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					Who are we?

Creditsafe are the business information experts most chosen by UK companies. Creditsafe
provided a broad intended range of products designed to help firms to protect their
business against the threat of debts and failure, but also develop their business in a
significant way.

Over 35,000 companies throughout Europe have benefited from our online business and
consumer credit reports. Currently Creditsafe has offices in Sweden, Wales, France,
Ireland and the Netherlands and is exploring a number of European markets with the goal
of becoming the key global supplier of business information. As of May 1st 2008 the office
in the Netherlands will also start to conquer the Belgian market.

The Creditsafe product portfolio, in addition to our core products of business information
includes a host of financial products plus additional services that are aimed at helping
firms to protect and grow their business.

By joining Creditsafe, you will participate in launching a firm really different, passionate,
and which gives very numerous possibilities to evolve in the short and middle term. You
are ambitious, dynamic with a force of persuasion without equal, therefore come and join
our sales team: first step for your career plan.

Salary: Basic salary + Commissions (will be communicated during the job interview)

Send us your resume at:


                             NEW BUSINESS SALES EXECUTIVE

Main responsibilities:

   •   Accomplish (outgoing) phone calls.
   •   Introduce and sell Creditsafe’s products and service to our prospects
   •   Maximize any sales opportunities by using sales techniques (open questions, closing
   •   Give the highest services standards to our prospects, and existing customers
   •   Generate new customers by monitoring new opportunities of business (lead) and
       references (referrals).
   •   Establish and support a relation with the existing clients and new prospects
   •   Provide solutions to complex prospects’ needs by acting as an expert
   •   Conclude deals and reach targets

Know and know how expected:

   •   Capacity to persuade and to influence others
   •   Strong interpersonal aptitude and communication with the others
   •   Must be challenger and a risk taker
   •   Has to be interested in economical and political news (headlines)
   •   To be curious to know and volunteer to know-how
   •   Deals with computer and basic Microsoft applications (Outlook, word, excel)
•   A good understanding of Dutch/English or French/English language is required

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