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									 Mekon Eclipse Create S1000D:
 Arbortext Epic Edition
 Who        This course is aimed at technical authors who understand how to prepare structured
            documents using Epic Editor and who need to work with S1000D data modules. You need
            a working knowledge of the Epic Editor. No prior knowledge of the Eclipse Create S1000D
            application is needed for this course. You need to be familiar with PCs and the Windows
 Why        The Introduction to Eclipse Create S1000D course will give you the skills necessary to work
            with various types of data module using Eclipse Create. You will be confident to work with
            data modules in XML/SGML, import them into Epic, edit and author the contents, validate the
            results and export the results to XML/SGML. In addition, you will gain a broad understanding
            of the purpose of Eclipse Create components and the error reporting process.
 Length     2 days

Principles of S1000D                    • Cross Referencing                        The subjects covered are:
To introduce the concept of             • Internal Cross References                • Importing new Data Module
S1000D to the delegate. The             • References to other Data                 references
subjects covered are:                   Modules                                    • Modifying existing material
• Data Modules                          • References to ‘Hard Copy’                • Inserting new approved spares,
• Data Module Identification             Technical Publications                     supplies and equipment
• Outline of Data Module Code           • Using approved items for                 • Inserting new illustrations
and other management data               Procedural Data Modules
• Data Module Contents                  • Approved Supplies
• Identification and Status              • Approved Spares
• Content                               • Approved Equipment
• References                            • Adding Illustrations from List
• General Content – To introduce        • Viewing Graphics
the different types of Data             • Hot spots – Insertion and use
Module                                  • Change Manager
Authoring data Modules                  Configuration (Optional)
A more in depth introduction            (Only for those involved in the
to the different types of Data          supervision of projects using the
Modules, their content, purpose         Eclipse Create S1000D for Epic
and structure. Structures               application.)
covered are:                            Some areas of the functionality
• Descriptive Data Module               are configurable. This section
• Procedural Data Module                of the course provides outline
• IPD Data Module                       information on how this
• Crew Data Module                      configuration can be carried out.
• Fault Data Module                     The items specifically covered
• Schedule Data Module                  are:
• Wiring Data and Wiring Fields         • Cross Referencing
Data Modules                            • Element Literals (e.g.
• Process Data Module                   Generated text for naming and
                                        numbering of elements within the
Application Specific
                                        Data Module)
Functionality for Authors
                                        • What gets displayed
This section of the course
                                        automatically from attributes for
provides the delegate
                                        various elements
with information about the
functionality which has been            Supplied Database
added to the standard product by        Maintenance (Optional)
the Eclipse Create S1000D for           (Only for those involved in the
Epic application.                       supervision of projects using the
The functions covered are:              Eclipse Create S1000D for Epic
• Show/Hide IDStatus and Table          application.)
of Contents                             This part of the course covers
• Setting the Publication Module        the maintenance (updating etc)
Code                                    associated with the Database
• Use of Templates                      supplied with the Eclipse Create
• Bulding the Reference Table           S1000D for Epic application.

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