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					           FIS Empower

                                                                                 Fidelity National Information Services
           Once empowered, you will have ready access to
           today’s most advanced technology in a lending
           application that will be embraced by both your
           technical staff and end users.

Fidelity National Information Services’ (FIS) Empower is dedicated to
providing the finest software solutions in the lending community. Empower
consists of a field origination system and a comprehensive mortgage lending
package. It takes complex tasks and makes them simple without sacrificing
flexibility or completeness. Empower provides the systems and support that
enable your organization to meet and exceed your technology objectives.
These solutions streamline your processes and increase your efficiency.

Empower is a client/server lending application with an object-based open
architecture. Its many features include multi-dimensional workflow, task
management and advanced queuing, user configurable business rules
intelligence engine, rich middle-tier for Internet based loan delivery and
complete system development and modification tools. The system offers
connectivity to a wide array of lending industry services and to the Internet.

Empower partners with banks, savings and loans, mortgage bankers and
sub-prime lenders to accommodate every aspect of lending from the point-
of-sale through secondary marketing, as well as complete interfacing systems
with servicing, flood, appraisal, tax, title and compliance services.

                                                                                         empowersales@fnf.com • 800.441.0830 • www.fidelityinfoservices.com
Empower defines the new standard in financial software by incorporating all
these features and functionality into a single system. Empower ensures that
your staff will have the most sophisticated tools to compete in this rapidly
evolving market.

                      Features and Functionality

In today’s lending environment, having effective control over the distribution
of tasks and information is critical to your ability to compete. Empower’s
intelligently designed workflow leads to superior automation, which allows
your company to dramatically reduce costs.

Empower offers multi-dimensional methodologies to address workflow.
The linear approach allows administrators to create a path or set of
requirements that a particular type of loan must follow. With this method,
administrators dictate a separate workflow for each lending scenario. The
more-advanced, event-based workflow is triggered by events during the
process, resulting in fewer, more sophisticated models allowing for
a greater number of permutations. By integrating the core principles of
each methodology, Empower gives you a competitive advantage. In addition
to the multi-dimensional methodologies, Empower adds advanced features
to simplify the creation of models, dramatically increasing the workflow
Empower’s workflow provides you with the following:
 • Flexibility – the Object Integration Tool allows the administrator to
    incorporate standard objects, custom-built objects, DLL and OLE
    servers, and other applications into the workflow
 • Priorities – administrators attach priorities (e.g. – Optional, Required) to
    any object in a workflow model
 • Business rules – administrators set up rules to trigger events and guide
    the loan through the workflow model
 • Object-specific security
 • Sophisticated queuing
 • E-mail messages
 • Web links
 • Smart queues

Empower ImageLite
Empower ImageLite is a built-in, lightweight imaging system, integrated
seamlessly with the Empower document manager system. At your discretion,
an electronic copy of any document printed from Empower can be stored to
ImageLite. Electronic images are indexed with the loan for easy retrieval. Images
for multiple versions of any document can be maintained, providing a history of
documents for any loan. In addition, documents generated outside of Empower
can also be imported into Empower, manually or programmatically.

Once stored in the system, the ImageLite Viewer allows the user to review
any image with a single mouse click.

           Empower’s visual presentation, combined with easy-to-
           understand icons, makes even your most sophisticated
           workflow models simple to follow.
Business Rules Intelligence
Empower offers key innovations in the area of Business Rules Intelligence (BRI).
The BRI engine is a flexible, powerful rules-based tool. Its ability to apply logic
permits the integration of your own quality control and underwriting procedures.
Easy-to-understand script enables you to implement specific guidelines for
everything from point-of-sale and loan processing through underwriting, closing,
post-closing and secondary marketing. Information throughout the loan file may
be pre-filled based on the logic you choose. These rules and edits also test the
validity of data at the field level and prevent costly errors from occurring. Missing
information, or data that conflicts, is instantly identified. Your staff will be able
to create sensible and flexible loan decisioning, using intelligence defined by
your organization.

Product and Pricing Engine
Empower’s Product and Pricing engine handles all types of lender-defined
underwriting criteria in addition to applying the pricing adjustments per the
lenders rate sheet information. Empower displays all underwriting guidelines
that have passed and/or failed providing the user with instantaneous
information, which ultimately ensures accuracy and reduces the overall cost to
process each loan. Adjustments to price are automatically applied by the system
based on loan registration data via the Web and/or back office. Loan registration
data may include the following: occupancy, maximum LTV and loan amount, and
credit score, including any lender defined adjustment business rules. FIS has
successfully implemented numerous national retail and wholesale sub-prime,
A paper and home equity lenders with a wide variety of fixed and adjustable
rate products.

Document Integration
Empower provides a seamless, user-friendly interface to VMP’s I-32 Electronic
Document System, facilitating access to the complete VMP library and the
development of your own custom document library. Through the use of our
Global Data Dictionary feature, information is tagged    comprehensive development tools and ADO, you can
with unique data IDs that are shared between all         connect to and access any data store that supplies

                                                                                                                  Fidelity National Information Services
documents. This means that each data element only        an ADO provider.
needs to be mapped one time, and it will fill hundreds
of documents. In addition, individual documents can      Custom Documents
be modified via a powerful scripting language.           Empower enables you to create documents in two
                                                         ways. Each method takes a file containing text
Empower’s Document Dictionary comes with a Wizard        and graphics, with bookmarks included, and maps
to help you integrate documents into your system.        Empower fields to the bookmarks. The difference in
Once merged, all documents can be previewed              the two methods is in how the texts and graphics
and printed to any Windows-compatible printer, e-        are generated. The first uses an advanced document
mailed, faxed, delivered remotely with our Electronic    creation system, which includes a powerful word
Document Delivery Engine or converted to PDF and/        processor and graphics tool, specially designed for
or the MISMO SmartDoc format. You can even edit          the intricacy of sophisticated professional documents.
the data on a document with the WYSIWYG editor.          For less demanding needs, users can simply create
This feature can eliminate the need for custom data-     letters or overlays using the familiar Microsoft Word
entry forms. Also, SmartForm can dynamically create      program.
an input form for you. The choice is yours. Once
printed, Empower stores an electronic image of your      Reporting
document in the loan file. This feature is especially    Empower’s open architecture is compatible with
useful in comparing current documents with their         industry standard report generators such as Crystal
stored originals. Furthermore, Empower’s workflow        ReportsTM and ReportSmithTM. These systems have
can create document packages that change as the          direct access to information in the database and
loan changes. These document packages then feed          make even the most intricate reports a reality.
SmartForm to create a single input form for the entry
of any remaining data. In addition to our standard       Enhancing the power and flexibility of the
VMP integration, Empower also integrates with            selected reporting system, a substantial library of
Microsoft® Word and additional third-party engines.      preconfigured reports is also included. These reports
                                                         cover pipeline, regulatory, production, secondary
Database Selection                                       marketing and much more.
Empower employs a definitive open architecture.
Many systems are developed around one specific           Security
database that best suits the vendor’s needs,             The importance of comprehensive system security

                                                                                                                          empowersales@fnf.com • 800.441.0830 • www.fidelityinfoservices.com
consequently locking you into the same database.         increases as more departments gain access to the
Considering the broad impact that a well-chosen          system. Recognizing this need, security was given
database can have on your entire organization, we        top priority by Empower’s creators. Passwords are
feel that this decision should be yours. The Empower     the first level of security and can be triggered
database can be hosted on Oracle® and Microsoft          to expire at user-defined intervals. User IDs and
SQL server. It can be accessed using ActiveX Data        passwords can be verified against standard Empower
Objects (ADO).                                           security or can be authenticated against a Windows
                                                         domain, whichever is preferred. Extensive security
However, we realize that you may have data stores        can be woven into workflow models or activated at
hosted by other databases you wish to access             the field level to ensure only authorized personnel
from within Empower. In combination with our             have access to specific information. As an added
                                                                             benefit, field audit histories provide a record of the times, dates and
                                                                             individuals that have made changes.
Fidelity National Information Services

                                                                             In addition to Empower’s open architecture, we provide an impressive
                                                                             continuously expanding list of standard interfaces. These include Freddie
                                                                             Mac Goldworks®, Fannie Mae®, MERS®, RealEC®, RealTrans®, standard
                                                                             content management systems, geographic coding, numerous credit bureau
                                                                             vendors and all MISMO standard XML interfaces. Empower also offers robust
                                                                             seamless data exchange with the other FIS products and services. Our online
                                                                             link to automated underwriting systems, such as Fannie Mae’s Desktop
                                                                             Underwriter® and Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector®, were among the first in
                                                                             the industry. These tools provide instant access to the services offered by
                                                                             major investors for accelerating and simplifying the loan approval process.

                                                                             Using standard functionality, Empower also provides robust support for the
                                                                             new standard in interfaces, which is creating an XML request, posting the
                                                                             request to an http or https location, and then receiving the XML response.
                                                                             This includes storing results to the lender’s database, including any
                                                                             documents that may be sent back as part of the response.

                                                                                        Empower is designed to take full advantage of
                                                                                        Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP and NT4.0.

                                                                             Empower B2B Web Browser
                                                                             The Empower B2B Web Browser provides a very powerful method for moving
                                                                             data from the Empower database to virtually any HTML based Web page and
                                                                             from any HTML based Web page into the Empower database. The Empower
                                                                             browser provides capabilities not possible when using your desktop Web
                                                                             browser. Using Empower’s suite of tools, which include the HTML Analyzer
                                                                             and HTML Data mapping tools, the developer has programming control of
                                                                             the user’s browsing activities from within the application. Connect to Title,
        empowersales@fnf.com • 800.441.0830 • www.fidelityinfoservices.com

                                                                             Appraisal, PMI and FHA/VA Web sites and automatically move data between
                                                                             the Empower database and the Web page. Your users will have instant
                                                                             connectivity to the business Web sites that are critical to the mortgage
                                                                             workflow process, and gain immeasurable efficiencies through the pre-
                                                                             population and extraction of data from these sites.

                                                                                                           FIS EMPOWER

                                                                             Imagine the power of having what you want – when you want it. Empower
                                                                             makes this a reality by providing the systems and support that enable your
                                                                             organization to meet and exceed your technology objectives. Whether you
                                                                             are involved in mortgage, home equity, consumer, wholesale, retail, non-
                                                                             conforming, correspondent, or any other lending market, we offer solutions
                                                                             to streamline your processes and increase your efficiency. Our state-of-the-
                                                                             art client/server application allows for the creation of the perfect platform
                                                                             to optimize your lending operation. The system can be tailored, so you can
                                                                             maximize your personnel and financial resources now and in the future.

                                                                                                                       March 2006

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