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									                                                        Website:                       December 2008

                                    ‘ is The Season To Be Jolly
     Inside this                                                   (Yes, it really IS!)

       issue:                       t seems you can’t open a newspaper                In the property market, there are early
 Hot New              1             or turn on the TV these days with-                signs of a recovery. Lower interest rates
                                    out being bombarded with doom                     and increased first home owner grants are
                                    and gloom stories about the finan-                bringing more buyers out of the wood-
 Property Market      2      cial crisis. Anyone would think the world                work. It is still definitely a buyers’   market,
 Update                      is coming to an end! Yet, we have                                  but well-priced and well-
                             much to be thankful for.                                           marketed properties are defi-
 Stamp Duty           2                                                                         nitely selling (see story overleaf).
                             Firstly, we are all very fortunate
                             to live in Australia. Just in the last                             Our property market will not
                             few weeks we have seen terrorist                                   suffer the same fate as the US
 Recent               2
                             attacks in India and Pakistan,                                     market. We have not overbuilt,
 Testimonials                                                                                   and there is a shortage of hous-
                             civil unrest in Thailand, and riots
 Recent Sales         2      in Greece.                                                         ing in most major cities. While
                                                                                      we all grizzle about our banks, their strict
                             On the financial front, Australia is well-                                                     t
                                                                                      lending criteria have meant we don’have
                             positioned to weather the global financial               a home-grown sub-prime crisis. We con-
                             crisis better than just about any other                  tinue to have strong inward migration to
                             developed nation. While other nations are                QLD, and the State government has just
                             having to go even deeper into the red,                   revised upwards the housing needs over
                             careful economic management over re-                     the next decade. Rapidly falling interest
                             cent years has enabled us to have an eco-                rates have reduced the need to sell for
                             nomic stimulus package to cushion us                     struggling home owners.
                             from the worst of the crisis. Over 95% of
                             Australians who want jobs have them.                     So sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday
                             Our economic future won’be painless,
                                                         t                            season, and look forward to a brighter
                             but it should be less painful than for most              2009 and beyond.
                             other countries.
                                                                                      Janet and Steve

                            Hot New Listings
   Janet Houlihan

                               1/11 Rhiannon Dr, Ashmore              1/27 Riverwood Dr, Ashmore          2/445 Pine Ridge Rd, Runaway Bay
                                        $465,000                       River Views! $435-460,000                      $429,000
                            This stylish 3-bed 2-bathroom du-        Originally $550,000 the sellers       Price slashed to get this gorgeous
                             plex, just 6 years young, has been      cop a huge loss to liquidate fast.   2 storey duplex sold. A similar one
                             beautifully cared for and presents      Luxury 2 storey 4-yr-old duplex.       sold for $450,000 in the estate.
 Contact Us           2      as new. The floor plan really flows      Approx 27 sq, 3 big bedrooms,        Just 4 years young, very stylish,
                            for easy living, making it appealing     ensuite, granite kitchen, DLUG.       granite kitchen, 3 big bedrooms,
    We’ on the Web!
      re                     to a wide range of buyers who are                No body corp.               study, spa bath, 2 cars. Body corp
                                 after plenty of living space,                                                       $24 pw, pet ok.          low maintenance and a            HURRY! Unit 2 sold in 3 days, so        “                       is
                                                                                                             Sandpiper on Oxley” a small
                                     contemporary look.                     t
                                                                        don’miss this one!                      secure estate of just 14.
                                         Clear Signs of Life in Property Market
                                     You know the real estate market can’ be
                                                                        t               There are two key ingredients to selling in
 Organization Name
                                     too bad when you can sell not one but two          this market:
                                     properties within three days of listing.
                                                                                        • the price has to be in the right ball-park,
                                     That’ what happened at Houlihan Realty                            t
                                                                                          or buyers won’even bother to look, and
9 Coolibah St                        over the last few weeks, plus another two
Southport QLD 4215                   properties have been sold within three             • the property needs a well-thought-out
                                     weeks, one in 10 days for the asking price!          marketing strategy, to create competition
Ph: 07 5531 1268                                                                          amongst buyers to get a sale.
                                     But buyers know they are in the box seat,
Fax: 07 5531 0548
Mob: 0407 841 667 (Janet)            as there are plenty of properties on the
                                                                                        There ARE quality buyers out there, but
                                     market on the Gold Coast at present. Buy-          unless both of these criteria are satisfied,
Email:   ers are fussy about what properties they
                                                                                        properties will languish on the market.
                                     look at, and are not in any hurry to make
PO Box 4062                          offers.                                            The days when any agent could simply put
Ashmore Plaza                                                                           up a sign and wait for the buyers to turn
Ashmore QLD 4214                     Attendance at open homes has been                  up are definitely over! Successful agents
                                     patchy, but there has been a noticeable            use a variety of means to attract quality
                                     increase in first home buyers in the mar-
                                                                                        buyers, including advertising, direct mail,
    We go the extra                                                                     database marketing and other methods.

    AND DELIVER!                      QLD Stamp Duty Rates
                                         Stamp Duty Threshold           Amount of Duty

                                         Up to $350,000                 $1 for each $100 or part of $100

                                         $350,001-$540,000              $3500 plus $3.50 for every $100 or part of $100

                                         $540,001-$980,000              $10,150 plus $4.40 for every $100 or part of $100

                                         More than $980,000             $29,950 plus $5.25 for every $100 or part of $100
                                               Source: Courier-Mail

                                               Note: First home buyers pay no stamp duty for homes up to $500,000

 Recent Sales                                           Recent Testimonials
Riverwood Dr, Ashmore                “After our house was on the mar-               “Janet we would like to take the time to
$440,000 4 year old duplex 3         ket for 3 months, we decided to go             thank you for selling our home for the
bedroom ensuite. Granite             exclusively with Janet and she had             listed price in only 10 days. We are
kitchen, double garage.              it sold in 21 days. She                                    thrilled with the result and
                                     did a brilliant job and                                    found your service totally pro-
Riverwood Dr, Ashmore                kept us informed all the                                   fessional and caring at all
$464,000 Lovely 3 bedroom            way though.                                                times.
house, ensuite, two living areas,
double garage on 382 sqm
                                     Her attention to detail was fantas-            We would not hesitate in recommending
                                     tic and her sales ethic got a great            your services to anyone wishing to sell
                                     result.”                                       their home in the future. Thanks again”
Geelong Ct, Eagleby
                                     5 Sarah Place, Ashmore                         36 Riverwood Dr, Ashmore
$264,000 Three bedroom
                                     Julie Wall                                     Don & Carolyn Bidgood
house on a large flat fully-
fenced 699m2 block, patio.

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       only, and you should always consult your advisors before signing contracts or making any major financial commitments.
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