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									From Maxʼs desk
With the 2005 financial year                 Our bankers are essential partners.       So when next you think you might give
now over, itʼs time to reflect on            There is no way we can invest in our      a customer a serve, not really secure a
                                            depots without being well regarded        load safely, or not worry too much about
the year that was.
                                            by our bankers. Of course, banks          damaging goods, think of the future of
                                            want their money back, so a big slice     the business in which you collectively
One of the highlights of 2005 was           of after-tax profit goes toward these      are the biggest stakeholders.
the purchase of our Logic Park              repayments.
property in Wodonga, which will                                                       Congratulations to the Interstate
enhance the transport division and          The shareholders work hard and are        division, who has managed to win the
develop a new warehousing division.         rewarded with a good living, but Border   work for Dana Spicer, WillowWare and
Another significant highlight is the         Express does not pay dividends to         Parker Hannifin. This business was
rapid expansion of Interstate, and          shareholders; rather any money left       won not merely on price, but because
the recognition we are gaining in the       is reinvested into the business. The      these companies required a “Border
marketplace as a top quality supplier.      biggest group of stakeholders are our     Express” level of service. This is a
                                            staff, and for the first ten months of     terrific effort by all involved that will
In our pursuit of world-class terminals,    the 2005 financial year, approximately     result in intense growth. We are now
people and systems, we have made            62% of total revenue went to staff and    clearly seen as a viable alternative to
some large investments whilst at the        subcontractors!                           the major carriers.
same time devoting considerable
resources to compliance and training.                                                 Until next edition!
                                             Every one of you contributes
Companies are made up of several             to Border Expressʼs success              Regards,
stakeholders, including suppliers,           and the long-term security of
customers, bankers, shareholders
and most important of all, staff and                each stakeholder
colleagues (a term I prefer).                   – including yourselves!               Max Luff

  BEX FACTS AND FIGURES                          From the Editorʼs Desk
  Staff growth
  Over the past 12 months, our                   After the last newsletter, we asked a number of staff for some feedback
  staff numbers have grown from                  and suggested changes to this newsletter. Weʼre happy to report that the
  403 to 443, an increase of 40                  response was terrific, and over time we will make changes to reflect your
  (not including tow operators or                ideas and contributions.
  permanent sub contractors).
                                                 Thank you to those who replied. Encouragingly, of the 50 or so people
  New equipment                                  who responded, everyone found the newsletter informative and wanted
  Equipment purchased                            it to continue. “Around the depots” and “From Maxʼs Desk” were the
  recently and on order:                         most popular so we will try and expand on those. Many people asked for
  6 Prime movers                                 more information regarding their own depot, which is understandable but
  7 B-double trailer sets                        unfortunately, would make the newsletter far too big. Perhaps we can do
  11 Trailers                                    something else at a depot level.
                            $3.44 million
  7 Tray trucks

Welcome to the                                            The Sydney depot in Milperra has just experienced

Sydney Depot                                              a period of rapid growth and expansion.
                                                          Depot Manager Jim Stace takes us on a tour.

The current site in Horsley Rd was            Always looking for innovative ways            “The current 12 acre site, strategically
purchased in December 1995, then in           to improve the Depots, a 70,000-litre         positioned close to major road
1997 a 2000 square metre warehouse            aboveground diesel tank was installed         infrastructures, will allow many years
was built on site, operating        for       in 2004. Work to the site was completed       of growth,” explained Jim. “Whilst there
approximately two years. In 1999/2000,        in March this year when the hardstand         will be some need for expenditure on
Border Express purchased Marsdens             truck parking area and loading apron          building infrastructure development to
Transport and amalgamated the two             were completed.                               accommodate the anticipated growth,
operations onto a single site. The                                                          we will not face the need to relocate to
linehaul shed was demolished and the          Border Express now employs 132                outlying areas of Sydney. Most of our
warehouse dismantled, and the 4000-           people in Sydney, runs 50 local pick          competitors do not have this luxury and
metre freight transfer awning was built.      up and delivery vehicles and can do           this is a significant market advantage.”
                                              in excess of 300 hundred pick ups on
                                              a busy day.

                                              “With this fantastic new development, we were
                                               able to load or unload up to eight B-Doubles
                                               simultaneously as well as staging freight and
                                               processing local vehicles,” said Jim.
“The workshop, weighbridge, truck             “To ensure that we are competitive in
wash and sleeping quarters were also          the marketplace and compliant in our
completed at this stage,” said Jim.           operation, we now have four external
                                              and one internal sales staff, a full time
So Border Express entered the first few        OH&S/DGs manager, a systems/IT
years of the new millennium sure that         manager, two pallet controllers, a
our Sydney facilities would be sufficient      driver trainer, 4 accounts / customer
well into the foreseeable future. But         service personnel, two mechanics,
once again, the company experienced           as well as the team of operations
incredible growth, and within two years       managers & supervisors controlling
we had outgrown the site again! As            the day to day activities,” said Jim.
luck would have it, the property next         The future looks bright for Border
door became available, so we were             Express Sydney.
able to increase the total depot size to
12 acres, (4.85 hectares).

                            Spotlight on…. Employing quality people, facilities and equipment
People are our most important                 commence our Frontline Training for           Vision. New depots, trucks, training
resource, but the quality of our facilities   managers and supervisors, which will          and computers donʼt appear overnight.
and equipment are also essential to           account for another 40.                       Such investment takes vision in the
our success. In a previous edition,                                                         face of constant change. What team
Max compared business to a sporting           Committed. We must be committed to            ever won a contest without a game
contest.                                      our service levels and to ensuring our        plan?
                                              freight arrives at its destination on time,
“You must be properly trained,                in full and in good condition.                Passion. If we are not passionate
committed, competitive, have the                                                            about what we do, we cannot hope to
right equipment and above all, have           Equipment. Whether it is a road bike          succeed at the highest level.
vision and a passion to win,” he wrote.       or a B-Double, if we donʼt have the
                                              right equipment, we canʼt hope to             Through employing quality people,
Letʼs look at this comparison in more         perform to our best. Over the past 15         facilities and equipment to help you
detail…                                       months enormous expenditure has               perform your jobs better, we hope
                                              been invested into our linehaul and           you will share our passion for making
Training. Through our formal education        PUD fleet. Adelaide, Clayton, Sydney,          Border Express a leader in our industry.
and development program, we are               Brisbane and Perth have all had               And best of all, there are plenty of
actively developing a team of quality         their capacity increased significantly         opportunities for passionate people to
people. Over the past 12 months, 300+         over the past two years, enabling             grow with us.
employees have commenced various              us to handle the volume we are now
forms of training, and we are about to        experiencing.
Workplace Injuries                         Pacia Carrier                                  The PACIA Transportation Code of
Injuries associated with manual
handling are the largest component
                                           Accreditation                                  Practice is intended to:
                                                                                          ∙ Ensure regulatory compliance with
of all workplace injuries at Border
Express. In consultation with your
                                           Scheme                                            National and State legislation
                                                                                          ∙ Achieve progressive improvement in
                                                                                            safety and reduction of incidents which
site OHS committee, health and
                                           The Clayton depot has successfully               can result in harm to people or to the
safety representative (HSR), site
                                           been recommended for re-accreditation            environment during the transportation
safety and compliance officer, or site                                                       cycle;
workplace trainer / assessor, ensure       for the next two years under the Carrier
                                                                                          ∙ Provide an effective emergency
all tasks involving manual handling        Accreditation Scheme. The application
                                                                                            response to transportation incidents
are assessed to determine which ones       was made through the self-auditing
                                                                                            which minimises injury to people or
involve hazardous manual handling          process that examines the systems and            damage to the environment;
and the risk of injury. This will ensure   procedures of the freight handling             ∙ Ensure that the management systems
the development of appropriate             process within Border Express. Being a           necessary for responsible transportation
solutions to eliminate or reduce the       member of the Plastics and Chemicals             activities are in place and are functioning
assessed risks.                            Industries Association (PACIA), Border           effectively;
                                           Express has committed itself to                ∙ Promote co-operation within the
                                           requirements of the Responsible Care             transportation industry in reducing risks
                                           program to support a continuing effort to        associated with the carriage of
  AFL Results                              improve the responsible management
                                           and transport of chemicals. In particular
                                                                                          ∙ Improve public, employee and carrier
                                           we have agreed to comply with the                confidence in the transportation of
  1st    Hastas, Jim             123                                                        chemical products.
  2nd    Kane, Pauline           120       Responsible Care Transportation Code
  3rd    Luff, Jackson           119       of Practice that governs our actions
                                           with respect to the transportation of          A lot of work was done by those involved in
  4th    Mcbean, Dale            118                                                      the process, which will prove to be a great
  4th    Miller, Craig           118       chemical products from their source to
                                                                                          assistance in gaining the accreditation across
  4th    McErvale, Lee           118       their destination.
                                                                                          the other interstate depots.
  4th    Wilson, Linda           118
  81st   Anderson, Scott          51

                                            Tired truckers more likely to be overweight, says study.
  NRL Results                              Hereʼs another reason to try to develop a      The studies suggest that when youʼre
                                           regular sleep schedule and eat healthily       tired, two hormones regulating appetite
  1st    Dillon, Domenique       222       on the road. Two recent American               (leptin and ghrelin) go out of synch to
  2nd    Roberts, Gary           218       studies suggest thereʼs a direct               increase hunger. That means youʼre
  3rd    Dutton, John            216       correlation between sleep deprivation          likely to scoff starchy carb and high fat
  3rd    Thompson, Michael       216       and obesity.                                   snacks on the road.
  31st   Luff, Max               130
                                                                    Source: both studies were published in the Annuals of Internal Medicine

              Older Workers
         ROOK getting better all the time

      If you notice something
                                           Did you know?
      suss, grab the phone and             By about the year 2020, the number              procedures, and the co-operation of
      call the theft hotline on            of workers retiring will outnumber              all our employees, Border Express is
                                           people entering the workforce!                  beginning to make changes to address
                                                                                           this problem now.
                                           What does this mean to you? Well,
   1300 149 429                            with fewer young people entering the
                                           workforce and paying their taxes, there
                                                                                           Our older workers contribute so much
                                                                                           experience and knowledge to the
      Remember, Itʼs completely            will no longer be enough money to fund          business, and weʼd like to have them
      anonymous and youʼre                 pensions…which means many of us                 around for many more years, which is
      protecting your own                  will have to work a lot longer before we        why we may ask you to make changes
      future as well as the                retire, or risk our super drying up too         to the way youʼve always done things.
      future of our business.              soon.                                           With the co-operation of everyone, we
                                                                                           can make Border Express one of the
                                           But with good workplace design,                 safest businesses in the industry – no
                                           changes to some of our processes and            matter how old you are!
Safety and                                                           What to eat
Chain of                                                             to keep you
Over the past two years we
                                                                     alert and alive…
have all heard the term Chain           For truck drivers, eating on the road can be a challenge,
of Responsibility loosely thrown        especially at fast food restaurants and truck stops.
around the transport industry.

So what exactly does the Chain
                                        We know it’s impossible to eat well all the time, but follow
of Responsibility mean to all           these tips and you’ll be amazed at the improvement in your
employees at Border Express?            alertness and mood.
The Chain of Responsibility
means that anybody who has
                                      On waking
                                      Eat a breakfast of low GI carbs, like          Tips
some control in the operations        muesli or oatmeal and fruit, combined
of transport can be held              with some high quality protein like
responsible for breaches of road      eggs, yoghurt or milk. Donʼt eat high
laws and may be made legally          fat foods such as bacon, sausages or
liable - not just our drivers.        hash browns or high sugar foods, like
                                      donuts or white bread, as theyʼll just Walking and stretching will trigger your
You all share responsibilities for    cause your energy to crash and burn.   “symphatic nervous system” into action,
                                                                                     which helps you stay awake.
ensuring breaches of road laws
do not occur.                         Snack
                                      Fruit, or carbs and protein like baked
                                                                               Cool dry air keeps you awake.
                                      beans and toast. Donʼt eat a purely
                                                                               Heat and humidity make you drowsy.
                                      carb snack as it will lead to drowsiness

                                      Lunch                                          When youʼre on the road, play music and
The Chain of Responsibility           Have a high protein lunch with quality         sing or whistle along to keep you alert.
currently applies under driving       carbs. Fish, chicken, beef – maybe             Music can also help you relax while
hours and dangerous goods             a burger on a wholegrain roll. If you          youʼre driving.
regulations.                          usually get hungry after lunch, eat
                                      some beans with your lunch.
New provisions in the Road            Donʼt eat starchy carbs like pasta,            Donʼt drink too much caffeine, it can make
Safety Act mean that from the         potatoes or white bread, as theyʼll send       you feel jittery and keep you from getting
30 September 2005, the Chain          you to sleep.                                  enough sleep. This can create a vicious
of Responsibility also applies                                                       cycle in which youʼre tired all of the time,
to MASS and DIMENSION                 Snack                                          so you drink more coffee, then canʼt get
LIMITS, and LOAD RESTRAINT            Nowʼs the time to eat some low GI              to sleep the next night, and so on.
REQUIREMENTS…                         carbs, but not the sugary type. Late
more info to follow.                  afternoon (or the equivalent in your
                                                                                 There is no substitute for sleep.
                                      biological clock if youʼre a shift driver)
                                      is when lots of people get stressed,
                                      and carbs release the feel good Before starting a diet or exercise plan,
Innovation                            hormone “serotonin”, which will soothe always consult your doctor.
                                      any jittery nerves.
and Design
In an endeavour to reduce             If youʼll be going to sleep shortly after
manual handling related injuries,     dinner, eat a higher level of carbs, to
an innovative design is being         produce more serotonin to calm you
                                                                                           SEND US YOUR RECIPES
trialled on all Border Express        for sleep. Donʼt eat too many carbs
sites to control the risk of injury   if you have an active night ahead, as
                                                                                              If you have any recipes for
caused by lifting gates from          theyʼll put you to sleep. Donʼt eat a
                                                                                              healthy eating on the road,
vehicles.                             heavy meal, or your digestion will keep
                                                                                              weʼd love to hear from you.
                                      you awake.
Two systems - suspended
                                                                                                     Email them to
gates and swing gates - are           If you will be driving into the night, stick
currently being installed to          to the same eating suggestion as for
Border Express vehicles.              lunch, to keep you awake and alert.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods                                                         Why choose the
                                                                                          Border Express
Educating our customers!
                                                                                          Benefits Plan?
Over the past few years, Border                                                     The recent choice of super fund mail-out
Express has invested considerable                                                   that accompanied your annual Statement
resources      into  educating    our                                               of Earnings included a Quick Comparator
employees on the safe transportation                                                Table. A revised table will be distributed
of Dangerous Goods. Now, to help                                                    shortly when June 05 performance results
our customers understand their                                                      become available. The table shows the
responsibilities, our OH&S Group                                                    features of various funds, and there are a
Compliance Representatives have                                                     number of important differences.
produced a customer information
                                          This brief will be a useful tool for      The Border Express Benefits Plan (the
handout. The information brief
                                          our Sales Executives and our              Plan) has selected Zurich iSuper as the
contains general information for
                                                                                    groupʼs default fund at this time. We
consignors, an important notice which     customers, helping them to gain a
                                                                                    believe the benefits offered by the Plan to
lists the most common questions and       better understanding of some basic
                                                                                    members overall are superior to alternative
answers asked by companies, plus          legislation requirements.
a detailed explanation of shipping
document requirements with a blank        “This is also an example of our           The general features of the Plan include:
example of an acceptable shipping         commitment to providing helpful
document. The requirements of the         information as we build relationships     ∙ No fees on contributions or rollovers
Border Express consignment note           with our customers,” said OH&S            ∙ Low management fees
are also explained and a dangerous        Group Compliance Representative for       ∙ Wide range of investment options
goods segregation chart is included.      the Northern Region, Ian Pearce.          ∙ Extensive Life and Total & Permanent
                                                                                      Disability (TPD) insurance offered with
                                                                                      automatic acceptance
                                                                                    ∙ Binding death benefit nominations
                                                                                      Compel the trustee to pay death benefits
Red Nose Day                                                                          in line with your wishes
                                                                                    ∙ Spouse accounts with similar discounts
Border Express has been involved in                                                 ∙ Online account information
the Sids and Kids Red Nose Day for                                                  ∙ Free Financial Planning advice
the past three years, offering much                                                 ∙ Site visits and financial education offering
needed support and assistance in
                                                                                    The unique features of the Plan, which
transporting their national stock of
                                                                                    are only available to a member of this
supplies around Australia.
                                                                                    plan, include:

 “We are so delighted and grateful of                                               ∙ Income Insurance automatically accepted
the support Border Express has shown                                                  for drivers and blue collar workers
us over the past three years,” said                                                 ∙ Extended sick leave (at 84% of average
Alecia Minster, National Red Nose Day                                                 earnings) of up to 60 days for members
manager.                                                                              who keep their income insurance option
                                                                                    ∙ You have a say regarding the super plan
“The teams at Border Express around       “In what way would it be more                through the policy committee
the country have been wonderfully         important than to know that you have      ∙ Benefits are fully customizable to meet
enthusiastic about helping us”.           helped to contribute to saving the life     your needs
                                          of an infant,” said Greg.                 ∙ Periodic review of other super providers
This year, Australiaʼs largest Bear,                                                  to ensure the benefits offered by the plan
our GIANT Super Hero Bear, has            “All of our people approach the Red         continue to be relevant and appropriate to
joined the cause! GIANT Super Hero        Nose Day event in a very positive and       members.(Note: the Plan is not bound to
Bear travelled around the country to      enthusiastic manner and we are              any particular provider).
a variety of public programs as the       always willing to assist SIDS and
                                                                                    For more information on the plan features
official mascot for Red Nose Day.          Kids as much as possible. Itʼs a great
                                                                                    either: Call the plan advisers,
                                          buzz to dress up of our fleet of trucks
                                                                                    ∙ Financia Wisdom on 1300 668 600
We should all be very proud of our        which looks absolutely priceless – not      The plan administrators,
contribution says Greg Dark, who          to mention the drivers - they take an
                                                                                    ∙ Zurich i.super on 1800 010 166
initiated Border Expressʼs support        enormous amount of pride in putting         Or visit our website at
three years ago.                          the noses on their trucks”.                borderexpress.com.au//bebp_overview.aspl

 SIDS and Kids is an international leader in the field of health promotion, dedicated to the elimination of sudden and
 unexpected infant death. They also provide much-needed counselling and support for all families and those in the community
 who have suffered the sudden death of an infant or young child, regardless of the cause. In 1988, when Red Nose Day first
 started, 479 Australian babies died from SIDS, in 2003, a further 2020 babies died in the peri-natal period in Australia.
ADELAIDE                                                                                  ALBURY
NEW FACES                                     DEPOT CHANGES                               NEW FACES
Wayne Clohessy has joined our team            The Adelaide sales team has been            Welcome to local PUD drivers Daniel
in the role of PM supervisor. With his        relocated from the warehouse at             Camilleri, Adam Barker, Craig
experience he has also become a               Kilkenny back to the transport yard at      Morrow and Aaron Withers. Lee
member of our OH&S team run by                Wingfield, which helps keep all sales and    OʼReilly joins us in accounts payable
Graham Worrell. Roz Martin has                customer service communications.            replacing Zoe who has moved into a
joined the team as our customer                                                           compliance role and Nathan Younger
service officer. Kevin (Bluey) Dettman         SALES POWER!                                who joins the ever expanding IT team.
has joined our team after many years          Congratulations to Barry, who has
with United Transport. Kevin brings           brought some new accounts to                DEPOT CHANGES
with him invaluable knowledge of the          Adelaide. To mention them all would be      The RTA has finally taken possession
transportation of Dangerous Goods             too extensive and Barry would blush, so     of the land along the back of the Albury
and is a great resource for anyone            weʼll mention just a few in no particular   yard and has already commenced
who has queries about compliance of           order: Lane Print, ES Wigg and Sons,        fencing off the area.
loads. Kevin is also a member of our          Richard Jay Distributors and Beerenberg
OH&S team. Stephen (Whereʼs Wally)            Jams. All reports on our service levels     Weʼve also started building our new
Robinson has joined us in the yard as         are extremely positive.                     loading/unloading shed which when
freight checker.                                                                          complete will give us room for nine
                                              SIDS AND KIDS                               trailers to be loaded/unloaded under
GENERAL NEWS                                  Like most other depots, we had a visit      cover. Even John Britton will get a new
In the not too distant future, a new          from Sid the bear. We thought that we       office to replace the portable he has
highway will be completed to the north        would take the opportunity and involved     put up with for the last 10 or so years!
of our depot heading down to the Port         one of our new customers (Beerenberg
Adelaide area. Once this has opened,          Jam Factory) in a photo shoot with Sid.     The new warehouse has been
there will be a lot less traffic congestion                                                completed and is already full with
on Grand Junction Rd, which is the front                                                  baled waste paper for Norske Skog.
entrance to the depot.                                                                    It is 7,500 square metres in size and
                                                                                          can hold approximately 2,500 tonnes
THANKYOU!                                                                                 of baled paper. In addition to this, we
As is normal in any business, recognition                                                 have completed the sealing of the
is not always given to staff as regularly                                                 depot around the warehouses, which
as it should be, so I take this opportunity                                               will reduce the amount of mud in winter
to thank all my staff for their loyalty and                                               and dust in the summer.
dedication to the business in this growth
period. I must also include the local         The client was over the moon about          TRAINING
delivery subbies for the outstanding way      having a visit from Sid. We also gained     Training is proceeding well and we are
they go about conducting their business.      a lot of enthusiasm from the general        on target to have the training for all the
Through customer service and PR calls         public when they saw a 9-foot bear on       local PUD employees completed by
we have found that the vast majority of       the back of the company ute, driving        the end of September. Overall we have
all clients are extremely happy with all      through the city and up into the hills.     completed approximately 65% of the
Border Express staff and drivers.             I believe that one radio station even had   competencies, and this result reflects
                                              a bear alert go out!                        the efforts of our workplace trainer Rob
                                                                                          Hartles and the great approach taken
                                                                                          by employees.

LAVERTON                                                                                  SALES POWER!
NEW FACES                                     DEPOT CHANGES                               Noel Shepherd and our sales team
Welcome Mandy Harris in data entry.           We have added a new 14 plt tailgate         have been busy visiting existing clients
Donna OʼShea, an operations and               tautliner to the local fleet to help with    and also introducing Border Express to
warehouse controller.                         the distribution of Shell and Wattyl        prospective new clients over the past
Local drivers, Adam Parsons and               and the growing number of daily pick        couple of months. Noel has recently
Wayne Treadwell.                              ups. We are again storing new cars at       secured the work of Mountain H2O,
Welcome Rod Kitto manager of                  Laverton after the rear of the site was     Huhtamaki and Upper Murray Seeds.
the Dana contract, and Julian Cox             vacant for a couple of years. Work is       Congratulations!
transferring from Albury.                     starting to gear the site for the busy
                                              season fast approaching.
Sandra Fava who has left us after             OUT AND ABOUT
eight years.                                  The Queens Birthday long weekend
                                              saw a number of staff head to Hay
CONGRATULATIONS                               NSW for some relaxation, led by local
Mark Draper (no relation to Colin,            subbie Steven (Bug Eyes) Boyd. All
lucky chap Mark!) on his appointment          who went on the trip managed to make
as yard supervisor.                           it to work on time Tuesday!
BRISBANE                                     CLAYTON                                   PERTH
FAREWELL                                     NEW FACES AND NEW ROLES                   NEW FACES
To Tara and Paul Magher                      Anna Ioannone - Reception.                Welcome to Catherine Smith who
                                             Anna has filled the position left by       has joined the Perth team in the role
DEPOT CHANGES                                Helen Smith who has taken up the          of customer service / admin. Catherine
Brisbane recently competed a new             customer Service support role with        replaces Sheryl and brings with her
ramp to access an area of the site           Matt Howlett.                             many years of transport experience
previously unavailable to use for staff      Brett Crowe - Administration              covering all aspects of the industry
car parking. This should vastly enhance      Manager. Brett has now filled the          where she ably assisted her husband
our current working environment and          void left by Chris Lovell who officially   to run their own small fleet of trucks
take some pressure off our yardmen           retired. Chris has headed north to        out of Perth.
and loaders, in their quest for consistent   retrace his childhood steps in the
early shuttle departures. Max loves it!      outback.                                  NEW POSITIONS
It means we have one less excuse to          Colin Lyons – Sales                       Glenn Collier has taken on the
be looking for an alternative site.          Welcome back Peter Govaars to the         challenging new role of fleet
                                             workforce                                 controller.
TRAINING                                     Janice Casa – Data Entry
At present, we are relying on Graham         Chris Grandit – Workplace Trainer         DEPOT CHANGES
“Poppy”       Cox      and    Sar/Major                                                Mid May we welcomed Jeff Quinn
Olsson to provide us with on site            10 YEARS SERVICE                          and his toolbox to the west. Jeff spent
WTAʼ to ensure our training program          Mike Cross – Clayton Fleet                several days enhancing the phone
is completed within the necessary            Control. Mike started with Marsdens       system, getting his hands dirty and
timeframe. Iʼm not sure if Ben can           transport as a PUD driver and has         meeting some of the multi legged
handle another steak from the Norman         progressed to local fleet controller.      little creatures in, around, and under
Hotel (Internationally regarded as the       Mike is regarded as a cornerstone         our office. Jeff and his IT team will
Worldʼs WORST vegetarian restaurant,         of the local pick up operations and       take Perth from the previous single
but is doing its bit to keep Angus Beef      rules his operation with diligence and    line phone system to multi line ISDN
breeders such as Gus Byatt in the            professionalism.                          system which will enable us to expand
marketplace), so heʼd better send a                                                    our communication to all our customers
subby on the next trip.                      YARD IMPROVEMENTS                         both external and internal.
                                             The PUD drivers are delighted to see
OH&S                                         the concrete repairs to the yard are
We have recently re-hashed the               well under way.
First Aid and Safety committees in
Brisbane, and congratulations to the
following people for the successful
completion of either the Senior First
Aid Certificate or In House Safety
Committee Inductions.
First Aid:
Tara Brown, Peter Hewitt, Paul Magher,
Lynne Prosser, Shane Pritchard and
Jeff Chappell
Safety Committee:
Geoff Hoppner, Paul Magher,
Peter Machin, Wayne Knudsen, Trevor
Fraser and Peter Hewitt.
A big congratulations to our sales team who have recently secured significant
new accounts including Kuehne & Nagel, Benq, Coates Ink, Southside
Logistics, Markitforce and Sembcorp Logistics. Our sales team are capitalising
on BEXʼs excellent service, attracting new customers disillusioned with the
service they are receiving elsewhere.


                                                                                   Contact Points:

                                                                                    (08) 8444 8100

                                                                                    (02) 6022 6000

                                                                                    (07) 3373 9100

                                                                                    (03) 9552 1600

                                                                                    (02) 6123 3100

                                                                                    (03) 8368 7200

                                                                                    (08) 9350 5985

DEPOT CHANGES                                                                           Sydney
The single drive prime movers, pulling                                              (02) 8707 5300
30ft mezzanine trailers, are proving
very successful.

We now have four of these units
operating. Anthony and his team utilise
this equipment in high volume areas
where the maneuverability and 18t                                                        Email:
payload are best utilised.


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