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									                                         ROI with the Maestro Solution

                                       Maximize Revenue across all reservation sources – Front Desk, Sales and Catering
                                       & ResWave (INTERNET)
                                       • Yield rates through multiple criteria in real-time
                                       • Analytics tool which provides in-depth trend analysis
                                       • Manage group shoulder dates, group landing pages
                                       • Complete E-Marketing solution with emails from all channels (GDS, POS, PMS, etc)
                                       • 2 way GDS interface
MODULES ON A SINGLE                    Drive additional revenue for hotel services
DATABASE                               • One stop online shopping experience, allowing direct booking of Hotel room, Spa and
♦    Front Office (PMS)                    Activities for guests & groups
♦    Sales & Catering                  • ResWave Online Packages on the Fly allows for upsell
♦    Yield Management                  • Gift Cards & loyalty programs
♦    2-Way GDS Integration
♦    Real-Time Web Booking             Match online experience to the user – Group, Repeat and Owner
     Engine                            • Allows Groups to reserve online with their own unique codes
♦    Multi-Property Management         • Custom designed landing pages for events
♦    Condo & Timeshare                 • Easily accessible Owner information
♦    Retail & Fine Dining POS          • Integrated Guest Preferences
♦    Table Reservation
♦    Analytics & BI                    Maintain on-going relationships with clients
♦    Spa & Activities                  • 360 degree customer view
♦    Central Reservations              • Develop personalized marketing strategies
♦    Work Order                        • Consistent guest recognition at all levels
♦    CRM                               • Online self service rooming lists for conveners
♦    Gift Card & Loyalty               • Automated guest e-surveys using GEM
♦    Membership                        • Social Marketing and multi-channel marketing
♦    Concierge                         • Organize and prioritize sales follow-up
♦    Housekeeping
♦    Golf Management                   Improved operational efficiencies
♦    Guest Experience Measure-         • Better interdepartmental communication through complete property integration
     ment                              • Reduce A/R time with consistent information across all modules
♦    eMarketing                        • Create proactive Yield Strategies which are easily implemented
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modules and more information
                                       Diamond Plus Service Saves Time & Money - You are not in this alone
                                       • On Demand 1-on-1 training for staff turnover beginner to advanced users
                                       • 24/7 North American-Based Help Desk, Phone & Chat
                                       • Internet Revenue Optimization Services - eMarketing, Social Media & Website SEO
                                       • Lifetime Version Upgrades & Enhancements
                                              ROI with the Maestro Solution

                                                            BUSINESS ARTICLES ON OUR CUSTOMERS THAT SPEAK TO ROI

                                       Proactive Approach to Satisfying Guest Issues as they arise has helped Seaside Resorts see a 70% increase in
                                       Repeat Guests

                                       Using Maestro’s Yield Helps LaFonda Hotel put their budget in place and sent goals for your yield that helps your
                                       hotel make money. Yield has led to increased ADR. LaFonda also uses Maestro to capture valuable guest data
                                       and really get to know their guests.
20+INTEGRATED                          20LaFonda%20Case%20Study.pdf

                                       Vintage hotels controls all rates, including the internet from one screen, and easily pull together analytics to help
                                       them decide on the best strategy.
♦    Front Office (PMS)
♦    Sales & Catering
♦    Yield Management                  Luxury Utah Ski Resort, Stein Erikson Lodge, Uses Maestro to improve guest service and yield rates.
♦    2-Way GDS Integration   
♦    Real-Time Web Booking             20drops%20old%20PMS%20for%20enhanced%20service.pdf
♦    Multi-Property Management         The Beautiful Sky Top Lodge sees booking up 4% at mostly rack rate by using Maestro to improve group account
♦    Condo & Timeshare                 management, maximize group revenue, deliver better service, promote amenities during a guest call and reduce
♦    Retail & Fine Dining POS          accounts receivable.
♦    Table Reservation                 20for%20the%20Sky.pdf
♦    Analytics & BI
♦    Spa & Activities                  The 5 Million Dollar Flowering Almond Spa at the Founders Inn selects the Maestro Solution in order to offer their
♦    Central Reservations              guests a single point of contact to book their entire itinerary and to decrease the complexity of having different
♦    Work Order                        vendors to work with at the property.
♦    CRM                               20Making%20Sense%20of%20IT.pdf
♦    Gift Card & Loyalty
♦    Membership                        Revenue management simple to implement, automatic and a real time saver at the Historic St. Paul Hotel in Min-
♦    Concierge                         nesota.
♦    Housekeeping                      20Redefined.pdf
♦    Golf Management
♦    Guest Experience Measure-                                     ARTICLES WITH OUR CUSTOMERS SPEAKING TO ROI
♦    eMarketing                        Award Winning Independent Luxury Resorts Favor Integrated Maestro PMS to Streamline Operations.

                                       Maestro PMS Clients Honoured in 2010’s Most Prestigious List Including Conde Nast Gold, Forbes and AAA 5
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modules and more information                     Top 5 Most Important Priorities in 2010 for Independent Hoteliers

                                       Independent Hotels and Resorts Attract Guests, Increase Revenue Using Social Media and E-Marketing to Pro-
                                       mote Direct Website Bookings

                                       Conde Nash Gold List Barnsley Gardens Resort GM Scott Mahr Shares Success Tips After Being Names Out-
                                       standing GM by the GHLA

                                       Secure Your Property’s Future; PCI Compliance, Direct Web Bookings and Web Based Training are Essential for
                                       Success in 2010 and Beyond

                                       Award Winning 4-Diamond Luxury Stephanie Inn Implements Integrated Maestro PMS to Centralize and Automate
                                       High Touch Service
                                            ROI with the Maestro Solution

                                                 CUSTOMER STORIES RELATED TO ROI WITH THE MAESTRO SOLUTION

                                       Arthur Morrissey, Marketing Manager for Morrissey Hospitality Companies, Inc
                                       Independent operators do a better job of engaging the public online than chains,” said Arthur Morris-
                                       sey, Marketing Manager for Morrissey Hospitality Companies, Inc. which operates the Saint Paul
                                       Hotel in Minnesota. With much success using email marketing, Morrissey recently began a social
                                       media program using the talents of front-line staff. “We wanted to create honest, authenticate com-
                                       munication with shoppers that engaged them at The Saint Paul Hotel brand level. Our goal is to
20+INTEGRATED                          show better ROI metrics to demonstrate performance and we have seen more than 100 percent
                                       growth in our engagement numbers each month.” Morrissey tracks reservation origins and ties
                                       revenue to its online marketing to see where shoppers are going on their site before they book
                                       rooms on The Saint Paul Hotel’s Maestro ResWave booking engine. “We built codes on our website
♦    Front Office (PMS)
                                       and Maestro ResWave that track reservations from Twitter, Facebook and other social media
♦    Sales & Catering
                                       sources,” Morrissey said.
♦    Yield Management
♦    2-Way GDS Integration             Michael Hraba, CEO of Hraba Hospitality Consulting
♦    Real-Time Web Booking             “ROI is very important to independent operators. We track rooms and revenue generated by social
                                       media programs in the Maestro PMS Front Office hotel software used at the Allison Inn & Spa, and
♦    Multi-Property Management
                                       at our Cavallo Point Lodge at Golden Gate properties. When you listen to social media conversa-
♦    Condo & Timeshare
                                       tions about your property, you learn creative ways to reach paying guests that generate revenue.
♦    Retail & Fine Dining POS
                                       We recommend to clients that they use a fully-integrated booking engine like Maestro ResWave and
♦    Table Reservation
                                       link their websites to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr pages that engage visitors. When you engage
♦    Analytics & BI
                                       guests with social media it develops online customer advocates that impact how your hotel is per-
♦    Spa & Activities
                                       ceived, drives referrals, and can create a great deal of new business.”
♦    Central Reservations
♦    Work Order
                                       Barbara Walters, General Manager of the prestigious Island House Hotel in Orange Beach,
♦    CRM                               Alabama.
♦    Gift Card & Loyalty               All the tools a manager needs to analyze the marketplace are at my fingertips now: demographics,
♦    Membership                        availability, revenues, occupancy levels, reservations. Before installing Maestro, 20% of my morn-
♦    Concierge                         ing was committed to reviewing operations and establishing controls. That was cut in half. Now I
♦    Housekeeping                      spend about an hour a day on operational reports, establishing yield management goals and deci-
♦    Golf Management                   sion-making, freeing up the time to be the on-site manager I need to be,” Walters explained.
♦    Guest Experience Measure-
                                       Francis Caron, Front Office Manager of the Luxurious Château Cartier
♦    eMarketing
                                       Caron also noted the property’s ADR is up for the year thanks to the Maestro Yield Management
Visit our website for a full list of   module, which also helps with seasonal packages.
modules and more information                     “Packages are a large part of our guest mix,” commented Caron, “We offer combinations of ameni-
                                       ties and services at all times of the year. In fact, our Valentine’s Day package proved to be very
                                       good for us. I programmed it in the Maestro system in a few minutes, and then configured the yield
                                       management part to meet the dates and occupancies surrounding the package. Yield can often be
                                       very time consuming because you are looking a year ahead, but the new system is well designed so
                                       I have more time to spend with guests and staff.”

                                       Caron estimates he spends about 30% of his time on IT functions, a savings of five to six hours a
                                       week. Before installing the yield management module he spent half of his time on IT.

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