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									Using interVideo
WinDVD Creator™
Getting started
If an earlier version of interVideo WinDVD Creator is installed on your
computer, you must uninstall it before installing the latest version.

Uninstalling interVideo WinDVD Creator
To uninstall interVideo WinDVD Creator, you must logon with
administrator privileges. Close all open applications before uninstalling
interVideo WinDVD Creator.
To uninstall an earlier version interVideo WinDVD Creator:
1   Double-click Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.
2   Select interVideo WinDVD Creator.
3   Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation

Installing interVideo WinDVD Creator
To install interVideo WinDVD Creator, logon with administrator
privileges. Before you install interVideo WinDVD Creator, close all
1   Insert the "WinDVD Creator" Setup CD-ROM into your CD-ROM
    or multi-function drive.
    If the installation window appears automatically, proceed to
    step 4.
2   From the Start menu, select Run.
3   Type d:\setup (substitute the appropriate letter of your CD-ROM
    drive for d:).
4   Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
2        Using interVideo WinDVD Creator™

5   When the installation is complete, restart your computer when
    prompted for the changes to take effect.

Making a DVD-Video
Following are the basic steps for making a DVD-Video from video
captured using a DV-Camcorder:
1   Click Start - Programs - interVideo - WinDVD Creator to
    launch WinDVD Creator.
2   Click Capture to download the video data from the DV-Cam Coder
    via the i.LINK® port.
3   Click Edit and then drag the video clips from Video Library tab to
    the edit track.
4   Click Make Movie in the top bar.
5   Click the right arrow icon twice to continue to accept the media type
    and continue to the next step. The arrow will then change to a Start
6   Insert a blank DVD-R disc or an erased DVD-RW disc into the
7   Click Start to begin the disc writing process.
8   The drive tray opens when the writing process is complete.
Refer to the on-line Help for interVideo WinDVD Creator for more
information on using the application.

Important usage information
Note the following limitations when creating video DVDs:

Editing digital video
You must log onto the system with Administrator privileges to use
WinDVD Creator.
Run the computer on AC power when using WinDVD Creator.
Operate the computer at Full Power. Do not use power-saving features.
                        Using interVideo WinDVD Creator™
When editing DVD-R/RW, you can display previews; however, if
another application is running, the preview might not display properly.
WinDVD Creator cannot play video on an external monitor when in
simultaneous mode.
WinDVD Creator cannot edit or play copy protected content.
Do not change display settings while using WinDVD Creator.
Do not operate WinDVD Creator immediately after turning on the
computer. Wait until all disc drive activity has stopped.
When recording to a DV-camcorder, the first few seconds of data will not
record correctly. Be sure to add a dummy scene to the beginning of your
CD recorder, JPEG functions, and Video CD functions are not supported.
While recording video to a DVD or tape, close all other applications that
may be open.
Do not run software such as screen savers which task the CPU.
Do not operate communication features such as a modem or a LAN

Writing video to a DVD disc
When writing to DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R discs, use only discs
recommended by the drive manufacturer.
Do not attach the working drive to a slow device such as a USB 1.1 hard
disk drive or it will fail to write DVD-R/RW.
Do not perform any of the following actions:
❖   Operate any other function on the computer, including using a
    mouse or TouchPad/cPad, or closing/opening the LCD panel
❖   Bump or apply vibration to the computer
❖   Use the Mode control or Audio/Video control buttons to reproduce
    music or voice
❖   Open the DVD-R/RW drive
4         Using interVideo WinDVD Creator™

Install, remove or connect external devices, including the following: PC
card, SD card, USB devices, external display, i.LINK® devices, optical
digital devices.
Verify your disc after writing important data.
DVD-R/RW disc cannot be written in VR format.
A maximum of approximately 2 hours of video data can be written in
DVD Video format to DVD-R/RW disc.
WinDVD Creator cannot export to DVD-Audio, VideoCD, or miniDVD
WinDVD Creator can write DVD-RAM in VR format, but the disc may
not play on systems or players other than your computer.
When writing to DVD-R/RW disc, WinDVD Creator requires 2GB or
more over disk space for every one hour of video.
When you completely fill a DVD disc, the chapter sequence may be out
of order.

Disc Manager
WinDVD Creator can edit only one play list per disc.
WinDVD Creator might display different thumbnails than those you set
in the CE DVD-RAM recorder.
If the contents of DVD-RAM do not load and the indicator on the drive is
not lit, reload the DVD-RAM by reselecting the correct drive in Input

Some DVD-ROM drives for personal computers or other DVD players
may not be able to read DVD-R/-RW/-RAM discs.
When playing your recorded discs on your computer, be sure to use
If you repeatedly use a re-write able disc, full formatting might be
locked. Use a a new disc if this occurs.


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