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Get ready for summer with The Latin Seed

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October 7, 2009
                        Get ready for summer with The Latin Seed
With the weather getting warmer every day, many people start thinking about getting into shape for the beach,
summer BBQs and Christmas parties.

Enter The Latin Seed, an all-natural weight loss and well being solution that is simple, organic and easy to use.

Originally from South America, The Latin Seed is quite simply, a seed that is taken every night in a cup of
boiling water. 

Sydney mother-of-two Nikki Lumsden was so inspired by losing a remarkable 45 kilos using The Latin Seed,
that she left her corporate job to bring the product to Australia.
“It is totally natural – there are no chemicals or anything artificial involved – and it’s tasteless, which makes it
even easier to use,” said Nikki.

“It sounds like a cliché but I really had tried everything to lose weight throughout my life and The Latin Seed
was the only thing that worked. It changed my life and I wanted to share this with people who want to look and
feel better naturally.”

The seed, which contains natural linoleic acid, works to reduce the volume of adipocytes in the body and
promotes efficient fuel burning in the body.

Both Nikki and her husband Peter threw in their corporate jobs to launch The Latin Seed, as they knew the
seed wasn’t simply about weight loss. It also helps with general well being, constipation, cholesterol and
improves the appearance of skin and hair.

In fact, after taking the seed, Peter was able to stop taking high blood pressure medication that he believed he
would be taking for the rest of his for life.

“We knew we had found a product which would help a lot of different people. I especially love that during these
warmer months when I’ll be swimming with my kids, I no longer have to be afraid to be seen without makeup
on or product in my hair, as the seed has given my skin and hair a healthy glow,” said Nikki.

The Latin Seed is not only natural and simple to take, but, at less than $2 a day, it is also cost effective.

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