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					                            Housing ACT                  Fact Sheet

                                     Mutual Exchange
What is a Mutual Exchange?                           •   The print-out will have the contact details of
                                                         other tenants interested in an exchange.
Mutual exchange is a way for tenants to find         •   Other tenants have succeeded in exchanging
accommodation that better meets their needs by           properties by placing advertisements in
exchanging their current housing with another            Canberra’s community newspapers.
Housing ACT tenant – conditions apply.
                                                     Tenants must not exchange properties before
Eligibility requirements for approval:               Housing ACT has given its approval.

•   Each tenant must be eligible for the size and    •   You remain legally responsible for the property
    type of property they are applying to move to.       over which you have signed an existing
•   Both properties will be inspected by Housing         tenancy agreement.
    ACT staff and will have to be in an acceptable   •   If tenants move before approval is given they
    condition.                                           will be required to return to their own property
•   Any Tenant Responsible Maintenance (TRM)             otherwise legal action may be taken to
    identified at these visits must be completed         terminate both tenancies.
    and paid for by the respective tenant before
    the mutual exchange can be approved.             What do I do when I find an exchange?
•   Both tenants must be free of debts to Housing
    ACT.                                             •   Both tenants must contact the ASC and
                                                         arrange to be interviewed.
How and where do I apply?                            •   At the interview you will be required to lodge
                                                         an Application for Housing Assistance form
•   Complete and lodge a Mutual Exchange                 together with any documentation that supports
    Notice at the Applicants Services Centre.            your eligibility.
    Forms are available from the Applicant
    Services Centre.                                 See the Applying for Housing Fact Sheet for more
•   The Notice only lasts for three months. You      information.
    will need to lodge another Notice after that
    time if you wish to stay on the exchange list.   How long will I wait for a decision?
•   Your approval is required for Housing ACT to
    make available some of your details (eg.         In most cases applications are assessed and
    name, phone number, property details) to         approved / refused within two weeks.
    other parties seeking an exchange.
                                                     What happens if it is not approved?
Please note: When you agree to an exchange,
you accept the property in its current condition.    You may appeal the decision.

How do I find someone to exchange with?              See the Review of Decisions Fact Sheet for more
Housing ACT maintains a register of mutual
exchange notices at the Applicant Services Centre.
• Ask for a print-out of the register, based on
   your preferences (location, dwelling type).

MutualExchange – Date Last Amended – 4/9/2006                
What happens if it is approved?

•   Housing ACT will contact both tenants to
    arrange pre-vacation inspections of the
•   Following the inspections both tenants will be
    advised of any TRM requiring attention.
•   Once TRM issues have been resolved both
    tenants will need to make an appointment to:
    terminate current tenancies and associated
    rent accounts.
    sign new tenancies and receive details of new
    rent accounts.
    exchange keys.

Each tenant is responsible for arranging the
services (eg. Electricity, gas, telephone) to be
disconnected at the property he/she is vacating
and reconnected at the property he/she is moving

Further Information

For more information, telephone 133427,

or visit the Applicant Services Centre.

Applicant Services Centre

Nature Conservation House
Cnr Emu Bank & Benjamin Way
Belconnen Town Centre
(Open 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri)

MutualExchange – Date Last Amended – 4/9/2006

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