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					OASIS makes
Choose Oasis, and you’re choosing a practice
management solution that has the essential
tools to run a modern productive practice at
a price that’s hard to beat.

Oasis has established a strong
reputation in the dental industry
                                    WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT OASIS
because it is both reliable and     PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE?
innovative and has excellent
functionality; which is why so          OASIS is easy to learn and use. It adapts to the size and needs
many      Australian     dentists   ....of your practice, whether large or small
choose Oasis software to                OASIS displays patient details and appointments with speed
manage their practice.                  OASIS provides a smart financial package that enables you to
                                    ....better manage your time and reap the best return
Oasis is a solution that meets          OASIS comes with forward thinking clinical charting tools that
the challenges you face today       ....improve chair-side workflow, assist in patient education and
while giving you a platform for     ....create compelling treatment plans
the future. Contact us for a            OASIS continues to innovate and is committed to integrating
demonstration and we’ll show        ....future advances into the solution – future proofing your practice
you how to make an immediate investment
improvement to your patient             OASIS and its national team is committed to providing the very
service levels and increase your    ....highest levels of training, customer service and support – if you
profit margins.                     ....have a problem we’ll be there to help
THE TOOLS OF              Oasis is modular - you can select the elements you need to meet today’s
THE TRADE –               operational requirements (and budget) – safe in the knowledge that more
                          functionality can be added as your business requires it. The three main
OASIS PRACTICE            modules at the heart of the Oasis solution are; My Money, My Time, My
MANAGEMENT                Work with addition component tools available for specialist requirements.

                    Increase productivity          Automate tasks         Manage recalls          Simplify billing
     My Money
                    Produce clear reports          Run back-ups          Send out patient communications

                 My Money gives you:
                 - Practice-wide access to patient files and correspondence
                 - A wide range of time-saving recall and marketing strategies including word, telephony,
                   SMS and email options
                 - Statistics and reporting options to manage your practice and help you identify what’s
                   working and not working
                 - The tools to utilise your patient database for growth
                 - Billing systems that manage all treatment and payment options including HICAPS
                 - The ability to minimise outstanding debts

                    Set financial goals         Accommodate individual patient requirements
      My Time
                    View patient attendance records and create time saving strategies

                 My Time allows you to:
                 - Simply point and click to set, amend, delete, copy, link, or move an appointment from one
                   book to another
                 - Use your appointment book to set daily financial goals and plan to profit
                 - Know instantly which patients require future appointments
                 - Schedule patients for optimal use of valuable surgery time
                 - Create a task manager for each individual staff member
                 - Use prompts and reminders to ensure actions are completed on time and with efficiency

                    Manage clinical notes, charting, imaging and treatment plans from one central location
      My Work       Create fast presentations          Generate invoices with a click of your mouse
                    Patient information at your fingertips

                 My Work allows you to:
                 - Create fast patient presentations and show patients the whole picture with graphical
                   treatment plans, appointment breakdowns and varying pricing options
                 - Have immediate access to restorative and periodontal charting
                 - Access flexible options that helps you to manage a patient’s oral care
                 - Integrate with a wide range of independent x-ray and camera systems with a seamless
                   link between the patient’s records and their stored images
                 - Access treatment planning tools that are detailed yet easy to use, with the flexibility to
                   create multiple plans and scenarios depending on the patients requirements

                                    YOUR INCOME WILL GROW
                                    YOUR PRACTICE WILL EXPAND (if you want it to!)
                                    YOUR TIME WILL BE YOUR OWN
                                    AND YOU’LL BENEFIT FROM OUR EXPERTISE

                                    Oasis is dedicated to working with you every step of the way,
                                    offering advice, training and technical assistance to ensure you get
                                    the most from your Oasis solution.

                                    Peace of mind is knowing that a team of experts is ready to help.

                                    Our support specialists work with you to pinpoint problems and
                                    determine the appropriate course of action quickly and efficiently,
                                    so if the worst should happen – you’ll be back up in no time.

                                    CALL OASIS NOW FOR ADVICE AND
                                    A DEMONSTRATION

Oasis Software
by Software of Excellence Australia Limited
Suite 11, 33-37 Heatherdale Road
Ringwood, VIC 3134
Ph: 1 300 889 668

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