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Christina Chavez               Michael Saltzman
Mondo Media                    Sharon Eisenberg
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For Immediate Release

                NATIONWIDE ON OCTOBER 17
          Leading teen retailer partners with Signatures Network on exclusive
            merchandise program around Mondo Media’s animated cult hit

San Francisco, CA – October 1, 2003 – Signatures Network, Inc. (SNI), premiere entertainment
licensing and merchandising company, and Hot Topic, Inc. (HOTT), national specialty retailer for
teenagers, jointly announced today the launch of an exclusive retail merchandising program
surrounding Mondo Media‟s online animated underground hit Happy Tree Friends. The October
17 program launch in over 460 Hot Topic stores nationwide accompanies the release by Mondo
Media and Studio Works Entertainment of the 2nd Happy Tree Friends DVD, entitled “Happy
Tree Friends: Volume 2 – Second Serving”.

With a 3-month exclusive, and an option to extend, Hot Topic will carry the Happy Tree Friends
licensed merchandise across all 460+ mall-based stores nationwide, with its 250 music-based
stores carrying both volumes 1 and 2 DVD‟s, “First Blood” and “Second Serving,” respectively.

Licensed merchandise at Hot Topic will include T-shirts for men and women along with an
assortment of accessories and select plush. Signatures Network and Hot Topic will work with
Mondo Media to create a joint marketing campaign including online announcements and
newsletter mailings, "pick „em up soon" postcards for insertion into Hot Topic and Mondo Media
online orders, in-store posters, plus promotional spots and in-show commercials on the Happy
Tree Friends and Hot Topic web sites.

Matthew Hautau, Signatures Network‟s VP of Licensing and Merchandising, said, “College kids
and other fans of „underground‟ entertainment have gone crazy over the demented humor of
Happy Tree Friends, so we know that our merchandise launch is the perfect match for a red-hot

                                                                                     - MORE -
chain like Hot Topic. Our licensees have been immensely creative with their hilariously perverse
product lines, so along with the two DVD‟s, we‟re sure that Hot Topic will have a retail hit on its

 “We are extremely excited to launch this program in our Hot Topic stores. The growing buzz
around Happy Tree Friends from our customers as well as employees only proves what a great
match this is,” said Cindy Levitt, VP and GMM.

Mondo Media‟s animated Happy Tree Friends, featuring cute and cuddly animals that inevitably
meet their dramatic doom in each episode short, debuted on the Internet in December 2000 and
developed an instant cult following. Receiving over 6 million online views per month, the show
released its first DVD “Happy Tree Friends: Volume 1 – First Blood” in February 2003 to brisk
sales. Happy Tree Friends made its big screen debut in Jennifer Aniston‟s “The Good Girl” and
has appeared in MTV‟s “Downloaded”, this year‟s OzzFest, and in the new critically acclaimed
Showtime series “Dead Like Me”. Happy Tree Friends was created by animators Rhode Montijo
and Kenn Navarro.

About Signatures Network
 Signatures Network is the music industry‟s premiere entertainment licensing and merchandising
 company, holding the worldwide merchandising and marketing rights to more than 125 top music
 artists and entertainment properties including Happy Tree Friends, Ozzy Osbourne, The
 Osbourne Family, Madonna, The Beatles, Britney Spears, US, KISS, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira
 among many others. For more information please visit

About Hot Topic
 Hot Topic, Inc. is a national mall-based specialty retailer of music-licensed and music-influenced
 apparel, accessories and gift items for young men and women principally between the ages of 12
 and 22. Torrid, the Company's second concept, is a mall-based specialty retailer of plus-size
 fashion-forward apparel and accessories that targets young women principally between the ages
 of 15 and 29. The Company currently operates 464 Hot Topic stores in 49 states and Puerto Rico,
 42 Torrid stores and Internet stores and

About Mondo Media
With an established 14-year track record, Mondo Media is an award-winning entertainment,
production and distribution studio. Mondo Media‟s expertise includes design, production and
distribution of character-based animation for the Internet, broadcast television and games. As 2D
and 3D animation experts, our mission is to produce the most creative entertainment for our
clients and partners. Mondo Media is located in San Francisco, CA and can be reached on the
Internet at or by phone at 415-865-2700.


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