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Equipment loan conditions

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									                                Equipment loan conditions

Your obligations:
This equipment is the property of Cultural Services at Wollongong City Council, for
use by non-profit community organisations.

    •   Any loss or damage must be paid for by the individual/organisation borrowing
        the equipment (see over for replacement costs).
    •   This equipment can only be borrowed by representatives from external non
        profit arts/community based organisations or Wollongong City Council
    •   All USERS will be responsible for the careful use and preservation of this
        equipment while in their care.
    •   Assistance may not be available from Cultural Services Staff to load &
        unload the equipment.
    •   All USERS must take all precautions for their own health and safety and the
        health and safety of others while loading and unloading the equipment.
    •   Cultural Services at Wollongong City Council accepts no responsibility for
        any injury or damage caused by the equipment during the loan period. It is
        the responsibility of the USER to make sure all equipment is secure,
        especially in windy conditions, during the loan period.
    •   This equipment must not be misused or abused.
    •   Equipment must be returned promptly on the specified date.

When Borrowing the Digital Video Camera
   • USERS must supply their own recording tape.
   • USERS are responsible for the downloading & storage of information on the
   • The camera can only be kept overnight after making special arrangements
      with Cultural Services.

Page 1 Photocopy form & give copy to person borrowing the equipment for their records
                                    Equipment loan form

This equipment is for use by non-profit arts/community based organisations and
Council employees for Council events only.



Booking details                 From            /       /         To      /       /

Item/s required
                                                                         No borrowed
Umbrellas                    Replacement cost $300
Flags                        Replacement cost $50
Portable P/A &               $
Digital Video Camera
Other (please specify)

I have read the equipment loan policy and agree that:
• I will bear the cost of repair to or replacement of any equipment damaged during
   the loan period.
• I will inform Cultural Services if any damage occurs to the equipment during the
   period of loan.
• I will return the equipment on the specified date.
Signature: _________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________              Date: _____________________________

Pick up: Monday to Thursday.
Phone Cultural Services on 4251 4709 to arrange pick up time.
Cultural Services is located at 81-83 Burelli Street, Wollongong

Page 2 Photocopy form & give copy to person borrowing the equipment for their records

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