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metafile information systems


									pdf -                                                                       SUCCESS S TO R Y
       Premium PDF Technology

    Metafile uses PDF Tools to find and view

    Metafile Information Systems, Inc., Rochester MN

    3-Heights™ PDF Viewer, 3-Heights™ PDF Extract Tool,
    PDF Library SDK

       Metafile Information Systems, Inc. provides professional solutions that merge
       data and text information. Continual improvement of their products like Meta-
       Viewer, PrintStore and resultsplus! have enabled them to reach and sustain a lea-
       dership position in this field. Their dedication and commitment to service has
       resulted in numerous top fifty and top ten application awards as well as several
       special awards.

       Metafile’s MetaViewer product line can quickly deliver PDF, image and printstream
       files to employees who need it most through workflow, email or web delivery.
       Some of Metafile’s clients process PDF files that exceed 50,000 pages per docu-
       ment. With the help of PDF Tools 3-Heights™ PDF Extract Tool for Windows, Meta-
       file has been able to cut the PDF full text indexing time in half or better AND give
       better coverage for complex PDF files at the same time.

       MetaViewer has also improved the viewing of the PDF files through their Windows
       retrieval client. Most retrieval of PDF files in the industry is done using one of the
       many free PDF viewers available on the internet, which are so slow to load that
       the ability for employees to do their job is greatly hindered. PDF Tools 3-Heights
       ™ PDF Viewer for Windows allows MetaViewer windows client to jump around
       through hundreds of PDF pages right inside the client, with no external viewers

       MetaViewer Document Distribution can quickly combine just the right pages from
       one or more documents into a perfectly assembled PDF file ready for email distri-
       bution. The PDF Tools PDF Library SDK for Windows along with PDF Tools 3-
       Heights™ PDF Viewer for Windows helps MetaViewer Document Distribution
       assemble these highly individualized packets, easily mixing PDF, image and print-
       stream files into standard PDF documents.

       .resultsplus! Efficiently manages your constituents and time as well as donations,
       mailings, reports, even special events...all in a single database. The PDF tools PDF
       Library SDK helps resultsplus! assemble valuable PDF documents to send out as
       mailings, email attachments, or for later viewing.

       PDF Tools AG | Geerenstrasse 33 | 8185 Winkel | Switzerland | |

Several years ago we started handling large PDF files that were generated from
various big reporting systems. The PDF files generated from these systems could
be thousands of pages long. We soon determined that we needed help to keep the
processing and viewing as fast as possible. PDF tools was exactly what we needed.
Their PDF Library was very fast and complete. Their sample applications and top
notch support got us going almost immediately.

Last year we decided that the “free” tools that were available for viewing PDF files
were just getting in the way. They were slow to load and not specific to our needs.
We went to PDF Tools for help. They provided us with just what we needed. A light-
weight read-only PDF viewer that we could tailor right to our needs. Now our pro-
ducts show PDF files quickly and accurately and fully integrated.

"PDF Tools is one of our favorite technology providers. Any time we find a problem,
they immediately respond with recommendations or a fix. It is reassuring to have
such a good relationship."

- Virginia Wimmer, VP Software Development, Metafile Information Systems, Inc.

PDF Tools AG | Geerenstrasse 33 | 8185 Winkel | Switzerland | |

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