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					How to Raise an Amazing Child                               Questions Children Ask, & how to answer them
A practical parenting program for the years from birth      This indispensable rescue manual helps you answer all your
to six to help you build a calm and happy home life         children’s difficult questions
with your child. Packed with enticing activities based on   with honesty, sensitivity
the Montessori method of helping                            and confidence. Answers
children make discoveries                                   are specially tailored to

                                                                                                                          For the Parent
about their world and                                       suit two to eleven-year-
foster independence,                                        olds with different levels of
concentration and respect.                                  understanding.

• 235 x 185 mm                                              • 235 x 190 mm
• 192pp • PB                                                • 96pp • PB
#12998 $35.00                                               #03569 $29.95

                                                            Kids’ Parties
                                                            This sanity-saving book sets out
                                                            everything you need to know
When Your Child is Ill                                      about organising parties. There
An illustrated quick reference guide with authoritative     are great ideas for themes,
information on major childhood diseases and                 games, activities, decorations,
disorders. Comprehensive                                    invitations and more!
question and answer charts
help you make informed                                      • 220 x 165 mm
decisions about your child’s                                • 138pp • PB
health.                                                     #P05179 $24.95

• 235 x 185 mm
• 216pp • PB
#34817 $29.95                                               Party Cakes
                                                            These cakes are guaranteed to add a
                                                            sparkle to any celebration. There
                                                            are 49 inspired
                                                            designs, with
                                                            easy-to-follow, step-
                                                            by-step instructions,
Complete Home Medical Guide                                 to make creating these
The medical reference for every Australian home. The most   masterpieces child’s
accessible and authoritative                                play.
source of up-to-date medical
and health information,                                     • 200 x 192 mm
providing all you need                                      • 244pp • PB
to know to participate                                      #38149 $24.95
effectively in your family’s
health care.

• 265 x 205 mm                                              Home Workout: 15 Minute Fitness with DVD
• 1104pp • HB                                               If you want to work out effectively at home but don’t
#31176 $99.95                                               have the time, now you can choose from a range of
                                                            15-minute Pilates, Yoga and Abs Workouts, Back Exercises
                                                            and Strength-Training programs with this simple home
                                                            workout book and DVD set. Clear instructions and images
                                                            show you exactly what to do, and the live action 60
                                                            minute DVD demonstrates a choice
Allergy-Friendly Cookbook                                   of workouts to suit
Showcasing more than 100 delicious recipes for people       your fitness needs
who need to avoid nuts, dairy,                              Exercising at home
gluten or eggs, with each                                   has never been easier
recipe offering a variation for                             or quicker!
each allergen.
                                                            • 242 x 190 mm
• 235 x 183 mm                                              • 384pp • PB & DVD
• 224pp • HB                                                #49949 $39.95
#35867 $39.95

The Learning Ladder                                                                   Our Centre receives up to
                                                                                       20% of your total order
                                                                                      in FREE product or Funds
                                                                                       to support our activities
                                                                                      and initiatives with every
                                                                                           dollar you spend!
       Ensuring healthy minds & healthy profit$!

Product Display
Check with your centre to see if they have booked a Learning Ladder Product Display and/or arranged a
time for our TLL Advisor to be on site to give you and your children the opportunity of their expert advice
on product selection.

   Your Centre’s Product Display will be available from:                      till:

   Your TLL Advisor will be on site on the following days and times:

   Days:                                                                    Times:

Please use your ‘Child’s Wish List’ (on the reverse side of the Parent Order Form) to note down the products you
would like to purchase now and into the future.

Then simply place your order for this Fundraiser on the Parent Order Form and add any book/s you might like to
donate to your Centre on the same form, tally up the total and add $3.00 total freight and handling. Include your
credit card payment details on the form or place your cash or cheque made out to your TLL Advisor (details below)
in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on the outside.

Please personally hand your order and envelope with payment to your Centre’s staff for our TLL Advisor to collect.

   Your order needs to be returned to your Centre by:

   Your products will be delivered to your Centre for your collection on:

                                                                              Over $1020 worth of
                                                                             products and your own
                                                                              home based business
                                                                                 for just $299!
                          Business Builder Starter Kit
                          Products may change subject to availability

                                                                                              Your Sales Advisor is:
       nd learning
  Fun a            every step of the way!

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