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					Class of 1986 article - August

[APPLAUSE]..and we're back to The Class of '86. We have a few interesting guests today. Our first is
Jim Cisneros, who has been quite a busy man. In 1991, Jim earned his Masters in architecture from the
U. of Illinois. A couple of years later, he married a Northwestern University lady, Jennifer Dore. This
past January, they had their first child, a boy named William Aras. Jim and his family are currently
living in Garden City, NJ, where he works at Gruntal & Co., Inc. as a Project Manager for Real Estate
and Facilities Management. Even with a family, two cats, and two great danes, he is pursuing his MBA.

Our second guest is from San Francisco, Liz Babb Fanlo. She missed reunion due to the birth of her
second child, a little boy named Sutton, on May 20. Liz works for Charles Schwab & Co. in its
Institutional Technology Group.

Now I'd like to introduce Erik Roskes' new daughter, Elana Sara, who was born in June. Three year old
big brother, Jeffrey Seth, "loves" his baby sister. Erik and his family reside in Baltimore, where he
juggles a challenging schedule, including Medical Director of Psychiatric Urgent Care at the U. of
Maryland Hospital, where he also has a private practice, and an assistant professorship at the U. of
Maryland School of Medicine. "I go home to work and go to work to rest – at least at work, I can sit!"
says Erik.

John Meier, our entrepreneurial guest, has recently started his own software company called Freshwater
Software, which builds tools for monitoring web sites. Learn more about this venture on the web at

This brings me to our last guest, a fairly recent addition to our class. It helped us find out information
about the reunion and is a great vehicle to communicate with our classmates. Give up? It's our class
web site. The address is People have been updating the e-mail
list, as well as linking their own business web sites. Help us make this site more complete by sending
Dennis McCooe your e-mail address and any other appropriate links. His address is:

If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, you may contact me by mail at 1331 Arboretum Way,
Burlington, MA 01803, by phone at 617-229-4897, or by e-mail at


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