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Gonzaga Preparatory School, one of forty-six Jesuit secondary institutions in the United States, is
located near the center of greater Spokane in the northeast section of the city. The student body,
consisting of 906 students (234 seniors), includes residents from the city of Spokane (72%), the
surrounding suburban communities (21%), and northern Idaho (7%).

Started in 1887 by Jesuits of the Rocky Mountain Mission, the high school began as the college
preparatory program of Gonzaga College. In 1922, the high school became a formal department of
Gonzaga University. In 1954, the school moved from the original campus to its present site. In 1975,
in response to changing educational conditions, Gonzaga Prep became a co-educational school. It is
now the only Catholic high school in the Inland Empire. The school is strongly supported by its
10,000 living graduates and by the second, third, and fourth generation sons and daughters of

Academic Program
Accreditation:      State of Washington, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, and
                    member of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association.

General:            Gonzaga Prep offers a four-year, eight-semester, college preparatory program.
                    Specialized Honors and Advanced Placement programs exist for selected
                    students as well as a program in Language Arts for students in need of study
                    skills enrichment.

Content:            Gonzaga Prep provides a traditional, rigorous college preparatory program.
                    Total credits required for graduation: 46. 1 credit = 90, 50-minute classes
                    (28.75 Carnegie units).
                    Required: English(4 years), History(3 years), Mathematics(2 years), Lab
                    Science (2.5 years, beginning with class of 2005), Modern/Classical Language(2
                    years), Fine Arts(1 year), Religious Studies (3.5 years), Occupational
                    Education(1 year). Most students take 4 years of Math and 3 years of Science.

Special Features: Advanced Placement courses are offered in Calculus, English Literature,
                  European History, U.S. History, Spanish, and Studio Art & Drawing.
                  Selection for these rigorous courses and all honors courses is based upon a
                  student’s individual academic merit and interest.
                  Dual Enrollment at local colleges is a viable option for the student seeking an
                  academic challenge in addition to his/her college-prep program.
                  Community Service is a key component of the school's curriculum. All students
                  participate in a variety of community service placements to fulfill this graduation

Grading System:     A = 4.0       B+ = 3.3      C+ = 2.3     D+ = 1.3      I = Incomplete
                    A- = 3.7      B = 3.0       C = 2.0      D = 1.0       W = Withdrawal
                                  B- = 2.7      C- = 1.7     F = 0.0       WF = Withdrawal Failure

Rank In Class
Gonzaga Preparatory School does not provide a numerical rank. We prefer to have colleges
evaluate a particular student's relative merit based upon grade point average, rigors of course load,
and letters of recommendation. However, we provide a g.p.a. distribution chart to identify a student's
place in his or her class.
              Colleges to which Gonzaga Prep graduates have been admitted (1999-2002)
Class of 2002 (232 graduates):   96% now attending colleges or universities (79% to 4-year institutions + 17% to 2-year schools)
   Washington State                     Out-of-State                Mesa CC                              Linfield College
      Schools                          State Schools                New Mexico Military Institute        Macalester College
Central Washington U             Arizona State U                    North Idaho College                  Marymount College
Eastern Washington U             Boise State U                      Portland CC                          Marymount Manhattan College
                                                                    Rocky Mountain School of             Massachusetts Institute of Tech
Evergreen State College          California Polytechnic State
                                                                      Photography                        McGill U
U of Washington                  U
                                                                    Santa Barbara City College           New York U
Washington State U               California State U: LosAngeles
                                                                    Yuba CC                              Northern Arizona U
Western Washington U             California State U: Northridge
                                 California State U: Sacramento       Out-of-State Private               Northland College
Bellevue CC
                                                                                                         Northwestern U
Cascadia CC                      The Citadel                               Schools                       Northwood U
Centralia CC                     College of Charleston              Albertson College of Idaho
                                 Colorado State U                                                        Oral Roberts U
Clark College                                                       American Musical & Drama
                                 Eastern Oregon U                                                        Pepperdine U
Edmonds CC                                                            Academy
                                 Fashion Institute of Technology                                         Pomona College
Glen Dow Academy                                                    Art Inst. of Boston
                                 Florida Atlantic U                                                      Prescott College
Seattle Central CC                                                  Art Inst. International of
                                 Humboldt State U                                                        Providence College
Shoreline CC                                                          Portland
                                 Idaho State U                                                           Purdue U
South Puget Sound CC                                                Assumption College
                                 James Madison U                                                         Reed College
Spokane CC                                                          Azusa Pacific U
                                 Montana State U                                                         Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
Spokane Falls CC                                                    Barnard College
                                 Montana Tech                                                            Roger Williams U
Whatcom CC                                                          Barry U                              Rose-Hulman Inst. of
                                 New Mexico U                       Boston U                             Technology
                                 Oregon State U                     Brown U
  Washington Private             Penn State
                                                                                                         Saint Anselm College
                                                                    California Institute of Technology   Saint Joseph’s U
      Schools                    Portland State U                   California Lutheran U
Cornish College of Arts                                                                                  Saint Mary’s College
                                 San Francisco State U              Carroll College
DigiPen Inst. of Tech                                                                                    Saint Mary’s College of
                                 Sonoma State U                     Catholic U of America                California
Pacific Lutheran U               Southern Oregon U                  Chaminade U of Honolulu              Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
Saint Martin’s College           Texas A&M - Galveston              Claremont McKenna College            College
Seattle Pacific U                U of Arizona                       College of St. Benedict              Skidmore College
U of Puget Sound                 U of British Columbia              College of St. Catherine             Southern Methodist U
Whitman College                  U of California at Berkeley        Colorado College                     Stanford U
Whitworth College                U of California at Davis           Columbia U                           Syracuse U
                                 U of California at Irvine          Concordia U                          Trinity U
     Jesuit Schools              U of California at Los             Cornell U                            Tulane U
Boston College                   Angeles                            Cottey College                       United States International U
Canisius College                 U of California at San Diego       Culinary Institute of America        U of Chicago
College of the Holy Cross        U of California at Santa Barbara   Dartmouth College                    U of Dallas
Creighton U                      U of California at Santa Cruz      Davidson College                     U of Denver
Fairfield U                      U of Colorado at Boulder           DePaul U                             U of London
Fordham U                        U of Hawaii at Hilo                Dickinson College                    U of Miami
Georgetown U                     U of Idaho                         Drexel U                             U of New England
Gonzaga U                        U of Illinois at Chicago           Duke U                               U of Notre Dame
John Carroll U                   U of Kansas                        Duquesne U                           U of Pennsylvania
Loyola Marymount U               U of Maine                         Embry Riddle U                       U of Portland
Loyola U Chicago                 U of Massachusetts                 Emory U                              U of Rochester
Loyola U New Orleans             U of Minnesota                     Franciscan U of Steubenville         U of St. Thomas
Marquette U                      U of Missouri at Columbia          Furman U                             U of San Diego
Regis U                          U of Missouri at Kansas City       George Fox U                         U of Southern California
Saint John’s College             U of Montana                       George Washington U                  U of the Pacific
Saint Peter's College            U of Nebraska                      Goucher College                      Vanderbilt U
Saint Louis U                    U of Nevada - Las Vegas            Harvard College                      Villanova U
Santa Clara U                    U of Nevada - Reno                 Hawaii Pacific U                     Warner Pacific College
Seattle U                        U of North Carolina                Hofstra U                            Warren Wilson College
U of San Francisco               U of Northern Colorado             Holy Cross College                   Washington U - St. Louis
Wheeling Jesuit College          U of Oregon                        Illinois Institute of Technology     Wells College
Xavier University                U of Texas at Austin               Iona College                         Wesleyan U
                                 U of Toronto                       Jamestown College                    Westminster College
                                 U of Utah                          Kettering U                          Wheaton College
  Military Academies             U of Wisconsin
US Air Force Academy                                                Lehigh U                             Willamette U
                                 Western Oregon State U             Lesley College
US Military Academy              Cuesta CC
US Naval Academy                                                    LeTourneau U
                                                                    Lewis & Clark College
         GPA Distribution as of June 2002 for the Class of 2003

    0.2 woleB                            11

    991.2-0.2                        9

    993.2-2.2                                        51

    995.2-4.2                                                                22

    997.2-6.2                                                     91

    999.2-8.2                                                                22

    991.3-0.3                                                                22

    993.3-2.3                                                                      42

    995.3-4.3                                                          02

    997.3-6.3                                                                                                          63

    999.3-8.3                                                                                           13

        000.4             6

                     Median GPA 3.156                            Average GPA 3.125

                                         Testing Statistics
                                              1993    1994       1995       1996   1997     1998   1999      2000     2001      2002
National Merit Scholarship Program
Finalists                                      1          4        5          3         1    1       4            1         2        6
Commended Students                             6          9        7          6         8   10      11            7         2        7

SAT Exam Scores
Mean Verbal                                   468*        472*     472 563  538   547  568  548  547 553
Mean Math                                     506*        510*     504 537  525   527  544  532  527 548
Mean Composite                                974*        982*    976 1100 1063 1074 1112 1080 1074 1101
% of class tested                             88%         92%     89% 92% 96% 98% 92% 93% 92% 93%

ACT Exam Scores
Mean English                                  22          22     22         23     23       23     24        23       24        22
Mean Math                                     22          22     21         22     23       24     24        23       24        24
Mean Reading                                  24          25     23         24     24       26     26        24       25        25
Mean Science                                  23          23     22         23     23       24     24        23       24        23
Mean Composite                                23          23     23         23     23       24     25        24       25        23

Advanced Placement Program
Total Exams                                   102      97 132               120    111      81     89  108 118                  180
% of 3,4,5                                    76%     77% 78%               75%    64%      80%    87% 75% 76%                  73%

*Scores not recentered
           College Admission Profile 2002-2003
President          Principal        Academic Vice           Counselors
John Traynor        Al Falkner        Cindy Reopelle        Dennis Kukuk, Chair
                                                            Ann Fogelquist Kukuk
                                                            Peggy McEwen
                                                            Sunny Ybarra

  East 1224 Euclid Avenue Spokane, WA 99207 (509)483-8511    Fax: (509)777-8123

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