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new deco by payableondeath


									                              newmark gallery san francisco
                         251 post street suite 412 san francisco ca 94108

Contact: Mark Wladika                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 415-392-3692

“New Deco” - Paintings by AnnaMir, Ivy Jacobsen and Paula Evers

San Francisco, CA – June 7, 2006- announcement - Newmark Gallery presents “New
Deco”, featuring works by AnnaMir, Ivy Jacobsen and Paula Evers opening July 5, 2006
through August 5, 2006. There will be a public reception Thursday, July 6th from 6 p.m. to 8

Like the Art Deco explosion of the 1920s and 30s, contemporary artists are blurring the lines
between fine art and decorative art. These artists are subverting the affectation that
considers decoration as frivolous in relation to fine art.

“New Deco” features a cross section of serious artists from different generations and
cultures but all pursuing the difficult work of making meaningful art using highly refined
techniques and incorporating materials such as bronzing powder, gold and other mineral
pigments to add luster and reflect light to seductive and gorgeous effect. Eschewing the
modern prop of shock value imagery or style, which immediately conveys an aura of
profundity, these artists masterfully create artistic meaning with a full and joyous paean to
the beauty of the chosen image. Art that is dazzling to the eye always labors under the
danger of being facile or banal. The legitimacy of works like these, which triumphantly
avoids these traps, makes these paintings extraordinary.

AnnaMir is a classically trained St. Petersburg painter who, coming from the Stroganov
School, is steeped in both Russian neo-romanticism and socialist realism. Her paintings
transcend classicism by applying a clear and overriding contemporary aesthetic. Dutch
artist Paula Evers brings her Barbazon school sensibilities to create exquisite, open figurative
and abstract works. Local painter Ivy Jacobsen, trained in Paris and San Francisco,
expresses the younger San Francisco perspective, traveling regularly to lush, tropical
environments for inspiration for her austere, yet stunningly rendered, observations of the
natural world. Taken together these artists bring a contemporary sensibility to one of the
oldest functions of art.

Newmark Gallery San Francisco is located at 251 Post Street, Suite 412 in the Union Square
area of San Francisco. We are committed to representing the highest quality
contemporary art. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am - 6 pm and by
appointment. Please view our website at for more information
and upcoming events. To contact Mark Wladika, the gallery director, please email or call 415.392.3692
                              newmark gallery san francisco
                         251 post street suite 412 san francisco ca 94108

                                               Ivy Jacobsen, Untitled, Oil and Gold on Canvas,

AnnaMir “La Catedral”, Acrylic on Canvas,

                                             Paula Evers, “Composition in Blue”, Acrylic on Canvas,

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