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The Sea-Cargo network is improved by new direct service to/from Esbjerg!

Sea-Cargo is proud to announce the introduction of
yet another hub to our well established North Sea liner
system – the new hub being Esbjerg/DK.

The Esbjerg link will be introduced as from Thursday
5th July 2007.

The Sea-Cargo liner system, which already includes
Aberdeen, Immingham and Amsterdam – is as such
complemented by another link into the main heart of
Europe. The Esbjerg link will provide our customers
with a considerably improved infrastructure for cargoes
to/from east Europe, the Baltic area and Denmark.

Esbjerg is also an offshore port, and with direct calls
into Tananger, Aberdeen, Ågotnes etc – this new link
will provide the offshore bases with a new logistic
solution not available today.

The Esbjerg service is a result of a close cooperation
with existing clients, in particular those already using
the Amsterdam service – and thereby already see the
benefit of reduced driving distances by shipping
trailers/ containers to destinations closer to/from end

The new link will be serviced by our new system
vessel, mv Nordia, which will serve Esbjerg in addition
to her weekly link to/from Amsterdam. The initial
Esbjerg service will be based on weekly sailing:

- Loading Bergen Wednesday morning
- Loading Tananger Thursday afternoon
- Discharging Esbjerg Friday morning
- Loading Esbjerg Friday evening
- Discharging Tananger Saturday afternoon.                 Capacity mv Nordia:
- Discharging Bergen Sunday evening.                       Trailers:                       74 units
(pls see for exact schedule details)      Containers:                    200 teu

The initial setup will be based on a weekly service structure, with end week sailing in both directions. The
concept is to increase frequency in line with market demand (expected to be 3 sailings/week), and a revision
of phase one by mid August will determine the final structure, schedule and frequency profile.

Please forward your booking enquiries, operational or commercial request to Sea-Cargo at Hop, or at one of
our Sea-Cargo Agency offices in Bergen or Stavanger.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and/or for your enquiries.

SEA-CARGO    HEAD OFFICE:        Phone: +47 55 10 84 84                  Email:
SEA-CARGO    BERGEN:             Phone: +47 55 55 49 00                  Email:
SEA-CARGO    STAVANGER:          Phone: +47 51 71 62 62                  Email:
SEA-CARGO    ESBJERG:            Please use head office contact details until further notice.

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