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					Tuesday 4th August 2009
                           MEDIA RELEASE

    Rejuvenating Soldiers Memorial Avenue-Tree
The Hobart City Council values the strong partnership with the Friends of Soldiers
Memorial Avenue and welcomes the next phase of rejuvenating the Avenue.

Lord Mayor Alderman Rob Valentine said the Council recognises the continued
commitment to ensure the Avenue is fully restored for the Centenary of the Great War in

“Over the past couple of weeks, the Council has been replacing and replanting trees along
the northern section of the Soldiers Memorial Avenue. Over 50 trees are being planted to
replace those that are dead or missing. Another 55 trees, which are approaching the end
of their lives, are also being removed and new trees planted,” said Alderman Valentine.

“This is an important step forward and goes to the heart of renewing and preserving the
Avenue. Trees die, they get old, and they get sick- we need to make sure that there is a
living Avenue on the Queens Domain in 50 to 100 years time. That is what this planting
is about,” said Adrian Howard, Vice President of Friends of Soldiers Memorial Avenue

“The Hobart City Council has been nurturing trees for a number of years at the Council
nursery for this very process, so they are planted with the best chance of them growing
healthy in this environment. The Council has planned to use water crystals and tubes with
the planting and to water them regularly for the next 3 to 5 years until well established.”

“These changes will see a vibrant, living memorial in the decades to come. There are
many families who have waited a long time for this,” said Mr Howard.
The Lord Mayor said the planting program follows the Management Plan developed and
endorsed in 2004 to ensure the long term survival of the Avenue as a living memorial to
Hobart’s fallen from the Great War. “Many of the original trees from 1918 and 1919 have
struggled to survive and many died. The new trees, six year old drought-resistant
Lebanese Cedars, should ensure that the Avenue survives and thrives as an Avenue for
many years to come.”

Mr Howard said FOSMA has contacted over 30 families affected by removal of
unhealthy trees for their views on the removals and the overwhelming majority have
welcomed the chance to renew their tree memorial for further generations of their family.

“Some families have not approved removal and these trees will be retained until another
survey in a decade’s time. The timber from the trees being removed will be retained for
use on the Avenue,” said Mr Howard.

Alderman Valentine said that to celebrate a new chapter in the history of the Avenue, a
tree dedication ceremony, modelled on the original dedication in 1918 is planned for
Sunday 9th August by FOSMA. This will involve families, schools and many others in
the dedication of the new trees.

“The Council is especially pleased to be partnering with the Friends of Soldiers Memorial
Avenue. FOSMA’s enthusiasm, drive, and dedication in representing the descendants of
servicemen honoured along the Avenue has ensured the restoration works are ahead of
schedule and will certainly be completed in time for the 2014 Centenary,” said Alderman

On Sunday the new trees will be officially dedicated by the Governor of Tasmania and
the Lord Mayor in a ceremony with families starting at 11am sharp near tree#349. All
welcome. Arrival at 10.45 suggested

For further information contact:
Alderman Rob Valentine-Lord Mayor 0418 127 323
Adrian Howard-FOSMA Vice President 0439 583 293


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