Mount Lofty Golf Club Bird List by lindayy


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									                              BIRDS OF THE MT. LOFTY GOLF COURSE

                                                               Superb Fairy Wren
                       Scarlet Robin
THE PARROT FAMILY                             GROUND FEEDERS                                                   Golden Whistler
Black-Cockatoo,Yellow-tailed V                                                               WATER BIRDS
Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested U                                                                  Duck, Pacific Black
                                              Bronzewing, Common D
Corella, Long-billed                                                                         Duck, White-eyed U
                                              Finch,Red-browed D
Galah                                                                                        Duck, Wood
Lorikeet, Musk                                                                               Egret, Little* U
                                              Kookaburra, Laughing
Lorikeet, Rainbow                                                                            Grebe, Australasian
                                              Lapwing, Masked (Plover)
Parrot, Red-rumped* D                                                                        Grebe, Hoary-headed*
                                              Magpie, Australian
Rosella, Adelaide                                                                            Gull, Silver*
                                              Pigeon, Crested                                Coot, Eurasian
                                              Pigeon**                                       Cormorant, Great
                                              Raven, Little                                  Cormorant, Little Pied
                                              Robin, Scarlet U&D                             Heron, White-faced
                                              Scrub-wren, White-browed                       Ibis, Australian White
                                              Sparrow, House**                               Kingfisher, Sacred
                                              Starling, Common**                             Moorhen, Dusky
                                              Thrush, Bassian NT                             Night Heron, Nankeen U
                                              Turtle-Dove, Spotted**                         Teal, Grey
                                              Wagtail, Willie*                               Teal, Chestnut* U
                                              Wren, Superb Fairy                             Whistling-Duck, Plumed*

                 Fan-tailed Cuckoo

Cuckoo, Fan-tailed
Cuckoo, Horsfeld’s Bronze
Cuckoo-shrike, Black-faced                                                                                     Spotted Pardalote
Currawong, Grey U                                                                            BIRDS of PREY
Fantail, Grey
                                                                                             Boobook, Southern
Fly-catcher, Restless* V&D                                              Silvereye            Brown Falcon
                                                                                             Eagle, Wedge-tailed
Pardalote, Spotted U
                                              NECTAR FEEDERS                                 Falcon, Peregrine U
Pardalote, Striated
                                              Honeyeater, Crescent                           Frogmouth, Tawny D
Shrike-tit, Crested* V
                                              Honey-eater, New-Holland                       Goshawk, Brown
Shrike-thrush, Grey
                                              Honeyeater, White-naped D                      Hobby, Australian U
                                              Honey-eater, White-plumed*                     Kite, Black-shouldered
Sitella, Varied
                                              Honey-eater, Yellow-faced D                    Kite, Whistling* U&D
Thornbill, Brown D
Thornbill, Striated                           Spinebill, Eastern D
Thornbill, Yellow-rumped D                    Wattlebird, Little U&D                         AERIAL FEEDERS
Tree-creeper, White-throated D                Wattlebird, Red                                Martin, Fairy
Whistler, Golden                                                                             Swallow, Welcome
Whistler, Rufous D                                                                           Woodswallow, Dusky

   Original List (1978-84) compiled by Judy Saunders. Revised List (2004) by Tom Hands and Colin Mulroney. Total species 84. *
   Denotes Infrequent Visitor. ** Introduced Species. Ratings D – Flagged as declining in Mt. Lofty Ranges (MLR). U – Rated as
   uncommon in the MLR. NT – Near Threatened. V – Vulnerable MLR and South Australia. Photographs supplied by Jim Spiker
   and Peter Charles

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