                                     and Mitsubishi will stand by.
repair procedures, using factory                                                            Next time you are offered a
supplied circuits diagrams,                                                                 “cheaper” alternatively supplied
originally specified Mitsubishi                                                             unit, ask the question about where
electronic components and all                                                               the unit came from and what
carried out with a Mitsubishi                                                               guarantees Mitsubishi will place on
trained electronic engineer.                                                                the unit if it fails.
The use of cheaper or lower spec                                                            Don’t take a chance, John Hart
components and substitutes                                                                  are the only authorised Mitsubishi
could actually cost you more                                                                machine tool electronic repairer
money in the longer term.                                                                   in Australia and this gives you
Unauthorised repairers may                                                                  comfort that our electronic service
supply you with a unit that                                                                 is guaranteed.
looks the same as the original                                                                 John Hart has a full range of
and may even work for a short                       Electronic Repair Facility                 exchange units in stock to ensure
period, but what damage will so                                                                machine downtime is minimised
called equivalent components used to carry out repairs by           and in the unlikely event that there is not one in stock,
unauthorised operators locally be doing to other system and         a priority repair to the customers unit can usually be
expensive NC system components?                                     performed within 24 hours.

                                                                        Mist Filters

                                                                          Model     Throughput
                                                                          D600      600m3/hr
                                                                          D1200     1,270m3/hr
                                                                          D2000     1,950m3/hr
                                                                          D3000     3,200m3/hr

                                                                          For your work holding needs

  John Hart proudly offers the Sigma Pool range of gear
  cutting, grinding, forming and measuring equipment.

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