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									The Life and Adventures of Morrison of China
Author: Peter Thompson
Author: Robert Macklin
Table of Contents

Prologue Peking 1900Part I 1862-18941 Shoe Leather2 The Noblest Profession3 Exposing the Slavers4
Following Burke and Wills5 New Guinea Disaster6 Doctor's Orders7 Eastern Promise8 A Pleasant
JourneyPart II 1895-19119 Moberly's Man10 Secret Agent11 Chinese Puzzle12 Dragon Empress13 The
Boxer Uprising 190014 Rescue and Retribution15 Morrison's War16 The Northcliffe Touch17 Revolution!
Part III 1912-192018 China's Champion19 The Entwined Heart20 Perfidious Nippon21 Dynasty of
Dunces22 Sentimental Journey23 The Final StruggleEpilogue The Noble ProfessionalNotesSources and

The story of an Aussie 'hero' who became one of the most famous and influential journalists of the day,
reporting for the London Times on China during the Boxer Rebellion and the fall of the last
emperor.'Morrison was the first Australian to break into Fleet Street's elite corps of foreign
correspondents. Everyone who followed owes him an enormous debt. He set the benchmark: courage,
truthfulness and the need to be there, face to face. His amazing life, splendidly and succinctly told, is an
inspiration. If Morrison has been largely forgotten, this book will change that forever.'- Phillip Knightley,
author of The First Casualty, a history of war correspondentsThis is the compelling story of 'Chinese
Morrison', who bestrode continents, helped bring down a dynasty and chronicled his times so brilliantly
that he not only wrote history but changed it as well.In 1882, at the age of 19, George Ernest Morrison's
strong sense of courage and devotion to reporting the truth led him to expose the Australian Kanaka slave
trade. It marked the beginning of what was to be an illustrious career. In the decades that followed,
Morrison achieved international fame for his work as a correspondent for the London Times in the
decadent and dangerous Chinese capital of Peking, not least when he helped to organise the defence of
the legations during the 55-day siege of the Boxer Uprising. Then, as adviser to the fledgling Chinese
Government, he was a pivotal figure in the fall of the last Emperor and the birth of the Chinese
Republic.Peter Thompson and Robert Macklin have written a powerful and gripping biography of an
Australian journalist and adventurer who paused only to tell his stories and to plan his next foray among
the great events and leading figures of his day.
Author Bio
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson, born in Melbourne, was a Fleet Street journalist for 20 years, rising to deputy editor of
the Daily Mirror, editor of the Sunday Mirror and a director of Mirror Group Newspapers. Since turning to
writing, he has written biographies of the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of York, Robert Maxwell, Elvis
Presley, Aristotle Onassis and Jack Nicholson. He lives in London.

Robert Macklin
Robert Macklin, born in Brisbane, began his journalistic career at the Courier-Mail and later wrote for The
Age, The Bulletin and The Canberra Times, where he was associate editor until 2002. He is a graduate of
the Australian Film and Television School, writer/producer of an eight-part television series, Bushranger
Country, and lives in Canberra where he divides his time between writing books, films and television. He
is the author of three novels as well as several major non-fiction works including Fire In The Blood and
Jacka VC for Allen & Unwin.

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