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                                        Getting your things
                                        to Oxford

                        § Luggage to carry with you § Sending luggage to                                                    § Using buses - not cars
                        Do not bring too many things with you as                                                            There is no parking for cars on the Oxford
                        you will have to carry your own suitcases        If you need more than you can carry with           Brookes campuses or at the halls of
                        (luggage/baggage). Coaches and taxis do          you, you can send your belongings by sea           residence, and very little parking in the city of
                        not have much space for luggage (see             or air. Check at least three freight               Oxford. We advise you NOT to bring a car. If
                        ‘Travelling to Oxford’ page 26). Your room       companies for the best prices and service.         you live in an Oxford Brookes hall of
                        may also be small and not have much              Think about whether you can trust the              residence, it is a condition of your tenancy
                        space in which to keep your things.              company you choose.                                that you do not keep a car in Oxford.

                        Put labels on the inside and outside of your   If you are sending them separately, pack             If you live in off-campus accommodation,
                        luggage. If you are going into a hall of       your things carefully so that they do not            you do not need a car. Oxford has good
                        residence, put the full address on your        break, and insure them for damage.                   public transport within the city and excellent
                        suitcases. You will get the address with       Address them to yourself at your hall of             transport links to the rest of the country,
                        your hall contract.                            residence or your personal address in                especially London. We run Brookes buses
                                                                       Oxford. Do not put ‘Oxford Brookes                   which give unlimited travel between
                        Remember, if part of your journey is by        University’ on its own, because your parcel          campuses, halls of residence, supermarkets
                        plane do not pack sharp objects such as        may get lost. You should bring the luggage           and the city centre. ( See ‘Brookes Bus
                        scissors and tweezers in your hand luggage with you that you will need in the first few             pass’ page 21).
                        because they may be taken away from you weeks and plan for the rest of your
                        by the airport security staff. Check with your belongings to arrive AFTER you do.                   If you do bring a car it is very important that
                        airline if there are any other restrictions on                                                      you know the UK laws about driving and
                        what you can put in your hand luggage.         You have to be here to receive your                  owning a car. For example, you have to pay
                                                                         luggage; Oxford Brookes cannot accept              road tax and buy motor insurance. If you
                                                                         delivery of students’ belongings before            are not properly insured to drive a car in the
                        § Customs rules and                              students arrive.                                   UK, you are breaking the law.
                                                                         Fill in all the forms and state what is in your              Find out more
                                                                         luggage. Write on the forms that the items                   Driving in the UK
                        What are the customs regulations for the
                                                                         are ‘personal effects, part of a temporary         
                                                                         move to Britain as an international student’.                info_sheets/driving.pdf
                        There are rules about what you cannot
                        bring into the UK. If you are unsure about       The customs officials may open your
                                                                         belongings and look at them, but they are
                        what you can bring to the UK, check with
                        the British Embassy or High Commission in        less likely to do so if you give full details on   § Bicycles
                        your country. If you bring things that are not   the forms.
                        allowed into the UK – such as drugs,                                                                Many students in Oxford choose to ride

                        weapons, animals and plants – you may                      Find out more                            bicycles and buy second-hand (used)
                        have to pay a large fine or be put in prison.                   bicycles/bikes after they arrive. If you ride
                                                                                   services/isas/baggage.html               a bicycle you need to make sure you know
                                                                                                                            and follow the rules of the road and that
                                 Find out more
                                                                                                                            your bike is safe. There is a weekly ‘bicycle
                                 HM Revenue & Customs
                                                                                                                            clinic’ for free bike repairs at Oxford
                        click on
                                                                                                                            Brookes where you only pay for new parts
                                 ‘travel information’.
                                                                                                                            that your bike needs.
                                 Department for Environment,
                                 Food and Rural Affairs
                        click on
                                 ‘animal health & welfare’.

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