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					                                                                            Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association
S E C A                                                                 Schweizerische Vereinigung für Unternehmensfinanzierung

SECA Trend Luncheon
Monday, October 24, 2005, 12:00 – 14:00, Hotel Hyatt, Zurich

WI Harper Group:
Venture Capital Investment Opportunities in China (direct and indirect)
•   China’s venture capital industry overview in a global context
•   The Greater China venture investment opportunity
•   Legal, regulatory and fiscal environment for China investments
•   Investment vehicles for China and their exit mechanisms for venture capital investments
•   Bringing Chinese startups to Nasdaq and other public exchanges
•   Bridging Silicon Valley and Europe with China for startup companies
•   Ask the experts with over 10 years of VC experience in China

The WI Harper Group is one of the first U.S.-based venture capital firms to create a value-adding bridge between the
United States and Greater China. For nearly a decade, WI Harper has been building over 100 tech-companies interna-
tionally by facilitating the flow of capital, technology and management best practices across both sides of the Pacific.
With the opening up of a business development platform for European venture capital firms to China, WI Harper be-
comes a truly early-stage VC firm with a collaborative network that includes Silicon Valley, Greater China and Europe,
with a main focus on mainland China. WI Harper exits its China VC investment portfolio on Nasdaq, Hong Kong, Tai-
wan and Europe’s exchanges. Through their unique cross-border platform and proactive management style, WI Harper
strives to add value to portfolio companies with the ultimate objective of maximizing returns for the shareholders.

WI Harper Group                                              Dr. Martin Haemmig
Peter Liu, Chairman                                          UC Berkeley China Research Center (Faculty & VC Expert)
Dr. Peng Fang, Managing Director, US operation               Renmin Uni. (Board member VC Policy Research Institute)
David Zhang, Executive Director China operation              Peking University (Sr. Advisor China VC Research Center)                                             Tsinghua University (VC Lecturer and VC Research Advisor)

PETER LIU (Chairman of WI Harper Group – )
Born in Beijing and raised in Taipei, Peter was educated at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to founding the WI Harper
Group, Peter was a general partner of Walden International Asia where he established joint venture partnerships with several Asian
governments and leading enterprises and helped raise US$400 million including its China Walden Fund. He has rich experience in
advising high-tech companies throughout the United States and Asia, and has a track record of securing significant capital
appreciation for investors.

Peter holds several directorships including Committee of 100, The 1990 Institute and the San Francisco and Shanghai Sister City
Committee. He is also a founder of Monte Jade Association and an Honorary Board Member of Hua Yuan Science and Technology
Association. Additionally, Peter co-founded the Taipei Venture Capital Association in Taiwan and also serves as a director of the
Korea Restructuring Fund. He is also the recipient of Asia Pacific Leadership Award presented by the University of San Francisco
Center for the Pacific Rim.

DR. PENG FANG (Managing Director, San Francisco Operation)
Dr. Fang brings to WI Harper more than 20 years of engineering and senior executive experience in the semiconductor area from
both Silicon Valley, USA and Shanghai, China. From 2002-2004, Peng served as the President of HHNEC, a $1.2 billion China-
NEC-USA joint venture in Shanghai. It is the second largest semiconductor foundry in China. During his tenure, Peng established a
multi-national technical and business management team, restructured the company's investment partnership by introducing a US
based investor, and turned the company around achieving profitability. He received the 2004 Shanghai City "Magnolia" Award that
is designed for foreign executives who make significant contributions to Shanghai's economy. His Shanghai experience also
included CEO/GM of Shanghai Belling JV, which later merged with HHNEC and he became the first president of the combined
operations. He was also director of the Board of Shanghai IC R&D Center. His investment activities cover communication,
semiconductor and other IT areas.

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                                                                               Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association
S E C A                                                                    Schweizerische Vereinigung für Unternehmensfinanzierung

Peng worked with industry leaders of Applied Materials and AMD in Silicon Valley for more than 12 years where he had hands-on
experience in areas such as technology development, corporate planning, technology roadmap and strategic marketing. He served
as the Chief Technologist for Applied Material's TSMC group.

Peng has been with UC Berkeley Electronics Research Laboratory since the 1980's. He is also active on many professional
organizations, having served as the Chairman for IEEE EDS Silicon Valley, Director of Silicon Valley Chinese American Semi-
conductor Professional Associates, Committee Member for ITRS, Sematech and SRC. Peng is often invited to speak on inter-
national technology and business events such as IEDM, IRPS, ITPC, etc. Most recently, he was invited by the USA Shanghai
Council to address a delegation led by US Department of Commerce on the topic of China's industry trend.

Peng was born in China and received his Ph.D. degree in E.E. from the University of Minnesota, USA. As a researcher, Peng has
published over 50 technical papers and holds a number of US patents.

DAVID ZHANG (Executive Director, China Operation)
David oversees investments and portfolio management in both life sciences and information technology for WI Harper in Mainland
China. Prior to joining WI Harper in 2001, he was a senior venture associate with ABN AMRO Capital and was responsible for
developing and executing various acquisition strategies for life sciences, information technology, and Internet companies. Before
joining ABN AMRO Capital, David worked at Salomon Smith Barney, the investment banking arm of Citicorp, where he was
responsible for analyzing, structuring and marketing companies in the Internet, software and semiconductor sectors. He also spent
time at UCSF as a research associate and participated in the High Throughput Genotyping Project for multiple sclerosis.

David holds a M.S. in biotechnology and business from Northwestern University and a B.S. in biology and chemistry from California
State University, San Francisco.

PAUL CHAU (Senior Vice President Silicon Valley)
With over 18 years of private equity, consulting and technical experience, Paul oversees venture capital investments and the port-
folio management of WI Harper's information technology companies in the United States. Prior to joining WI Harper, Paul served as
vice president at Walden International and handled investments and the management of existing portfolio companies. He also
served as vice president at GIC Special Investment Private Ltd (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation), where he
oversaw direct private equity and fund investments in the United States. Before joining GIC, Paul was a senior consultant with
BARRA, a financial consulting company for pension funds and money management firms. Paul served as a member of the board of
directors at USI Insurance Corp. and presently holds several directorships in various technology companies, including DivX, Inc.

Paul holds an M.B.A. from University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. in electrical engineering from University of Canterbury.

SECA – Moderator:
Martin Haemmig has his initial background in Technology, later in Marketing and finally in corporate Management,
before he returned to the academic fields again after 20 years in operations and management. He specializes in “The
Globalization of Venture Capital” in the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia and published a book on this topic,
which got also translated into Chinese. He is a frequent speaker in all these geographies.

Today, Martin is based in Switzerland but travels about 6 months per year, 2 months in Silicon Valley and at the East
Coast, 2-3 months in China and 1 month in Israel and other parts of Asia. Europe is his backyard and doesn’t account
for separate travels.

As Adjunct Professor, he researches and/or lectures at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Munich, ETH Zurich, and all the top 4
schools in China (Tsinghua, Peking, Renmin and Fudan University). His work is evenly split in research, teaching and
consulting (about 1/3rd each) on "The Globalization of Venture Capital" across the entire value chain, looking at dif-
ferences in global best practice and on professionalizing the VC industry. In addition, he is an advisor to the World
Economic Forum (VC Working Group on China), some governments, VC Associations, and a few selected internatio-
nal funds and global investors. At S.E.C.A. he co-chairs Research & Statistics with Maurice Pedergnana (SECA
General Secretary).

Martin has an electronics education from Switzerland and his MBA and Doctor degree from California.

S E C A Swiss Private Equity and Corporate Finance Association - Grafenauweg 10 - P.O.Box 4332 - CH-6304 Zug
P +41 41 724 65 75 / F +41 41 724 65 50 / Email

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