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                                                                        Count on Imprints Wholesale for the building
                                                                        blocks to your success—quality activewear; efficient,
                                                                        friendly customer service; and competitive pricing and
                                                                        knowledgeable staff. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado,
                                                                        Imprints Wholesale provides a variety of quality
                                                                        wholesale apparel with deep inventories and outstanding
                                                                        customer service—from branded imprintable apparel to
                                                                        basic tees, casual wear and corporate apparel. With new
                                                                        value-added services such as our exclusive relabeling
                                                                        service, custom catalogs and websites, Imprints
                                                                        Wholesale brings you all the essential marketing tools you
                                                                        need to increase your sales.
                                                                        Founded in 1987, Imprints Wholesale saw significant
          Located in Denver, Colorado Imprints Wholesale’s              growth in 2000 with the addition of branch locations in Las
          100,000 square ft facility is home of the corporate offices.   Vegas, Nevada and Kent, Washington. The recent merger
          With branch locations in Las Vegas and Seattle, recent        with Stardust of Verona, Wisconsin has now expanded
          merger with Stardust of Verona, WI now includes additional
          facilities in Lenexa, KS and Fairfield, OH.
                                                                        distribution into the Midwest with facilities in Lenexa,
                                                                        Kansas and Fairfield, Ohio.
                                                                        Now with 6 locations across the United States, Imprints
                                                                        Wholesale is set to bring you an expanded product line
                                                                        and exceptional customer service to help you build on
                                                                        your success.

          Customers can view the entire 2006 collection of
          imprintable sportswear at Imprints Wholesale’s
          Denver showroom.

                                                                                                   IMPRINTS WHOLESALE
                                                                                  4690 Florence Street, Denver, CO 80238
                                                   Toll Free: (800) 634-2945 • Phone: (303) 333-3200 • Fax: (303) 333-4897
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