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									                                        Grout Perfect® Australia
                                      1/14 Christine Place Capalaba, Brisbane, QLD 4157
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                         ITEM                                           QUANTITY           UNIT PRICE                   TOTAL
Complete Start Up Business Package large (Gallons 9)                                            3795.00
Complete Start Up Business Package small (Pints 18)                                             1895.00
Introductory Offer Sample Kit (Pints 2)                                                          220.00
GP Colour Sealer (1 Gallon) – LIST COLOR(S) BELOW                                                350.00
GP Colour Sealer (1 Pint) LIST COLOR(S) BELOW                                                     66.00
GP Colour Seal Applicator Brush                                                                    6.95
 Instructional Training CD                                                                        99.00
Microfibre Chamois Pack 25 pieces yields 100 sheets re useable                                   150.00
Bucket Caddy                                                                                     215.00
Roller Knee Pads                                                                                 225.00
Salesman Sample Set (12-2oz.bottles-starter kit colors)                                           99.00
16oz Bottles (empty) w/ caps (16 units)                                                           75.00
2oz Sample Bottles (empty) w/ caps (16 units)                                                     66.00
Grout Perfect ColorSeal Color Book                                                                35.50
Salesman Starter Kit for new businesses starting out                                            $210.00

                                   TO BE COMPLETE BY GROUT PERFECT®                         Ship. & Hand.

SIGN & RETURN BY FAX OR MAIL: Upon receipt of order, we will calculate necessary shipping/handling charges.
All Prices are GST Inclusive.
We offer FREE training with a complete business package purchase. (Training in Brisbane QLD only).
Technical Support call Craig McClymont 0403 33 26 46.

                    PLEASE COMPLETE AND FAX TO (073) 823-2407
Gallon Color(s):           Pint Color(s): 2 Pints minumin

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                                                Grout Perfect® Australia

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