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									 Over 80 VIP-resellers attend annual NEC Computers’ EMEA partner
                    conference in Sofia, Bulgaria
Key regional partners from over 35* different countries attended NEC Computers’ Reseller
Event “That’s why NEC innovates”, to meet with key NEC representatives and gain insight
into the company's latest strategic developments.

The event, held from the 24th to 27th of April in Bulgaria, is one of many unique events NEC
Computers host each year to engage with their local partners from around the EMEA region
and share the NEC Corporate vision and channel strategy. In addition to presentations from
key NEC Computers’ EMEA experts, the event included dedicated workshops with live
demonstrations of the latest technology on offer from NEC Computers. This years focus
was on the latest Fault Tolerant server and storage technologies, business solutions and the
recently launched Virtual PC Center, the first combined hardware and software solution
featuring virtualized PC and VoIP technology.

“This NEC Computers partners’ event was once again an excellent opportunity to reinforce
the relationship of proximity with our customers. Overall feedback from the partners was
very positive particularly with regards to the NEC Academy Workshops and on the
innovative ‘ Virtual PC Centre’ solution,” commented Jean-Claude Tagger, President &
CEO, NEC Computers. “The concept of interactive workshops and one to one meetings at
this type of event gives us the chance to seize business opportunities, network, share
insights and to be challenged by our customers.”

The event was attended by more than 80 key decision makers from NEC Computers’
channel partners around EMEA and VIP representatives from Intel, Microsoft and VMWare.

Mr Tetsuya Fujita representing parent company, NEC Corporation, personally welcomed and
met the partners in Bulgaria.

"NEC is committed to expanding its global international presence, however this can only be
achieved with the support of our channel partners." said Mr. Fujita, NEC Corporation.
"Events like these allow us to share our global strategy and to support our partners in
growing their NEC business.”

The conference was also a real opportunity for the other NEC subsidiaries to present their
products and solutions and their involvement in the NEC Group:

- NEC High Performance Computing Europe, leading solutions provider and IT systems
integrator, meeting the demands of Research investment and Industry.

- NEC Philips Unified Solutions, a joint venture between NEC Corporation and Royal Philips
Electronics in enterprise communications.

The conference took place over two days involving various sessions: the morning sessions
included corporate presentations on strategy, roadmaps on the complete range of products
and solutions. Afternoon sessions included workshops on the different products and
solutions and one to one meetings between NEC Computers and individual partners to help
address specific opportunities and projects.

NEC Computers also had the pleasure of welcoming two important figureheads of Bulgaria,
Mr Plaman Vachkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Agency for IT and Communications and Mr
Boiko Borisov, Mayor of Sofia

                             Pictures available upon request.
*(Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Malta, Romania, Qatar, Spain, Serbia,
Tunisia, Portugal, Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Morocco, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Russia, Senegal, Belgium, Luxemburg, Bahrain, Germany,
Albania, South Africa, United Kingdom, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia,
Brazil, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Poland, Dubai).


For further media information about NEC Computers (UK):

Rebecca Charles or Katrina Muir at IAS SMARTS

Phone number: 0131 555 0425

Email address: rebecca.charles@iassmarts.co.uk/katrina.muir@iassmarts.com

About NEC Computers: http://www.nec-computers.co.uk

A subsidiary of the Japanese NEC Corporation, NEC Computers is a leading supplier
of state of the art servers, desktops and notebook computers, designed and
manufactured for the business user. Design, assembly, marketing, support and system
integration activities all take place at the technological and industrial facility, based in

Target markets include Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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