Incident Reporting Flow Chart

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					                                               Incident Reporting Flow Chart

                                               Decide on most appropriate intervention:
                                                              First Aid
                                                             Self care

                                          Line Manager / OHSW Divisional CoOrdinators
                                            assess if incident notifiable to SafeWork SA
                             NO                                                                        YES

           Restore incident site to safe condition                                            Preserve incident site

                                                                               OHSW & IM Services to advise SafeWork SA
                                                                               If outside of business hours – report directly to SafeWork SA

                                                                  Restore incident site to                 Preserve incident site until
                                                                      safe condition                     clearance given by SafeWork

                                   Report Accident / Incident to OHSW & IM Services within 12 hours

                              Employee or Supervisor to complete Incident Report form and Fax 8302 1380,
                                          email or telephone 8302 1583

                              Supervisor must complete and initial corrective action on page 2 within 5 days

                        Incident - Lost time                                                  Incident ONLY - NO Lost time

        OHSW & IM Administrator / Rehabilitation Consultant                                    Assess risk of re-occurrence
           provides Injury Management Information kit

             Yes                                        NO                                      Low, Medium or High Risk
  Employee wants to submit claim               Employee doesn’t want to
                                                                                          (Assess the level of risk to determine
                                                    submit claim
                                                                                            appropriate control measures in
 Submit a Workers Compensation
                                                                                               accordance with the hazard
                                            Supervisor to monitor and                       management procedure and risk
              Claim Form
                                           employee can lodge claim at                            assessment process).
Seek medical advice but employee
                                             later date if necessary                       Line Manager to ensure corrective
 must obtain WorkCover Medical
       Certificate (WMC) and                                                                 action is taken and recorded on
  fax 8302 1380 email or email to                                                       Incident Report Form OHSW9 – Advice/ within 24 hours                                                         assistance may be provided by OHSW
                                           Medical accounts and travel                     Coordinators (where applicable) or
Referral to Rehabilitation Consultant       expenses for a Workers                                 OHSW&IM Services.
- Self referral                           Compensation claim should be
- Manager referral                            sent to Lawson Risk
- Claim Manager referral                         Management

  Rehab Consultant to assess the              Claims Manager will
    referral and open a case as              acknowledge in writing
             appropriate                  acceptance / rejection of claim

                                             OHSW & IM Administrator
 Case managed in accordance with
                                          advises of claim determination
                                           to Supervisor & HR Manager

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