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The development of new knowledge in many fields of science is opening the
door to the discovery and development of new medicines and therapies for
the treatment of human diseases to modify their course or even achieve

These objectives are critically dependent upon our ability to understand the
molecular and cellular basis of disease states and thus to understand the
underlying pathological mechanisms. In order to achieve this there is a need
to build bridges between the work in UK universities of the basic science
laboratory on the one hand and that of the clinic and hospital on the other.

To address this issue a Fellowship scheme was established in 1997, as part
of a company programme of charitable contributions. The outstanding
success of this scheme, now in its tenth year, has encouraged
GlaxoSmithKline to support a further two fellows in 2006. The purpose of the
scheme is two-fold:

• to provide an entry into the academic career pathway for able young clinical
  scientists, who are medically qualified; and,

• to foster the development of links between clinical medicine and laboratory
  science and technology, in order to create a cadre of clinical researchers
  and teachers who are able to bring a knowledge of clinical problems to the
  laboratory bench and also to bring an element of scientific insight to
  address clinical problems.

The scheme is aimed at medical graduates who have recently completed, or
are in the late stages of, their specialist training, holding a higher diploma of
one of the medical Royal Colleges and who have demonstrated an ability to
become good clinical researchers in their discipline and who are seeking
careers in academic medicine. It would not be appropriate for those who
already occupy established career posts.

The award will be made following an open competition amongst Medical
Schools and will be tenable for a period of five years. Applications should be
submitted by Deans of Medical Schools with a named individual in mind
indicating the following:

• the area of clinical science to be carried out
• the individual's Curriculum Vitae
• the facilities available for the individual at that institution
• the willingness of the university to create a permanent academic
  appointment on completion of the Fellowship.
• specification of the Fellow's duties, as it is expected that the Fellow will be
  engaged primarily in research but may require access to clinical and
  laboratory facilities, which will involve him or her in areas of clinical


An endowment of £500,000 to cover the full salary costs and a contribution
towards the project running costs will be donated to the successful institution.

One application, on behalf of a named individual, may be submitted by
the Dean of each university-affiliated medical school.

The application should be sent to the following address, to be received
no later than Friday, 9 June 2006

Dr Malcolm Skingle
Director, Academic Liaison
Medicines Research Centre
Gunnels Wood Road



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