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									Fast Track Automotive                                  Admission
   Apprenticeships                                    Requirements                                    Fast Track Automotive
Finish your apprenticeship in 2½ years!
                                                    Step   1   Pa ss mar ks in Year 11 and /or
                                                               success f ul completion of
                                                               Automotive V E T s tudies

                              training centre
                                                    Step   2   A pplication f orm with all required
                                                               document ation submit ted to C M I
                                                               Toyot a Technical Tr aining C entre

                                                    Step   3   Valid S outh Aus tr alian Driver s
                                                               L icence or eligible f or licence
         Hands on in                                           in f ir s t year
        the first year

                                                    Step   4   Success f ul completion of
                                                               pre - employment exam & medical

                                 First class
                             working conditions

  accredited training

                             Pathways - Master
                         Technician or Management

                                                      CMI Toyota’s
        Adelaide                  Richmond
                                                    technicians shine                                   Not your average apprenticeship
                                                                                                               Phone 8229 7733
     Christies Beach              Stepney            above the rest.                              
                                                                                                                 A DIVISION OF
Track Automotive Apprenticeships

  What is the CMI Toyota
                            Fast Track Automotive Apprentice    What does an Automotive                                         Future Technology
  Fast Track Apprenticeship?                                    Technician do?                                                  The automotive industry is about to go through its biggest
                                                                                                                                change since the introduction of engine management
  In February each year, CMI Toyota commence special            Gone are the days in the automotive industry where              computers some 20 years ago!
  “fast track” Toyota-specific Certificate III in Automotive    the only thing technicians handled was oil and grease!
  (Mechanical - Light Vehicle) Apprenticeships.                                                                                 The next generation of technicians will need to be able to
                                                                As an Automotive Technician, you will get the opportunity       maintain, diagnose and repair Toyota vehicles which include
  The practical, specialised training is conducted              to problem solve, use the latest technology and work as         modern technologies such as hybrids, fuel cells, reversing
  at a purpose built CMI Toyota Training Centre.                part of a team.                                                 video camera displays, satellite navigation systems and
                                                                                                                                wireless vehicle internet connections.
  Training is overseen by an experienced Automotive             Automotive Technicians will primarily service and repair
  Technician assuming the role of Technical Training Manager.   parts of motor vehicles such as engines, transmissions,
                                                                suspension and electrical systems. With rapid changes           CMI Toyota & the CMV Group
  The compulsory core learning modules and electives            in automotive technology, technicians are becoming more
  are provided by our partner TAFE SA during the first          specialised in their areas of work.                             CMI Toyota is a key subsidiary of Commercial Motor Vehicles
  two years of the apprenticeship.                                                                                              Pty Ltd (CMV Group), and has been trading since 1934,
                                                                                                                                operating a range of well-known vehicle franchises in South
  To make the most of this fantastic career opportunity, you    Career Opportunities                                            Australia and Victoria.
  will need to be ambitious, disciplined and results focused,
  with a strong desire to accelerate your career in an          Todays sophisticated automotive environment comprises           For more information about CMI Toyota and the CMV Group,
  exciting automotive profession.                               of skilled technicians working with advanced machinery          visit and
                                                                and computers on sophisticated motor vehicles.

  Fast Track Benefits                                           Upon the successful completion of the CMI Toyota fast           How do I apply?
                                                                track apprenticeship, the highly skilled technicians, who
  Traditionally an apprenticeship can extend over a period      will be conversant with all CMI Toyota procedures, will be      Visit and download the application form
  of up to 4 years, depending on the achievement of the         enticed to begin a long term career with the CMV Group,         or email The completed
  required competencies.                                        where development opportunities within the broader              form, and any relevant attachments, such as a resume and/or
                                                                company are endless.                                            previous course certificates, then need to be sent to:
  However it is envisaged that with the close guidance of
  the Training Manager and subsequent fast tracking of          Becoming part of the CMV Group is an excellent opportunity          The Technical Training Manager, CMI Toyota
  the apprenticeship, the necessary skill and competency        to develop your career in the automotive industry. Successful       GPO Box 6152 Halifax Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000
  requirements can be met to achieve full qualification in      graduates will also have the opportunity to undertake further       Applications close 16th October
  just two and a half years.                                    training and become more qualified within their profession.

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